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2017-04-17 18:53:30 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Is anyone here at UA?

2017-04-17 18:53:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Dude, there were over 300 antifa at berkely

2017-04-17 18:54:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Or somewhere close to that number. They showed up in three "divisions", for lack of a better term, of about 100 each.

2017-04-17 18:54:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  

There were maybe like 120 people at the rally, only about half of them fought, and we still beat the shit out of Antifa

2017-04-17 18:55:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Around 120

2017-04-17 18:55:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Maybe 60-70 were actually fighting though

2017-04-17 18:55:40 UTC [Anticom #general]  

IE was the biggest group there, they did most of the work tbh

2017-04-17 18:56:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The Proud Boys went hard dude

2017-04-17 18:56:19 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You did not want to be an antifa faggot anywhere near Lauren Southern

2017-04-17 18:56:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  

There were around 30 guys from IE

2017-04-17 18:56:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I think there were only like 10 proud boys

2017-04-17 18:57:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The thing at Auburn is at 7 PM tomorrow though

2017-04-17 18:57:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

There were a bunch of anticom guys at berkely too

2017-04-17 18:58:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Dude waving a big "Don't Tread on Memes" flag

2017-04-17 18:58:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  

With pepe as the head of the snake

2017-04-18 15:21:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

How many of you goys are showing up to Auburn for this?

2017-04-18 15:23:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 15:23:45 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 15:23:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 15:24:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Roll Tide my dude

2017-04-18 15:24:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Yeah I have a test man. It fucking sucks

2017-04-18 15:25:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Test starts at 4 PM, lasts an hour

2017-04-18 15:25:28 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The earliest I could get to Auburn would be like 8 PM. And I don't have a ride.

2017-04-18 15:26:28 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I saw a couple anticom guys at Berkeley

2017-04-18 15:26:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I know man. UA is cucked as fuck unfortunately

2017-04-18 15:27:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Everyone I asked didn't want to go because "Richard Spencer is a racist"

2017-04-18 15:27:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Rhodesians never die is one of the best songs ever created

2017-04-18 15:27:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Was it actually the Rhodesian anthem?

2017-04-18 15:28:30 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Oh no mate, I'm not worried about being silenced. I just don't have a car up here, I need to convince someone to drive me lol

2017-04-18 15:29:47 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I promised my dad that I wouldn't get into trouble at Berkeley

2017-04-18 15:29:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I uh

2017-04-18 15:29:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I broke some guy's jaw up there

2017-04-18 15:30:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 15:30:22 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Not with the law

2017-04-18 15:30:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Yeah that was me Joe

2017-04-18 15:30:45 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It was

2017-04-18 15:30:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

He pepper sprayed me

2017-04-18 15:31:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Yeah. It amazed me, I'm not a big guy

2017-04-18 15:31:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm like 5'10" and 130 lb

2017-04-18 15:31:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

And I managed to throw this guy on the ground and just beat the shit out of him

2017-04-18 15:32:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Auburn is based as fuck

2017-04-18 15:32:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

All of the actually cool people go there. Alabama just has a bunch of /r/the_donald's at best

2017-04-18 15:33:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Most people are apolitical here though. 90% of them don't even know what happened at berkeley

2017-04-18 15:33:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

And no the guy I beat up just got dragged away by his buddies

2017-04-18 15:33:33 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Didn't see him again

2017-04-18 15:34:10 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Spencer just tweeted out a picture of a Civil Rights rally

2017-04-18 15:34:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Fucking lol

2017-04-18 15:35:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@The Chechen Slayer I lived in Pcola before I went to school

2017-04-18 15:35:33 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm not a yuge fan of milo

2017-04-18 15:35:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Strikes me as an attention whore honestly

2017-04-18 15:36:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's fair

2017-04-18 15:36:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I mean now that I think about it, that's how I got here

2017-04-18 15:36:58 UTC [Anticom #general]  

No, I was born in Colorado

2017-04-18 15:37:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm a Navy brat, moved all over the place

2017-04-18 15:37:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Honesly I'd give that honor to SC or NC

2017-04-18 15:38:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm not a big fan of AL tbh

2017-04-18 15:38:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  

There's no fucking mountains dude

2017-04-18 15:38:22 UTC [Anticom #general]  

How am I supposed to snowboard?

