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2018-02-04 02:02:34 UTC

No anti 2a faggots allowed in this chat

2018-02-04 02:29:04 UTC

TFW YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO OWN AN MP5 <:cry:402378380063932418>

2018-02-04 02:35:35 UTC

I can show you guys how to take apart the bolt assembly on a mosin

2018-02-04 02:35:53 UTC

Super easy, no tools necessary

2018-02-04 02:36:08 UTC

For the cheap ass soviet rifle

2018-02-04 03:03:36 UTC

Take pics

2018-02-04 03:03:47 UTC

I might have a mosin

2018-02-04 03:03:50 UTC

I dont know what it is

2018-02-04 03:03:53 UTC


2018-02-04 03:12:00 UTC


2018-02-04 03:13:30 UTC


2018-02-04 03:13:45 UTC


2018-02-04 03:26:18 UTC

tfw only two guns in my house

2018-02-04 03:29:54 UTC

I've got about five guns in my house. Three .22 revolvers (nothing special), a twelve gauge, and this mini-30 I bought recently, being my first ever personal gun. *laugh all you wish*

2018-02-04 04:14:26 UTC

98k is different

2018-02-04 04:15:04 UTC

I'd probs have to make a video or something to show u guys

2018-02-04 04:15:12 UTC

Just wanna share my knowledge

2018-02-04 04:25:23 UTC

I admire the beauty and primal crossover that is bolt action, but as far as modern home/government defense potential, I feel like there are definitive better alternatives.

2018-02-04 04:54:49 UTC

I mile the mini 30

2018-02-04 04:54:52 UTC


2018-02-04 04:55:40 UTC

Yeah same. It's a nice looking gun that chambers relatively cheap and common rifle ammunition.

2018-02-04 04:56:06 UTC

And as of the recent models, they've fixed many of the complaints about overheating.

2018-02-04 04:56:32 UTC

You can also purchase it where the metal components are stainless cold hammer forged.

2018-02-04 04:56:48 UTC

I'm not sure if it comes with a wood finish, but mine's black polymer.

2018-02-04 05:05:44 UTC

There is wood stock ones

2018-02-04 05:05:48 UTC

Which is what I want

2018-02-04 05:05:56 UTC

Though ID rather have a mini14

2018-02-04 05:38:02 UTC


2018-02-04 05:43:28 UTC

2018-02-04 05:48:41 UTC

2018-02-04 06:10:58 UTC

i only nothing haha get #owned

2018-02-04 06:42:55 UTC

why is this a channel

2018-02-04 09:53:12 UTC

@big pasta are you countersignalling our second amendment rights?

2018-02-04 09:53:18 UTC

Fucking faggot

2018-02-04 15:31:15 UTC

Oh yeah you're not stopping shit with only a mosin

2018-02-04 15:31:38 UTC

It's the only rifle I'm 100% familiar with tho

2018-02-04 16:11:14 UTC

My pimp action shotgun


2018-02-04 17:20:40 UTC
2018-02-04 17:20:50 UTC

I wanna get a shotty

2018-02-04 17:21:22 UTC

My state has goober length requirements so I can't think a place I can stash it for easy retrivial in a self defense situation

2018-02-04 17:25:27 UTC
2018-02-04 17:25:32 UTC

What're length requirements?

2018-02-04 18:15:10 UTC


2018-02-04 18:15:31 UTC

I wanted the new shotty with the clip but I think I can't get that one

2018-02-04 18:15:34 UTC

Same with shockwave

2018-02-04 18:15:41 UTC

But the law is so vague I have no idea

2018-02-04 18:15:55 UTC

Don't bother with those. It's nice to have, but they're overly expensive and you can get the same results with a simple bird gun.

2018-02-04 18:16:03 UTC

Let me check it out.

2018-02-04 18:17:19 UTC

A shotgun has to have a barrel at least eighteen inches in length.

2018-02-04 18:17:32 UTC

That's pretty much the only requirement.

2018-02-04 18:17:34 UTC
2018-02-04 18:21:03 UTC

Of course I've read that you oaf

2018-02-04 18:21:10 UTC

Give me a gun 😠

2018-02-04 18:21:30 UTC

*aight aight*

2018-02-04 18:21:33 UTC

Chill big nigga

2018-02-04 18:23:56 UTC

What's your budget? @🎭🎡

2018-02-04 18:26:46 UTC


2018-02-04 19:08:05 UTC

Question about optics. I don't want to get an optic right away but I want to able to. What should I look out for when buying a gun to make sure I can easily put an optic on it later?

