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can someone answer a question for me

how the hell did the democratic party/ liberals turn into such a mess

basically how did the sjw movement get born

serious answer please

Not german here but,

Basically failed democracy example

how the fuck did our society shift to such liberalistic... fuck up?

Well i mean, in the 2000’s

How did we get so fucked?

how was pc culture born?

now uh

*man how should i start this off*

So... i think most of you folks should know about roblox from the memes

Now, as you know roblox is a kids game, however in recent years (Starting from 2015,) Groups like these have started to pop up: https://www.roblox.com/groups/group.aspx?gid=494936

Should these groups be allowed on a kids game? Trust me, when I tried to venture in their places their mods are basically the thought police.

Also, the owner is literally the purest...

I don't know how to describe it


playing since 2012 and back then things like this never happened

even had some of my alt right friends raid it

they are really sensitive

when i tried to ask people their genders

no man its even worse

It's group logo just describes itself

uh oh whats happening in the middle east again

All of this while the leftist media ignores whats going on

Surprised theres bhutan

Trump has betrayed us...

We need a *real* Conservative president next time

A mental Disorder isn't a civil right.


a wall is impossible

you gotta remember the cost of regulating it

We all had high hopes when trump would visit with kim to denuke

From what i’ve heard like the rebel alex jones, liberal media is censoring reports on the syria attacks or atleast anti-war voices

Is that true?

He was quite the man

although stubbon when it comes to warfare

Adolf was a powerful leader

Whenever I see the toxic culture of Modern America, I do not know whether to cry in sorrow or scream in Anger.

What has happened to this great nation of ours?

We need another Reagan

We need someone who has the charisma of Reagan (as well as his anti-liberalism view) and...

We need someone who can tear up any liberal argument (Like Ben Shapiro) or the “Alt Right” Youtube community. He also needs to constantly debunk any leftist ideas or policies of theirs to expose how corrupt and dumbfounded the left is.


Now now, its best not to go too far on the political spectrum

No president is perfect

Its about swaying leftists to our side

I guess so

Please don’t behead me when i say this but, do you agree that skinhead neo nazis are just edgy.. *Fucks?*

*kaiserreich intensifies*


If we want to truly change american we must keep and eye on our reputation and legitimacy

We can’t increase support when the left can easy bash us in with obvious clause

I gotta go. I think you know what i mean.


I’m 14

Hope that raises your spirits.

Im chinese and our traditions are very close or leaning to conservatism

So i can guarantee you chinese or koreans will most likely side with you folks

Our nationalism and patriotism to our country prevents us from becoming cucks unlike the European nations infested with refugees

Not pissed enough to do it

I gotta be pissed to turn alt right

Correction: its not the whites who shall move into texas.

I think you are smart enough to make conclusions.

I believe we must unify the right in order for any future movement to be stable as possible. Right now infighting between different groups on the right (Like conservatives and the alt right) shall eventually tear apart any effort for our movement to reclaim our dominance in America.

We should respect each other’s ideologies and not become what the left is: Kicking out anyone who opposes their opinion.

Discrimination is best to be kept low, as we need anyone effective against whiny leftists in a time where they are the dominant culture in our society.

We mustn’t have a revolutionary of ours betray our revolution.

Though he is highly skilled at crushing any leftists daring to debate him

We can limit his uses for our movement

Good point

Before trump’s election i was a bluepilled libtard

Until i was woke from prageru

The most effective one too

One dose of that and theres no going back

I’ve been developing a identity where im basically anti-authority

Well authority over me

I just first want to erase the sjws first

Step by step people

just let california secede and transform into a socialist state

then we'll see if they want to behave

Oi need some facts about gun control

Trying to redpill my class with an anti-gun control essay

Oswald Mosley was a a great man

A man who was ahead of his time

do you guys agree that real communists (Citizens of the Soviet Union) are more respectable than those college "communist" students

bascially this meme

I wonder how could this starbucks incident escalate even further?

I sometimes wonder if it should be us weeping at the leftist dominance in america, and if it is the left that is laughing at our defeat.

The first thing that must come down whenever we come to power is the Corrupt and vile Southern Poverty Law Center, the SPLC.

Expose them of their hate and political imitation tactics

And how they’re the true Hate group.

You know what we need back?

The British Empire

To control and bring back order in the warring states of Africa and Asia

Those who ignore history are bound to repeat it

Why is the left so brain-fucked?


How is that offensive?

Is the meme war still going on?

What are some ways a Non-white president can cuck liberals

What is with anti-vaccinators?

