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Damn good song

Anyone make fashwave music?

If anybody makes Fashwave music here, post some and @ me please.

Here's a gallery of all the maps I just completed. There are nine maps of the United States, broken down state by state. They show the White, Black, and Hispanic populations by state in 1980 and then in 2016. There's a third set of maps that show the amount of births by race by each state as well.

Thanks brother <:hh:392158351468789761>

Here's an album of 9 pictures I've made that illustrate the changing demographics of the United States. The maps examine the populations of Whites, Blacks, and Hispanics by state in 1980 and 2016, then look at the amount of births in 2016 by each three races. These are then broken down into percentages of the selected group to the total population/births in that state.

Ty <:hh:392158351468789761>

There's the most recent episode, since no episode last week. New episode tomorrow, though.

Whites from families with incomes below $10,000 had a mean SAT test score that was 17 points higher than blacks whose families had incomes of more than $100,000.

@TraitorGG Ty for using my maps

Here's an updated album of all 9 maps. Standardized the color scheme + correct some wrong data from New York and Maryland

We are in too good of a position to lose hope.

Look up Steven Crowder’s interview with Tommy Robinson, who gets many death threats and the UK Police do minimal effort to protect him. He has hope, and lots of it.

There’s no reasons anyone else, who are in a lot safer positions than Tommy, should have lost their hope.

There's some maps I made about US demographics

Also that wikipedia number may include White Hispanics, as the non-Hispanic White population of the US is just under 200,000,000, and only now starting to decline in number, instead of only as percentage of the population.

In 2016, Natural Change will be negative for the first time ever, for Whites that is. That means more people are dying than are being born/moving here, which means a numerical decrease from now on.

@Alamo Take the overall population percentage for Whites, ~60%, to the percentage of births for Whites, ~53%. We are decreasing as a percentage of the population

Check out the exit polls from the 2016 election.

They are interesting to look at when it comes to racial voting patterns.

By having at least 3 kids and advocating for less immigration to our country.

There's an individual responsibility in doing your own part by having your children, and a collective goal of changing national policy through political participation.

Whites in Florida voted higher than the national average for Trump, but because they are only 62% of Florida voters, the vote was close.

I like the idea of running someone like Richard Spencer or Jared Taylor for president as a Republican for the sole reason of an education campaign, kind of how libertarianism gain a lot of traction because of Ron Paul’s presidential runs in 2008 and 2012.

Asians hate guns, love gun control tho

2020 is too soon

2022 the earliest, with the Senate seat

A lot of Whites from liberal states move to Texas. And that aren’t necessary all liberals

These center-right figures are useful, however, in keeping people on the right when it comes to things like guns and free speech, which are very important.

They can also function as 'gateway' figures that can introduce people to politics, move them to the center right, then have people a little farther to the right, like Tucker, move thne further to the right, then have someone more right-wing, like James or Jared Taylor, move them further to the right, and so on.

^^^This is literally how I moved from Phillip DeFranco (news guy on YouTube) to Jared Taylor, and I'm sure many people can relate.

"How can you be X read a history book."

Wow great argument

Check out the new episode of my podcast with than0s

Check out the new episode with me and than0s

Sneak peek from upcoming video

This article lists numerous incidents of voter fraud, interesting.

Woah, did not know that

What are some good nationalist podcasts that are on iTunes? I need more shows besides Shapiro's Skekel Cave and an actually good regular Republican podcast.

Oh yeah I listen to AmRen

Right now, I listen to AmRen, Ben Shapiro (for daily news), and Dan Bongino (more average Republican content, but a great show).

White pill: Millennials are drifting away from the Democrats

@everyone Tomorrow is the primary election day in Indiana, North Carolina, Ohio, and West Virginia. If you're in these states, make sure to go out and vote. If not, it'll be fun to watch the elections, especially West Virginia's.

@Bean of Texas Yes, he's a terrible candidate and comes off like a retarded boomer

He'll definetly lose to Manchin, but only became the China people are against him

If he wins with a plurality, basically a repeat of Alabama, I'll shit my pants

^^^ The four states' primaries can be accessed from that link alone.

The 2008 recession dropped birthrates, especially among Hispanics.

Before 2008, they had a birthrate of 2.7-2.8, in 2015 it's around 2.1. Whites went from 1.9 in 2006 to 1.76 in 2015.

Dems are literally throwing the Midterms lmao they are really retarded

I was wanting to rewrite Rhodesians Never Die to Americans Never Die or Europeans Never Die

2018-05-25 19:42:17 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

1. From Missouri, 8th Congressional District to be more precise.
2. I currently volunteer for my local GOP and want to get to know more people who have a similar interest in politics.
3. Probably closest to Paleoconservative: Closed borders, prefer a White and Christian nation, more power to the states with things like abortion & drugs & gay marriage etc., identity politics is a boogeyman term and people have been using identities in politics forever and the GOP does it often.

