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2018-08-26 07:08:36 UTC  

Oh! So you mean like table tennis? @Tyler0317

2018-08-26 07:14:11 UTC  

Haha! Honestly that's pretty cool and unique

2018-08-26 07:22:59 UTC  

We need the Noble virtues back.
-Scholars/Ideologues tend to be weaklings and cowards
-Physical specimens tend to be brutish and domineering

Bring back the scholar athlete.

2018-08-26 11:02:29 UTC  

I posted that a long time ago and no one noticed

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Good morning earlyrising IE

2018-08-26 11:59:37 UTC  

Early at least for a Sunday

2018-08-26 12:08:28 UTC  

Good morning IE

2018-08-26 12:53:05 UTC  

G morning 😎

2018-08-26 12:58:59 UTC  

Sunday always early. Church at 930 here

2018-08-26 13:00:38 UTC  

Good morning IE brothers. What’s your favorite historical era in our heritage? For me, it’s the Crusades and Reconquista.

2018-08-26 13:03:10 UTC  

Probably the Renaissance, though I doubt any of my ancestors ever made it over to Italy

2018-08-26 13:06:14 UTC  

Good choice. Renaissance art had a lot to do with me getting red pulled and connecting with our heritage.

2018-08-26 13:07:09 UTC  

The early Middle Ages

2018-08-26 13:08:12 UTC  

Charles Martel!

2018-08-26 13:14:57 UTC  

Good morning fellow IE members! Looks like it was an exciting night in here lol. You guys were up all night haha.

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2018-08-26 14:08:10 UTC  

Good morning IE

2018-08-26 14:16:11 UTC  

The UK is so skrewed

2018-08-26 14:34:35 UTC  

That really infuriates me. This magical BS idea that white = no legitimate ethnic identity. How can a sane person take that seriously?

2018-08-26 14:48:43 UTC  

Like where do they think we came from? Are we aliens? Or do they want to admit that we’re just further down the evolutionary chain? I don’t get it.

2018-08-26 14:56:01 UTC  

This Dude is the definition of a bugman

2018-08-26 15:01:39 UTC  

Is that a teacher?

2018-08-26 15:08:21 UTC  

So... Britain belongs to Neanderthals then?

2018-08-26 15:08:36 UTC  

That makes a lot more sense as to why they’re basically giving their land to Muslims then

2018-08-26 15:11:44 UTC  

The English and Scottish are Celtified Danes

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2018-08-26 15:12:44 UTC  

More east coast English you are, the more Anglo/Saxon you probably are

2018-08-26 15:12:51 UTC  

East Coast represent

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2018-08-26 15:16:12 UTC  

Deep South is about as Anglo/Irish as you can get.. or west African depends on who you are

2018-08-26 15:20:48 UTC  

The Irish element in the South is exaggerated tbh. Most Irish are in the North. What we have a lot of down here are Scotch-Irish.

2018-08-26 15:22:02 UTC  

But yeah we’re Anglo af which is where our funny accents come from

2018-08-26 15:48:17 UTC  

Greetings from my family farm stand!

2018-08-26 15:51:08 UTC  

Those carrots look good

2018-08-26 15:51:23 UTC  

Thanks friend