It is medically proven that vaccines are like Atomic Bombs to diseases

They’re as scientifically retarded as people who defy biology and claim that gender is a spectrum

I’m proud to be a texan..

why tho

It is scientifically proven to have ended thousands of crippling diseases like polio

Like i said, it's the equivilent as those folks who say that gender is a "Spectrum"

Your ignorance will not only harm yourself but others as well.

cuckservatives are basically bowing down to those who they supposedly oppose.

They are slightly inferior than true conservatives who do not submit to opposition and will stand his ground.

In my eyes, Chinese Americans who side with liberalism are traitors to our Chinese Traditions and their families

Liberalism promotes feelings over facts, and fun over hard work, instead of the closely-conservative nature of Chinese traditions


Normally When i’m calm I’m a strict conservatives but when i’m pissed i turn far right.

Like when some black kid interrupts me or is rude to me.

The democrats habe never changed on their views on blacks

They used to enslave them in the plantations, and now they enslave them in their democratic brainwashing homes

i just woke up m8


somethings going on

prepare for enemy attack

they're on the fucking fence

why arent we doing anything

would you form a cult of personality if you were in some position in power?

You don't know what a cult of personality is?

good point

yeah but would you form one?

Vanila china in hoi4 is shit

Even with waking tiger mod

who else but shadman

What should we do about the gays in america?

Just general Gay Marriage and all that stuff

The best thing about being a chinese righter is that i can be “racist” to any white libtard and not get yelled for it

If the libtard dares to call me something offensive i’ll just show my race card and he’ll have a mental break down

“Oh! I’m so sorry!” *commits seppuku*

well how else do you expect them to commit suicide


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-58HoTHWQk Is this good quality content from prageru?

the least cuckservative stuff i've seen them make

also how they added pussy hats to the feminists in there

We need a Cultural Revolution

Destroy the Leftist culture and influence in the media and on our youth

hes 17

his political studies is just cnn propaganda

he's basically on blue pill life support

Wonder what would happen if a leftist accidentally doxxes a Right-Wing minor

2018-05-04 17:16:19 UTC [Nationalist Review 🎅🏻 #spam]  

Cold Semen

Aka The CNN Meme war but the guy is actually 15 years old

what the hell

a kid *almost* gets ran over and then those blacks turned fbi mode


"without the republican party there would be no new america"

also i feel like the cpc is more conservative than communist

its like your guy's dream

conservative culture also government has full control of internet

Really feel like Britain has turned into Airstrip 1

There needs to be a Cultural, or social revolution in america

Our Society is so fucked up and dominated by the left right now

If we dont change it anytime soon our nation shall be equal to the UK.

or more accurately Sweden.

I've been thinking of a policy of actually uniting the right, such as conservatives and people like you to unite and fight against the leftist dominance in our nation.

basically communistic unity but its on the right.


i mean we can't efficiently solve anything if there is infighting

also this guy is gay

what the hell is this

Should there be a tpose *thursday?*

Open Borders/Illegal immigration is basically the equivalence of letting a random stranger into your home

who knows if they're friendly or about to stab you

ben sharpio...

well if your talking bout the house of card


well personally i think sharpio should be limited to crushing liberals in debates

he should be used as a battering ram

instead of the main force to storm into liberals

the lgbt community has become a tumor in america

at first they were small, harmless even in influencing politics or society

but now they're like an uncontrolled dog

we need to put a leash on them before they get truly out of control

hell couple years ago some of them started to push for the acceptance of child drag queens and pedofilia

But all i know is ben doesn’t really care about the fixing of america in some points

*They’re turning the frickin army gay*

Though he does easily crush libtards

Which is why i refer to him as a battering ram

you gotta have balls of steel to bear funny last names

like *rape*

If we are to secure our political ideas into america then a social change, or revolution moreover must be established first.

We must crush 3rd wave feminism if we want to make sure women don’t get corrupted by it in the future

ok then i declare myself as black

thus i have every right to say nigger or nigga

and every crime i do is justified due to my history of “racism.”

its starting to get stale mister

the meme faucet is dry

someone fix it

>Allied Group

>Enemies Jewish empire

whos the nazi now?

What the hell are jews protesting about their homeland

funny how leftists are supposedly against nazis


when trump puts the us embassy in Jerusalem,



The current situation in Palestine/israel is really revealing the left’s true colors


Comminist china was politically better than Nationalist china

Nationalist china back then was basically a shitty fascist regime.

Alteast our communist propaganda was better than Taiwan’s

i wonder what would happen if you add communistic unity with right-wing views

Well then it appears im a National Socialist

ah yes

just as i was about to droop into depression my meme supplement saved the day

*if memes were a drink that'd cure my depression real quick

*Colonization underdevelops*

>13 Colonies


I bet that if Europe still colonized africa civil wars and mass starvations wouldn’t be such as a problem

new meme potential

title it folks

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