2017-04-18 15:38:28 UTC [Anticom #general]  

And Texas is pretty based

2017-04-18 15:38:47 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's why I added NC as well lol

2017-04-18 15:39:16 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Although to be fair, SC's "mountains" btfo Alabama (((mountains)))

2017-04-18 15:39:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 15:39:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

fucking lol

2017-04-18 15:40:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

But no, I was just in the (((mountains))) up by birmingham a couple weeks ago

2017-04-18 15:40:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

They're glorified hills at best

2017-04-18 15:40:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Holy shit you have never been to the Gulf Coast

2017-04-18 15:40:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Spics as far as the eye can see my dude

2017-04-18 15:42:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

No, Baldwin and Mobile county have shit tons of hispanics

2017-04-18 15:42:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

To the coast?

2017-04-18 15:42:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Like 2 months ago

2017-04-18 15:43:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I was there on Spring Break

2017-04-18 15:43:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 15:43:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Stop that shit

2017-04-18 15:43:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I lived in Fairhope for like 8 years

2017-04-18 15:43:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

In Fairhope? Really?

2017-04-18 15:44:17 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's fucking dank dude, I've never met someone from fairhope outside of the town itself

2017-04-18 15:44:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Oh, I'm sorry

2017-04-18 15:44:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Fairhope is

2017-04-18 15:45:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Not the schools though

2017-04-18 15:45:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  

And Mobile is much worse

2017-04-18 15:45:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'll brb

2017-04-18 15:55:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

7 PM

2017-04-18 15:56:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's what I've seen

2017-04-18 15:56:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

And I'm doing everything in my power to secure a ride

2017-04-18 15:56:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Won't be able to make it till 8 though

2017-04-18 15:58:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That guy looks like the state puff marshmellow man in combat boots

2017-04-18 15:58:58 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Fucking spoopy dude

2017-04-18 16:51:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Good news goys

2017-04-18 16:51:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I may or may not have a ride

2017-04-18 16:51:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Which is better than 30 minutes ago when I definitely did not have a ride

2017-04-18 16:52:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I've got some gloves

2017-04-18 16:52:45 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's pretty much it lol

2017-04-18 16:52:58 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I made it through Berkeley with just that though

2017-04-18 16:53:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Nope, unfortunately not

2017-04-18 16:53:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 16:53:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I can fly for free

2017-04-18 16:53:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 16:54:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

My dad is a pilot for AA, I'm just lucky is all

2017-04-18 16:55:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Yeah, I'm low on funds atm unfortunately. Next month I'll be getting war gear though for sure

2017-04-18 16:56:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Haha, I managed to avoid getting pepper spray in my eyeballs last time

2017-04-18 16:57:17 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Yeah I know. You guys are right, there's just nothing I can do right now for it

2017-04-18 16:57:28 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I've got like 20 bucks to my name

2017-04-18 16:58:14 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What do you mean?

2017-04-18 16:58:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm a college student lol

2017-04-18 16:58:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Oh yeah

2017-04-18 16:58:40 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Have to be very subtle though

2017-04-18 16:58:47 UTC [Anticom #general]  

UA is full of normies

2017-04-18 16:59:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'll see what I can do. I'm stuck in classes all day today though, honestly I don't think I'm going to have time before I have to leave

2017-04-18 17:00:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'll see if I can stop by a home depot on the way

2017-04-18 17:00:17 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm going to be late anyway. Won't make it until around 8

2017-04-18 17:01:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I have an extendable baton

2017-04-18 17:01:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That's pretty much the only thing the commies that run my school allow me to have

2017-04-18 17:02:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Oy vey

2017-04-18 17:02:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Yeah I was planning on bringing milk

2017-04-18 17:02:56 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Both for meme value and for pepper spray

2017-04-18 17:03:15 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I've got some chemistry goggles but they won't do anything

2017-04-18 17:03:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Permiable, it'd just trap the spray in my eyes

2017-04-18 17:04:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Those would look intimidating as fuck haha

2017-04-18 17:04:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'll get some floaties too

2017-04-18 17:09:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 17:09:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I fucking hate normies dude!

2017-04-18 17:09:26 UTC [Anticom #general]  

"I've been reading up on this guy's views. I don't think I can support him."

