Message from Amulek in Nice Respectable People Group #whitepills

2018-02-09 15:44:58 UTC  

Looks like people read the IE Danger sign! ^^

2018-02-09 17:21:37 UTC  

@Perihelion - CA *straight whites and Asians

2018-02-10 03:31:58 UTC  

to those about to be banned, we salute you

2018-02-10 20:46:55 UTC  

Been having a great time with our New Orleans chapter. We have the best people!

2018-02-10 21:03:13 UTC  

Post some photos. @Evan Thomas

2018-02-10 21:24:35 UTC  

Check out our twitter page throughout the day @Fox

2018-02-11 02:27:31 UTC  

I can't believe the Mardi Gras banner. Awesome job

2018-02-11 03:00:00 UTC  

black panther got wrekt in sales from south koreans

2018-02-11 03:00:03 UTC  


2018-02-11 03:11:25 UTC  

majority of movie revenue is now sales outside US

2018-02-11 03:11:39 UTC  

black protagonists rarely do well in asia market which is largest

2018-02-11 03:12:14 UTC  

so they fact they even made this movie at this budget means it was at least partially a propoganda piece not profit motivated

2018-02-11 03:19:06 UTC  

I heard that it has the highest number of presales for any superhero movie. But there has to be some sort of catch. Probably Oprah or innercity schools buying up tickets.

2018-02-11 03:20:34 UTC  

I used to be a comic fanboy, but got out of it because it got too expensive and I became a compulsive collector rather than a genuine consumer of the product.

2018-02-11 03:23:24 UTC  

even if it does super well in america it'll tank in asia and overall be a lost profit opportunity

2018-02-11 03:30:17 UTC  

The notion that “all minorities form a band of brotherhood” is the dumbest thing in the world and contributed very strongly to my awakening

2018-02-11 03:40:58 UTC  

^Taco trucks at every mosque^

2018-02-11 06:10:06 UTC  
2018-02-11 06:40:12 UTC  

Taco trucks with shrimp and pork tacos!

2018-02-11 08:50:19 UTC  

A Raleigh Crowd-Funding Campaign Is Raising Money to Help African-American Teens See Black Panther 🐒

2018-02-11 14:12:35 UTC  


2018-02-11 15:42:33 UTC  

A movie ticket is like $10, and you can get snacks at dollar tree/dollar general for like $5

2018-02-11 15:42:46 UTC  

Kangz can't find $15 anywhere?

2018-02-11 15:57:05 UTC  

>more SJW's accidentally implying that black people are too poor or too stupid to afford something they already do multiple times a year anyways

2018-02-11 16:17:58 UTC  

It's just virtue signaling. Probably has a percentage going to Jewish charities

2018-02-11 16:19:11 UTC  

It's not even the first movie about a black super hero.

2018-02-11 16:20:07 UTC  

It's more like the first movie about a super hero BEING black.

2018-02-11 16:55:18 UTC  

What about that one will Smith movie

2018-02-11 17:02:55 UTC  

@Deleted User Hancock, and there's Spawn, Blade, Cat Woman, probably more

2018-02-11 17:40:06 UTC  

But they weren't about the hero being black. just a hero who happened to be black.

2018-02-11 17:47:29 UTC

2018-02-11 17:47:41 UTC  

More than 70k raised in ONE. DAY.

2018-02-11 17:48:16 UTC  

Raised for the white cop killed by a nignog

2018-02-11 17:48:36 UTC  

White America rises and came together for this cop and his family. He had 1 kid already and another on the way

2018-02-11 17:48:44 UTC  

Very whitepilled right now

2018-02-11 19:03:59 UTC  

ie memorial opportunity

2018-02-11 19:05:40 UTC  

We're memorial'd out for now. We can think of other creative ideas though.

2018-02-11 19:38:32 UTC  

Could make a donation and tweet the check or something, public message without being a memorial. Show we noticed and that we’re responding when one of our own is slaughtered by one of them

2018-02-11 19:38:52 UTC  

Similar to the Christmas card w the cash to the homeless guy