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Why do we have two general chats

Shamelessly stealing emojis now <:parentheses:321807263457345536> <:wat:321792446008918026> <:spaghetti_supremacy:321790566851543041> <:confederate:321809961002860545> <:nationalist:321809640721612802>

Its an incline generally purposed for transportation across elevations

What's everyone's squat max

That's pretty good kid

Soon you'll be up there with the big dogs

Your Richard Pianas

Your Edward Halls

You'll get there if you get my essence first

First ones on the house

"Shotgun 5x" preworkout, see it's not gay



Did you flick a cigarette butt at her

You don't have to smoke

Just collect cigarette butts

To flick

I think the real reason behind Paul Town saying that

and hear me out on this one

I think he said it because it was a "joke"

a "joke" is normally said with irony

and see

I do not claim to know Paul's true feelings regarding the armed forces

This is a subject of intense debate

I don't know if I should be saying this but I've met Paul and the kids literally 13

He's been held back

fucking elementary school, honestly

I think most of his posts are serious

he's just actually retarded

@PTown can't disprove this

13 years old

you can trust this

If he's not 13 then most of these images on my phone are damn near worthless

i mean uhh

I mean i don't have nudes from paul


Wherever I go, I must also shitpost



the responses are entertaining, the same "nation of immigrants" stuff that inspires no one

Can they be required to comply

Sounds like

U mad

Lol. sounds like bullshit underachieving imo

I'm 27, starting 2L in fall

I'm working for 3 firms, one as a volunteer

Too much work, no one with skills

If you act like a nigger they're not going to hire you

I work 80 or so hours a week during my time off

The work is there. Not with big firms either

You gotta find the small guys

Doesn't take long

I'm lucky because I've got sam Dickson

And why, they make good money

That's why you work to dominate

You can't work to "hope" boy, you gotta know


So he is spoiled?

Buckheads nice and creates hot women and shit eating retarded cuckboys

I've been doxed pretty hard nationally and I'm ok

I've got a career already planned

Not that hard tbh if you havec what it takes

You wouldn't be good either if you're a prick

How many trials have you been a part of

Sure, but that's not being a prick

My dad has tried over 800 cases in the state and won a good majority

I've watched a lot of them growing up

40 year career, its easy. I've been a performer for a while so I'm also aware of what people respond to


I come from a family of fuckups

It's not for most, honestly law is for crazy people

It's a choice to basically get really good at passing kidney stones

The legal world is for a damned few


That sounds awesome


So he's a pedophile grooming young boys, a turbohomosexual, and now Jewish?

Does he have one testicle and a methamphetamine addiction too?

I won't be satisfied until the ONLY white nationalists are Jews

That way, I'll never be accused of racism again

Hover hand nationalism

We take consent SERIOUSLY in our ethnostate

They are the only rights, and I apologise for responding to you without asking for permission first

It could be Cryptokenstacy

The stacy hydra has many heada


It sounds like you have a mission

Project: Bastard

I don't want to have to explain the rules but you must Genghis Khan this hotel


Well that's just female nature obviously, Ghengis Khan would probably not ask for permission

I don't know the guy tho


Better than white talmudism

I use it to make fun of my Irish friend for using the bible to justify his alcoholism using verses getting mashed together

So, whatever category that falls into

........god dammit

/votekick negger


Puns though man


Is this some kind of status battle with punnery

Where I am in life, I'm working too much to have a wife who gets proper attention

when I'm lawyer, I'll be good to go


Well I'm lucky in that I've got connections in and outside of the movement so I can immediately be self employed

I'm also smarter than almost every lawyer I know in my state, so I'm not too worried

Lawyers are generally autists. Like, very smart guys with a major character flaw


The white ones are the same. I don't get it.

The black ones get an easy bar pass

Heh, they're all mostly Jewish. Georgia is very corrupt too

Blacks and Jews strongarming everyone

It's all very easy to beat them though

Showmanship, hard work, and intelligence

Two dicks back to back

If your forearm was the size of a man

I would shoot you

I've never seen a nonwhite in person with good squat form

They all fear depth

Is it a former member?

