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we can't nuke Mexico, that land is for Texan lebensraum

A nice change of pace for action to be taken rather than just complaining about it.

Apparently Golden Dawn has grown massively over the past couple of years, if the trend continues - which, the state Europe is in rn, I think it probably will - they definitely have a shot at becoming the #2 political party relatively soon

They are.

definitely bad optics. I keep my beliefs concerning that to myself irl, except for my closest of friends and family.

basically <:feelsbad:385730682888126474>

Democracy on the basis of age alone is a laughable system. Simple existence is hardly worthy of having any say in a nation's future. Personally, I like how our little fledgling republic at the time did it in the late 18th century - white, land owning, and male. The land owning part ensured the individual had an actual stake in the nation and wasn't just a freeloader wanting more gibs, as we see all too often now.

Same in my family. A lot of neo-cons I think are starting to figure out that American blood spilled for no reason except for the benefit of other nations isn't really a good reason.

that is one thing i will commend boomers on

they'll say nigger in family circles and not hesitate about it

you can get a 2 week free trial for sea of thieves

get the 2 week free trial for the xbox on windows shit or w/e its called and that lets you play the game for 2 weeks free

pretty sure there's not shit to do past 2 weeks anyways lol

flamboyant gays need to be put in a camp

"when they took over the world"

now i'm not going to comment on the holocaust

but do you seriously think the Nazis were going for world domination

Well, they weren't. Lol.

Ok, well when you say something dumb like "the Nazis were going to take over the world" people are going to have a harder time listening to you.

They really weren't.

I am saying they weren't going for world domination.

Have you looked at a political map of 1936?

The UK is MANY times larger than Germany could ever hope to be.

As was France.

And the USSR became a massive monstrosity in the years after World War II.

Germany wanted more land, yes, but certainly not "world domination."

Thats like saying Manifest Destiny was the US going for world domination.

Its silly.

reddit is mega gay

James Allsup

thats a good one

notice that one blue spot in Texas lol

even we have our cucked whites

judging from that map thats Austin that was blue

its like they cut a chunk out of LA and stuck it in the middle of my state <:feelsbad:385730682888126474>

whites will become a minority in America by 2050, Texas will flip blue by 2045, and right winged politicians will never win on the national level again.

if that doesnt convince you that civic nationalism is a failure then nothing will lol

People like Ben Shapiro are hardly better than the left. No respect for his ideology.

He is a neocon. There is no use for him concerning America reclaiming its heritage. People like Tucker Carlson do, who dont actively argue against us.

His only use is continuing to kill the right through pushing for more moderate beliefs.

Just like Yiannopoulos.

You can't.

He has betrayed his voters several times over. He clearly would rather listen to the schlomos at the top that have been raping America for decades than actually change anything.

But he's a step in the right direction - his election is still a very good thing for America.

Trump's election was still a victory. You won't go from Obama to Mussolini in one election.

who would've thought we were all gay Jewish transexual communists in disguise

there's been a lot of Oswalds lol

Read the replies to that tweet, the black guy straight says if he lived in Wakanda "there would be no issues because it would be homogenous" LOL

tfw even the blacks agree that diversity is mega gay

democracy turbo gay

the kangaroo lord deemed it so

Fascist Mexico would actually be really beneficial for all of North America.

Imperialism is chad.

NeoCons are not chad.

I am glad we got to the bottom of this.

Multiculturalism only works in a nation where cultures have many common factors that tie them together. Not this fucked up version we have today.

probably nothing will come of it in terms of actual action taken

"oh hey you did this and that wrong but for some reason you're not gonna get punished haha federal government is really good guys and totally not rotten to the core"

Focusing "less on race" is what has gotten us into this mess.

The boomers "focused less on race."

The generation that grew up in the 80's "focused less on race."

The millennials "focused less on race."

Today, we have people claiming race doesn't even exist.

How about we realize that race - blood - is just as vital as the soil upon which the nation is founded.

And I know what you mean @Jordanus Piscator When I was younger, my boyscout leader was a highly respectable black man that worked as a computer technician and worked hard to provide for his family. But we must realize that these people are a tiny, tiny minority to the countless morons that infest our inner cities.

oof rip small al

Well obviously we won't be able to deport everyone based upon race. I agree that is sperging out a bit, but more so because it is an unreasonable action due to the logistical and public opinion issues rather than a moral problem.

America needs to become 19th century politics. Ignore rest of the world except for trade, establish our dominance over our part of the world - North and South America.

