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What if I was born in the real 90s?

I always have that song stuck in my head. All the time.

B-b-but we wuz a nation of immigrants!

I tried to do that in Hearts of Iron 3, but it made my game keep freezing, so I only took over mexico.

lol you are so blind. Can't you see? The DPRK is the last refuge of hope in the world. It is near utopia. Everything they told you is some twisted version of the truth. Hail Kim Il-Sung! Hail Kim Jong Un!

Nice meme

They might have needed 600 men then.

Like, I'm not a jew, but I'm behind you right now. Duck.

I almost overdosed on blackpills a little while ago and decided to ignore everything I learned so I wouldn't be stressed. Then after I relaxed a few days I was back to normal.

I hate when people think that contradictory opinions can be true at the same time, and people should all respect the opinions of others. Someone is right, and the others all have to be wrong.

What topic has two true contradictory right answers? I'm not saying we know the answer for sure, but that only one answer is true, while others are not true, and just can look like they can be true.

They would be.

But we don't know the truth

No, but there is only one truth.

You are useless. You are just trying to be contrarian.

People can have different opinions of what the truth us, but ultimately, only one of those opinions are right.

So you are saying that when you phrase an opinion like "I believe this", since the sentence becomes a fact, it is truth. It is true that you believe that. Is that what you are trying to point to?

@alejator Your argument is useless. I was talking about people who use the excuse to agree to disagree because they have no good argument for why they are right. Opinions are all essentially claims that you are right. If you phrase them to be a fact about what *you* believe, that doesn't mean that what you believe is true, so that fact is useless and I have no idea why you brought that up.

Whitepill is like good news.

Gives you hope

I don't know what they taught you in your Bolivian textbooks, but it seems you are wildly misinformed.

That Bolivian really thought Aztecs were "great civilization builders".

This guy is in for a surprise.


Frozen Cumnuggets

More Canadians search Donald Trump than Americans.

Imagine going under to get your wisdom teeth pulled, but wake up circumcised.

It actually hurts to listen to or hear about Sargon and his people. Please, stop talking about them. I'm going to start having cerebral hemorrhaging.

lol he doesn't even finish the video.

Pretty chad name if you ask me. I bet you're too pussy to walk around known as Mr. Fagg.

Once, when I was about 8 years old, I saw a pair of bird-sized dragonflies in my backyard. They weren't birds because they were hovering. When I went inside to try and show my mom and brothers, they must have flown away, because they were gone. No one believes me to this day.

The only spooky thing that happens to me is recurring tsunami nightmares, in which I never survive. I've lost track of how many I have had. I live next to the Cascadia Subduction Zone, so that makes it worse.

Don't be stupid. Answer what they want you to say. There is no point in trying to protest the truth on a test like that, it will just hurt you.

Everyone hated Kennedy, the Mob, the CIA, the Banks, and according to the official story, Lee Harvey Oswald.

Hard to say who actually was responsible for the hit.

I don't know, some spooks are pretty unnerving, you might miss.

What about spooks with guns?

Or sneaky spooks you don't see until it is too late.

What if someone tampered with your gun, and you think it works, but when they come in to take you away you shoot them, and all you here is a click, then they put a bag over your head and take you away to do MKUltra shit to you.

Patrick Little is so stupid lol

Thanks for all these whitepills <:pillwhite:380144549055692811>

Why are there no new spooks?

I was in cub scouts when I was a wee little kid, and I was looking forward to getting my future kids into that. Not anymore I guess.

Hey guys, not sure if this game is any good, but it is free right now, normally $30. https://store.steampowered.com/app/611500/Quake_Champions/

They decide their president as who can be the last man standing.

How is that so spooky? It shouldn't be, but now I have a bad feeling.

Once I had a dream that something evil was sitting on me. It was a woman with black hair, blue-gray skin and a tattered light gray shirt. She was opening her mouth, devouring the pale blue light that was violently shooting from my own mouth, presumably that was induced by her. Slowly, my vision and mind faded while I fought like hell to stay alive. Just before everything was gone, I woke up, exhausted and terrified.

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