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2018-05-27 13:12:05 UTC

The fire rises

2018-05-27 13:12:25 UTC

if we can win in sweden....

2018-05-27 13:12:32 UTC

we can win anywhere tbh

2018-05-27 15:33:17 UTC


2018-05-27 15:38:50 UTC

Looks like the liberals will lose their shit

2018-05-27 15:38:57 UTC

knowing that trump isn’t hitler

2018-05-27 17:10:53 UTC

The Swedish "far right" is Sargon tier liberalistism.

2018-05-27 17:11:10 UTC

no it ain't

2018-05-27 17:11:19 UTC

read up on afs and sd

2018-05-27 17:14:03 UTC

@Deleted User My knowledge is mostly limited to the gay pride event which was called "alt right." Lol

2018-05-27 17:18:03 UTC


2018-05-27 17:25:48 UTC


2018-05-27 19:26:55 UTC

That was me, James, and 6 other IE guys

2018-05-27 19:27:30 UTC

And it was more than just downtown. Those are just the ones the news station found first.

2018-05-27 20:03:30 UTC


2018-05-27 23:04:50 UTC
2018-05-28 02:00:33 UTC

Who is the Iconoclast?

2018-05-28 02:00:38 UTC

seems b8ste

2018-05-28 02:18:17 UTC

@here not sure if anyone posted yet, maybe @canadianwall can do a vid on this?

2018-05-28 02:31:39 UTC

ill put it on the Patreon

2018-05-28 02:33:24 UTC


2018-05-28 02:33:31 UTC

James is only getting $185 a month?

2018-05-28 02:33:36 UTC

What the fuck is that all about

2018-05-28 02:33:57 UTC

only 30 patrons?

2018-05-28 14:46:22 UTC

yeah totally the system

2018-05-28 14:46:25 UTC

not the blacks

2018-05-28 14:46:39 UTC
2018-05-28 14:46:41 UTC

"They won't let you in their club if you're Jewish because they don't consider you white. They are in fact a hate group. They openly praise nazi Germany, and their ultimate goal is a 90% white America. But whatever, keep on defending them."

2018-05-28 14:46:43 UTC

oy vey

2018-05-28 14:46:46 UTC

nazi hate group

2018-05-28 14:56:14 UTC

@WildRooHuntingTutorials what are you talking about ?

2018-05-28 14:58:40 UTC

Looks like an All white neighborhood

2018-05-28 15:00:21 UTC


2018-05-28 15:01:31 UTC

what ?

2018-05-28 15:12:08 UTC


2018-05-28 16:11:29 UTC

Abort white babies - give in to immigrant families
Sounds very shalom to me

2018-05-28 18:58:37 UTC

reminder dont vaccinate or circumcise your kids

2018-05-28 18:59:34 UTC


2018-05-28 19:53:28 UTC


2018-05-28 19:53:33 UTC

Always a fun image to return to

2018-05-28 20:51:02 UTC

Anti-vaccine Parents/Individuals are, to me, generally *Weird*

2018-05-28 23:57:08 UTC

People are defending "Identity Evropa" <:chad:387474006871113729>

2018-05-28 23:58:08 UTC


2018-05-29 00:49:21 UTC

Leftist Ideals have failed so many nations

2018-05-29 00:49:32 UTC

It is time to end this failure once and for all

2018-05-29 00:50:19 UTC

A world revolution is needed to eradicate this corrupt ideal from earth

2018-05-29 01:19:42 UTC

tbh if I was single I would go for a white leftist chick

2018-05-29 01:19:57 UTC

make her a baby and make the kid be a nationalist 👀

2018-05-29 01:20:13 UTC

would be a good plot-twitst

2018-05-29 03:22:03 UTC

It’s actually mind blowing they got him a same day trial

2018-05-29 04:16:10 UTC

This is Great Optics

2018-05-29 05:57:17 UTC

Oh dang

2018-05-29 19:29:10 UTC

It has been shown in history that leftist ideals have failed so many nations

2018-05-29 19:29:43 UTC

Liberalism has destroyed Cultures and the identity of Nations in the name of "Diversity and Multiculteralism"

2018-05-29 19:29:50 UTC

Communism has destroyed Economies of Nation and causes political dictatorships, which will all fall and cause political instablilty.

2018-05-29 19:32:26 UTC

The farther the ideology goes to the leftist spectrum, the more damage it shall cause.

2018-05-29 21:07:13 UTC

Great video/take.

