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2017-11-21 05:44:09 UTC  

@Erika we should share .xcf files so first timers don't have to learn GIMP from scratch. That set me back a while.

2017-11-21 07:29:13 UTC  

Wow,absolutely wonderful Banner,Very Professional Banner! My dad used to do professional hand painted signs,helped once-even he would be quite impressed! ;)

2017-11-21 16:15:45 UTC  

@Logan it would probably be a good idea to have an .xcf file dump, but I do think it’s a good idea that everyone still learn how to use the software to make their own custom banner graphics. GIMP is a pain in the ass to learn, but it’s a necessity.

2017-11-21 16:15:52 UTC  

@celticflame thanks!

2017-11-21 18:20:18 UTC  

@wayne peek Needs to includes what to look for when selecting a target overpass, how to use grommets, weighing the bottom of the banner to prevent flapping, and deployment tactics.

2017-11-21 18:42:41 UTC  


2017-11-21 18:44:10 UTC  

We will have a voice call soon. I want to chat will all the coordinators and get everyone on the same page. I was thinking when we have our next meeting we could catch everyone up at once.

2017-11-23 19:14:11 UTC  

Early morning fun

2017-11-23 19:15:00 UTC

2017-11-24 16:10:49 UTC  

Florida IE members did a drop this morning over the I-4 overpass in Orlando

2017-11-24 16:10:56 UTC

2017-11-24 17:29:53 UTC  

Someone called the cops. Maximum rustling

2017-11-24 17:31:36 UTC  

thought crime

2017-11-24 17:33:18 UTC  

It was up for a few hours though

2017-11-24 17:54:48 UTC  

No padlocks on it?

2017-11-24 17:56:37 UTC  

Cops will just cut them with bolt cutters they normally have them in the back of their car

2017-11-24 17:56:50 UTC  

Our group leaves small attack dogs nearby to dissuade anyone who'd take it down. Our banners can stay up for weeks, with enough dog food.

2017-11-24 18:01:34 UTC  

@Sam Southern - TN we put 10 grommets on it and zip tied each one. Took him a while to figure out how to get on the other side of the fence to take it down.

2017-11-24 18:07:14 UTC  

Little brain Orlando police can't operate a fence

2017-11-24 23:52:51 UTC  

@Mark Vandal so great

2017-11-25 00:03:20 UTC  

@Erika it's not the same come back!

2017-11-25 01:57:38 UTC  

@Mark Vandal I’ll let you know next time I come visit Florida so we can do another drop.

2017-11-25 18:08:25 UTC

2017-11-25 18:09:40 UTC  

Banner drop done this morning on Rt. 9 in Marlboro, NJ. Thanks to @Steve - NJ @Thomas West (Hapa Spy) @Algrin "Bailey" Bagley - PA and @GDoctor for coming out and making it happen!

2017-11-25 23:39:33 UTC  

@Evan - NJ Nice job all! How long did it stay up?

2017-11-26 00:59:42 UTC  

Still there as far as I know

2017-11-26 01:21:45 UTC  

@Evan - NJ Nice!!

2017-11-26 01:22:35 UTC  

Orlando likes to SHUT IT DOWN oy vey.

2017-11-26 02:21:55 UTC  

@Evan - NJ I like the flag, nice touch

2017-11-26 19:06:48 UTC  

American nationalism baby!

2017-11-30 07:31:30 UTC  

Plaque on the border of MN & WI.

2017-11-30 07:33:39 UTC

2017-11-30 07:35:01 UTC

2017-11-30 07:37:59 UTC  

Those two are in mountain bike parks. Libraries, churches, gyms and small towns are all places I've been trying to reach more as well.

2017-11-30 07:38:52 UTC  

Celtic Cross/Sun Wheel

2017-11-30 08:17:18 UTC  

@Aleis⊕ccidentalis impressive work

2017-11-30 14:00:36 UTC  
2017-11-30 14:20:58 UTC  

Very cool

2017-11-30 19:15:15 UTC  

You better watch it with that Celtic Cross, pretty sure that's a hate symbol

2017-11-30 20:10:46 UTC  
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