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2017-04-28 03:02:45 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Hey, Goys. This is Shane from the Chicago area. Im stopped at a rest area for the night about 3 hours out. See you tomorrow.

2017-04-28 03:06:32 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Im a little ways away from Louey Ville now haha Id hoped to meet and Carpool somehow but I dont have many contacts yet.

2017-04-28 03:09:23 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yep. From what I heard I thought there were more IL Goys headed down but Im not sure.

2017-04-28 03:13:33 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I myself dont know anyone from around there actually. I met Heimbach and the other TWP in Auburn but didnt establish any contacts up here unfortunately. I know theyre around.

When I was a kid there was sort of a heavy World Church of the Creator presence around haha

2017-04-28 03:34:15 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]

2017-04-28 03:54:29 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

The true loss was WW1 honestly

2017-04-28 03:55:12 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Hail Merkel

2017-04-28 03:55:31 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Auntie Merkel

2017-04-28 03:56:50 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I should be by noon. Anywhere to meet before 5?

2017-04-28 03:58:52 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Suppose I'll take my time lol

2017-04-28 04:00:31 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea I had a feeling. Best to keep a low profile

2017-04-28 04:01:18 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I know im on the list and i have cash for the fee, if needed.

2017-04-28 04:05:35 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea they got their payment section shut down also

2017-04-28 04:05:49 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-04-28 04:09:38 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Im just over 3 hours out, but im relaxing in my car for the night lol

2017-04-28 04:14:47 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I guess so. Meeting at the Walmart and going from there I guess.

2017-04-28 04:15:43 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Nice. How much a night there?

2017-04-28 04:16:30 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Btw Im up for splitting a room with people. Or sleep in my car haha

2017-04-28 04:21:02 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Haha I actually dont drink but hey man I'll cover food and booze for ya starting tomorrow if ya want to do that lol

2017-04-28 04:23:09 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Im ok on money, just wouldnt be up for 90 a night lol but willing to work somethin out.

2017-04-28 04:23:18 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea Im not sure man. Damn hope hes ok lol

2017-04-28 04:23:29 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Hes gota be swamped thougg

2017-04-28 04:24:29 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Im currently laid off and dont have kids. Otherwise I wouldnt be able to even think of these adventures lol

2017-04-28 13:19:24 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Thats one thing I forgot about. If its ok, Ill just donate $10 extra.

2017-04-28 14:01:22 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Time to use codes, it seems.

2017-04-28 18:11:44 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I got notifications with links and something about the camp site but its not showing up now that Im in the chat. What was it about?

2017-04-28 18:15:28 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Im very close now still on Rt 15

2017-04-28 19:27:13 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yep just arrived at the Holiday Inn

2017-04-28 20:59:44 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Theyre all up toward the front near the main road

2017-04-29 02:21:40 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

@Octothorpe side note: Mads Mikkelsen is Da Man lmao

2017-04-29 04:24:40 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

dd, Im Shane, I was in the dark Green dress shirt. Was it you I was talking with tonight? Lol

2017-04-29 04:24:51 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Tomorrow will be fun

2017-04-29 04:25:13 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Well, for those attending lol

2017-04-29 04:34:29 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

To be clear: Rendezvous tomorrow same spot as today at 730am?

2017-04-29 11:13:45 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Good morning Goys

2017-04-30 03:35:12 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Dillon and I stopped to help 4 local women who were broken down on the road. One of them said Antifas camp is just outside Dean, KY. And apparently they were driving around with guns hanging out of their cars. So... Yea. They could give a fuck less for the white working class. Esp in rural areas. We are winning, men. These young ladies were normies. The Nazis are the ones to help them on the road while Antifa come here to treat people like shit. These communists dont represent the working class, as theyre not workers. Their lives are meaningless. They think theyre individuals when we saw today that they are one huge, festering, collective Hive Mind.

Our PR is off the chain at this point.

2017-04-30 03:36:58 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

They were referring to us as "Good guys", even without being highly informed of todays events.

2017-04-30 19:36:44 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

@Commander - Dillon Was a great brother this weekend. Shacked me up and let me hitch rides even though we never met. It will be repaid, brother.

2017-04-30 20:46:28 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea whoever knows anyone who does vetting, please throw my name in. Also any other invite codes anyones willing to send me for Discord

2017-04-30 23:07:22 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-04-30 23:19:52 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

This fucking idiot

2017-04-30 23:20:34 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Everything. His voice. His face. Zooming in on license plates

2017-04-30 23:20:51 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-04-30 23:21:02 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

that dude was a huge fucking Ad

2017-04-30 23:21:36 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

We have to bring this Ad thing to our Goys here

2017-04-30 23:22:34 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Guys... When talking about (((them))).. Another term can now be "Ads" lol

2017-04-30 23:24:03 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]

2017-04-30 23:24:23 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Which one should I go to?