2018-05-29 21:11:37 UTC

Are these tears of joy that i'm crying?

2018-05-29 21:12:30 UTC

Man the guy who scaled the fence should have stuck a flag on there

2018-05-30 01:02:19 UTC

I liked the video

2018-05-30 01:02:40 UTC

btw there is something interested I somewhat learned today

2018-05-30 01:02:47 UTC

later we can discuss it in voice chat

2018-05-30 20:54:29 UTC

Dude, check out these racist posters!

2018-05-30 20:55:02 UTC

"Literally Nazis."

2018-05-30 20:55:26 UTC


2018-05-30 21:20:39 UTC

God I love my state

2018-05-30 21:20:56 UTC

Hail Abbot

2018-05-30 21:21:29 UTC


2018-05-30 21:21:40 UTC


2018-05-30 21:22:02 UTC

<@&451048046856503296>amo#3620 That is beautiful

2018-05-30 21:22:10 UTC


2018-05-30 21:22:16 UTC

wait what

2018-05-30 21:22:23 UTC

Saw this on twitter and a guy that commented called them “Taco Nogs” 😂

2018-05-30 21:29:45 UTC

Whenever i think of MaleToFemale trannies I can feel my retinas burn and scream

2018-05-30 22:08:04 UTC


2018-05-30 22:10:38 UTC

Although we shit on the guy sometimes I gotta give him credit for something. His H1B salary requirement hikes got me a job. My company had a hire US citizens initiative because of it

2018-05-30 22:20:34 UTC

Yeah we get too blackpilled sometimes

2018-05-30 23:07:41 UTC

Thats nice

2018-05-30 23:07:54 UTC

Ye. Not all is lost. There is still a ray of hope basically

2018-05-30 23:12:27 UTC

Iowa 2012 Election Polls


2018-05-30 23:12:46 UTC

Iowa 2016 Election Polls


2018-05-30 23:13:16 UTC


2018-05-31 01:06:00 UTC


2018-05-31 01:06:06 UTC


2018-05-31 09:30:44 UTC

Spokane Bois gettin it done.

2018-05-31 09:31:37 UTC

It would be so cool if Spokane became a stronghold of Identitarianism.

2018-05-31 16:30:46 UTC


2018-05-31 16:44:58 UTC


2018-05-31 17:54:52 UTC


2018-05-31 17:54:57 UTC

This guy is running in California

2018-05-31 17:56:31 UTC

Fitzgerald is a High T name

2018-05-31 18:00:39 UTC


2018-05-31 18:00:44 UTC


2018-05-31 18:01:08 UTC

what a Chad

2018-05-31 18:01:24 UTC

I'll get people to vote for him

2018-05-31 18:14:52 UTC

Apparently Salvini will be the minister of the interior

2018-05-31 18:21:25 UTC



2018-05-31 18:21:32 UTC

when she sends you frog memes

2018-06-01 05:50:41 UTC

This guy means his shit, wants to crush "liberal culture."

2018-06-01 05:51:12 UTC


2018-06-01 06:37:35 UTC


2018-06-01 06:50:54 UTC

@AR14 Lol


2018-06-01 06:52:03 UTC


2018-06-01 06:52:07 UTC

He should try to be a LITTLE more subtle.

2018-06-01 06:52:08 UTC

is he even trying

2018-06-01 06:53:13 UTC

>i will not bow to a foreign flag
>clearly rips off a certain german flag

2018-06-01 06:53:18 UTC


2018-06-01 06:53:32 UTC

Trolling taken to the 3rd level.

2018-06-01 10:26:17 UTC

Dude Little is such a non serious candidate

2018-06-01 10:29:40 UTC

"The “People Decide” group said it has collected nearly 400,000 signatures for a vote on a proposal to reduce the number of lawmakers in Croatia’s parliament from 150 to a maximum 120, curb the number of MPs representing ethnic minorities and ban them from voting on crucial issues such as forming Croatia’s government and the national budget"

2018-06-01 14:03:51 UTC

@AmericaFirst bro check out Little’s campaign poster

2018-06-01 14:39:24 UTC

Patrick Little is so stupid lol

2018-06-01 14:40:16 UTC

You should see the people who think he can win

2018-06-01 14:40:46 UTC

We need more Jared Taylors and less Patrick Littles

2018-06-01 15:46:48 UTC

People who are actually smart and don't sperg out over the JQ

2018-06-01 15:50:26 UTC

Take examples from Europe's "Far Right" Groups

2018-06-01 16:17:03 UTC


2018-06-01 20:05:19 UTC


2018-06-01 20:05:31 UTC

this means no californian nuking

2018-06-01 20:05:43 UTC

thats the fastest way to cleanse that region of poz

2018-06-01 22:57:34 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN and the ones running are terrible

2018-06-01 22:57:50 UTC

I’m not surprised

2018-06-01 22:58:12 UTC

Still, a sign a better days on the horizon as long as real candidates follow the trailblazers

2018-06-02 00:19:12 UTC

Is Tommy still jailed?

