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Nigger kike dike on a spike

@Ilya Muromets someone tried to doxx the Mad Russian? Not possible

@Ilya Muromets gotta be careful where you post man. I almost got doxxed at school over some shut, trying to lay low. I miss the quality Bantz you had

@Ilya Muromets ya dude. Don't let some Antifa asshole try and fuck your shit up
They don't know who they're messing with

Well at least there are no niggers there

lol what a nerd

@Koba it's evolution ain't nothing new goy hehehehehe

Love is love goyim

Love is love goyim

I'm White and I'm aware enough to recognize that there IS such a thing as White privilege. I have no need to fight the attempts by good people to level the playing field.
I have NO understanding of White people who are so self-centered that they find attempts to improve other peoples' lives threatening. When a pendulum has been pulled all the way in one direction it's going to have to spend some time on the other side before it settles in the middle.
There are people who don't feel good unless they know that other people feel bad. When that phenomenon is involved in racial matters, yes it's racist.
There are plenty of historical movies about Europe and early America. Do you feel that there are not enough and that somebody should open up a movie studio that deliberately only makes films for, with and by White people? When groups have been historically marginalized and oppressed, certain measures are necessary for a while. It may take decades to even the score.
In the meantime know that if one thing doesn't work out for you, because someone from a group that has been long discriminated against gets an opportunity, you've still got plenty of advantages being White. If you don't suceed at all your dreams, it may be easier to place blame, but it will be more effective to light a fire under your own ass and make your life work.

Just sdob

@Koba You have so little idea of what you are talking about that you have made other people dumber for accidentally having read your drivel. There is a pile of decomposing wet cardboard boxes in my driveway that has had a more intelligent impact on this conversation than you have, and they haven't even participated in it because they are, literally, slowly rotting pieces of inanimate matter. You are so off the mark in all things that, had you had done us all a favor and thrown yourself off a building instead of commenting here, you would have somehow managed to miss the earth and would be hurtling into to the depths of interstellar space, forever lost to the world -- no great loss, but one that would have been worthy of mentioning in history books simply because we would all be better off without you. It is a miracle of modern science that you haven't drowned in your own inarticulate drool, which is in of itself sufficient reason for us to abandon Darwin and take up intelligent design as the only possible explanation for why you're still taking up valuable oxygen. I can only hope that one day you do something remotely intelligent, like attempt to fly a kite so large that it drags you away from whatever cesspool of genetic waste you managed to pull yourself out of and across the ocean to some place without internet access. Have a wonderful day.

life is (((complicated))) goyim

Carolina STRONG


You know I'll be there

@O.W. von Diez I'd be willing to pitch in

Howdy Midwest goyim

I've got an upstanding Chicago goy, @Rafal Xan-Ganowicz , that would like to carpool/meet up with some of you along the way to Charlottesville

nice diddy

get I get an invite for a vetted guy from the Chicago pool party <@&321389548984729600>

@Tyrone I'm right outside Raleigh, but I'd try and make it. Sounds exciting

are there any pennsylvania goys heading back up to Pittsburgh-Washington after the rally?

washington PA

Yeah, I was wondering if I could tag along you fellas back up

thanks. I'll be willing to chip in with gas or whatever expenses there are

great man!

thanks again

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