Or a scrub

We're never going to save the Constitution at this rate

(This is the meme)

I just want to see my enemies on crosses lining trade routes. Is that so much to ask

Anyone ever think "we need to give complete control over to Sinead"

I do, a lot.

She's on the cutting edge

She's one letter away from Sinbad and he's hilarious

Who cares if she yells and cries a lot

And only attacks right wingers

She's got VISION

And probably a VHS copy of Shazam

First Kid, too

I wonder if she has all of Sinbads movies on tape

How do i find out

I don't have Twitter or I'd be shitposting all this stupid crap at her because i think it's funny

Can we make that more like a buster sword

The handle is slightly off

There is an educated young man running for mayor of Atlanta named Kwanza Hall

No one knows who he actually is but his name made him popular

is that Forney

It makes for an easy answer on where to put people

(Like Europeans when there's no life remaining on the eastern hemisphere


Her face is physically repulsive

The way she's talking to Mike in that video looks and sounds like a scene from a movie where an eldritch being is appearing to one man to try to tempt him

"You want to give in to me Aryan man. Look at my breasts and give in to me"

Jacobs Ladder comes to mind

The jews probably can't see the difference

"Laura Loomer x Sonic Hedgehog" on Google gives me nothing.

I thought our autists would have had hentai by now

I'm very disappointed

There's nothing degenerate about sonic the hedgehog hentai


Its saying it stems from the same concept of self most likely, but communicated like Trump


If you're not rocking the bowl, you may as well be burning the coal

Tfw no qt progeriawife

It's a wife you can carry around on a baby harness

When u no ur gettin tha succ

It's the closest thing to a real life minion you could get

Would that be considered race mixing?

Are the retarded a race

Could we breed retards into a new race


Women ARE Jews

I would highly recommend everyone start backing up and saving YouTube videos they believe are worth viewing. With the ADL taking over, we need to get our libraries secured.

I would highly recommend everyone start backing up and saving YouTube videos they believe are worth viewing. With the ADL taking over, we need to get our libraries secured.

We can't lose the library of our people



Right here my man

what's up

Did I meet you the other night?

I met a few guys recently, thought they were BC

At gym, I'll hop on when im home

Lol i lead ATL Right and my share started as the pool party lol

Maybe third party secret goyim

There are a lot of us

If anything, a Swede asking for federal help they're just going to give him Somalian children to raise


What did they tell anpermit fam


They fucked up when they added social justice to my anime single mom dating simulator

Everything else is just pathos

That's the narrative I'd push

If wes bellamy and the mayor didn't want to make political opponents feel uneasy, the girl would be alive

Good luck outspinning this narrative, we're going to wim


Didn't she just have it

There's a good chance the kid in the car has a defense

He could walk

The sheer ass madness

The ass madness of that


This is ok


This is fine

Oh man

If the kid gets off I'll probably upgrade from an avenger

Dodge, totally in season right now

Yeah well that city will not have an impartial jury


I should look up diversity jurisdiction for criminal

He could just take it federal

If he was out of state


Federal means jury pool is the whole state

If stuck in cville he's gonna get wrecked

I need this kid to be let go lol

I want to own a post-chimp Atlanta neighborhood for almost no money

Hes my ticket into the gentrification game

One of the things that annoys me about the PR Enigmatic Genius types after these things is there would be the same level of bitching if everything went perfect

The issue is the mindset

They don't see that victory is MADE

Its not a phenomena of circumstance

But of WILL

Complaining just means u got a baby dick sized will

Create your victory

Rule 1 about all events

PR MASTAMINDS need to be ignored

They show up during and after everything

>Enoch starts dogwhistling to Tucker that he knows his kid is altright as heck

>wyatt gets a six figure shitposting income that once went to Wes Bellamy

Lol no, I'm saying post lawsuit



I seem to get by with acting shitty, lying a lot, and not letting go of fights with women

Try all of those things

Ok you know those like

Dark people you see in cities

Idk what you call em

But, watch those guys

Do as they do

Idk how but they've figured it ouy

Yeah but they make more thanI do

And I'm working 90 hrs a week

that's fucked up of them

You should be able to sell it for 99% off if you wanted

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