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Why do we have two general channels?

@Wall Buildionaire if you ever find yourself up this way we beltway bigots get together pretty frequently.

Nova mostly

Sure! We usually have 5-6 of us that get together at our local Bierstube on the weekends.

@Erika Thanks! Yes I did!

No, not yet.

Here's one without the URL if someone wants a plain one:

Here's a print quality full 8.5x11 flyer size (now with lightening bolts!)

I like that cold steel one in that it's small enough that it can be used offensively when throwing punches.

Very true , most of them have never been in an actual fight and don't train at all. It's really not even a fair fight for them unless it's 3 on one.

Emancipation: "to free from restraint, influence, or the like" - having Lee riding there fits our narrative even more.

Women are biologically prone to emotionally guided reactions and thus hysteria when dealing with stress inducing stimuli

@AltCelt(IL) either people are staying quiet in fear of the vaginal wrath or there was indeed a purge of the misogynistic white sharia Islamists

Wait, did that actually happen? I thought it was a joke.

Wow. 😂

Oy vey!

Please post it for those of us that don't have Kikebook

Holy crap I just noticed this looking for the now deleted #whiteblock. Hail victory!

@Heinz - MI they have one that's private. Someone should let the white sharia police know that some of them have escaped

@MadDimension the troops are forming. Those faggots have a rude awakening coming.


What the fuck is that?

Are those fucking man tits?!

Im ordering those books right now.

I can do it

Do you want it in the WWII Germanic font like was used at the outdoor reception?

Well Dr. Duke makes no apologies for being former KKK.

"Triple K Mafia"

Fuck is the best word in the English language. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=26UA578yQ5g

Noice. When we open our coffee shop we can allow entry only after people have saluted a bust of Hitler at the entrance

Demanjuk did nothing wrong!

there was a typo in that one

Sorry @Erika I found another typo. Can you pin this one?


A bar fight could be fun tbh

Common nigga, google that shit.

Just pretend you're an actor. Sounds fun!

Sure! It'd be great.

That sounds like we have at least 5 then

That's Vanguard's color. Orange is BB

Nice. So it appears that if Antifa is acting overtly aggressive and you feel there is a threat of imminent unlawful touching or harm you can drop that faggot with a swift combo.

Yet no one got arrested for this.


_The_ Paddy Tarleton? Man, I wish I was closer!

I'd be willing to pick him up from Dulles if he can't get a ride and wants to fly in there. (It's about $70 cheaper than CHO)

Awesome! Yea I submitted the final draft to Kessler Today (after many revisions)


Thank you sir!

Charlottesville was crazy tonight. We met up with 10 Proud Boys and got surrounded by over 100 people supporting leftist and SURJ

I should be somewhere throwing up 👌🏻

Me @Stormer DC and @Edward - DC were rushed by a 300 lb nigger and I almost got arrested for simply putting my fists up

We got Shoahed from three bars. There was only one white cop in a red polo that was on our side.

There was definitely a pack of 5-6 hardened nigger thugs looking for a fight. They were super aggressive and that look of "murder whitey" in their eyes.

They surely didn't look like they gave a shit and we're ready to chimp out on us. All I can say to everyone is that the blacks really do hate us and they love to fight so keep yourselves ready by lifting and training in boxing, Jiu-Jitsu, and Muay-Thai if you can. Also weapons training.

Yea all all of a sudden I was being grabbed and rushed off. I thought i was getting arrested but a white cop grabbed me and was shoving me and telling me to get the fuck out of there despite my saying I was just trying to defend myself and my friends (against a violent 300lb gorilla)

He said if I didn't leave I'd be arrested on the spot and I thought for certain the pack of black thugs were going to try and follow the me in the dark since I had nowhere to go (but had to get off the mall.)

Holy shit dude that's word for word in the beginning! He didn't even bother changing anything up until halfway through.

Makes you wonder if he may have stole from anyone when writing the new book he just released.

There, fixed it.


@MadDimension how did your appearance Gavin show go?

Many proud Boys were pushed further to the right that night. Funny how Bellamy talks about how it's pointless to get in our faces, shout at us, and get into physical "altercations"; but then his nigger loving minions do exactly that while the police look the other way.

Damn, those artifacts are fucking beautiful.

Hey, he posted my flyer!

"Just look at this flyer and try to tell me it doesn’t look like Nazi propaganda" _LMAO_

Wtf, so Posobiec was literally just standing in front of the Lincoln on Periscope promoting his own Rally instead of the Free Speech Rally. All he wants to do is promote himself.

That article was pretty white pill tbh 😂

@Herrenvolk#0767 I guess. He also hitched himself up with a jew, a nigger, a fag, and a BLM activist and acts like a SJW.

He has no ideological core and along with his degenerate AltLight clique, just wants to cheerlead for Trump, counter-signal hate speech, and sell books. They all act like butthurt high school kids and have basically declared war on the AltRight and white nationalism.

Burn that shit! 🔥 🏳️‍🌈🔥


"Faggotry amounts to sexually transmitted Judaism."

@Erika have you read Mein Kampf? There's a chapter in it about propaganda, and Kessler has the right idea.

I think Erika is wrong about normies not knowing about Marxism. Many millions of normie Christians and conservatives are very familiar with it and hate faggotry being shoved in their faces. When they see us burn it I think it will attract even more to our movement.

"The purpose of its war propaganda should have been to strengthen the fighting spirit in that struggle and help it to victory. But when nations are fighting for their existence on this earth, when the question of ‘to be or not to be’ has to be answered, then all humane and esthetic considerations must be set aside; for these ideals do not exist of themselves somewhere in the air but are the product of man’s creative imagination and disappear when he disappears." -Hitler

Yes they do. As. Well as "Hate has no home here"

\o Sieg heil!

_literally ISIS_ 😂

* _and vaginal ones_

Holy shit wow, I just caught up. Im sure everyone will agrees that all of the division is coming from having a woman trying to lead men and telling us what we should and should not do. He Erica, did no one tell you that a woman is supposed to keep her mouth shut when men are discussing business? If IE wants you to be their leader then that's on them. Perhaps you didn't know this but many (if not most) of us reject feminism and believe real women are supposed to be submissive and respectful towards men and know their place (such as the kitchen and the bedroom.) Men are supposed to be courageous warrior leaders, putting out blood and lives on the line in the face of 1000 300lb niggers charging at us.


It looked like linen

Why not publicly? I thought that was the point?

Burn that shit right in front of the monument!

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