2018-02-04 19:25:07 UTC

Well, a customizeable sight rail is ideal for such a thing.

2018-02-04 19:25:33 UTC

But I think there are a few guns with replaceable ironsights.

2018-02-04 19:25:37 UTC

Could be wrong.

2018-02-04 19:43:13 UTC

Damn that is nice.

2018-02-04 19:51:54 UTC

@Thomas Imagine spending 700 bucks on a fucking pump

2018-02-04 19:51:57 UTC

what is this gay shit

2018-02-04 19:57:39 UTC


2018-02-04 20:14:54 UTC


2018-02-04 20:15:27 UTC

I have one of those organizer headboards now

2018-02-04 20:15:33 UTC

I think I would stash gun behind it

2018-02-04 20:16:00 UTC

do pumps have (((safeties))))

2018-02-04 20:16:38 UTC


2018-02-04 20:17:00 UTC


2018-02-04 20:18:38 UTC

you can get an airgun that is lethal

2018-02-04 20:37:38 UTC

cant keep all the guns in the same placed

2018-02-04 20:37:39 UTC


2018-02-04 20:48:39 UTC

Tactical walls are pretty dope though

2018-02-04 21:02:22 UTC

@🎭🎡 if you want ot be a serious person i can help you with gun laws in your area and any questions you may have

2018-02-04 21:02:34 UTC

concerning the mossy shockwave

2018-02-04 21:03:40 UTC

its treated as a "firearm" not a shotgun or long gun or pistol all you have to do is go to your local gunshop and see if they can order you one you will only have to do a backround check like most other firearms

2018-02-04 21:04:15 UTC

your local shop will also be able to tell you if they are any picky laws in your state (MASS) i assume

2018-02-04 21:05:03 UTC

if you want to know about the mechanics of shotties i can help you with that as well

2018-02-04 21:07:37 UTC

I don't think you can get the shockwave

2018-02-04 21:07:38 UTC


2018-02-04 21:07:45 UTC


2018-02-04 21:07:51 UTC

both mossys and remis have safteys the remis have the saftey ont he trigger guard

2018-02-04 21:08:03 UTC

the mossy has it on the back on the reciver

2018-02-04 21:08:11 UTC

ill check

2018-02-04 21:08:22 UTC

good to see the serious side of breadpill

2018-02-04 21:10:20 UTC

not sure but i hink you need permits to own any guns

2018-02-04 21:10:31 UTC

in new york its so insanley convulouted now that im looking at it

2018-02-04 21:10:36 UTC

ive never seen anything like it

2018-02-04 21:12:14 UTC

I want


2018-02-04 21:12:23 UTC

Even if it's impractical and probably fake

2018-02-04 21:17:52 UTC

@🎭🎡 dude the best and qucikest way to find out is to ask the guy at your local mom and pop gun shop they should be aware pof all laws

2018-02-04 21:19:36 UTC

The forums told me no I think

2018-02-04 21:34:15 UTC

fourmns are wishy washy going to the local gun shop is a good experience to have the foks are alwyas update on laws cause they wont sell anything they cant

2018-02-04 21:34:36 UTC

to be honest getting a shockwave at your level is more of a gimmick

2018-02-04 21:34:49 UTC

Also going to the gun shop allows you to meet some good people

2018-02-04 21:34:56 UTC

you should go for a standard pump probably a mossy 590 with a good tube size

2018-02-04 22:07:37 UTC

a gimmick

2018-02-04 22:07:39 UTC

fucking boomers

2018-02-04 22:30:47 UTC

dude shut the fuck up im telling you truth without lots of expeorience its unweidly and hard to use

2018-02-04 22:31:32 UTC

i plan to get one as well but in most situations its not practical

2018-02-04 22:31:39 UTC

stop reading siege

2018-02-04 22:32:06 UTC

Mossberg is dope. i like mine. Killed a couple deer with it

2018-02-04 22:32:12 UTC

i love u

2018-02-04 22:32:39 UTC

mossy is golden

2018-02-04 22:33:02 UTC

Remington quality has gone to shit since they were bought out.

2018-02-04 22:34:24 UTC

Remington quality has gone to shit since they were bought out.

