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If we nuke enough Koreans can we end Kali Yuga?

Hello fam

Why are we giving a woman mod powers again?

For the record I just asked why the female mod is banning ppl she doesn't like

Since you deleted my comment

Lol ok we can't say thot now?

Stop being islamic and autistic guys jeez

Somebody changed my name when I criticized the female....feels bad

Lol our huge "battle" with antifa is now a social event

Alt right r da real feminists

Ban white knights

The only issue is that a right wing movement should not have a female mod and it's ridiculous we even have to discuss this

What's up Beltway Bigots just wanted to congratulate you on finally getting your just recognition

>right wingers

>women leaders

Reee I just want my name changed back

It's adversely affecting my personal brand

Yeah somebody changed it

As punishment

Good ppl, channels, comments, and names have all been banned today

She has paramilitary experience, you'll never know when she strikes

Yeah exactly, it's all about you isn't it? Not principles.

Imagine my shock

Ha here's Goldstein galloping in to the rescue, right on cue

Ha good boy Goldstein you got a pat on the head

The pinned message in this channel says "speech control is thought control"

They learned to reject all the jewish trickery...except for feminism, they thought that was totally cool

It's not about sharia you're obfuscating

Yes goyim give in...what's the big deal women are just as capable as men

You guys who don't think women should hold power in far right movements are just betas and probably muslims

Comey is so slimey, "Yes I just started writing memos when Trump took over"

Sure u did guy

Did the Proud Boys disavow us for this event cause we are cucks on the thot question?

Wow that video is cringe. Yeah i'd be very surprised if this "kkk event" wasn't organized (((behind the scenes)))

Yes everybody knows about the kkk. I'm saying this particular Cville "klan event" is obviously being used to smear us.

I find the lack of female speakers highly troubling and problematic


Will you please call Wes Bellamy a nigger at some point?

We need to watch how many angry local nogs come out to the "kkk rally" in Cville

And prepare accordingly

I think we're all cool with trannies and feminists we just don't like immigrants


Why is this THOT being a cutesy tryhard?

Did they really publish that?

I read the submission it was good. Wew can't believe they ran with it

^^^Nice try FBI

Hell yeah I'd love to go to should run for Congress

Good night Wes Bellamy

Yeah wtf is in his bags?

^^^Nice try FBI

Bagels and medicine

Poopdick and the homo agenda are not as popular and they'd like you to believe. I think edgy normies could get behind us burning it.

As based Osama said, we present ourselves as the strong horse capable of fighting back

It really is the flag of zog poz

Muh optics

Lol what is the "communist flag"?

So the USSR flag

And normies worth a damn will say "hell yes I'm sick of this fag shit. Looks like these people are trying to stop it."

Jason is exactly right. It's not the flag of gays it's the flag of international leftism. Even normies know this.

Normie conservatives WANT somebody to have the balls to attack leftist idolatry. That's where we come in burning fag flags.

No can't do that, Palestinians are mean to fags

Hurr those people must hate gays

The fag flag is the symbol of the enemy. They know it, we know it.

It would be a powerful image: a strong white man stoically burning a fag flag. Normies would silently nod in approval while all the right people kvetch.

Good rule of thumb is if Erica is opposed to something it's probly a good idea

All she cares about is being part of the alt right "cool crowd". If she really cared she would go away cuz all she does is start shit.

Or Proud Boys

You think AIDS is your ally...

Lol 37% of anal cancer

Wtf I love Republicans now

Damn fine work on that NJ banner VA

The ADL tweet is essentially another shoah

Did it agitate your (((sinuses)))?

Yes I was there. Didn't notice

It's a meme, everybody loves tikis!

Cept for that large blonde one that got swatted amirite

The globalists did this

These jews don't give a fuck about going after our children

Nice work VA

Normies are latent racists, it's our job to coax it out of them

How long were y'all there? Did any cops bother u?

Yeah he's talking about pressure releases like the alt lite

But sure I guess that makes him a "purity spiraler"

Lefties do us a favor tbh, they know there's no middle ground: in the long run you're either white nationalist or you're anti white

Somebody get this guy @ItsAndrewDickhead into the Antifa group

Stay smart fellas. Protect your thoughts and more importantly, your pineal gland.

Lol...godspeed ADL

Springfield XDDDD

When the wicked klowns break the conditioning

McCain has brain cancer!

When the baby blood can't even save u anymore

Tell them โ€œThe man who is not opposed and vilified and slandered in the Jewish Press is not a staunch German and not a true National Socialist.โ€

But change it to American patriot for the normies

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