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2018-12-26 01:00:42 UTC  

Jordanians are huwyte?

2018-12-26 01:03:38 UTC  

I mean he literally looks like a middle-aged Slavic man

2018-12-26 01:05:08 UTC  

the ancient near and middle east were a lot nicer before the arabs and mongols enriched it

2018-12-26 01:08:38 UTC  

Thank you @Argument of Perigee ! Hope your Christmas day is going well.

2018-12-26 01:17:53 UTC  

They’re tearing down Ghandi statues now.

2018-12-26 01:24:24 UTC  

Why has Fox News still not tweeted in a month and a half?

2018-12-26 01:57:00 UTC  

In protest of Tuckers address being left up too long on Twitter

2018-12-26 01:57:20 UTC  

Guess its a semi-permanent protest

2018-12-26 02:37:34 UTC  

Merry Christmas everyone!

2018-12-26 03:24:47 UTC  

Woah good on them

2018-12-26 03:25:01 UTC  

Want something more done than just not tweeting but ok

2018-12-26 04:32:30 UTC  

We've come full circle.

2018-12-26 04:34:11 UTC  

The hyper sypathetic ideology that our enemies expouse have come back to bite them.

2018-12-26 04:41:59 UTC  

I love that

2018-12-26 04:42:03 UTC  

That is some hilarious shit

2018-12-26 04:44:20 UTC  

I hope you all had great huwhite Christmases

2018-12-26 04:45:31 UTC  

It was pretty huwhite.

2018-12-26 04:45:54 UTC  

Mine was full on Danish and English

2018-12-26 04:46:01 UTC  

Danish decorations and traditions

2018-12-26 04:46:08 UTC  


2018-12-26 04:46:31 UTC  

Good wypipo conversations with my stepfather. Told him about IE. Identitarian movements and other "alt right" stuff.

2018-12-26 04:47:26 UTC  

Gave him Buchanan's Decline of the West for Christmas.

2018-12-26 04:47:48 UTC  

He was excited for it and has read other Buchanan.

2018-12-26 04:49:06 UTC  

I've had a quite the huwite Christmas. not literally. all we've got is clouds and some rain.

2018-12-26 04:49:57 UTC  

My family spent a good amount of time looking over an extended family tree my sister has worked on for years

2018-12-26 04:50:56 UTC  

Talking about your ancestors is *implicit*

2018-12-26 04:58:19 UTC  

My parents have got ancestry tests that they'll be filling out and sending in

2018-12-26 04:58:32 UTC  

Ironic given how much of the general ancestry is known because of genetic testing

2018-12-26 05:31:43 UTC  

speaking of genetic testing, 23andme has a beta feature now that breaks down to which region in a country your ancestors most likely lived

2018-12-26 05:48:15 UTC  

Lovely. I bet you my entire family will be wanting to visit such and such village in such and such eurostani country in search of "the ancestral home"

2018-12-26 05:48:35 UTC  

It's like the plot to a bad horror movie. Sans the Elvira-esque introduction (the only reason I'd want to be near it)

2018-12-26 06:04:03 UTC  

I want to do a DNA test to see what heritable diseases I have

2018-12-26 06:19:30 UTC  

We have the disease of pathological altruism I just saved you a hundred dollars

2018-12-26 06:20:27 UTC  

you didn't actually

2018-12-26 06:20:45 UTC  

I just diagnosed I didn’t cure it <:sad:366743316475281408>

2018-12-26 06:20:55 UTC  

you can analyze your genome for free using third party tools

2018-12-26 06:21:04 UTC  

you just have to pay for the test

2018-12-26 06:21:17 UTC  

multiple of which are under $100

2018-12-26 06:21:26 UTC  

one of which is free, but takes forever