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you are focused on walls

but you are forgetting the ports

that's where the real problem is tho

ports / docks

btw what happened with the Youtube place at California?

false flag?

Greatest Story Never told

is available on its webpage

broke down in different parts

I love part 14 btw

I can get you the one with spanish subs

you just ignore the subs

if you want

it is like 6 hours straight

but totally worth it

I am not from your country btw

that's beyond the point atm

there was a letter sent to Speilberg by a jewish man too

in the 90s

asking why the lies of "Schindler's list"

he literally called that a sci-fi novel

but what is important is that, he also gave some facts

"you should also recognize what we were doing to germans back in those days"

@liqhts well watch the video, up to part 14

if there are some things that doesnt make sense to you

write them down

and then ask for those specifical things

kinda easy to do

about the gas chambers remember the Leuchter Report and the Polish Report

The Polish one was the most accurate

And released only once

then it got shut down

I have that one but again, in spanish

@liqhts it ain't 12 hours yo'

But there are some things like

Eissenhower's death camps

Stalin Purges

The Waffen SS from the Balkans

there are a lot of things that are important alone by themselves

when you get to part 3 you just won't stop

let's not fall to ad-hominems gentlemen

there is a book which has

80% of that documentary

was written back in the 50s by a Mexican reporter

who later would become a historian

just to research on those issues

@Deleted User bro, stop with the ad-hominems

you won't get anywhere by using that in a discussion

like in a REAL discussion

tbh the only reason why I am on this server is

I want to discuss "american identitarianism"


it has 80% of the movie

and was edited back in 1953

so, I won't call the movie a "hoax"

the issue is that

Germany still pays 6 billion

to the state of Israel

because of the "holocaust"

@liqhts well you just need to look at how the trials against former nazi members was done

it was a travesty of international law

they shitted on international law, why?

@liqhts if you have a good explanation on why the most "democratic" countries would shit on international law, I'd love to hear it.

the way to weaponize the blacks against jews is by pushing down the "black israelite" narrative

some people might

but you mean, why they won't go against the system?

I can give you that from a South American perspective

I cried tbh

I am lowkey trying to get a second job as history teacher

and teach the young ppl of my country about freemasonry, drug trade and wars, 3rd Reich

fascisms from all over the world

but that's in the works rn

@liqhts because you have the media

and courts

to ban it

I recall for a time, the "Turner Diaries" was banned

idk if it still is

I liked the narrative

in Canada they are

makes sense

bro really

are you trolling?

if you are, you got a cookie

you did, you won basically

Salve Victoria

there were a couple of priests that were also mistreated like that

because they had some opinions as such

@liqhts define "Holocaust" for me

I wanna know what are you talking about

we will break this down but by reasoning.

Homosexuals - the leader of the SA was a homosexual

As for jews, look up for the papers in 1933 and 1936 where

"Judea declares war on Nazi Germany"

look that up

so, that means they were at war

2 populations at war

so they got arrested, deported, sent to labor camps, etc.

No, the ones declaring war were BANKSTERS from the USA from NEW YORK.

How are they Germans to begin with?

It was expected

Remember the concentration camps for Japanese people?

I don't recall in which state those were based

but there were

so, we can asume by those facts and gulags

"those were things of that era"

we are breaking this down

don't rush to reasons of motives just yet

look, there is another reason

hidden but there is

look up for the documentary "Berlin in the 20s"

it was done by History Channel

and just observe

how german society was

jews were the ones pushing for degeneracy

in Germany

in the big cities

specially in Berlin

so when NSDP won the elections

they banned all this profitable industry

started to close places

and take some of those assets (buildings, money, etC)

for the German people

this is the first industry cracked down by NSDP policies

the second one was, the most important

the Banking System

is like you

they won't accept the truth

and they will shortcircuit


about raping women and kids look it up in the Talmud

there it is explained why and for them it is not degenerate

it is the opposite in fact

why? I don't fucking know, but that is what the Talmud says.

It is like Muslims in the UK

they just believe grooming young women

according to them


They exploit it

There is a book about that, done by an israeli man

"The Industry of Holocaust" by Norman Finkelstein

he isn't a neo-nazi

he is an israeli

but he is so fed up with that bullshit

that he just lashed out

the issue with that is that

you gotta be smart

not try to be edgy but accurate

and shutting your mouth

when it suits you to not talk about it.

also, @liqhts do you believe in "Gas Chambers" ?

I was reading it

good content

I wouldn't call a reporter turn historian a "crackpotter"

okay, since you are a normie

have you watched the "Wonder Woman" movie?

The DC one

from last year

remember the issue with Mustard Gas?

Germans and Turks were pushing down to weaponize gas

so they came in contact with the Mustard Gas

okay, by that historical fact

we could say that the "Gas Chambers" of the "Holocaust"

which purpose did they have?

Was it to develop a new weapon? Remember, there were at war with soviets

Was it for pleasure?

what motive did those might had? Give us an hypothesis

was the Iraq war done under true facts?

were where those "weapons of mass destruction"

1 million and a half iraqis dead, no weapons found

so, is "taught history" absolutely correct when it comes to Iraq War?

The USSR was an empire tbh

Wym by "emotional aspect"?

Rather, you mean "emotional impact" I believe.

Now, emotional impact on WHO?

On who's being pushed down this narrative?

I can tell you, in South America we don't see them as bad

because we had communist terrorism

so we don't see them as the bad guys of the movie

so you mean, the society you live in, right?

the 6 million number narrative

has been pushed down before

but we gotta think, WHY 6?


Why not 3 or 4?

Why 6 specifically?

ok, so you are realizing what they are aiming at

the reason is ofc to gain power

as to the why and why specifically 6 million

and not "around 6 million"

@Deleted User fun fact, I talk to some commies from here, because of Palestine they say "Hitler did nothing wrong"

@liqhts because, they didn't

there is a book

called "The Transfer Agreement"

written by a jewish man

named Edwin Black

He explains there, that Nazi Germany wanted to deport them to Madagascar or Palestine

so jews chosed Palestine

the deal went through

and when there were enough jews there

they backstabbed Germany claiming the 6 million narrative

so the remaining jews stayed in the camps

becuase of this assholes

They remained there

until the end of the war

which had a lot of things like famine

typhus epidemic

other diseases in the camps

and most of them died

but we gotta ask



all was going smoothly

why the sacrifice?

well, there were more than just 40k

that book gives you the number

the guy did research a lot of records

and he got the approx number

also, not everyone in the camps were jews

you had commies



You mean flashy homos

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