2018-02-04 22:34:25 UTC

Mossberg isn't the gold standard though

2018-02-04 22:34:33 UTC

I'd say Browning is the best way to go for a shot gun if you're willijng to spend the money for one

2018-02-04 22:35:37 UTC

agreed but mossy is still just good stuff

2018-02-04 22:35:54 UTC

the military still uses the moss7y for a reason

2018-02-04 22:35:55 UTC

Check that link out. Pretty cool

2018-02-04 22:36:04 UTC

i dont have facebook but ill click

2018-02-04 22:36:39 UTC


2018-02-04 22:36:58 UTC

It's a mjor event. Makes sense really

2018-02-04 22:37:02 UTC


2018-02-04 22:37:08 UTC

theyu r expecting something

2018-02-04 22:37:18 UTC

it would make a very good target for the local somila muslims

2018-02-04 22:38:10 UTC

evenif they cud only kill 5 or so a half mile away the impact wud be signifacant

2018-02-05 00:19:44 UTC

The shockwave is a fucking meme

2018-02-05 00:21:04 UTC

Dont countersignal the shockwave

2018-02-05 00:21:10 UTC

Probably one of the most useless guns right now and overpriced

2018-02-05 00:21:17 UTC

Hiding smh

2018-02-05 00:21:21 UTC

see me @Cpac

2018-02-05 00:21:29 UTC

Yeah shoot a shitty with a shit pistol grip and tell me how you think about it again

2018-02-05 00:21:49 UTC

If you want to buy it for any kind of home defense you are making a huge mistake

2018-02-05 00:21:49 UTC

then what should I get

2018-02-05 00:21:55 UTC

One with a stock

2018-02-05 00:22:02 UTC

woah buddy

2018-02-05 00:22:05 UTC

such wisdom

2018-02-05 00:22:16 UTC

gotta aim hard to shoot down my 5 meter long hallway

2018-02-05 00:22:21 UTC

with a fugging shotgun

2018-02-05 00:22:23 UTC


2018-02-05 00:22:25 UTC

You do

2018-02-05 00:22:28 UTC


2018-02-05 00:22:30 UTC

give me a gun

2018-02-05 00:22:35 UTC

You actually do you fuck

2018-02-05 00:22:46 UTC

Go to the range and try the hipfire meme

2018-02-05 00:23:20 UTC

You will miss most of your shots in a time when hitting something may mean life or death

2018-02-05 00:24:26 UTC

link me a gun

2018-02-05 00:24:27 UTC


2018-02-05 00:24:29 UTC

its a shotgun

2018-02-05 00:24:30 UTC


2018-02-05 00:24:40 UTC


2018-02-05 00:24:53 UTC

Whats ur budget

2018-02-05 00:25:03 UTC

why would I spend a lot of money on a shotgun

2018-02-05 00:25:05 UTC

whats the point

2018-02-05 00:25:17 UTC

Tight budget go maverick 88 but if you can go higher the Moss 500 is great

2018-02-05 00:25:26 UTC

though I guess id like something (((fun to shoot)))

2018-02-05 00:26:53 UTC


2018-02-05 00:27:56 UTC

Nice 500s are around $300

2018-02-05 00:29:13 UTC

I guess Ill get it soon

2018-02-05 00:29:25 UTC

Then Ill be really set for the race war I suppose

2018-02-05 00:30:39 UTC

if it were only that simple

2018-02-05 00:31:08 UTC

do you even know what the spread is at 5 meters with double oo buck ?

2018-02-05 00:31:15 UTC

caused that info is out there

2018-02-05 00:31:25 UTC

theres lessons at the (((range))))

2018-02-05 00:31:26 UTC

u can find it if you google heres some

2018-02-05 00:31:59 UTC

stop being pissed me with bread its boring

2018-02-05 00:32:19 UTC

just cause i dont hate sargons guts i told u i disagree witht he dude on alot

2018-02-05 00:32:31 UTC

I was mocking ther ange

2018-02-05 00:32:38 UTC

I dunno if the lessons are any good or npot

2018-02-05 00:32:41 UTC

I never called them

2018-02-05 00:33:39 UTC

you can call and ask what is cov3ered in the lesson plans and what the pricing is

2018-02-05 00:34:01 UTC

its probably for people who are homosexuals

2018-02-05 00:34:17 UTC


2018-02-05 00:35:46 UTC


2018-02-05 00:36:28 UTC


2018-02-05 00:36:33 UTC

thats at 30 fucking feet

2018-02-05 00:36:45 UTC

the closer u r the tighter the group will be

2018-02-05 00:37:58 UTC

and i wouldnt reccomend using one for home defence if u cant slap a flashlight on it with a barrel mount