Jesus was a Texan <:bigbrain:385729869209665536>

tfw the magyars are more chad than the aryans

Southern is a good stepping stone for people just looking into the "new right."

For sure a thot tho lol

"identity politics is cancerous and evil, and conservatives shouldn't play into that game. Also I'm very proud of my Jewish heritage and my wife is a doctor." - Ben Shapiro, probably.

tfw i can hear out of my new headset but can't be heard

this is slightly frustrating

What is IE if not identity politics? Just because its a boogieman word to you because of Fox News doesn't mean it actually is some sort of evil. @seafer on his phone

Well I don't feel that non-whites deserve to reside in Western society in large numbers. And that whites are rightfully entitled to the West.

Does that sound gay and stupid to you?

And they can request that. If whites properly utilized "identity politics" this BS would have been crushed in the 60's.

The term identity politics is much like the term "cultural Marxism." People have a hard time defining it and use it instead of actually looking into the REAL problems our civilizations face.

Identity Politics is, at its most useful point, race against race.

Whites must realize this and start to play that game.

Magyar supremacy

Because half the time they are idiotic and bring a swastika.

It is what nations are built upon?

Who is France for? The French.

That is identity politics, you know.

And Americans are white.

Just show CivNats facts, have discussions with them, don't degrade them but rather show them basic facts of our reality, and they will change.

Or just residents.

But voting rights should certainly be restricted for who they were meant for at this country's foundation.

No it doesn't. in 1790 the only voters were white, landowning males.

I am a citizen yet I cannot vote? Do you know why? I'm not 18. Thats a restriction and yet I am a citizen.

It is the exact same concept as an age restriction.

As is the white and landowning males one.

It ensures they are 1) The ones that were meant for this nation and 2) have a stake in this nation, aren't freeloaders

Landowners have a vested interest in the success of a nation. An inner city minority on welfare does not.

Other than "muh gibs."

Then make military service available as well.

4 years in the military is plenty of sacrifice to be granted the right to vote.

Illegals should be tossed into the ocean Change My Mind

There will never be a 100% white ethnostate in the US, no. But 80% is definitely achievable and not an autistic idea.

Just means you aren't a brainlet small al.

thats what we should do

we should, unironically, catch illegals and toss them into the middle of the Gulf

you would see a massive drop in border hoppers suddenly

thats not a warcrime

cause its not a war

its just defending your borders my dude

get em pinochet style

Americans who use the Swastika are actually brain dead.

No one will be convinced by waving around the flag of a nation that has been demonized for 7 decades and we directly fought against only a couple generatiosn ago.

Not to mention its not even an American symbol.

Americans need to use American symbolism.

Except its goal is entirely different than the goal of Marxist-type socialism.

They fought the entire world you brainlet.

Do you think America would have been able to stand up to the UK, France, Germany, and the USSR?

Ok, this is bad optics, but yes, often times people have to die for the good of others. When a criminal breaks into your home you kill him. Not nicely ask him out.

Bankers definitely deserved it.

The degenerate media definitely deserved it.

The pedophiles definitely deserved it.

Communists definitely deserved it.

I'm not saying that @Al_Bi

But when people say "Violence is always evil" they are either naΓ―ve or lying.

Definitely depends on who is being genocided.

I'd be ok with drug dealers getting the rope tbh.

And there's a lot of drug dealers in the states.

idk, I wasn't arguing about that.

But you stated that NatSoc as an ideology does not work.

It very clearly made them a mighty nation.

I think most people can agree with that.

I'm not arguing on all of socialism.

But pretending that NatSoc's are the same or similar to Sanders is a very, very far stretch and frankly silly.

And I'm not NatSoc, but I think just about anyone thats looked into the actual ideology can see that.

They stole?

Those homes rightfully belonged to Germany though.

Say what you will for the mistreatment of the Jews, Germany is for Germans.

>that private property rightfully belongs to the people of that nation

Our banks should not be controlled by the likes of the Jews.

Yet they are.

Our media should not be controlled by the likes of the Jews.

Yet they are.

Say what you will, a nation for all is a nation for none. In a family home, people have their own rooms, their own property. Yet not just anyone is allowed to walk in and have a room for themselves.

No, they naturally gravitate towards banking because it is very easy to accumulate wealth through shrewd manipulation of currency rather than actual work.

Like a true parasite.

The rights of private property do not supercede the rights of the people to their own nation.

No, special circumstances have made that a difficult question to answer in a morally acceptable fashion.