2017-04-18 17:09:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 17:10:10 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Yeah, the dude who offered me a ride just pussied out

2017-04-18 17:10:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm trying to frame it as a free speech issue, don't know if it'll work though

2017-04-18 17:16:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I don't think any are running

2017-04-18 17:17:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

At least none that would get me back in time for my classes tomorrow

2017-04-18 17:17:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Why couldn't spencer do this on a fucking Friday, god damn it

2017-04-18 19:28:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It starts at 6 PM central

2017-04-18 19:28:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Toss that link fam

2017-04-18 19:29:01 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Is it fake?

2017-04-18 19:36:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Well the Police Chief in Berkeley ordered the cops to stand down

2017-04-18 19:36:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I highly doubt the PC in Auburn will do the same

2017-04-18 19:42:16 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Just bring a bandana and keep it around your neck until the fight starts

2017-04-18 19:43:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  

If it's wet it will keep pepper spray out of your throat

2017-04-18 19:43:47 UTC [Anticom #general]  

We're the good goys. That's obviously a false flag

2017-04-18 19:46:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  

When is Soros going to die btw?

2017-04-18 19:48:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What's the story behind that? Do I want to know or is it something that should just be dropped?

2017-04-18 19:50:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I shook Stickman's hand, one of the proudest moments of my life

2017-04-18 19:50:42 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 19:51:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  

At the Battle of Berkeley 2, not the first one

2017-04-18 19:51:53 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I don't have the ability to upload anything

2017-04-18 19:52:10 UTC [Anticom #general]  

But if I did I would upload the picture of me and Lauren Southern

2017-04-18 19:52:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 19:52:20 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That was my proudest moment

2017-04-18 19:55:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

No she's not

2017-04-18 19:55:49 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That would be fantastic though

2017-04-18 20:13:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Live stream for you goys

2017-04-18 20:16:06 UTC [Anticom #general]  
2017-04-18 20:16:23 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Yeah we do

2017-04-18 20:16:26 UTC [Anticom #general]  

But I do

2017-04-18 20:16:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Foy Hall

2017-04-18 20:16:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I also know that he did win his court case

2017-04-18 20:16:48 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Dat is not fake news

2017-04-18 20:16:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 20:20:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Sorry, I was changing classes

2017-04-18 20:21:20 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Oh did Spencer post it on his Twitter?

2017-04-18 20:21:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Damn, I was enjoying that

2017-04-18 20:26:24 UTC [Anticom #general]  

There's going to be some IE goys there too. Be sure to say hi

2017-04-18 20:33:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 20:33:29 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 21:47:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 21:48:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Not a big fan of VSauce?

2017-04-18 21:48:53 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The memes are cancer for sure

2017-04-18 21:49:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I like the goy though. Makes entertaining content

2017-04-18 21:50:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Soon goyim

2017-04-18 21:50:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

10 munytes

2017-04-18 21:50:13 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 21:50:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Spencer gets in at 6

2017-04-18 21:51:00 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Francis of the Filth is truly one og the greatest minds of our era

2017-04-18 21:51:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 21:52:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You mind if I hop in as well?

2017-04-18 21:52:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I wouldn't mind having a green name

2017-04-18 21:53:45 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 21:54:08 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You want a green name goy?

2017-04-18 21:56:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

The only interrogator is afk :c

2017-04-18 21:57:09 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@Verm Do you mind vetting me too? I don't have access to the room

2017-04-18 21:57:21 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I don't think any of the normies have access to the vetting room

2017-04-18 21:57:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Aye aye

2017-04-18 22:15:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Got that green name boyos

2017-04-18 22:15:44 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Oh wait, not yet lol

2017-04-18 22:16:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It's not started yet

2017-04-18 22:23:14 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Is that fat bastard in this group?

2017-04-18 22:23:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I know I met him at Berkeley

2017-04-18 22:26:26 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 23:00:55 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Top fucking meme

2017-04-18 23:04:26 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-18 23:08:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  

>tfw scalping nazis doesn't work out

2017-04-18 23:08:28 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Nathan is a pretty cool goy btw

2017-04-18 23:08:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Hung out with him at Berkeley for a bit

2017-04-19 05:04:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

So there's something that's always bothered me about the JQ

2017-04-19 05:04:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  

How does it implicate people like my dentist?

2017-04-19 05:05:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Or any Jew who isn't a billionare elite?

2017-04-19 05:05:40 UTC [Anticom #general]  

And also, what about the non Jews who helped the Jews in power to subvert our culture?

