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dude help

let me make a moral case for ovening greg johnson

With TRS, trying to crowdfund down there.

hello is this the chat for alcohol

two 40z of steel reserve please

what else ye got

amren borther

i'll take 10 rats and put them in my mouth

hello paging mitch hoob

we need 4 lines of people just smoking blunts

where is mitch hoob

has anyone seen mitch hoob

hello where ismitch bhoob

feds and cults


no, people dont trust the nsm because they think they have fed troubles is what i meant

im loce cocka

Ignis of The Alc-Right Rises and TRS will be in attendance

any mods on

any single rats in here

hello mitch hoob

yo is this the mitch hoob discord

no and i miss shitposting all day on fb i feel so disconnected with novody to talk to

yo allmst im tryna find out is if we can run a train on nathan damigo

ok sick

info is out there regardless

Going a day earlier than that

amren my borthers

i dont want to wait almost 2 months to hang out with my nazi friends and talk about exto while btfoing commies :((

whos bringing this banner

Book burning is a given at the after party.

I'm bringing a copy of siege, atlas shrugged, and some random erotic shit from the thrift store in case there are multiple book burnings over the weekend

Is dj khaled going to be there


Read siege, burn your house down, move to Belize

Blake u cheap nigger

We have a couple of guys bringing assorted homo and commie flags down

Also we need to watch our language. They aren't gay or LGBT they are sodomites and filthy sinners

Hey you guys i know how to keep us safe from antifa

All of the men should just start making out with each other at Lee park

Almost reached the goal to get the alc right rises down to Charlottesville

It's still july 4th where I'm at should I chug a 40 ounce

I have a steel reserve 40

This is the alc right rises

10 more minutes left I need to find a britbong to prank

@SpencerReesh reesh ma nigga

Greg Johnson Greg Johnson Greg Johnson

I am here and also looking for Mitch hoob

All of you guys are cops

Amren borther

Hey @MadDimension Stevonn Harris and the 30City African National Socialists were wondering if they could bring weed

Yeah but it's the only way to get the African NS to show up in force

Don't wanna be racist do you

I'm just shitposting

Closer to the event I'm going to restate some things to the listeners of the podcast telling them not tobve retards and bring masks and weed and stuff

No but you have to understand that the general population of wn tier circles are just your average pro white 18-30 year old. If you take a look at the TRS radio listeners group for example there are a ton of people with like weed avatars or like college kids with photos at parties

Well they're just normies who started listening to the daily shoah because it's funny or something and they gradually become redpilled @Gavius Corvus

Dude, Mitch Hoob is a Yankee.

How the fuck did you get a cool name color

He'llo borther @Hand Banana

Did a good show tonight with Eli Mosley. Look out for the next Alc Right Rises

@khaos156-WV tomorrow on trs radio

Yes, Weedcarthy. @Hand Banana

Holy shit @Hand Banana this woman @Athena Marie is tornado posting

Woodchipper nationalism

Yeah my bad fam, I had to do some shopping during the day and couldnt upload it @khaos156-WV

Glad you enjoyed it my wigga lol

W o o d c h I p p e r

Statistically speaking you will probably marry someone who has had multiple partners though

Yep I was going to say

I wouldn't be that blackpilled. Granted I'm in my early 20s but there's literally millions of women out there

Oh you're doing it wrong

You're supposed to use tinder to go R selective

Impregnate as many as possible

Sire a platoon

You know Charlottesville is during move in week @Americana - MD we can go talk to the Christian sorority at UVA

Yeah it was a joke

Tinder was supposed to be a gift from the heavens to raise our birthrates but instead it became a platform for niggers to impregnate white women

You don't have to go to church I literally dated a girl who worked for a weed delivery store because she came to my house instead of my neighbors

She was wholesome as can be

More wholesome than a church girl

I don't think she smoked

Talk to Ryan McMahon from the rebel yell. He was literally converted at is front door by a Mormon

Don't be blackpilled dude think about how many women are in our movement or even the discord. They came from somewhere didn't just fall out of the sky

There's a factory of fashy waifus out there called talking to women at the supermarket and Starbucks and redpilling them

Date a dog dude

Burn your house down and move to Belize

Listen to the alc right rises and read siege

The collection of newsletters by James Mason from the universal order or w/e

It's pretty much a meme but there's good stuff in there

It's a meme in the sense of don't try this at home

ill one up that

bring her photo to burn at the book burning

imagine how funny that would be, to be the guy who is known for showing up and burning his exes photo

every time i see an ad for the caveman supplement it always makes me want to try it

hello @Eli Mosley can we have a role for the woodchipper salesmen

oh sheeeet weedcarthy is typing


day drinking*

hologram hologram hologram tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado tornado @Hand Banana

i was born in degeneracy, baptized in the fire, canonized by the ether, and annointed the godking in the abyss.


taking I90 into seattle on the way back after the rally if anyone needs transportation along the way

You haven't heard the last of this. Counter Currents will avenge this miscarriage of justice

So, you feel it too brother?


