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Thoughts on Paul Nehlen?

@here paul nehlen was on cantwell today, pretty interesting, he cleared up some of the rumors and stuff

Cantwell said he would help the FBI drop the hammer on Antifa

meanwhile TRS cozied up with the sperg who said to kill jews and their babies and to blow up buildings

yeah the guy who is a literal jew is good to lead us

and if we want to purity spiral we cant leave out Enochs past

Just because I think Ricky Vaughn is dumb doesn't mean I support goon marches or think Nehlen is god

I'd appreciate honest discussions that are in good faith.

Tired: America needs a 1776

Wired: America needs 1933

Inspired: America needs 1492

>We both spent months campaigning for Carly Fiorina, drawn to her message of β€œconservative feminism.”

that article is absurd

>omg nick makes $100 a month on hatreon!

(((college conservatism)))

no he said nick is 1/4 mexican

>thinking mexican is a race

being 1/4 mexican means you are a castizo at worst

highly likely you are pretty much just white

in the spanish caste system if you are 3 parts white 1 part mestizo then you are considered white

`So let me get this straight...

Ricky Vaughn offered to sell Paul Nehlen the personal information of Alt Right personalities (without their knowledge or consent) through his campaign strategy / marketing firm, solicited a $2500/mo consulting contract from him, and then publicly slurred him incessantly after he politely declined?

"Hire my firm to boost your reputation or else I'll use it to hurt your reputation!"

I don't know, goys. Sounds like economic terrorism to me, if true. Plus, if you put food on your table by selling the personal information of white nationalists to politicians without their knowledge or consent, I'm not sure you really have a right to complain when your personal information gets made public without your consent.

Sounds to me like he got a dose of his own bad medicine.`

he had access to data

yeah I wont pretend to be savvy to all the details here

Well it is fact that he offered a service PN

how exactly that service worked we dont know but it involved data-mining and social media scraping

Nehlen talked about it when he was on cantwell

Like I said I don't know much on it just reporting what was said

Rush addressing jayz comments right now

All cultures are equal

And they can all fit together ala multiculturalism

The marxists new they couldn't take down America the same way they did Russia

So they took the back door route of destroying us culturally and demographically

Just call it multiculturalism

its marxism applied to culture

where the struggle is not based on class its based on ethnicity/culture

The feds arent really going after antif-

Hunter seems like a solid guy, I just wish he was smarter about optics and strategy

I don't follow him, just listening to the podcast

Hes not understanding how important public image is

And he also doesn't seem to believe in elections

Which is what I mean when I say he's wrong about strategy

Your parents are (((parents)))?

It's now said that Ricky Vaughn works for a company owned by a Jew

If he was a hardcore reactionary amnat it would be one thinf

He signals agains wn, identitarian, ethnostate etc

May as well follow Gavin mciness

I'm among European liberals right now

One of them race mixed with a Mexican

How do you move here from Europe then marry a Mexican dude?

Because women, that's why

Operating off pure feels will destroy a society

I don't agree with the mixing tho

This polish lady has a retarded son and she has him wearing girls clothes

Nvm it's a girl with short hair

Can only work when limited like to white land owning men

And in a homogeneous society

Rhodesia was a type of meritocratic democracy but failed because those unqualified to participate chimped out and demanded to run the country

uhh wasnt the last (((gas attack))) in april too?

IE excepts 3/4 whites btw

But I dont think you can be nog

I dont think quadroons are accepted

Im over Anglin hes a retard

I regret donating to him

I dont think many people defend Nehlens posting

although you can argue that he used his campaign to redpill the masses

btw nehlen isnt the topic right now

ricky vaughn works for a jew

Im over Anglin hes a retard
total clown tbh
I regret donating to him

Nehlen is less bad than RV

>swastika tattoo and publical calls for killing babies

weev is more damaging than nehlen

quit being so damn cucky over 1 guy who posted memes

ffs what the fuck is going on with people

you just said he made a path forward

weev and RV are the ones who caused this mess

Vaughn said white identity is like radical islam

Vaughn said white identity doesnt exist

doesnt matter its not productive

alt lighters are looking towards us then see that signal and feel comfy with civic nationalism

RV is worse than Gavin McInnes

thats not what he said

white american is an identity

so in the USA, white american is an identity

just like german identity

not productive to signal against that

hes not our guy hes a retard

he works for a jew lol

and people who attack nehlen are RETARDED

Do you see liberals attack people further to the left that run for office?

yeah like maintaining doxbases of nationalists?

Nehlen didnt commit fraud dumbass

citation greatly fucking needed

and if you click the gab link from Jared Howe you will see the citation for my claim

you didnt even open it idiot

theres evidence in there

meanwhile you cant prove your claim

you heard it from some Vaughnfag

quit being an asshole and read Jareds post

and he paid his wife 1k a week to run the campaign

he is popular in his district

>44% is wildy unpopular

Ok im done arguing with an 80 IQ

Im done arguing, but for the record I didnt defend the "wignats"


>dont trust anyone who has been to federal prison

I think CC is more trustworthy than weev for sure

like I said they are all gay

only one I like now is allsup

isnt he pretty irrelevant?

he seems smart enough, havent heard much from him lately

is ww3 about to happen?

@Deleted User can you link me to the podcast where cantwell talks bad about IE? I just listened to the last show and it didn't happen.

Hitler never admitted to the extermination of the jews because it was a private thing, that was part of their agenda, to not admit it, but some officers slipped up and admitted such as Himmler.

The final solution was deportation to Palestine

the countryside will be next

you can only fit so many immigrants in the city

then they will spread out

depressing to open that article on Enoch Powell

how the heck did things get this bad?

>Jews and womens rights

no need to repeat yourself

so is importing millions of thrid worlders for no reason

you want a black pill?

mexicans are seriously bad people

so disrespectful and greedy

who the fuck does that?



met some damn lazy ones too tho

trump is such a pussy im getting sicj of this shit

the black pilled part of me almost hopes for impeachment

he gets btfo so hard by the deep state he tries to take out his anger on Assad

like when a kid gets beat by his dad then he takes it out on the dog

imagine being so cucked by the deep state that you think its going to make you look strong to pick on Assad

"animal assad" <:brainlet:385713689539641344>

The Virgin Donald vs The Chassad

Ya in this current paradigm joining the military is just being a soldier for zog

antifa gonna chimp out when rosenstein and mueller are fired

antifa more like anqueefa

pls pls pls pls pls pls chimpout

So Hunter and the wignats were right after all

Is it finally time to burn the MAGA hats?

cant wait to see BoomerTwitter praising the attack

I need millions of mexicans sent back

Faith Goldy isnt our gir-

hes going to have to do a whole fucking lot to win in 2020

that includes a finished wall

Wall is the bare essentiald

for him to not get primaried

because he wanted to rub it in the usa's face that he can do what he wants <:brainlet:385713689539641344>

Lets hope we can resegregate soon

maybe its just a one off after all?

the military source on Alex Jones last night said the war drums are beating hard

Magatards and boomers love the strike on Assad

They jerk off to the missile videos

And usually ignorant too

With stuff like β€œwho cares if we bomb those Muslims lol your a pussy”

Did you see the stream last night exposing r/t_d censorship

And equates to being a liberal

Yeah just pray it’s over now

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