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*breathes in*
Fortnite is trash

Metal Gear Solid is the best PlayStation 1 game. No exceptions ๐Ÿ˜ค๐Ÿ˜ค

Not sure if memeing or just autistic


no one died so far

Do these people not know what free speech is

He got doxxed

And some other stuff happened too

Oh and Ricky Vaughn isnโ€™t even his name apparently

He was doxxed by ya boi


Iโ€™m not sure why he did it though

I know they had some beef but doxxing seems pretty harsh

Yeah someone called out Cantwell on being a fed

Now I can make fun of his shit hair

Cantwell what are you *DOING*

Richard Spencer owns the website so most people tend to point to him when referring to a leader

Bad optics

Thereโ€™s lots of Jews on the right



Water is a hate symbol, stop drinking water

Crowbcat makes quality vids

Itโ€™s Greecistan right now so...

*Thatโ€™s that good shit I like to see*

Wow I expected more Germans

What in the world are you even ranting about

Boomer spotted

Yeah please donโ€™t go on another infinitely long tangent

I get your point, but honestly Iโ€™ve read so much fucking Shakespeare that I really donโ€™t like him anymore

Chaucer > Everyone else

Iโ€™ve only seen Hamlet and Othello performed in a theater though

That settles it. We need more vehicle control laws. This has gone too far. Everyday vehicles kill a whole bunch of people, and no lawmakers do a thing about it. So thatโ€™s it. Hand in your trucks, your vans, and whatever automobiles you have. #Driveforourlives

Arenโ€™t Mexicans the product of europeans race mixing with natives

I mean, North America was considered to be the โ€œNew Worldโ€ back then, full of things to be discovered. I can see why people would want to move there

I wonder if they distribute each others Robux equally amongst each other

Maybe itโ€™s just a large game of April fools

Ffs Donald do something

Theyโ€™re in their 60s and 70s now so give it maybe 1 or 2 more decades

And see this is why libs and leftists make no sense. They wanna talk about โ€œdiversityโ€ and โ€œmulticulturalismโ€ and yet theyโ€™re literally practicing segregation

It seems more like theyโ€™re just not giving anti war voices air time

With how leftists seem to wanna exclude whites from everything, you might just get your wish

Everyone praising the strikes are probably doing so because they want Assad to be punished for his โ€œgas attacksโ€

(((Chemical weapons)))

Thatโ€™s true but he seriously took his Generals for granted

Itโ€™s guys like Walther Wenck who were heroes of the German army

Kinda like Germany

Rant #2 inbound

PSA: Cultural Nationalism =/= Civic Nationalism


I started it out with James and Andy Warski

I hope Russia nukes Israel before they nuke us

Iโ€™m still mad that Trump completely did a 180 on his America first promise, something he had been advocating for long before he even became president

Instead, heโ€™s decided to plunge us straight into Syria. What a Jew

Canโ€™t jog the zog

Silly goy, globalists are jews



Will I be able to post one more meme before getting kicked out of the US

I have no interest in war tbh

But I agree that the vast majority of blacks can not assimilate with western civilization

โœก ๐Ÿ’ธ

Ashkenazi jews arenโ€™t real jews

Neo cons gtfo

Capfash <:chad:387474006871113729>
Nazbol <:virgin:387474771430080515>

@Deleted User yeah the last two I canโ€™t really see ever working out but thatโ€™s a pretty solid list

Pre-1965 demographics when

@Strangelove I donโ€™t exactly agree with @seafer on his phone but I donโ€™t think thatโ€™s his point

So youโ€™re point is that we should be united as Americans as opposed to race or gender? Kinda confused

I just wish that people would stop being spergs and degenerates tbh

@TraitorGG I think itโ€™s kind of only fair to consider descendants slaves and natives as Americans too. Not because of โ€œmuh reparationsโ€ or anything but just because they were here in such mass numbers in the very early days of Americaโ€™s history

And @Bean of Texas I hate people who think like that

Iโ€™ve seen people saying that the American flag is racist and that all flags need t be celebrated

Makes me angry as hell

@TraitorGG voting rights is a pretty shaky topic anyway because you canโ€™t just say which citizens can and canโ€™t vote. It sort of defeats the purpose of a citizenship

But the 18 year old age restriction is for a valid reason

If I were to vote, Iโ€™d say Iโ€™d probably end up voting for the same person as any of you guys

