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Thanks guys



how do i get a music bot in here

Post "I" if u playin


wait what


anyone not in?

Do we have everybody?

Except for fed ofc


Wow that's great

Just seeing this now

Lol yeah he got *punished*


MN and NH were extremely close

Who called me gay in the call in show? I don't remember that

Oh lolol

Yeah Bobop

Fucking bobop


Who tf let u out of girl chat

Should lock em up in girlchat and throw away the key tbh

We should have a parallel AmFirst Girl server

All the same stuff except a lot worse and run extremely poorly

You already have girlchat why do you need your own server

Yeah I said we should have a parallel girl server that's a lot worse and poorly run

Sort of like Jim Crow but for women



who wanna play fortnite

on the victory stream

I knew its was either Justinian or Julian

nah it was Julian


we out here

My nibba

Yeah those fucking manlets *nervous sweating*

greg silky smooth voice

Stop rape posting. Some literal prostitute from my college and some other scorned woman are trying to fabricate a hit piece about me because mods havenโ€™t been strict enough about enforcing the rules on this server. So please stop.

Is this a joke to you guys?

Watch me shut down this server if this shit continues



thanks greg

epic ๐Ÿ˜Ž

@everyone get in the call in show lobby if you want to be on the show

how do i get a link for the server

an invite link



i am bored

What did RV delete his profile from

@datsneefa yo reply dms

whomst wanna play fort

whomst wanna play fort


wow look at this

4 catboys

the harem rises


whoa ๐Ÿ˜ฎ


The <@&426549219164160000> clan is growing


catboy fight

catboy mud fight ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

lmao wut

Why are all these catboys over 6ft

this is not aesthetic

nah im 6' 9" so that'd be a downgrade

Broke: "nick wanna play fort with me"
Woke: "nick can i play fort"


Hey Lanius what did you think of the Syria strikes

The AmFirst meetup will be a catboy death match

Now this is the classic AmFirst Discord posting that I've been missing

<@&426549219164160000> your task is to collect more loyal catboys for the harem


sam has a book?


the cat boys are so catty


idrc tbh

I don't really have a problem with those guys but they were ruining the server

Like I don't have beef with any of them, but they just made this a toxic/autistic environment

yeah jbruh

that whole crew got confused about the pecking order

"if you ban us then the server is dead" yeah lol get fucked retards

t. elf

wow Lanius has confirmed evidence to me about the pagan/porn posting on an alt server

pretty sad



How was broseph involved

where the catboys at


Where the <@&426549219164160000> 's at



no u

lanius this joke never gets old

You okay catboy



Wow k

What happened to him



How can I sleep when Our Evropan Race is dying

You donโ€™t need sleep when youโ€™re 250 IQ

Canโ€™t close my eyes without getting wistful or anxious or angry

I watched it after

Whoa so edgy

You guys are really edgy

These tents in houses are making me sad

@everyone IMPORTANT: I'd like to start putting out a weekly highlight reel for America First with the best/funniest/most memorable clips from the week, so please help me by submitting to me the timestamps for your favorite clips during or after the show in the "live show talk" channel!!!

@everyone Hey folks, I'm going to try to start putting out a weekly highlight reel of the best/funniest/most memorable moments from the weeks shows. please help by sending timestamps for your favorite clips in this channel during or after the show

hey was the audio/video not synchronized last night?

im watching rn and the audio/video is wack

ah nvm its me

just checked on my phone

hey who should i have on the show tn

call in show tonight bubbies

Oof banned

Anybody else want to slander my family?

My Hispanic ancestors fought in the Mexican Revolution

With Pancho Villa

Yeah my Mexican side came over before the invasion

They were just alcoholics pretty sure


Idk my family has a lot of mental illness, theyโ€™d probably just be spazzing out on the sideline

Yeah broseph

Thatโ€™s a big reason why i dont drink

Just asking for trouble honestly

Thatโ€™s epic

So weird how the America First show has so many international fans

But thatโ€™s okay, I like it

Everything in moderation

Except SIN

Ah makes sense



**womp womp**

what should jf and i talk about tonight

who is this low iq homosexual


we're trynaa play a game here

@Joe the boomer love u buddy but we're tryna gamee rn

bruh ive been in general all week

Womp womp


Look at this fag

@everyone call in show starts in 15


yanimda is a friend of mine from college who made the trumpwave theme song

not a lot of ppl watching jf tn i wonder whats goin on

very few last night and also tn

my numbers have been down somewhat too

wonder what the deal is

unironically think we're being throttled


nibber with a hard r

good song

okay i gotta put some pants on now

@everyone hey where are my Chicago nibbas at?




@everyone call in show begins soon!

>ppl begging to get Leo on the show
>calls in
>gets owned

โ€œUhhhh akchually our religion is diluted to just two things and thatโ€™s a *good thing*โ€


If itโ€™s not Catholicism itโ€™s not right

East Orthodox is the most legit besides Catholic

>fashioning religion after politics


Donโ€™t wait too long!

Never know when the Son of Man will return

@dirt flakes have fun in hell buddy lol

Check out Catholic Answers, they give great recs on a subject by subject basis

But Iโ€™d start with anything Chesterton

@dirt flakes official position of the Catholic Church is against homosexuality

Aquinas is a little advanced

For a newcomer

@dirt flakes dont be dissin the mother church



Lots of Aussies on this show

Protestantism is barely 500 years old

Total meme


@everyone call-in show in 5 minutes!

anybody got an invite to the ralph server


@everyone come hang

@everyone CALL IN NOW

@everyone who here lives in Kentucky?

I need about a dozen or so people who live in Kentucky

As many as possible but at least a dozen

DM me if you can be in Kentucky this weekend @everyone

UTR 2.0

we're gonna cuck Kessler

just kidding ofc

i cant dude im working

does the dailybrap ever end

every time i come on discord the daily brap is on

morning, night, it doesnt matter

good point

@everyone we doin a thing

@everyone Call in show starts at 7pm cdt

@๐•–๐•˜๐Ÿ˜๐•ฃ thereโ€™s a reason behind it dopey, donโ€™t be so quick to judge. Havenโ€™t you learned anything from watching America First? Think four dimensionally.

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