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Hello go..I mean fellow white nationalists. It's great to be amongst you on this wonderful holiday...

My name is white, what's it feel like to be inferior?

Kek is the one true god

Alright I'm done shit posting.

If you ain't on the spectrum, you ain't one of us boiii

Am I right guys?


It was this


Are they? I don't think I've ever spent much time around them


What are you compiling a list?

Fuck it, S I E G E P I L L time

See you guys never

I quit

I'm opting out. This shits too far gone

Saw this at the holocaust museum the other day. Based nazi sword cutting the Jew into pieces. It's signed "schlomo swindler 14"

Yes sir

If anywhere needs it

Good morning niggas!

#whitenationalismIsMagic fellow bronies

Accipiter where you located? lol let's do it

But alas he has grown

@Edward it's U.K. Oriented? How applicable is it to the US?

Lol based sheriff

Could've been a bit more intimidating but over all should be a relatively effective message

Prove it

Fight him pussy


Skinny though

Oy vey

Guys, I hate college and I'd love to get paid for political activism. Should I infiltrate the ranks of antifa and start gathering those (((soros))) shekels and then tear them apart from the inside?

Only down side is my sense of smell will make me want to kill myself

Yeah give them a call

That's sadly what we have to do now a days. You're not a minority so they won't pander to you



I just quit retail and start a nice blue collar job soon

They won't fire me, even though it's not unionized

I was literally hired because they "need more... non-hispanics..."

I mean my power level shows pretty hard. I'm not doxxed per se. But yeah I see what you mean. The big issue isn't employment, it's more college repercussions because I go to a chimp filled community college

I want to follow through with my biology major but college is so fucking cancerous. If I wasn't getting paid to go I would've dropped out already

@Goldstein Riots it's fucking hard to man...

I have a lot of options that I'd be totally satisfied with. Some more realistic than others, just a matter of how far I can take it

*crosses fingers for future eugenicist*

Well as if it matters, they can score significantly lower and be accepted anyway

Why make them take it at all any more

I went on a rant on Facebook yesterday about anti-white sentiment in academia. And I was surprised by the lack of overt backlash I received

@Convo we got a problem?



I'll have you know I graduated at the top of my class in the US NAVY SEALS

I'm highly trained in gorilla warfare

They look like they need to be rotated or something...

Like I can't place what's so off about them or how you would fix it


Tomahawk tits*

Jesus christ

I hate you all

Is that an M9 bayonet on the chest rig?

Pls stop

@Archer heard the latest STE haha

Ahhh, well it's literally about going out into meat space and earning your trendies

I agree with Wyatt

@Convo don't be surprised if a nigger or immigrant gets it over you. But still show that you're better

How do you manage that

I feel like dating is hard if you're at this power level

And finding someone who's red pilled enough to full blown dash up is probably ever harder

Oh shidd haha

Yeah it's so easy to cross a sensitive line

Even with conservatives


I'm "normal" as in not a sperg of any sort

I'm pretty open about certain stuff like being anti-islam

But jq stuff he'll no

I can play the whole GOP good boy mostly

But where I'm at even the wheat field girls are anti trump

Exactly fascist

If I need to red pill someone that slowly and fakely I don't have time for them

Especially considering a lot of my time goes into this lol it's hard to cover up for so long

Lolol what?

Be the better looking one?

We'll both be on the same Uber tier


Who's going to procreate with the better looking ones?


Good ole chad nationalism

Me? No. Sacco is sacco.

I'm Vandal Americana

Illiterate nigger


Makes sense

You been listening to the pod casts?

I was on the two most recent episodes

Fair enough

Soon they'll regret it like sweden

It really black pills me when I go to my local grocery store then to a liquor/convenience store and see uniformed cops stationed at both...

Fucking kek

.... black pilled

Goodbye old friends...

I wonder how the lines will be drawn to be honest

Why not?

Pick one.

Fugggg they're too far gone

If they'd have me, I'd go. Fuck it man

War Room battalion let's go

Maybe this is the tour sacco had in mind


Inb4 FallOut5: AfriMecheers

Hmmm reminds me of something from the past...

