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2018-09-13 01:35:12 UTC  

Girls like guys *with skills*, gosh!

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nordic skiing is the whitest hobby

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Purge the gamers!

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We are high IQ and high Autism

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Happy national gamer day. Don’t forget to thank a gamer for his service.

2018-09-13 01:35:34 UTC  

"March of the Titans: Complete History of the White Race" theres two volumes and a combined edition

2018-09-13 01:35:38 UTC  

"I ... want a bunch of gang weed memes popping up." -- Patrick Casey

2018-09-13 01:35:42 UTC  

@ajman There is a Richard Be Spence (no "r") that wrote a book about the Bolshevik connection to Wall Street

2018-09-13 01:35:59 UTC  

Gaming has its place, but must be recognized as the escapism it so often is.

2018-09-13 01:36:22 UTC  

@celticflame Oh. Wish I could claim credit, but it isn't mine. I was responding to Chris's comment that we needed to respect people's property by posting a picture of /Curt Doolittle/ from the /Propertarian Institute/ 😋

2018-09-13 01:36:26 UTC  

Play tabletop rpg

2018-09-13 01:36:33 UTC  

Medieval LARP

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Be a credit to your race, basically

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@Bjorn - MD reverse google gimage search says that is ron paul

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It should be illegal for IE members to waste time with video games

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@Argument of Perigee @ThisIsChris Unfortunately I'm in a city that's an hour or two from my locale yet its a campus ripe for flyers

2018-09-13 01:36:54 UTC  

@ThisIsChris Seriously, lol?

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@Wood-Ape - OK/MN Wow, that's actually pretty funny. Also that might be a good book

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@ajman Striker mentioned it.

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@Mikolas make the drive and build your local community

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@celticflame ...but I thank you for the compliment nonetheless 😎

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@ThisIsChris Curious...

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I haven't seen or heard a single thing about patriot front, if that says anything.

2018-09-13 01:37:52 UTC  

No worries,you bet😉 @Bjorn - MD

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@Deleted User I don't think so but sounds great!

2018-09-13 01:38:01 UTC  

Amren-IE Holy Alliance

2018-09-13 01:38:13 UTC  

Avt IE Avt Mori

2018-09-13 01:38:18 UTC  

Future I/E HQ

2018-09-13 01:38:24 UTC  

Will post it in <#359892798071373824>

2018-09-13 01:38:27 UTC  

I wanna do more local stuff but I’ve been having a really hard time communicating with coordinators and getting my region invite and slack invite

2018-09-13 01:38:41 UTC  

NRx 👑 = ❤

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>yelling and breaking things as a member of PF

Pick one

2018-09-13 01:38:49 UTC  

I know there’s an event in Kentucky I wanted to go to

2018-09-13 01:39:05 UTC  

were actually making it illegal to criticize gamers @Valaska

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Its Gorgeous in Kentucky, the lil area i went to @NITRODUBS

2018-09-13 01:39:18 UTC  

Outlaw IE