But I do agree that people with a stake in the nation is important

How about this? People on welfare or government assistant shouldnโ€™t vote

Essentially, freeloaders btfo

And an ID should be required for voting as well

You wanna drink this wine? Gib ID.
You wanna vote for the future and welfare of the nation? Right this way

80% white or more is ideal imo

It probably sounds weird coming from a black person, but the facts are the facts and this country hasnโ€™t gotten any better when the white population began to dip and the minority population skyrocketed

They should also be able to speak English and have to pass an English test

No โ€œjust got my citizenshipโ€ spics coming in and voting for whoever caters to their parasite lifestyle

Bring back literacy test

Britbongs escaping their police state btfo

Theyโ€™d know how much demographic shift can ruin a country

Iโ€™ve seen Mexicans saying that America is gonna become majority Hispanic and celebrate about it like itโ€™s a good thing

What were they like

Did they actually build a wall


Yeah a lot of Hispanic Texans are mexican

They arenโ€™t our people, why do so many libs insist on letting illegals in <:ree:378697077066039297>

NATO was a mistake

The USSR isnโ€™t spreading communism anymore, NATO shouldโ€™ve disbanded

>tfw youโ€™ve sworn to defend a small country in the Mediterranean from war because the zog made you join some club

Seems like Donald โ€œBomb Assad, I wonโ€™t feel badโ€ Trump just wants to escalate things further

He didnโ€™t have to launch the strikes

Putin pledged to retaliate so gg US embassies

I mean that as in, it wouldnโ€™t surprise me if any US embassies overseas were attacked

Oh nvm then

A lot of people have really bought into the whole โ€œAssad and Putin are crazyโ€ bs

Thatโ€™s gotta be the laziest justification for the lie that they gassed Syrian people, that ive ever seen


bcuz ameRika is the POLICE anD wE hAV to hELP OUr gREATesT ALLY โœก ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ฑ

Arms race was a bad idea

At least it caused the USSR to basically implode in on itself since they literally couldnโ€™t outspend us

We in debt bois

The 20s are coming up guys. Get ready for the economy to go up and up and up until 2029 hits and our economy tanks to hell

Bankers would kill themselves

Because ben franklin said so xd

Itโ€™s especially disheartening to know that you canโ€™t even decide what your tax dollars go to

What if I donโ€™t wanna support parasite welfare users

Itโ€™s too bad weโ€™ve let them get too powerful

And I wouldnโ€™t advocate for murder or violence anyway, but an uprising wouldnโ€™t be a bad concept

Lol I see what you mean

Is it more expensive to build a gun than to buy one?

I agree with the criminal analogy, but the idea of violent overthrow just rubs me the wrong way idk

Thatโ€™s true

Itโ€™s necessary in some cases

Luke 11:21
When a strong man, fully armed, guards his own palace, his goods are safe;

Yeah I think people take the โ€œSocialismโ€ in National Socialist and blow it out of proportion

Heโ€™s got a point

I can agree with the whole idea of private property shouldnโ€™t just be taken for reasons like ethnicity, but @TraitorGG has a point

The nation is for its people

If Bill Gates went and started buying property of his own in Japan, and after he died it just remained his, that just wouldnโ€™t be right

Well itโ€™s not a exactly a *right* if it can be taken away

A privilege, by definition

We lost sovereign states after the Articles of Confederation were scrapped

The industrial revolution was also partly to blame for the huge change in Americaโ€™s economic system

Well given the circumstances, I donโ€™t see a civil war II being likely but voting seems like the thing more people would be willing to do

If the bill of rights didnโ€™t apply to the states, every blue state in America wouldโ€™ve probably repealed the 2nd amendment by now

Bill of rights is just the first 10

Hawaii is mostly minorities isnโ€™t it

It kind of defeats the purpose of the โ€œUnited Statesโ€ if each state is basically entirely sovereign, but idk there might be more to it

All the jewness

Hmm I see

Very interesting

The EU wants to become its own country like the US <:ree:378697077066039297>

Thatโ€™s the good part

They like to leach off eachother too

Greece needs all the shekels it can get

*I r o n y*

Eh, i could never advocate for assassination but i see your point

Read Guns of the South if you want a book about the confederacy winning the war

It also has time traveling South African boers

Assassinations are just morally wrong the way I see it, but I can see a point being made for them

<:bigbrain:385729869209665536> Assassinate leaders of other countries so they can become destabilized and the Jews can have one less enemy