2018-05-25 20:51:42 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  


2018-05-26 02:38:53 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

I'm volunteering so I'll do all I can!

2018-05-26 02:47:06 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  


2018-05-26 03:12:06 UTC [Red Storm #customs]  

Oh don't worry I've been around quite a lot @R E P T I L E

2018-05-26 04:50:07 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

There's not been much polling, and Petersen is doing a lot of grassroots work, like Greitens did

2018-05-26 05:02:11 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

He may be impeached, I haven't been too up to date on the whole matter

2018-05-27 17:30:36 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

Petersen is almost a great candidate. It is, for me at least, only his view on immigration that makes me not outright support him. Calling the wall a β€œFDR style public works project” doesn’t do you any good.

2018-05-27 18:22:13 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

He ran as a Libertarian for president, and almost won the nomination. He's way more Republican than Democrat, though. He was criticizing the wall by calling it a public works project and lumping it in with wasteful spending

2018-05-27 20:30:07 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

Hawley isnt necessarily "bad", but if Petersen was pro-wall and pro-less immigration, then Petersen would be leaps and bounds better

2018-05-28 23:22:05 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

Google being politically-biased? No, never!

2018-05-29 00:43:05 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

For <@&414479154365595668> people and non-Missourians, who do you support in the GOP primary?
πŸ‡­ for Hawley - πŸ‡΅ for Petersen - πŸ‡³ for None of the Above

I'd posted a poll (vote by emote reaction to the post) in the Missouri channel on who y'all support in the Missouri primary, if you guys have been keeping up with that election.

2018-05-29 00:47:11 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

I'm in SE Missouri so pretty far lol

Yeah Missouri is one of the easiest seats for Republicans to flip

2018-05-29 01:04:59 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

That's fine by me, I'm still undecided atm

I made some maps on US Demographics recently. It's the percentage of the population in each state by race/ethnicity. Each set includes non-Hispanic White, Black, and Hispanic. The first set is the pop. in 1980, the second is the pop. in 2016, and the third is the % of births by each race in 2016.

Minnesota-Wisconsin-Michigan= 36 electoral votes
Texas = 38 electoral votes

By the time Texas goes Blue, those three states should be Red

By current trends

Like their state legislature?

Special elections are oddities, though. Whichever party pours as much resources into that one election will win, and since its the only election at that time then there's extra effort in flipping the seat.

Yeah, Trump did fire up the Progressive base these past two years.

But they can't commit the effort we've been seeing in special elections to hundreds of elections at once, equally.

The parties are ever-changing, and Republicans could capture the working class-White vote from Democrats in key states, since Democrats are committed to minority issues more than economic issues.

In the Rust Belt there are

They aren't impossible to carry if Trump won (or nearly won) them in 2016.

Those 3 states' state legislatures are either majority Republican or split 50/50. None are majority Democrat

The Democrat Party are leaving the White-farm/labor votes of those states.

We should expect Trump's policy and rhetoric to be preached by many representatives and senators in current times or in the near future.

That's why I may pursue a career trying to gain leadership in my state GOP

In Missouri, I'm focused on flipping the Senate seat


The U.S. Senate seat

As long as he doesn't fuck up, like the 2012 GOP guy did, Hawley should win

Yeah it's probably the safest Senate seat flip

In that map, New Hampshire and Virginia could be posibilities

Camp of the Saints @GermanEastAfrica

Just predictions, yeah. I'm pretty optimistic about the Midterms but I see the reasons to be worried.

I'd be so shocked if we lose the Senate, because that would mean not winning 8+ winnable races and losing 2 existing seats.


2018-05-30 02:10:37 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

Yes, but I don't know much about him tho

2018-05-30 07:37:38 UTC [Red Storm Official #missouri]  

The LT governor will take over as governor, so thank God there's no special election for it in 2018

TDLR Cenk says "internal" numbers point to Patrick Little doing great

Watch the video, Cenk is freaking about because he got "internal numbers"

I made a video on the Racial Demographics of the US, feel free to check it out!

@FLanon TY big guy

I wouldn't trust seat projections like this unless: 1) Similar projections are made by many different outlets, producing similar results. 2) They list out which districts will flip/hold.

^^ They aren't behind the Evangelical Christians, who love and support Israel undyingly, having a nation or country of their own.

@GermanEastAfrica California, Iowa,Montana, New Jersey, New Mexico, South Dakota, and some others I can't think of

@πŸŽƒBoo-tonπŸŽƒ Missouri State Senate is 24 R to 9 D so one flip is nothing



@πŸŽƒBoo-tonπŸŽƒ Missouri State Senate is 24 R and 9 D

Button Mash is finished

Go home, Button Mutt

It's over

.8ball Is it over for Button Mutt?




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