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pingus bingus rhombus

ethnostate when?


Toppest tips on stopping being fat?

@Charleston not eating surely cant be a viable way of losing weight

Ain't she a jew

what are the gmod ragdolls taking?

Slavs aren't even people why is this a discussion

Can someone iron the flag ^

ew sin

Can't wait for their private army

totally at least partly genetic


jesus christ they're all black

My doxx

Is the world getting warmer or not I can't tell

But what about the great barrier reef <:feelsbad:385730682888126474>

Reclaim our foreskins and faith

Not that I lost my foreskin

Tfw intact Australian <:dingo:378698487996612618>

@nicktune1219 try politiscales

am i in the kool kidz klub?


blair doesnt say hes a neo nazi

whos juliet

a big brained trannie

Big brained thunderfoot

Redpill me on Jesuits

not all of them

>aryans dying out
lmao im still here fgt get owned

Low IQ post but, why does a desert book matter THIS much?

Why do you want everlasting life, isn't life sweet for its brevity?

Classic gypsies

lmao why? So chad will join up and you dont have to worry about him making fun of you for bringing your waifu body pillow to class?

Works everytime

Hot takes


yaaaasss qweeen


Wasn't Dresden also a refugee city for the people fleeing from the Soviets?

>does not exceed 25,000

absolute crock of shit

this cunts a jew i can smell it

lmao look at the rest of his videos

theres a 0.0208 chance that my great aunt and great grandmother would have died in the bombing of dresden according to this dood

aint my family just darn unlucky huh

a city of 1.2 million people at the time being firebombed only killing 25k


estimated 9 million jews in europe during ww2, 6 million dead. ~66% killed
1.2 million germans in dresden 1945, 25,000 dead. 0.0208% killed

not trying to say they were put in camps and shit but this is fucking bombing fish in a barrel


no competition

the allies literally built mock towns to perfect the fire storm

how couldnt they manage more deaths?

hot takes


looks jew to me

Fuck off degenerate

You're just like those liberals, perverting everything you come across

Calling a degenerate a degenerate

Why you tarred?


Mutt genetics

56% degenerate

Okay retard

You what


Ok degenerate

Tell me about those Catholic values you're so fond of

We're reaching levels of twelve year old that shouldn't be possible

Shouldn't you be playing with the other tots in fuentes's server?

You should do the politiscales test

I wanna see how much worse you can get

Show us ay

That's the political compass

Try politiscales

It's pretty in-depth

Fucksake I never screenshotted mine


"i was breaking the law, let me make your life hell"

drives a poof ute too

what does that even mean

speak english you damn millenial

Where's this?

lmao did you get that quote straight from twitter

This is good for us

Gee take him to dinner first

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