Even if Saddam Hussein had deserved it, his nation still wouldโ€™ve been fucked like it became after his death

Putin literally dindu nuffin

โ€œNorth Korea is redpilledโ€
> Kim starves his own people
> The Kim family are worshipped like gods
> theyโ€™re communist (or at least try to be)
>citizens have hardly any contact with the outside world or access to widespread information

Yeah theyโ€™re sooo redpilled

You think a country that needs foreign aid and constantly has people trying to defect from it, *doesnโ€™t* have people starving? I mean yeah Iโ€™m sure the DPRK isnโ€™t quite as awful and terrible as the US has made it out to be, but itโ€™s still a nightmarish police state that treats its citizens poorly

Ok liberal


If sheโ€™s against California degeneracy, she can go right ahead

To be fair, thatโ€™s what all โ€œtradโ€ e-thots do

Including baked

is zog playing some 5d next dimensional chess or is Trump starting to become /ourguy/ again


โ€œA Rabbi debates God and defeats him. God admits the rabbi won the debate.โ€

Yeah these people are totally the โ€œchosen onesโ€

So if i understand correctly, out of the 12 tribes of Israel, only Josephโ€™s was chosen

@Roe thatโ€™s spot on. Pilate even lobbied to avoid the Jesusโ€™ execution and even agreed that Jesus was innocent. He really only gave in because he was pressured by the Jews

Iโ€™m aware of Joseph being sold into slavery by his brothers, but is there a verse or something that points to Josephโ€™s tribe being the chosen one

Oh thatโ€™s right

Was that why Jacob adopted Ephraim and Manasseh?

Yeah I remember that

Itโ€™s sad that a guy like Potiphar treated Joseph better than his own brother

Or at least he treated Joseph well before he was accused of sleeping with his wife

I think heโ€™s going off of how itโ€™s kinda sorta maybe implied that the Greekโ€™s are the Israelites, in the New Testament

But whether or not the original Israelites are white, the โ€œIsraelisโ€ of today are absolutely not the true Israelites

I guess in that case they can still be called Jews

What I wonder most about, is who the edomites are

I mean I wonder who they are today

I feel like thatโ€™s kind of important seeing as how God said he hates Esau

I guess that would make some sense, seeing as how itโ€™s said that Esauโ€™s descendants would rule over Jacobโ€™s

So Asians are descended from Noah?

I find that theory a little hard to believe since Noahโ€™s sons all lived in vastly different areas

And didnโ€™t Ham go to Africa?

And Japheth produced some of the Europeans right?

That would explain why some Iranians tend to be quite dark

The language or the people?

Itโ€™s a West Germanic language though


Vowels too

Which is why no one seems to know Godโ€™s name 100%

Iโ€™ve heard some people say Yahuwah, Yahweh, Yehowah, Jehovah

So yeah no one seems to know really

Thatโ€™s quite the observation

Interesting take

It still seems like a bit of a stretch to call it Semitic though

>those who ignore history are bound to repeat it
If only the pro-War In Syria shills could realize that

Reminder that if Mt. Saint Helens ever erupts, the entire continent will be wiped clean

What does he mean by โ€œthe Left will always be thereโ€

Does he actually think that Kanye is a conservative

His wife is practically a pornstar, and he makes music about sex, money, and power

Reminder that Trump held up a gay flag in support of the lgbt community

Like the church, when conservatism tries to be contemporary, it loses what it was in the very first place

Canโ€™t stand cuckservatives who think that itโ€™s โ€œOk to be gayโ€ or โ€œJesus said to love, and being gay is loveโ€

people are "about to do squats"

The dude in Italy seems pretty good at owning le libs

think his his name is Toni Iobi or something

@Arch_NME gore posting is bannable nibba

I think his lawyer or legal advisor told him to not shave so that he wouldnโ€™t look like a skinhead

You remove those parentheses now @Deleted User

Texans =/= Jews

Texans >>> Jews

Are you genuinely trying to argue that Texas belongs to Mexico, or is this just some shit tier bait?

why are you even in this America First server , if you're just gonna shit all over America

you fucking egg

there's actual photos of him too

well paintings, not photos

"live like chads" Is that what Schlomo Shekelstein told you?

Is that why a literal caravan of people fleeing their shithole tried illegally pile driving right through the border

Are you trying to neg them for possibly "not being white," when spics are literally all mutts <:56:385236009509715968>

It's bait guys, don't even feed him at this point

Im literally from Maine lmao

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