Argument of Perigee

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@Freki G.-TX Shorthand for a historical period in Germany. Please reference Rule 4 for more details.


We want all of you to be with us for the best yet!

That's the spirit!

Thanks, Wayne!

Cargo shorts during activism are great because they're full of absolutely useful things.

My bottles of wine aren't going anywhere...

@Gerald Cunningham We should still have plenty of IE flags in the store.

On the contrary. We had a member in Hawaii.

Have a great night, friend! @V.Balboa - PA

It is truly disgusting beyond words.

I can understand why you might say that from surface level emotions, but our state is an absolute gem and we will not simply surrender. Channel that frustration into a positive force for this organization and our people. We have a long road ahead of us and much work to do. I look forward to seeing you involved here in the great Rocky Mountain State. @Distracted

@Augustus Contact your state or regional coordinator for details on how we approach infiltrating the political arena. @AltRightMick should be able to give you the run down.

Downtown Denver (Denver, Colorado)

Those Colorado flag banners hanging over the streets tho....PEAK!!!

@The Soy Goy @johnnyc Gentlemen, last night I witnessed behavior well beyond the scope of IE afterhours shitposting. Between the two of you, I observed "HH", variants of a word beginning with the letter "N", and attempts at synchronized chain posts also beginning with the letter "N". This behavior undermines our efforts to bring about a better future for our people. A very disappointing show of energies which would be better spent on self-improvement or advancing IE's interests.

I observed it all last night. Lying will get you nowhere. I chose to handle it this morning.

You absolute madman!

I love my CO crew so much.

Yes, I believe Wayne will be hosting tonight. Feel free to jump into the voice chat now. @Smitty83

Great to have you host, Wayne!

Very inspirational! Thank you. @Valaska

@Asatru Artist - MD Actually, it was changed to Antigua.

They are both acceptable, but Antigua is the preferred.

Absolute Unit

Definitely not smol

Be in Colorado November 9th-11th. You won't want to miss this!

@Nemets Yes, Sir. There will be an Air BNB in Denver.

Linen longsleeve guayabera.

We'll have the dress code details available for everyone who purchases a ticket.

@John O - This is now cemented into IE history--Defend the Swamp.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Carrier Strike Group is the official term.

We have channels concerning relationships, parenting, and being single in the Skills & Academics server should anyone like to have a focus area to further discuss.

@Fox We have many veterans in IE, some still serving.

@Patient Zero See <#388558559752880139>

Good morning, Identity Evropa. About to hike the Manitou Springs Incline with the CO Chads.

Mass triggering in 3...2...1

Respectable, upstanding men of Evropean heritage shouldn't be engaging in sexual relations with women of other heritage. Everyone has some sort of past which may be regrettable, but continuance of such activity is unbecoming of Identity Evropa members.

...onward we march...

I would like to believe our men and women would ask about prior relationships and the heritage of said prior partners.

Let's keep the language in line with that of a professional organization.

Identity Evropa members from across Colorado spent Labor Day weekend partaking in fraternal meet-ups, hiking, and activism in various locations throughout the Front Range. Colorado members of Identity Evropa are committed to building a strong Identitarian community in the beautiful Rocky Mountain State. With @Felden - CO @Valaska @August Baldur - CO @metasophocles

IE's Chief of Staff, Matt - VA

@Caboose Please sit tight, Sir. @Reinhard Wolff will be with you shortly.

Always keep a little physical nearby.

It's not about being careful, but being more refined.

Thank you, Sir. Peak AnCap.

Congratulations on a great-looking banner drop!

Definitely will be. Had such a great weekend with my IE family the past couple days though. Looks like some other chapters did as well!

Video of me tripping and stepping into the water...

Strictly strategic messaging and in line with typical Chinese mimicry.

My guy totally redeemed himself following cargo shorts-gate.

The Absolute Unit

Looks like the ranger panty hiking photo didn't make the Twitter cut.

Gonna have to hike the incline again for more propaganda photos...

In front of the Mexican Consulate at Defend Identity, one of our members said something to the effect of "jeez, every guy in the front line is like at least 6'4"

Lanklets will prevail...

@The Morrรญgan Have you brought in NITRODUBS - OH yet? She's been very active on Discord.

The Absolute Unit appears!

Hype!!! Looking forward to seeing you again, @FACINEMA .


What an absurdly pro-Antifa, pro-Communist piece by Westword.

2018-09-05 15:56:37 UTC [Fitness #general]  

Dude, nice! Very happy to see you back up. Looks like I need to make another order soon.

Your term expires at Noon CDT.

Public property vs private property.

We unleash the Meds onto latepayers.

Haha, that would be a riot.

@Krypto- OH November 9th - 11th in Denver

Of course. Keep an eye on your email for more.

That's right! Rule #2 in full force.

Just purchased my ticket for Defend the Rockies. Don't wait to get in on what will be an incredible weekend with IE brothers and sisters from across the nation!

Colorado College - Colorado Springs, Colorado

@Valaska I can assist.

He'll need to hop in the chat, so I can see if he's server muted/deafened.

None of you are server muted or deafened.

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