2018-02-05 00:41:29 UTC
2018-02-05 00:45:13 UTC

@IAmHiding concerns on using a short shotty with the birdneck(pistol looking grip) are VALID

2018-02-05 00:45:16 UTC


2018-02-05 00:45:26 UTC


2018-02-05 00:45:37 UTC

and could cost u ur life or the lives of your loved ones

2018-02-05 00:45:51 UTC

Why take the risk

2018-02-05 00:46:33 UTC

the shock wave is a great gun but for a new gun guy and one is doesnt have expert level skills its a problem even instructors wudnt reccomend using one for home defence

2018-02-05 00:47:32 UTC

this is serious bussiness

2018-02-05 00:48:59 UTC

joe its a rooty tooty point and shooty

2018-02-05 00:49:09 UTC

ok ur trolling me again

2018-02-05 00:49:30 UTC

i swear i dont regret trolling you with the sargon shit and the black chick

2018-02-05 00:49:37 UTC

joe joe joe

2018-02-05 00:49:41 UTC

where can I get training

2018-02-05 00:49:55 UTC

give me ur city

2018-02-05 00:50:00 UTC

and ill do research

2018-02-05 00:50:09 UTC


2018-02-05 00:50:19 UTC

fuck it u said u live in boston

2018-02-05 00:50:56 UTC

when did I say that

2018-02-05 00:50:59 UTC

you are wrong

2018-02-05 00:51:55 UTC

u7 talk about it all the time and u have that shitholer accent

2018-02-05 00:52:46 UTC

i assumed u were from the shit hole of boston

2018-02-05 00:55:09 UTC

are you near everret mass.?

2018-02-05 00:56:06 UTC
2018-02-05 00:57:34 UTC

this one look better

2018-02-05 00:58:06 UTC
2018-02-05 22:12:25 UTC

Big if true


2018-02-06 02:53:28 UTC


2018-02-06 02:53:34 UTC

I dare them to try to take my guns

2018-02-06 02:53:47 UTC

I remember thjat

2018-02-06 02:54:15 UTC

is that pre Charlottesville? I thought it was some other one. Patriot Prayer rally?

2018-02-06 02:55:31 UTC

I don’t remember. Probably Charlottesville

2018-02-06 02:59:27 UTC

his holster is fag teir and that isnt a gun belt he is wearing

2018-02-06 03:00:01 UTC

probably got it off amazon and yeah it was right before charrolitsville there are also some funny videos of him freaking out during the tiki mnarch where he and his group are sorrounded

2018-02-06 03:00:03 UTC

its hilarious

2018-02-06 03:28:10 UTC

his entire get up is faggot tier

2018-02-06 04:49:23 UTC


2018-02-06 16:20:52 UTC


2018-02-06 23:39:28 UTC
2018-02-07 00:56:06 UTC


2018-02-07 00:56:20 UTC


2018-02-07 00:56:25 UTC


2018-02-07 01:01:20 UTC

I want that cx4

2018-02-07 03:29:17 UTC

I would get an AR just because there is more ammo available but what ever floats your boat man

2018-02-07 04:13:44 UTC

either an ar or an ak

2018-02-07 04:13:59 UTC

for dummies i would reccomwend an ak its way harder to break and way easier to clean

2018-02-07 04:15:45 UTC

ars have amuch higher learning curve

2018-02-07 04:16:34 UTC

both are fun

2018-02-07 04:16:42 UTC

ar bits are easier to get and more plentiful

2018-02-07 04:16:52 UTC

ammo is alos a tiny bit cheaper

2018-02-07 04:17:02 UTC

but i love AKS

2018-02-07 04:17:58 UTC

ar mags are also more plentiful

2018-02-07 04:18:23 UTC

so in a disaster scenario its really weighted in both directions both are amazing

2018-02-07 06:27:37 UTC

Buying this idc how fucking retarded it is

2018-02-07 06:59:29 UTC

how is that retarded

2018-02-07 15:38:53 UTC

yeah no idea colt does tgood work

2018-02-07 18:00:26 UTC

These are sexy

2018-02-07 18:00:30 UTC


2018-02-07 18:01:07 UTC


2018-02-07 18:01:20 UTC


2018-02-07 18:01:32 UTC


2018-02-07 18:02:05 UTC


2018-02-07 18:02:29 UTC


2018-02-07 18:03:26 UTC


2018-02-07 18:13:16 UTC

What the fuck

2018-02-07 19:10:36 UTC


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