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2018-08-26 11:59:25 UTC  

Good morning earlyrising IE

2018-08-26 11:59:37 UTC  

Early at least for a Sunday

2018-08-26 12:08:28 UTC  

Good morning IE

2018-08-26 12:53:05 UTC  

G morning 😎

2018-08-26 12:58:59 UTC  

Sunday always early. Church at 930 here

2018-08-26 13:00:38 UTC  

Good morning IE brothers. What’s your favorite historical era in our heritage? For me, it’s the Crusades and Reconquista.

2018-08-26 13:03:10 UTC  

Probably the Renaissance, though I doubt any of my ancestors ever made it over to Italy

2018-08-26 13:06:14 UTC  

Good choice. Renaissance art had a lot to do with me getting red pulled and connecting with our heritage.

2018-08-26 13:07:09 UTC  

The early Middle Ages

2018-08-26 13:08:12 UTC  

Charles Martel!

2018-08-26 13:14:57 UTC  

Good morning fellow IE members! Looks like it was an exciting night in here lol. You guys were up all night haha.

2018-08-26 13:28:10 UTC  


2018-08-26 14:08:10 UTC  

Good morning IE

2018-08-26 14:16:11 UTC  

The UK is so skrewed

2018-08-26 14:34:35 UTC  

That really infuriates me. This magical BS idea that white = no legitimate ethnic identity. How can a sane person take that seriously?

2018-08-26 14:48:43 UTC  

Like where do they think we came from? Are we aliens? Or do they want to admit that we’re just further down the evolutionary chain? I don’t get it.

2018-08-26 14:56:01 UTC  

This Dude is the definition of a bugman

2018-08-26 15:01:39 UTC  

Is that a teacher?

2018-08-26 15:08:21 UTC  

So... Britain belongs to Neanderthals then?

2018-08-26 15:08:36 UTC  

That makes a lot more sense as to why they’re basically giving their land to Muslims then

2018-08-26 15:11:44 UTC  

The English and Scottish are Celtified Danes

2018-08-26 15:11:57 UTC  


2018-08-26 15:12:44 UTC  

More east coast English you are, the more Anglo/Saxon you probably are

2018-08-26 15:12:51 UTC  

East Coast represent

2018-08-26 15:14:04 UTC  


2018-08-26 15:16:12 UTC  

Deep South is about as Anglo/Irish as you can get.. or west African depends on who you are

2018-08-26 15:20:48 UTC  

The Irish element in the South is exaggerated tbh. Most Irish are in the North. What we have a lot of down here are Scotch-Irish.

2018-08-26 15:22:02 UTC  

But yeah we’re Anglo af which is where our funny accents come from

2018-08-26 15:48:17 UTC  

Greetings from my family farm stand!

2018-08-26 15:51:08 UTC  

Those carrots look good

2018-08-26 15:51:23 UTC  

Thanks friend

2018-08-26 15:59:39 UTC  


2018-08-26 15:59:42 UTC  

I want to cook something now

2018-08-26 16:01:19 UTC  

@CarletonJ Looks great, man!

2018-08-26 16:01:29 UTC  

Got any farming redpills for us?

2018-08-26 16:16:19 UTC  

Oh boy. It's this all over again.

2018-08-26 16:24:08 UTC  

Large agriculture is detrimental because they are more prone to using herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides which are known to cause various problems, including cancer and various environmental problems. Just recently, a really controversial herbicide, glyphosate created by Monsanto has been found in Cheerios and Quaker Oats. The WHO research on cancer found glyphosate to be not only dangerous but a cause of. So, growing your own food or purchasing from trusted local farmers is much better for you, your family, and the environment.


2018-08-26 16:25:14 UTC  

@CarletonJ Thank you.

2018-08-26 16:26:09 UTC  

And it's trad af 💪

2018-08-26 16:41:02 UTC  

Buying from local farmers is the last stand of implicit white identity