2018-06-02 00:49:02 UTC

I’d assume so

2018-06-02 01:02:44 UTC

I know he was offered asylum in Germany

2018-06-02 02:00:26 UTC

@Deleted User what do you mean by terrible, Patrick Little sounds awesome

2018-06-02 02:00:47 UTC

How does he sound "awesome"

2018-06-02 02:07:34 UTC

<@&451048046856503296>amo#3620 I don't think he was offered. Maybe some MP suggested it.

2018-06-02 02:11:08 UTC

^ yes that’s correct

2018-06-02 02:11:19 UTC

Just suggested not offered

2018-06-02 02:17:28 UTC

bro Patrick Little is great

2018-06-02 02:17:59 UTC

Even if you don't like his approach to things I don't see how one can't appreciate his incredibly direct approach

2018-06-02 02:30:15 UTC

@Deleted User Well 1 , he is very pro - America, 2nd he wants to combat Israel control in the government. Also no more wars for Israel. Sounds good to me.\

2018-06-02 02:30:41 UTC


2018-06-02 02:31:56 UTC

It’s how he presents honestly. Spitting and dragging the Israeli flag and calling for a Jew free America is things we like, but normie cons and regular GOP will not like that at all.

2018-06-02 02:33:53 UTC

People have to realize that we aren’t courting our own votes. We are courting the votes of people who aren’t yet convinced. If you truly believe that Patrick Little’s approach is the best way to reach the people who are not yet convinced, you are not a serious person.

2018-06-02 02:34:10 UTC


2018-06-02 02:34:33 UTC

100% Agree

2018-06-02 02:34:36 UTC
2018-06-02 02:34:53 UTC

The way he is running his campaign is terrible

2018-06-02 02:36:47 UTC

"He is changing California"


2018-06-02 02:37:00 UTC

>0% in a poll

2018-06-02 02:37:34 UTC

I feel like if he talked about how he doesn’t like foreign influence that’d be good. He could even bring up Russia, but then casually mention aipac and what that is. Just mention that aipac is Israeli, doesn’t even need to mention Jews and stick with “no foreign influence in our government”

2018-06-02 02:38:20 UTC

And that poll is what happens when you start sperging about Jews like he did

2018-06-02 02:38:22 UTC

I talks about the JQ wayy too much, Californians don't care

2018-06-02 02:38:25 UTC

Modifying your vocabulary to say Israeli instead of Jewish influence is huge. The same message gets across to people who understand, and the people who don’t understand still get pissed off about foreign influence.

2018-06-02 02:38:30 UTC

they care about Immigration

2018-06-02 02:38:37 UTC


2018-06-02 02:38:50 UTC

talk about issues that people actually care about

2018-06-02 02:39:05 UTC

Dr. Pierce is 100% right on Israel vs Jew vocabulary

2018-06-02 02:39:22 UTC

Obviously among those who are further along, ditching the song and dance and just saying Jew is best. But that slight public change in presentation changes the whole game.

2018-06-02 02:40:19 UTC

it was a muh educational campaign anyways

2018-06-02 02:40:21 UTC


2018-06-02 02:41:05 UTC

They always say that *after* they lose all their momentum after sperging

2018-06-02 02:42:09 UTC


2018-06-02 02:42:23 UTC

this is what we build off of

2018-06-02 02:42:50 UTC

being obsessed with the JQ will not help us actually get power in the USA

2018-06-02 02:43:29 UTC

Didn’t know about the college bit being a big issue but it kinda makes sense

2018-06-02 02:44:48 UTC

Shows a distrust of the institutions that have been fucking us over

2018-06-02 02:45:08 UTC

The more red: the most whites feel uncomfortable living around Non-Whites


2018-06-02 02:46:23 UTC

Some of those are fairly diverse. Hmmm

2018-06-02 02:46:25 UTC

surprised about NJ tbh

2018-06-02 02:46:29 UTC

Strange coincidence how the whites around the colored folks show a higher level of discontent w the prospect of living around colored folks

