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https://youtu.be/tbU3zdAgiX8 Brother duo bands of the 50s were nice and comfy

You're welcome 👍

Good morning; this is the song that played when dancing w/my cat and its a real bop https://youtu.be/LcJm1pOswfM

@DustyActual I just listened to that, it's really good! Such a sweet song

That sounds really good, I think I'll check that out! Thank you

What a quaint song, I like it! Thank you @dirt kevin

tfw you can only find the song you want on daily motion because it's blocked in your country on youtube

Darn Japanese and their copyright laws

Nick is a member of the midnight crew, I swear he never sleeps. https://youtu.be/ARLPT5rKjWo

Germans do put out the best music, I'd have to agree. I like the kind of weird twist in a lot of slav music that sounds sorrowful

Slavs made great waltzes, I think they're superior there

Earworm, stuck in my head all day https://youtu.be/I0JVRcJLea8

A requiem for America First Media https://youtu.be/Zi8vJ_lMxQI

If you don't care enough about your homies to bully them then when they're wrong then you're too soft

The guy he is debating reminds me a little bit of a disney villain

Oh my goodness it looks so cute in sticker form

Thank you :3c <:catboi:404144684731072513>

<:catboi:404144684731072513> https://youtu.be/uAhqkiek1vo

Me too, brother, me too.


That looks amazing ooooh I'm gonna have to try it

Definitely! I love breadsticks but I gotta go low on the carbs

Thank you!

How do I convince my friend romance anime is a good genre

Ooh yeah, that is good! Ore Monogatari is my favorite it's so sweet, but I might show them something from a harem anime instead just to get them started

Ohhh yeah my other friend talked to me about that and said she cried watching it. I gotta see it!

:O I love celery! That sounds delicious!

Did you drink that??

Nice figure

Closest thing I have to a figure is a keychain lol


Why do you say that?

Dia Kurosawa! She's one of my favorite characters

Also that made me laugh lol @Thomas

I think you should start with the first series, although Sunshine is good the original is better. And remember to watch the Love Live movie it's really cute!

Oh that anime looks cute!

I don't even browse netflix anymore, all my content is from youtube and kissanime lol

LOL That is pretty awesome actually. My family won't get crunchyroll cause I'm the only one who watches anime ;_;

That is legendary, that is how weeb madness spreads

Oh shoot thank you that's awesome

Wish I understood the appeal of the normie shows, but I can't comprehend how my little sister can sit through hours of the office. I mean, they're at work. How entertaining is that

The office is disavowed because they have women in the workplace

That looks amazing Breadpill, womanly prowess levels far beyond the modern woman

H*ck yeah drop that in here

Mm that chicken would be good with mashed potatoes I might try that. Crock pot pork is really yummy too, I love making pulled pork

I like to make my potatoes a little extra peppery, lol. Thats pretty much how I make mine too, but I use the hand mixer after mashing to get them a little fluffier

My favorite are yukon gold potatoes

Yukon gold potatoes make the best baked potatoes cause the skin is so tender

Its what I like, anyways, I'm not a fan of the tough skins

I've never had shepherd's pie before

Gee I've never even seen chicken livers, let alone fried it

Including me, now. I logged in btw Simon, thank you!

I've never trusted the French man's food...

Horses kind of scare me actually, I don't find them cute

I'm kind of small so standing next to them, they're usually a lot bigger than me. I'm scared they're gonna trample me lol

^ Yep, me too

At a jockey competition I saw this girl got thrown off after a jump and it scared me bad

Violet Evergarden animation looks amazing but I haven't seen it yet

Is Violet Evergarden a romance anime? I don't know much about it but the first words I heard in the trailer are I want to know if you love me

:OOOOO I must watch now

Holt moly you weren't kidding

LOL Crunchyroll should have thought about a limit of viewers

feelin awfully devilish >:3

<:catboi:404144684731072513> <:dab:402362224527671306>

I've got one

My Anime List, normie

Just kidding lol

It helps me keep track of all the anime I've seen, I'm really forgetful

^ exactly

Any of you guys have some good cast iron skillet recipes?

Thank you guys, that is all good advice! I can't stop thinking about a deep dish pizza in a cast iron skillet now mmm

What anime is she from she is adorable

Arigatou :3

Just kidding don't take me seriously

Hey I'm only up cause Nick is streaming

What requirements are you talking about BreadPill?

That sounds easy enough, but what is the criteria for proof?

