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READ THIS BOOK: It's culture of critique before culture of critique

by a Jew, which makes it so much more convincing

El Salvadors government says that return of TPS illegals would benefit their economy

Liberals should agree since they thing illegal immigrants boost wages and create jobs instead of lowering and taking them

Debate some leftist on diversity being our strength

Immigrants are more likely to have a university degree than natives, but, according to data from the OECD college-educated immigrants have skills much closer to those of natives who *just finished high school*.

@Huge Brain Oliver Imo the best way to argue for lower immigration is to promote high skill immigration instead of low skill immigration. You have to consider our interests and politics of immigration as it stands currently.

More wealthy immigrants are less likely to have replacement level birthrates. So the indian guy who comes here on an H1-B visa is less likely to have a kid than a Mexican coming here through and H2-B visa or coming in illegally.

If we were to put our support behind things like the RAISE Act (https://www.cotton.senate.gov/?p=press_release&id=765) we would be able to cut immigration levels in half, and be able to mitigate the effects of demographic replacement of whites, while at the same time protecting white blue collar workers from a loose labor market

Add a Statistics and Data channel so we can arm eachother with information

@🎭🎵 You have to understand this though, there's always going to be a high demand for foreign labor if that labor is cheaper than the native alternative. Like with H2-B's for instance, there isn't a massive shortage of labor supply in the H2-B sector, yet there is such a high demand. The reason why? Nine of the top 10 sectors occupied by H2-B workers have had stagnant or declining wages for the past two decades

I'd also argue that low skill natives being replaced and having their wages fall is the worst thing that can happen, low skill workers are generally low income earners as well. If you take away their source of income or diminish it, you're hurting people who need it the most. As opposed to a middle or upper class white collar worker who has a fairly good income

I agree, my end goal is to end immigration entirely, but you have to cut the branches before you cut the whole tree.

Immigrants of all classes have allegiance to their own group, it's just low skill immigrants who have more children, i.e. creating more democrat voters.

@Gregory Malchuk An open eugenics program in the United States is highly unrealistic, the public still associates anything with eugenics to nazism

@🎭🎵 I'm for cutting immigration worker programs as much as possible, at the current rate though we take in around 1.3 million immigrants a year. Only 1 in 15 are here because of their skills, it's better to take in high skill immigrants with low birth rates than to take in low skill ones with high birth rates

@Gregory Malchuk You really think government officials would allow that though? You've gotta have your policies grounded in reality here.

Calisthenic Exercises


Losing weight for dummies


@Thomas#4902 It wouldn't try to get at least 30 minutes of good cardio a day if you can

@Bloat MOGG A fellow Intellectual I see

fucking kek

@bress222 Based, you should take you boss' place

@Mephisto your cum must taste sour

@Deleted User Do some bodyweight exercises right now

Fascist literature is just garbage

It's irrelevant to todays political climate

@ArthurThoughtCrimes Although Hitler's table talk is an interesting lead, gets you into the mind of one of the greatest orators and the most infamous leader ever

@j0hn That book made me reconsider race realism tbh

Chuck Schumer is *literally* willing to shut down the government because Immigration reformer Tom Cotton is in the discussion room

@Simon Scola cringy as fuck

like beardson said, reading is for retards

@čarls Read The Language of God by Francis S. Collins, he's a christian who believes in evolution and a physicist

Well, it's happening boys

Venezuela confirms death of right wing freedom fighter Oscar Perez aka "Venezula Rambo"

Rogue Venezuelan helicopter pilot Oscar Perez has been killed in a police operation along with six other militants, spurring Opposition complaints of human rights violations.

Mr Perez was a former police officer and action film star who portrayed himself as a James Bond-Rambo figure on social media.


His last video he made during shootout with Venezuelan forces:


@Joe the boomer I'm actually for gun restriction tho

from 8chans /christian/ board


In places like america I think it's necessary, especially as we get more diverse

CC permits increase violence most of the time

I'm not saying california tier shit but seriously there needs to be some resriction, this isn't the trusting, peaceful america it was 60 years ago

gonna watch

@IAmHiding Okay I was wrong, didn't necessarily get a response to what I posted but I definitely got a response to the broader view of things.

Since crime is concentrated in diverse, metropolitan areas Idk if loosening gun control there is going to lower crime

@epic I like the minimalist look

@Alyssa Cordelia Are u actually Nick's gf



@🎭🎵 He knows the way

@Solipsistic Vinarchy When is the next election?

Harvard Poll finds 81% of Americans want legal immigration reduced in some capacity

@Solipsistic Vinarchy The only corruption I can think of is Gulf of Tonkin and the Iraq war, although I'd deem the latter more a result of incompetancy

Oh shit

Didn't know that

@Thomas I never knew about this wtf, that's crazy

How long after the fact was this information released?

So, who was the real shooter?


Holy shit

Wew, so what's the most plausible alternative for who killed him?

If a cap limit isn't put on the number of those who receive amnesty from DACA, the proposed 700k granted amnesty could jump to nearly four million

Hahahaha holy shit

Ted Cruz pointed out that Tech Companies have to host politically neutral forums in order to avoid legal liability under the CDA, this is something that can reinforce Paul Nehlens shall not censor legislation

@Dindubird Animation is ugly, and it's bad optics 0/10

DOJ to target 23 Sanctuary Jurisdictions in five states with total fines amounting to 53 million dollars

>dramatic restrictions on immigration going forward


@Cammeron - KY >tfw in super shitlib state and local reps are basically pro-amnesty La Raza supporters

not gonna lie i've given up on women, lifting purely for aesthetics now

One of the most redpilling games made at the end of the last decade is now 70% off

@Solipsistic Vinarchy Unironically would support this

**Former Secretary of HUD admits that mass hispanic Immigration is a democratic voter recruiting campaign!**

Tell their illegal workers how to avoid ice

@Solipsistic Vinarchy Absurdley long URL name, this is why republicans cant win. Tell the lad to make the name Snyder.com or MichaelSnyder.com

@Thomas Free Market principles with little exceptions for things like increasing the minimum wage and high corporate taxes

TL;DR is that:
-Wages aren't rising (wage growth slower in 2017 than in 2016)

-Obama Administration proposed an amnesty of 8 million

-Border arrests are down

-Worker bonuses on average are not much (about only an extra weeks worth of pay)

Look at all these central and southern americans herded like rats, absolutely maddening!

Cheif Economist Mark Zandi says Trump's Immigration crackdown is partly responsible for tightening labor market and wage increases

Wages and benefits rose 2.6% in 2017, matching the highest rate since 2008

U.S. Troops wearing Kurdish Militia Uniforms will be shot by Turkish Forces in Syria

@Thomas I mean tbf palestinians violated the NAP

Homosexuality is the peak of degeneracy

According to DHS status indicators, over 243,000 criminal aliens have been booked into local Texas jails between June 1, 2011 and January 31, 2018. During their criminal careers, these criminal aliens were charged with more than 644,000 criminal offenses.

According to DPS criminal history records, those criminal charges have thus far resulted in over 288,000 convictions including:

556 homicide convictions
28,878 assault convictions
8,975 burglary convictions
37,920 drug convictions
271 kidnapping convictions
19,943 theft convictions
24,252 obstructing police convictions
2,181 robbery convictions
3,207 sexual assault convictions
4,006 weapon convictions

Of the convictions associated with criminal alien arrests, over 191,000 or 66% are associated with aliens who were identified by DHS status as being in the US illegally at the time of their last arrest.


US funded terrorists(SDF/YPG) gunning down children with a MG

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