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Dichotomy between white and black pilled folk

>not listening to Mr. Bond unironically

Hi I was interviewed by Eric; @givemetheafd

That’s a real good one


^ I’m having the same problem. They’re even hard to peel right out of the water and when I run cold water over them.

2018-03-30 01:30:35 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  


I’m in studying in a library right now and a bunch of people are looking at me wondering why I just laughed

Good listen

Well done! They look very good! Have extremely important info as well

Ty Bean

2018-04-03 23:47:31 UTC [Fitness #lifting]  


Is it good game?

And free?

Gibs link for free?

No it’s okay I found it

Gud tweet

Jew simulator 1942

Good watch

I was in vetted lol

I’m just saying this happened last year and nothing in the long term really came of it

No i agree that people seem more serious about it now, but I think Trump knows not to go in. I don’t mean to nick the spic post here

Are you talking about the 24-48 hour statement?

Poor squirrel

Are you not my gf?

That’s why I’m doubting it too tbh

It makes me nervous with the severity of saber rattling but still

Strikes, maybe. War, nah

I did for a cut, but not currently

Go into <#431676400647536641> you nigger

Good news for Al’s homeland

Ty Mattis

The only thing I’ve seen reported that got hit are like old shitty warehouses with nobody in them

I’m in lol. I’m down to fuckin start creaming at the gym

Sheeeeit aight leggo

@Charleston better join in

Wait the percentage AND number of whites are declining?

No I know that. I know the percentage is going down, but I thought that Mexicans were just growing faster than white growth. I didn’t know white growth was actually in decline

I don’t think you and I are on the same page

Okay that’s what I was askin

Did I hear that someone in here isn’t working out 😑😑😑

Well shit @GavinTheViking But what about whites being majority of births last year and the year before? How do you think that could help our population?

Well that’s not good to hear. But important info. Thanks, man

Everybody better have at least 3 kids

I’m planning for 4


Do 40 push-ups and 40 sit-ups!

Lmao wut

He just threw them lol

PragerU woke me up to the amount Jewish influence in our media and government, as well as the lies and contradictions of the holocaust. PragerU taught me that Hitler just wanted to secure a place for Germans, and that he was right in expelling the bankers. PragerU then told me to read Culture of Critique.

Wtf were they doing lol

Leg machine πŸ…±οΈroke?

I can pm you a routine I used when I first started if you’d like

@StevePines -WA went to gym, looked around, saw it was busy, said fuck it. I’m going tomorrow

When I buy a house, I’m buying a squat rack. Fuck te gym


Thought on smolov anyone?

Man you right sheeeit

Probs trying to make us look weak or got it mixed up with some other group lol

Yea lots of friction

True, I'm kind of skeptical because she didn't offer an exact alternative time when she postponed at first

Same lol

I think it's important too to see if she will offer another time if she's busy. If she does then she's probably interested in you

Something similar happened with me. I asked out a pretty conservative girl that I've clicked with well. She turned me down, "Not ready for a relationship." A week later she starts dating an Asian guy

Well damn I hadn't thought about it like that

Feels bad man

Fuck I’m pumped as shit. EVERYONE do ten rounds of 5 push-ups, 5 sit-ups, and 5 air squats

Fuck yea

Oh shit

Dude when he chugged the preworkout thanskgiving drink i gagged lol

Lmao when you pour a little water into a champagne glass and there’s still a bunch of solid powder at the top yea I’d say it is lol

Still I bet that was pretty fucking concentrated preworkout lmao

Fuckin love Hungary

I already did this morning at 6:30 boy-o

Thinking about going again tonight for legs

I’m pumped af right now

I love doing shoulders but that’s my least favorite day



So when TWP collapsed members came together and made this organization?

Wow good for them. Looking forward to seeing what their activism looks like

Is he just a Kennedy or is he part of the Kennedy family?

We’ll have to wait and see

Damn way to go man!

Lats πŸ…±οΈroke

Baste waffle house

She knows just what to say to make my day better.

That’s one of the most fair articles I’ve ever seen about IE

What’s going on? πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

When in August?

Lowkey I might be able to do it that weekend

It’d probably be easier to do Seattle. I’ll be working then so I’d have to leave like later Friday and get back Sunday. But if it works out, I will come up. I’ll have more answers in July tbh

Wait you didn’t know he was running for senate?

I think he was going for a super BASTE kinda aesthetic

Watching porn is a no no

Pines and I were talking about that like a week ago. Talking about how jews made porn so fuckin weird and fetishy

But if she starts really naming the Jews I don’t care what she does she’ll make my pp hard

Wait. Why we talking about this in <#403045835459526667>


Take viagra as a preworkout




Oh shit

Those are really tough

Clean you out like a mf

Do the water fast boy

Gulp gulp

Leg and chest broke

Did a bunch of squats, bench press, and deadlift. I’m broke

Let’s see how long Kelly stays around

Is that you?

I don’t want Daca, but that’s not a terrible deal. Letting in a one time group, and cutting the hell out of the long time flow of people.

Cold semen


Cold Semen

We’ll have to see

If true, not good for Kerry

Steamin’ Semen

Steve King retweeted this

Steve King can’t say it, but I think he knows what’s up


Leg machines πŸ…±οΈroke

Lmao alright I got u girlie

I know you got dumbbells so you want that or calisthenics?

git in the gym boi @StevePines -WA

Tisk tisk

Alright fgts. So I was asked to do these morning shits again so we’re doing em. Start out easy, 30 push-ups go!

Okay that’s not a bad policy

Alright I’m drunk as shit so I’m putting out a calisthenics thing early so Charleston doesn’t complain again because I’ll probably wake up at like 1:00. So do like 30 push-ups and 30 sit-ups. My hungover ass is gonna do it so you’d better too. Alrighty gn fellas

Alamo needs suggestions for scary movies pls

Really the notable ones I’ve seen are the Shining, Blaire Witch, Babadook. I’m a sucker for POV horror films

Alright I’ll check it out. Thanks, Italian dog

I second the rabbit idea

40 jumping jacks! Right now! Go!

Why it illegal?

Gotta get my wife doing that

It’s just a quick pump my guy

If you can call it a pump

No but kinda want to

We should rabbit it

I’ll be available later tonight if we want to do this

Alamo is here

He wants spook

I have an account, but i am pooping so I can’t log on quite yet

Let’s do grudge since we were talking about it earlier

Unless there’s spookier πŸ‘€

Can’t Mossad the Assad

2 girls one cup is the shit πŸ˜‰

Human Centipede sounds good. Need something new to beat off to

I also have one

I’m on board with that

Let’s do the second one then

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