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muted @Deleted User for talking about cookies over everyone else in voice chat


remuted addest because he was still taking over people about cookies

unmuting again

entire album inspired by the bar scenes from the shining

btw if you dont listen to carly rae jepsen your gay

carly str8 up saved pop music tho

^good optix

>makes good music
>has good political opinions

pick 3, except has good political opinions isnt actually a real choice

the other 3 cancel it out by default

seems pretty forced tbqh famalam

like most white nationalist music unfortunately

there we go


look at that thumbnail, eddie murphy and rick james are alt right


who /comfy/


there you go

>they dont listen to patrician tier rap

non /mu/ fags out reee

unironically one of the best concept albums ever made

>muh rap very bad

if you want me to stop listening to good rap go back in time and break all my tony hawk disks before i played them

thanks for that song @Alyssa Cordelia was a comfy way to wake up

rap is good

peep this album, its a rap masterpiece

one of my fave albums of all time

!play running in the 90s


what the fuck

you stupid faggot

i want to be ear raped by scotland

fuck you

stupid bot


wow thats not how thats spelled


!clear 10

!clear all

!clear all

everyone quit playing games and went to sleep

good album

tfw no synthpop goth gf

this isnt about music

go back to general


fallout 4 new vegas suffering setbacks too

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trash opinion

late 90s early 2000s is obviously the best era for vidya

medievil tbh

console shooters would be a lot more playable if the fucking devs actually tried to accommodate the controller instead of just porting the mouse controls to the analog stick

a tiny little bit of "aim assist" in halo goes SUCH a long way to making it feel like a solid game

hes the top person on the memberlist


would highly recommend making sure you share no servers with these users, ask mods to remove them if you see them, and avoid servers where they are permitted @everyone james will be live on the baked alaska experience co hosting a debate between jay dyer and richard spencer in just under 3 minutes

>doom movie
>a script
all you need is a storyboard tbh if doomguy talks its ruined immediately

@everyone wake up new vid <:smug:378698410406051860>

@everyone <:GWfroggyMonkaMega:405753064100986880>



ill beat u up

brazilian justice

slobodon and budd dwyer are together in heaven now <:GWragFeelsComfyMan:390321740158468096>

>you will never hear the grizzly man death footage

family had it destroyed

dirt kevin took that



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