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Well met lads!

Random Reminder: Cops of all races are our natural allies; we should keep it that way.

For my part, lightweight vest under casual, clean clothes. Mouthguard (ask @Havamal I don't leave home without it). That's it. Not there to escalate; there to help my brethren if they're in danger.

At. All. Times.


@Havamal We should teach @Uilliam Cionnaoith - MD how to deal with leg kicks lol.

Best mouth-guards in the business.

Well met boys. William Kenney here out of Maryland. Happy to help however I can.

Good question. It's something we'll have to remedy.

@Commander Davis (TWP) Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think it's like a living jobs database where guys can keep their resumes out there for potential employment.

@AltRightVa I met you at our Sunday sparring meetup last week I think

Well you and I were on the same side I think


Check out this version.

This kid is good. Really, really good.


My favorite is actually "We're just getting started."

@Wall Buildionaire Yes. Shoot me a DM.

@Commander Davis (TWP) Hoe. Lee. Phuk. That is so awesome.

Hope this is the right channel. This is another reminder why police officers are our natural allies.

They are my ally. I am not an outlaw. I am fighting for what I believe is right, not dreaming of some goofy revolution. I am in this to protect them as much as I'm in it to protect anyone else.

Bah, that may have sounded a little preachy. My point is that the murderous ambushes of cops last year was the last push I needed to join the alt right.

@Goldstein Riots Thanks brother.

Yeah, I suppose I mean that we ought to not be yelling racial epithets at black cops in Charlottesville like I think happened last time.

Plus they can knock heads for us.

Cops not Jews lol

Nuance, boys.

Cops don't subvert me.

They're soldiers. I'm a soldier. Simple as that.

That's a matter of opinion brother, but it's a news channel and I'll cede the point. I'm on record.

They subjugate themselves to a group cause. They put themselves in personal danger as their profession. They take orders at the expense of their own judgment. They are soldiers.

I suppose in a broader, philosophical sense, they aren't in an "army" and therefore aren't soldiers in that regard. But, from where we sit on the street at a rally, they are a bunch of guys who have been given orders on what to do and have to follow those orders.

In any event, I ain't gonna beef with them out there - I'll leave that to antifa.

roger that

@MadDimension Great work! Thanks for sharing the article.

No alcohol tho?

Maybe for the best just this once

@AltRightMick Hop in <#321392259574661142> brother; we'll take care of you.


You mean there's no room for fascism in alcohol.

My forbears drank alcohol to celebrate war.

Haha no please. Not yet.


Hey is that 5:00 voice chat still scheduled?

Trying to past the announcement by @MadDimension

Can't copy text for some reason so here's screenie

Doubt it

Is there a good spot up that way?

Event. Nap. Event.

Don't think you can unpardon someone

Um, I think you guys mean "her."

She has what Stewie Griffin would call a "total train wreck down there."

So wait tho. You mean the United States military is not a testing facility for bizarre social engineering projects?

I need to see the third tweet!


@Jack "Ajax" Richardson I thought the article said they were "Asian"


They have weird black growths on their breasts.

Nice pull @Thomas Morrow . I remember the Long Kesh was an HMS prison ship that housed IRA guys

@Thomas Morrow Ever hear Joe McDonnell?

Maidstone and Lng Kesh both get a shoutout.

...our revenge will be the laughter of our children...tiocfaidh รกr lรก

@Thomas Morrow Here's a bit of his poetry to the the tune of edmund fitzgerald...

He wrote this himself when he heard Gordon Lightfoot's song

The last verse is my favorite

*...my comrades' ghosts are behind me...a rebel I came, and I'm still the same...*

I'll never forget the headline of an article I saw when I was a kid in the 80s... "Ireland: Europe's Last Third World Country"

@Goldstein Riots "Guys, we have really slacked off on our posting in here. Are we not actually that bigoted?" I literally just snarfed my drink through my nose at this

@MadDimension you need an attorney admitted to practice in federal court for that district

Western District of VA

Well met lads

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