Hahah it's a gif now nice

Someone should fash that shit up and add lazers

I'm sure there's a better version somewhere

True true

Haha we talked about that earlier that day too

They're so damn predictable

People still pay taxes?

Taxes are for the sleeple. WAKE UP

I should've done that.. I owed a pretty decent amount this year. I'm fucking pissed

Then I get to school and realize I'm paying for all these nogs to get an education... meanwhile I had to join the military for my education


Metal gear?

Pepe Snake will be on the right side of history this time

We just went over this blitz haha

So we got 1 vote for gundams, 1 vote for metal gear

I'm hoping its mobile gas trucks

Oh wait that's been done before πŸ‘ŒπŸ»


@northern_confederate thatd be funny for like a tinder bio

While you were saving your race... I studied the fork...



Money won't matter when we control all the resources anyway

But but much 88d underwater backgammon

Some dumb nigger just dumped minty menthol water on the rocks in the ducking sauna after my workout... that's the last straw... race war now

That looks like military housing

And the rain reminds me of Hawaii

lol it's a deal goyim

That's why you must use smaller calibers... πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

I think 5.56 is perfect. Easy to use for everyone so it's a good learner, and it's still practical as fuck

FBI no bully pls




What we talking about?

They forgot milk and Pepe...

Sounds par for the course

Honestly would we be at a net loss if we glassed anywhere that wasn't Australia, Europe, or North America(excluding mexico)?

Fascism is a good means to an end. Although it could work long term if you don't over extend militarily and you can keep your people happy and engaged(most likely in a pure ethno-state)

Sending that to the VanAm goys


I think at this point we should spread this every where

Yeah my guys were having issues reaching as well

>flash mob

Sounds gay

Anyone going to Berkeley tomorrow?

If so I suggest this reading. Basically can't bring anything to defend yourselves goy, don't worry it'll only be enforced against right wing persons uh oh

Is this real..

North Korea streaming their test launch? Or is this just random autistic nork music

Dude this is all I see on tinder

I mean it's the norm here in Baltimore

Side note

Lauren southern is ready

That's Lauren Southern...

I mean I don't think she's normie level thot


I think she's just easing it into her public image

I honestly think she's been red pilled for a while

@everyone who's going to be in DC tomorrow for #KeepBannon? Antifa will certainly be there

Shieeettttt... no WWIII yet?

So there's this. Being held by these guys

They have fucking clandestine commie headquarters... I didn't think things like this existed in the US... l

Are you? Idk if I'm gonna make it.


Richard is going?

Shit I'll see if I can move my schedule around. What time you plan on getting there?

Should I just bring the AR so we can skip the formalities and just get on with this? Lol

Jk it's a P R A N K

FBI pls no bully

Your apartment is the last bastion of implicit whiteness in the complex

I bump Mr.Bond when I drive around hoping someone catches the lyrics and reacts lol


My neighbors are Somalian on one side and Mexican on the other

So I can blast whatever and they don't understand it sadly

^^ that's a wonderful idea actuallg

I mean... he can try though...

But we won't miss LA anyway

Eli is so lonely haha


Moderate Republicanβ„’ πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Good luck man, @Eli Mosley and I are will be in DC today

@Edward Auburn is in Auburn...

I wonder if antifa will be here in DC today

Nothing went down in DC we did our thing then left

No antifa sadly

@wyatt hivemind as fuck

Darrel is always there


Shieeettttt I just got home I'm down gimme a sec




People saying that Nathan was wrong for punching her and they should both be arrested... lol because self defense and the defense of others is no longer a right apparently?

Someone told me women are a minority group

But yet they're a majority of the US population...


Don't humanize that abomination

Feminist chat of faggy proportions ^^

@everyone if you're in a server with "sean" or "fashy frog" he's the infiltrator

He's former vanguard who's bitter now he's part of Aryan underground.

He has apparently claimed to be part of IE and said he was in Washington state but he lives in Annapolis, MD

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