Oh shit dude you're coming down? fuck yeah i thought you were across the country dude


I can't wait for John McCain to die

Is John McCain dead yet

I hate George Soros just turn it off

Yes I make the masks for them

Dr Donald Trump

Making a song called wes bellamy is a dirty nigger

Oh you guys found another tranny for me to orbit. Sweet

@eldergrim my dude you found the server

Holy shit that tranny responded to a bunch of inside jokes I sent it

I told it was going to put rats in my mouth and send tornadoes after it

It's sort of funny to see a bunch of sodomites and mentally ill folk respond to the tweet calling my schizo bait crazy

like nigga is this really crazier than shooting estrogen into your dick vein

she hasn't blocked me so i could dm her a particularly disheveled rare balabon in the middle of the night


put me in the chipper i just called it a her

i wish matt heimbach would play mw2 with me

Can I have a wheatfield dwellers role please

I hope it did

I can't wait to brutally disassemble people like this in woodchippers someday

degenerate hedonistic hippie cunts

i didnt even watch it i saw it on a post on fb

wait did somebody say hapa

maybe I will watch...

sharpening stars


We deglove negroes with planers and drop them in volcanos

I guess the jews do need something more sadistic and brutal.

Now I've went on a fucking spiral and started watching videos of people who live in vans


If I ever go to california I'm fighting everyone there who isnt a racist thats it

oosh i forgot ticks were a thing

amren borther

not really looking forward to this 92+ heat in cville

4 gallon camelbak

those dont even exist

lol i wish

my camelbak is going to run out in like 45 minutes

lowkey pissed they wont give me wheatfield role

Can we wear togas to the event

Next question


(can't wake up)

please give me wheat role i need pink name

You will eat the gun at 11:23 PM tonight

they're just the orcs from lotr

dude, the voices are compelling me to chip again.

If theres thousands we can surround the park

I can't wait to take over the shitlib bars afterwards

just keep inflating the number every time you promote it @Zeiger

this is the best tactic no matter what

hope you beat his ass



yeah true

i still wouldnt lowball it if you mention it though

3000 heroin addicts are converging on the location to fight commies who got them addicted

the grand alliance of woodchippers and rope converging

the unholy alliance, much like the one which brought down the germans in ww2.

azzmador you should come on the edgiest podcast on trs the alc right rises

musonius rufus was the good samaritan teetotaler once

I want to do a special episode of the alc right rises and unveil a new hip hop song called wes bellamy is a nigger

he said he doesn't want to because he is a teetotaler these days

holy shit the shoah had the juggalo nazi on tonight

I'm bringing nuclear warheads

Because I have allergies

To jews

And black "people"

This zombie movie has a wise cracking nigger it's actually p good comedic relief

Yung dylann roof and i got them gats on me

should make a trs role

I think mr liqz music sucks but I'd love to party with him

I'm a racist libertarian

does anyone know any hot traps


I watched him get booted while he was typing lol

Charles, can you get someone to make a role for TRS lot of guys in here not part of IE or something else

fuck I just downloaded a spicy jones and cant find in foldrr

@Hand Banana did you get your flags made? has the best alt right content

I didnt watch it it just popped up but how ddare you

Dude I'm basically 13

I have primordial dwarfism

Yeah its no big deal

fuck it

dancing for money

dancing for money plz

I'm gay with richard spencer dude fucking women is for poofs

notice the choice of emoji for mulitple reasons

oh i just realized kendall was the burka chick from saccos page

One time sacco had you on the skype call and kaiser convinced me that you were a cop


I don't trust anyone

One of you kill the other one on livestream

You cant kill someone who is already dead inside

Bathe in chaos

jfc he does

post in the mod channel i guess

skype with your nazi friends

Hell yeah dude

friday night

does anyone want to harrass people on twitter or something

Guess I'll just sink down the endless sinkhole with jayoh


I showed you my hellgate please answer me

I told him on skype

You're a boomer

goodbye boomer

mack albion is a boomer too

everyone in here is a boomer infiltrator

@MadDimension can I have a wheatfield dwellers role

kendell please

I just want the colorful name

Please make @Hand Banana moderator and change the discord name to the rat stuff

can you change the name to like rat mouth

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