I have a video I took of me and my little sister suprising my friend (she's the daughter of a single father) with a Christmas tree cause they couldn't afford one, but Idk if that counts. Me and Emily go over a lot to help her dad clean and cook

Kaspa has to have some slack on the swearing since she is Australian, I don't even think Australians realized when they're cursing

"Bro, I know I haven't talked to you since we were 14, but what the heck happened to the crunchy roll account??"

I had a magic obsession when I was little, so Kiki's Deliver Service was my favorite

Goodnight y'all I need to hit the hay too


I think Koi wa Ameagari no You ni is good, but it's just a romance anime

That translates to Love and Lies, right?

Oh I'm finally watching Darling in the Franxx! First episode was good

Oh yay! Tell me what you think about Koi wa Ameagari when you watch it, there are only 4 episodes out right now

I love the art style too! Its really interesting, it kind of reminds me of the really old school anime

Its good I love it

;_; hes not an old man


Shes only 1 year off from it being considered normal

I said nothing of laws

Its legal in japan

Before you brought up laws, all I said was it would be considered normal

Its not like I would condone it in real life, I would never tell a 17 year old girl to be a stepmom

But anime lets you suspend disbelief for a bit

17 is not pedophilia


Your chick is not a pedophile for being with a 16 year old

Okay, so now the other persons age determines whether its pedophilic, even though they're both adults?

Don't watch it bro its okay

What can I say, I'm a shoujou anime type. I didn't even see NGE until I talked to Nick about it

Hm, I'll have to give it a shot! I know its a classic

Ohh, that sounds really interesting! I'll have to check that one out too

In my humble opinion, I dont think you're a pedophile if you're attracted to 17/18 year old. There are people who are more strict though

But I especially think its okay if its just dating and doing cute things, with no explicit or dirty things

The parents being involved really clears up a lot of confusion

Lol it would definitely be easier

Our next generation will have it a bit easier though, hopefully

I'm luckier than most of Gen Z, my parents are good folk and I'm glad they stay together and love each other, but they really not into relgion

That's good, I'm glad! I've been reviving religion in some of my friend groups, I'm really happy about that. It feels really good to see people around me become happier with religion

That's really good, if they leave you for trying to help them, then they're not good friends

Yeah man I lost a childhood friend of 8 years for telling her to be abstinent and learning I was a little too late

She is very weak willed and I can be really argumentative about things like this... I told her she was gonna end up just like her mom! That was rough. Same here Simon

Lol I'm knitting while we talk about this and I feel like I'm in a sewing circle. But yeah, that seems to divide everyone in the right. It's the people who were raised without values I bet, so it's not exactly their fault. They're a product of their enviorment, but if they are given the option to fix themselves and they don't, then the blame is on them

I'm knitting, and you know exactly what I'm knitting! :D

I love the anime channel

General is too busy I don't feel like I can ever jump into conversation


I'm knitting with one of those looms, it makes it really easy to start with!

My grandma gave me the supplies

I'm going to try learning with needles next, its tricky

I still miss the cat boy channel



Look at that chad roman nose

I'm glad you like it :D

Of course! One of my other favorite romance amime is Ore Monogatari

I know :D I relate to Yamato a lot. Wish I had someone like Takeo I could shove all my cookies and stuff on so I can still bake and not get fat, lol

I know what you mean, I'm the same way. I either finish it all in one night or wind up forgetting about it

I lost motivation to watch it after it was spoiled for me

Yeah, so evil of them ;_;

Older woman with a younger boy?

Ohh Brainsick told me to watch that earlier today

Gosh, my to-watch list is getting longer and longer!

Another one to add to the list, lol

Have you seen Harmony? Its not very popular but it's got a really interesting story

It's kind of a dystopian/utopian anime with really advanced medical technology and welfare, and there's a trio of girls who hate the system because it feels like they have no control over their own body. So they plan a suicide pact

Sub for sure

The animation is kind of funky so the voice acting makes up for it

Oh darn I didn't catch that either

I hate to seem like I'm ignorning a message. Good night!

:O what info?

he has the power of God and anime on his side!

Harmony! Its good, I think you'll enjoy it. Its a little weird a bit spooky but good

I like looking at the gf memes like a "tag yourself" meme and seeing which gf I'd most be like lol


<:catboi:404144684731072513> <:catboi:404144684731072513>

Very jew-y of you brainsick


Alcohol bad no good for body make grandparent dissapoint

virgin girls unite, bully the thots!


i'm gonna start an Artemis maiden club and we'll be maidens going around and whacking thots in the head with our bows

Louisiana is surprisingly high? I guess I dont know much about that state but I didn't expect it to be the highest

Everything makes sense now.

