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We have one lady in Kansas

Poor thing

"The police is hopefully looking into this."


Yeah, trump sign, no steppy and a marines poster in the background.

Hint hint

^^^ please.

Lol! Is the "verbal attack with anti semitic slurs" he's refering to when Azzmador asked him if he was jewish?

@Tedium One of the ladies is trying to help me now. Thank you for being willing! If we can't figure it out, I might have to ask again.

"The inherent weaknesses of online culture will be washed away by more natural bonds as this scene shifts into the real world."

^^^ my thought exactly.


That's it. I'm taking the internet away from all of my children.

No, It's national sandwich month! Let your women know!

Be safe today guys. ❀


They are trying to regroup and GTFO

Shut down

No speeches

Everyone is just trying to not get arrested at this point

And not be pinned down

Do we have a description for Troy Richards, @Nathan TX

They're asking for a description


Right, but Phil and the guys need a physical description

They are trying to track him down

Around 2:40

The video ^^

Ty Fox

VA has Troy

Has had him for a while now

Very welcome

I'm trying to get info on Cody too, @Kevin FL

If he's with them then he knows.

God is at an IE after party.

Vanguard podcast now!

Oh that happened *after* he went to the IE party?

I thought we had him situated..

Passing this along now..

When did he ask for help?

Phil says they have him.


And you're very welcome. Let me know if I can help anymore please.

Well hopefully no one knows these locations

The 2 that died in the helicopter crash, were they police officers?

Does anyone have a link to the CNN footage from when the guys were still at the park?

Phillip said that they handed out shields to a lot of non vanguard today.

So that's a possibility

What Chris said tbh.

Kessler got chases out of his press conference today. Pitiful.

It's not the whole thing, but you get the idea

He "wanted to let the people know what really happened yesterday" because the jews weren't telling the truth, basically

My sister sent me an article this morning from her local news that was verbatim exactly the same as that.

I outed myself on the spot.

He finally turned it into a hate truck.

Wait, that's not Phil's truck.

Have they gotten there yet?

I don't want to call if Phil needs his phone


That's a much better media go-to picture for Spencer imo.


Working on it πŸ‘Œ


Mine has been crashing quite a bit this evening on my phone.

I do, and I've basically white shariaed myself in that I never leave the house without one of my older sons. I don't "look like a nazi" though. I just wanted y'all to be aware, this might be a thing now.

Is gab down?

We need a gas react

*the black sun*


For the storm prepping that is.

@Billy Merse did something along those lines a while back, maybe he's still got the material.

And Idk how people stomach interracial relations... It turns my stomach just thinking about it. No science needed, lol. It's simply disgusting, period.

Psshh. We got this.


Sorry, dbl posting

Oosh, triple


In case you were wondering why Anglin, Weev and others were no longer showing up for you. Disappointing.

And mine?



I've been in the kitchen all day. πŸ‘Œ

<@&327489067526651905> How are y'all holding up over there?

The ladies are working on armbands. πŸ‘Œ

*Having white community centers.

Not cool discord

Give him a little bit. He's away from his pc atm. @Kevin

Antifa taking credit Isis style?

I know it wasn't them, but still..

@502ssOtto what was the name of those chemical wipes you were talking about a long time ago? The ones that work well on pepperspray.

β€œIt’s not a matter of if we are going to be affected,” Goldman said. β€œWe are affected. I believe all of humanity β€” decent people of all religions, races, colors, men, women and children β€” are affected by this.”

Now they're at a second checkpoint and their permit time is half gone.

@Josh OH Would you recommend the biography that you are reading?

Thank you. Always looking for a new good read for the kids. πŸ‘Œ

Congratulations @SonderSchutz TX !!

I thought the moment when you noticed the cop car added a significant intensity to the whole thing, personally.

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