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Classic piece right here goyos

Along with Colonel Jackson down the mighty mississip

Good nationalist metal

This, Disturbed (pls no negs, my favorite band), and country is Al's shit

Yeah thats a good track

Crack the Skye is my fav

I too will follow both

Or else we’ll need public domain shit

Reminder that Al is addicted to this franchise

Its a solid track. I personally like Ray Price’s version more than Guy Mitchell’s

I like this song. Serbs and Croats are a violent people

Gawd Damn I loved that concert


I am playing β€œThe Witcher 3”

People are Playing "Hearts of Iron IV"

Its bound to happen. The cult of personality was built around Caesar, not anyone else. Unless Caesar pops out a kid a new appointed Caesar will not rule as united of a populace at Caesar did.

Not as much a power struggle, more just morale issues

Possible, though a descendent would be ideal

I am playing β€œFar Cry 5”

@Not Malmortus good so far. I’m absolutely terrible with xbox one tho so i kinda suck

@CrampedMuffin looks gud. Haven’t bought it

Yeah all my poor frens cant run far cry on pc so i settled for console

And i cant aim for shit on xbox one controllers so yea

only Trump joke in Far Cry 5 so far is a wholesome one about his method of steak preparedness

game is super fun and american

just did a mission where you have to go get Trumps piss tape from a russian spy

it was all in good humor tho

I wish it had elections tho

Spec Ops the line and Far Cry 5 are also gud

Too many fuckin rainbow trout tho

Haven’t finished it yet, will let you know once I do

@Roe from the first like 15 minutes though, you doin great

Silenced ar, p226, bow and arrow, shotgun

I like it, all my frens r poor tho and dnt have the gane

1. Ancap garbage
2. Interesting read

Its still a decent read, just a little too ancappy imo

Also Read "My Life" by Sir Oswald Mosley

There's a mission in Far Cry 5 where you help a republican running for senate and it is comedic gold

No man, its the opposite in a way.

(((Nehlen))) is controlled oppo

why is cantwell controlled?

Far Cry 5 is still ballin tho

I play as the Irish or the Saxons if you have the Charlemagne DLC

Good for learning the game


More RPG like than most Grand strategy games

But its great fun, especially with frens

should be on steam front page but i can grab ya a link

Enemies in far cry 2 were bullet sponges tho

April fools is compromised then fella

Rising Right just finished recording fellas. should πŸ…± up tomorrow

We still learning the ropes and everything atm, we're essentially using the Amfirst discord as our test group to see if people like what we do, once we are more comfortable and better at our craft we'll look into that stuff.

My routine is lifting a 50 pounds box of celery over my head about 10 times every 10 minutes in 4 hours

Gas isn’t difficult to make

I believe Mattis said rebels have them too

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