I'm glad I'm trustworthy, but I think you guys will be able to find good girls one day. I don't think God would put you here to live by yourself without anyone to love

So far as marriage though, I think if you guys love each other and have conversations about what you want your future to be like, then you'll know when you're ready to marry her. That's what my parents taught me

Well, you trust me, so how did you learn to trust me?

Hm... then I guess theres no science to it. You'll just trust the ones who are trustworthy. I think you're smart enough not to get bamboozled again

Learn from your mistakes. If you can't trust anyone, you'll be awful lonely. Risking your trust being broken is the price of loving someone

You're welcome! @Simon Sasquatch

Oh my gosh you got him to watch Madoka magica?? I've got to talk to him about it, Madoka Magica made me cry a river lol

I haven't seen fate/extra, thats one of the new ones coming out this season, right?

No, I haven't :v Remember I'm a shoujo dweeb lol

LOL Haha oh my goodness that made me laugh so hard

I love cats <:catboi:404144684731072513>

Good morning I want a nap already


did JBP make you do it? type "bloody well" if jordan peterson has your family tied up in canada

<:catboi:404144684731072513> < this but crying

I found a cute catboy I had to share


That's a dude


Day 22 of the catboy channel death

This is my continous problem. I go to a clothing store and pick up something cute, then there's a hole right through it! It gets pretty annoying

Because I don't want the brown men to think I'm one of them and hit on me

White pride pin on my niqab, that is _genius_

Shinji is a good boy I love him

Shinji Ikari

yesssszss my boy

You are like 2 feet taller than shinji irl though at least you have that

BrainsickBlaze told me Simon was near 6'5

You insult me


Replace lewds with cute

You just posted in here


@Tarantula did you need to ask something?

Absolutely!! I have 2

Yeah of course!

This is my cat Skittish and I caught him standing like this for some reason


That one is Leo

Wow! Can I see your cats?

Very cute cats!!

Can you send videos on this

I found out how! Its just a 4 second video of my cat yawning lol

I love when cats yawn. And whenever they smell something weird and and get that look on their face with their mouths open, LOL

i'm allergic to dogs ;_;

I think I could handle it if my boyfriend had dogs, cause I think they're cute, I just wouldn't keep one in the house with all the shedding

i love the dogs mixed with shih tzu they're real cute!

I think I remember that emote

I look forward to seein her whenever you post pictures! Our neighbors dog was some maltese or shih tzu something, he was real sweet. He came by for a while and my allergies got better, but then the neighbors got mad at us for feeding him lol

If i read siege will my allergies go away

Cute! They always find such weird places to nap

Really good 24/7 music stream (lofi hiphop is overrated) https://youtu.be/bWfP0f4E_Mo

One of my favorite genres, really nice to listen to

Who here is caught up on Koi wa Ameagari no You ni? Cause past two episodes were a d o r a b l e

@Simon Sasquatch Cuteness levels increase exponentially

Especially episode 7

Yes!! You do :D

|・ω・`) hello

@🎭🎵 I'm surprised to hear that! Thank you, it's nice to see you too. I've been off my phone and electronics a bit lately but I'm glad to be back today

I've been helping my mom and dad with a few improvements around the house

A lot of my sympathy goes out for the few good millenials

I know right ;_;

I can't imagine not wanting kids

Anime chat is the best chat

Speaking of anime! I'm going to watch the new Darling in the Franxx episode after Nick's show, I've been waiting to watch it with my friend!

:D I'm excited to see it!

Alyssa Cordelia 2018-03-06 02:39:45 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  


Alyssa Cordelia 2018-03-06 02:39:53 [Nick Fuentes Server #art]  

^my masterpiece

My dum dum friend is going to the mall instead of watching franxx with me

Lol! That is pretty funny. My friend took my sister and they got hibachi and her dad paid, I'm so jealous ;_;

Free food is great, but free food that is normally expensive is amazing!!

Do they have Love Live knives? Nico nico KNIFE i want one

That reminds me, I still have my Love Live cosplay lol

I never wore it to a con or anything cause I was too embarrassed

I cosplayed Rin's school uniform

I had a few other wigs, Maki and Honoka (and Dia)

I've never been to a con myself cause I never had any friends to go with and I was much too shy to go by myself

Thank you! I'm less shy than I was then but I'd still rather have a friend. AFAC sounds awesome

Nick "The Catboy (paleo)Conservative" Fuentes panel

Gives a talk about how and why we fit catboys into the movement



Very big fan of this ome


Yesss! I've been playing since I was like 13

Ooh yes

I love Eli, that card is one of my favorites. I have the Hanayo that matches her and shes cute too, but I like the long dress

I love the songs from [email protected]

Theres this one, Romantic Now I think, gets stuck in my head al the time

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