2018-06-02 02:46:39 UTC


2018-06-02 02:47:15 UTC

@Sam Southern - TN wanna make a bet to guess how many total votes Patrick Little gets

2018-06-02 02:47:34 UTC

1,488 probably

2018-06-02 02:47:39 UTC


2018-06-02 02:47:48 UTC

I say like 4,000

2018-06-02 02:48:08 UTC

It will be a small number, that seems likely

2018-06-02 02:48:33 UTC

I would say minimum is 1K Max is about 10K

2018-06-02 02:48:43 UTC

So there is new legislation in the EU called article 13

2018-06-02 02:49:24 UTC

Pretty much to sum it up AI will be made to decent anything that resembles or references copyrighted material and the user who posted it will have to pay a toll

2018-06-02 02:49:50 UTC

Contact a local member of the EU parliament if you want to stop it

2018-06-02 02:50:21 UTC

Honestly right now seems like a EU ordeal for now but this will spread to non EU countries

2018-06-02 03:27:09 UTC


2018-06-02 03:30:00 UTC

Thats the problem we face right now

2018-06-02 03:30:06 UTC

We dont have an organization

2018-06-02 03:30:17 UTC

so people like Nehlen and Little are just winging it

2018-06-02 03:30:22 UTC

all on their own

2018-06-02 03:30:50 UTC

If we actually had some leadership and organization then he would be coached and guided

2018-06-02 03:31:16 UTC

Thank You

2018-06-02 03:31:21 UTC

You are so Right

2018-06-02 03:32:18 UTC

although the other side of that coin is that by openly naming the jew and not using euphemisms he will be accelerating the issue and redpilling people at a more rapid pace

2018-06-02 03:33:01 UTC

Like I have said, we need to focus on issues that matter to the White Working Class

2018-06-02 05:04:07 UTC


2018-06-02 14:09:32 UTC

@nationalist4liberty (CI-1) organizations exist. People are scared to join, and they end up hurting the movement (Nehlen, Little) or themselves (RIP Andrew Dodson)

2018-06-02 14:10:52 UTC

If one truly believes in the power of the collective and identitarianism yet continues this fight as an individual, I’d argue they’re in it for themselves more than the movement 10/10. Because an individual will always fail against a strong collective. And no one denies we face a strong collective.

2018-06-02 14:12:46 UTC

I think he means like a National Organization that carries out our message

2018-06-02 14:13:04 UTC

There are some but they aren't mainstream

2018-06-02 14:13:10 UTC

IE is doing great stuff

2018-06-02 14:15:27 UTC

No organization will become mainstream if individuals refuse to join them. It truly confuses and surprises me how heavily this group embraces collectivism and how weakly represented y’all are among identitarian organizations. You’ll only get doxxed if you fuck something up. Short of that, NoDox is stupid easy.

2018-06-02 14:16:32 UTC

I understand that point of view

2018-06-02 21:02:18 UTC

Every one in the chat freeze
̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

2018-06-02 21:25:33 UTC
2018-06-02 21:37:12 UTC

I'm exited for Little to win

2018-06-02 21:37:31 UTC

Have a good time being disappointed

2018-06-02 21:38:01 UTC

There is ok poll showing he might have a chance and that was like 3 months ago

2018-06-02 21:42:03 UTC

TDLR Cenk says "internal" numbers point to Patrick Little doing great

2018-06-02 21:46:54 UTC


2018-06-02 21:47:02 UTC

"polls at 0%"

2018-06-02 21:48:48 UTC

Watch the video, Cenk is freaking about because he got "internal numbers"

2018-06-02 21:48:52 UTC
2018-06-02 21:49:03 UTC


2018-06-02 21:49:09 UTC

Can't wait until he loses

2018-06-02 22:00:37 UTC

He not going to win but that wasn't the goal from the Being @Deleted User he just wants to get on a Debate stage with that Kike Feinstein are start fire-ing off red pills 😃

2018-06-02 22:27:08 UTC

What does one do when they find out they are predominately Russian/Jewish when they formerly thought they were Irish/Italian. Asking for a friend....

2018-06-02 23:25:02 UTC

Can someone iron the flag ^

2018-06-02 23:46:19 UTC

Hang pedos

2018-06-02 23:58:07 UTC

“Pro-incest, Pedofile”

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