2017-04-19 05:05:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Aren't they just as bad?

2017-04-19 05:07:18 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I kind of roll with The Golden One when it comes to the JQ tbh

2017-04-19 05:07:46 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Don't want to sound like a shill for him, but Glorious Pill > Red Pill

2017-04-19 05:08:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@Nivdag Don't watch porn

2017-04-19 05:11:25 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@I'mGoingBerserk to be fair, being hung from a Tiger Tank's cannon barrel would be a pretty based way to die

2017-04-19 05:11:30 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'd be honored at least

2017-04-19 05:13:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What was the figure that you'd need to reach 6 million in the holocaust?

2017-04-19 05:13:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Isn't it like 22k per day?

2017-04-19 05:14:03 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Of course, very antisemetic of me to forget the 100 billion

2017-04-19 05:15:38 UTC [Anticom #general]

2017-04-19 05:16:09 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It's not a yuge deal

2017-04-19 05:16:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Just go to the public chat and ask to be vetted

2017-04-19 05:16:36 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Like the Voice Chat I mean

2017-04-19 05:16:51 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Oh so it is

2017-04-19 05:17:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@Verm There's a goy here that would like to be vetted if you have a minute

2017-04-19 05:18:02 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Oh ok my bad

2017-04-19 05:18:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

You might want to wait until tomorrow then. I was vetted earlier today in a big group of people

2017-04-19 05:18:43 UTC [Anticom #general]  

AZ's flag is the most fugly abomination to ever scourge the earth

2017-04-19 05:19:30 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I hear it's getting overrun by illegals

2017-04-19 05:20:05 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Is it almost time for P H Y S I C A L R E M O V A L yet?

2017-04-19 05:20:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Drumpf's kind of taking a softy approach to it honestly

2017-04-19 05:20:59 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Like I get why, there's no way you could get them all out without violating the 4th ammendment

2017-04-19 05:21:41 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I just wish that they would literally just deport anyone that they find doesn't have documentation. Don't have to go busting down doors or anything, just get them when they come to claim their benefits

2017-04-19 05:22:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I thought that was Cecil Rhodes for a sec

2017-04-19 05:22:27 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Binland stronk

2017-04-19 05:22:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-19 05:24:34 UTC [Anticom #general]  

@Verm Do you like that game? I've not been able to get past the very beggining part

2017-04-19 05:24:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Keep running out of money

2017-04-19 05:27:09 UTC [Anticom #general]

2017-04-19 05:33:24 UTC [Anticom #general]  

What is the difference between Agorism and Ancap?

2017-04-19 05:33:37 UTC [Anticom #general]  

And how are roads supposed to be built under any of these systems?

2017-04-19 05:34:04 UTC [Anticom #general]  

But muh roads

2017-04-19 05:34:20 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Honestly that's probably my favorite meme

2017-04-19 05:34:32 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That and Sperdo

2017-04-19 05:44:21 UTC [Anticom #general]

2017-04-19 05:48:58 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I have a constitutional right to install a SAM launcher on my roof

2017-04-19 05:49:12 UTC [Anticom #general]  

How else will I protect against a tyrannical gubmint

2017-04-19 05:55:33 UTC [Anticom #general]  

LePen is based

2017-04-19 05:55:39 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-19 05:58:24 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Norwegian Black/Death metal combo is objectively the most redpilled genre of music

2017-04-19 05:58:31 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I'm seriously going to bed now

2017-04-19 05:58:54 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Fuck. Moonsorrow is Finnish

2017-04-19 05:58:57 UTC [Anticom #general]  

God damn it

2017-04-19 05:59:38 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Me? No, I have school until like 3:30 and then I'm done

2017-04-19 20:23:50 UTC [Anticom #general]  

That has got to be the shittiest meme I've ever seen

2017-04-19 22:42:33 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-19 22:45:07 UTC [Anticom #general]  

It went by so fast

2017-04-19 22:45:24 UTC [Anticom #general]  

I wasn't sure what I saw

2017-04-19 22:45:35 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Whatever it was, it definitely wasn't gay

2017-04-19 22:52:52 UTC [Anticom #general]  


2017-04-19 22:53:11 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Draedle squad role out

2017-04-20 01:58:24 UTC [Anticom #general]  

Eli Mosely

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