2017-04-30 23:27:05 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Fucking yes

2017-04-30 23:31:53 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-05-01 04:23:24 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

For any who didnt know lol

2017-05-01 05:27:22 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Will 2018 bring us an International Forum? ๐Ÿ™‹๐Ÿ‡บ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡ซ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡ฉ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡ฌ๐Ÿ‡ง

2017-05-01 05:27:35 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

We can Dream

2017-05-01 06:39:56 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

"If you will it, Dude.. It is no Dream!"

2017-05-01 06:40:07 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Theodore Herzel. State of Israel

2017-05-01 12:59:00 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Which is funny since theyre actually little Trust Punks.

2017-05-01 13:10:38 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Well yea. As if theyre "Pro-Labor" lol

2017-05-01 13:14:19 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea honestly the only true demonizing message came from that faggot Unicorn Riot fucker with the yellow mic.

2017-05-01 13:23:56 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea they pretend the cops and barricades werent there to protect them from themselves. We were there on defense. Without those devices they probably would have been the first offenders.

2017-05-01 13:25:04 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

"Here are the Pikeville Police.. Protecting this group whos message advocates Genocide"

2017-05-01 13:25:25 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Mouth On. Ears off. Willfully ignorant.

2017-05-01 13:31:45 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

With the militant aesthetic, I can sorta agree. And of course i havent seen anything that focuses on the speakers. But at least theres nothing like past rallies with belligerent racial slurs and such. Pretty much stuck to "pro-white working class" instead of "fuck everyone else" haha

2017-05-01 13:31:52 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea that is true

2017-05-01 13:32:39 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

But i guess i cant expect them to put that effort in of actually telling the full story. Do journalists even have to do that to get paid anymore?

2017-05-01 14:15:16 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I like the black slacks/ work shirt or dress shirt. Honestly I like the suits the most, even though Ive yet to wear one to any of these events. I think that whole repackaging from some groups has helped PR alot.

2017-05-01 14:33:48 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea. We need to make Beach Bro Fash a thing ๐Ÿ˜Ž

2017-05-01 17:48:01 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Im glad I have no facebook lop

2017-05-01 17:48:02 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  


2017-05-01 17:48:12 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

But thats fuckin stupid

2017-05-01 17:50:24 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Once you saw the crews I suppose it was personal responsibility to do something from there.

2017-05-01 17:50:33 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Holy fuck

2017-05-01 17:50:42 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

What was the reasoning given?

2017-05-01 19:03:21 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

@Skirnir42 is it near Norfolk at all?

2017-05-01 19:04:11 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Because I have an aunt there and have been debating moving and looking for work but Im not sure.

2017-05-01 19:04:16 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Ok gotcha

2017-05-01 19:09:38 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea I was looking for tugboat jobs mostly. I know its got a big harbor.

2017-05-01 19:20:42 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Im from the Chicago area my friend lol

2017-05-01 19:21:59 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Indeed haha yea Ive lived in the ghetto in my life for the most part

2017-05-01 19:31:54 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Downtown is nice so everyone thinks its great. But thats just bc its where everyone mostly works and they dont actually live there. And most people who do live there are white. Anywhere outside of downtown is mostly warzone minus north of it.

2017-05-01 21:01:50 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Im hearing hes Antifa affiliated

2017-05-01 21:02:00 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

If so.. Thats it for them

2017-05-02 00:22:33 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Im never gona stop.. You guys need to get bulked up. Beach Bro Fash ๐Ÿ˜Ž ok.. Im done ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

2017-05-02 00:22:46 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Great article.

2017-05-02 00:23:05 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Havent seen one by our own yet.

2017-05-02 00:25:19 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea see both ninjas and beach bros can ride this Fashwave synth thing ๐Ÿ˜Ž lmao

2017-05-02 00:25:39 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Fuckin badass

2017-05-02 01:57:06 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I see it at the gym all the time. So that plus angry music really gives me motivation to start kicking ass in there lmao But theyre waking up guys. I still talk to plenty women who are the more quiet racist types. When I hear women give subtle racist hints, I get slightly aroused ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜

2017-05-02 01:57:27 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Either waking up or were raised right.

2017-05-02 01:58:05 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Thats a touchy one. Bc if youre a POS father and a racist, theyll find a nig just out of spite.

2017-05-02 02:30:24 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

I was raised in a house where we didnt have those talks. Its amazing how I came to this point considering my upbringing. My parents believe something went wrong bur I assure them Im doing the right thing lol

2017-05-02 02:31:02 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

We hear about being rasisd in racist households and thats where these liberals rebel. You never hear about the opposite.

2017-05-02 02:33:48 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Well honestly I can respect the black movements of the past. And some of the present. In that I envy their unity. Their sense of being a people. And Im glad more and more younger normies of our own are seeing that and doing the same.

2017-05-02 02:50:12 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

Yea at this point its explicitly anti-white

2017-05-02 02:55:30 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

As long as they can push the Oppressor narrative, we will always lose unless we pull together. Because the rest of the world will always be justified in their actions against us if the Overton Window sees whites as oppressors.

2017-05-02 02:56:13 UTC [tradworker #tradworker]  

They feel its time for a paradigm shift. That what whites have brought needs to be undone and changed. And I agree. Im done being the people that are trying to hold this world together.

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