However, if Chinese were to begin purchasing excessive amounts of property and power for themselves, then yes.

As they already are on the West Coast, by the way.

You constantly do this thinking face but I think you simply have a misunderstanding of what the nation is.

It is not a work camp for anyone.

Not a super company.

It is a family.

Ok my bad then.

I just took it as a sort of sarcastic remark, no worries.

Then the nation can be sold to the highest bidder, surely?

There should be no "highest bidder" at all. The nation is the nation.

Because they naturally gravitate towards banking, like we've said.

Feel free to look into the history of individuals like Soros.

Controlling currency allows one to control far more than they should.

A frankly sickening amount of power, honestly.

Thats fine.

This is how people change their ideas and grow upon them.

Friendly discussion my dude.

Why's that?

Do you think someone should be able to buy the nation?

I simply took what you said and bloated it to a point that you surely should have to disagree unless you are a very, very libertarian individual. Should someone be able to just purchase the United States if they have the necessary funds?

No matter how impossible that amount to get, lets say someone hypothetically has accumulated enough wealth to do that. Should they be able to?

Well we disagree heavily then.

Are you a libertarian individual?

I hope I don't sound accusatory, I'm just trying to understand better.

Even if you were a communist I would just debate you as normal.

Well now we come to another problem.

The "citizenship" question.

Originally, only whites could be citizens, and only land owning males could vote.

If a right can be granted or taken away at will, is it truly a right, or a privilege?

Well that is what we've done.

Its ok if you are libertarian.

I was 2 years ago as well.

Its a nice ideology that would work if our reality weren't as it were.

The Cossacks are a really good example of that.

Or our own "wild west"


The 19th amendment was a disaster

i don't think hawaii has too many pro-gun people

honestly we should've given hawaii the puerto rico treatment

if states could act more independently I can almost guarantee that the Mexican population would never had gotten as high as it is now in Texas

if Texas could defend its own border it would've

The Aztecs should be exterminated from Texas.

is that too bad of optics

They are united in dealing with foreign powers @Al_Bi

Like if France said "you know what, we actually want the Purchase back," the states would whoop some baguette ass

the secession was perfectly legal reeee

lincoln was a rude dude for not allowing it and then trying to work it out during his presidency

>not working with your countrymen to better understand the issues they face that are totally different to the ones you face in the north and instead just saying "eh we'll just crush em in like 6 months" but then you get your ass handed to you for 5 years straight

there are very, very few assassinations that can be justified. Even if someone deserves to die, killing the leader of a nation will often spiral it into chaos unless it has a good enough system to ensure it doesn't.

public schools are clearly a failure if they cant even operate for weeks on end

that guy basically said "we support the first amendment" then in the same sentence said "but we actually don't lol"

i can't understand the mental gymnastics these people force themselves through

that could've been the son of Wilhelm II

Kaiser Mohammed

they are commie

gas commies

that is just a kpream spin on it

still commie

gas liberals

though I agree going to NK is very dumb, the evidence surrounding the poster theft was shaky at best

a pretty shitty ethnostate

what do you mean how

their people starve to death

they have generational labor camps - now I'm not against labor camps, but getting put in jail because your dad decided to hop the border is fucked up

you have no chance of social improvement unless you live in Pyongyang

going completely against the ideas of meritocracy that are so cherished in every civilized nation

they only exist because the USSR allowed them to as well lol

They don't "hide the starving people." You go touring in Pyongyang, the capital. The elites live in Pyongyang and those that have anything to do with the elites. Of course they aren't starving there.

This is like saying "b-b-but Moscow ain't that bad" while the Holodomor was going on.

And never do you get to go your own way lol.

Why do you think tourism is allowed there?

Its a decent location, at least in the microscopic view that the tourists are allowed.

And because their economic system is fucking garbage.

I take it you are Bolivian, that seems like a safe assumption, yeah?

Are you likewise a Bolivian citizen

Citation required.

Complete central planning where the nation is ran more like a mega-corp than anything is not effective at handling quick changes.

This was shown in the famine that began in 1994 where upwards of 250k Koreans starved due to the Soviet collapse a few years before that saw their biggest (other than perhaps China) suddenly disappear

If the US were to disappear tomorrow, then guess what, Canada would be able to handle themselves - times might become tough, but 200k wouldn't starve to death.

Ah yes, this whole "No, no they're Juche" bs.

It is Communism with a Korean spin on it.

That makes literally no sense.

Nice strawman though.

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