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Why did I just get a notification?

Hello frens.

We could have a payment-based soft eugenics program to breed more high-IQ whites to serve those roles.

SOFT eugenics. Like child payments scaled based on the IQ of the parents.

It is aspirational. A longer term goal.

This is actually awesome. Protests and race riots solidify support for Trump among White America.

@Solipsistic Vinarchy
I can't be hyped into an Alex-Jonesian pedo-hysteria.

We definitely need community organizing and youth outreach among high school and middle school students.

You mean a primary challenge to Trump? Libertarianism is a religion. A Jewish-invented religion that needs to DIE.

I know. The father and the guy in the middle back kind of do look like a certain kind of Nordic though. I just LOLed.

What the hell did you people do?

Braap and rape posting

tfw no clitoral hood

Unfortunately I don't think he did. And yet they call circumcision bans "nazi".

Infant circumcision is Jewish genital mutilation and serves no legitimate medical purpose.

You are all getting gassed.

Can Bob and Sleight come back now?

And did Slipper's wife have the kid yet?


@Punished Bob
Welcome back

What just happened?

It's called AOL and Facebook.

Everybody behave.

I just don't have the opportunity to get political.

Just stop with the drama. Nobody is currently banned.

"The good war"

Tfw no high-test roided-out gf

Will do.

Wtf was that

Holy shit

Are you the actual sharialebeouf?

Did you just get banned from Twitter?

The region around Wildwood is a Mexican sewer. They all run the service industries.

@Deleted User
Huge numbers of Mexicans run the hotels, restaurants, and other low wage service industries.

Tfw no gondola fish and chips.

How do I get Alex Jones to have me on?

Also, the rest of the Ralph stream processed and uploaded, so you can get the first 15 minutes that were missing before.

@dirt kevin
Jones has talked about it before when people have called in, and his reluctance to talk about it suggests be did it to his own son.

JF last night was good. And Spencer & Nick will be very interesting.

There is no indication that Halsey actually wants to debate circumcision. It's everyone else saying that.

Maybe I can troll Spencer, Nick, and JF into taking about circumcision.

Why is the Alt-Right now obsessed with pit bulls?

Ironically, all the pitbulls I have known were big babies, the calmest dogs I have known.

I want to suck bob's big hook nose.

You can get cheap bench presses at yard sales.

And dumpsters.

America is so fat and complacent. People throw away good shit.

Get a treadmill from the trash too. Just remember to oil the belt regularly with silicone oil spray.

@Nicholas J Fuentes
Check DMs if you get the chance.

@Simon Scola
Obstructiton is gone?


Can anyone with Nick's personal contact info tell him to check his discord DMs? I have some important recommendations for the Spencer/Fuentes stream.

My recommendation is this:

Do consider offering some constructive criticisms to Spencer tonight. He COULD in theory continue his speaking circuit if his events were small gatherings at private homes, with word of mouth invite attendance only. George Lincoln Rockwell did similar engagements. Also perhaps ask him about community organizing, youth outreach, clandestine youth political clubs, and infiltration of local and state GOP offices by these clubs. Just some ideas. I will eagerly be awaiting the stream.

I find random shit on Twitter.

Have them join a WN scouting organization.

Jones's wife does not look Jewish.

I hope there is constructive criticism and bridge-building.

Jones is wailing on Shapiro.

What about Mosley?

I meant to ping Lanius.

Yes, Mosley had plans for the community organizing network I have been talking about. Capable of plugging into IE.

Somebody PLEASE get Nick to read my DM before the stream.

This is a great debate.

The debate circuit is back.

Spencer is rape-posting.

@Nicholas J Fuentes
Awesome performance.

Spencer and Nick make a good duo.

Alex Witoslawski

Spencer should be on the show tonight to learn and talk about organizing.

That's the point.


Wine you?

Like a dinner date?


We are NEVER going to invade North Korea.

And Kim Jong Un is NOT giving up his atomic weapons. He will normalize relations, partially open the borders, and stop atomic and missile testing, but he will NEVER give up the atomic bomb.

No. Fun to go to, but the founder of chiropractoring believed the spinal column held magical essences and weird shit.

They also even take x-rays looking for "microdislocations" or some shit that is not objectively observable.

Who shit the bed?

That's basically a holding tank for people waiting for real investigation or surgery. They do the same shit here.

You actually have Peyronie's disease?

Do you plan on getting it fixed?

How bad is it?

No, severe side to side curvature is a disease.

Up down left or right?

Thank you.

A little.

Stop or you're going to get banned.


Incel Revolt



No tobacco.

There needs to be room for religion debate.

@Nick Ready GITM
I want to rub baby oil all over that thot.

I'm kidding.

Did Iran do 9/11 now? Does Iran also have to make holocaust reparations?

I want Iran to pay me Holodomor reparations.

Is that Rand Paul?

"Defenstrate" literally means throw her out the window...

Ask Peterson what he thinks about the ethics of infant circumcision. Also, tell him that Jewish "intelligence" is a canard that sidesteps the contention of the Alt-Right. We are concerned about Jevvish SUBVERSION.

Thot-orbiting is a problem even among elementary school age children. We need male-only spaces.

WHY is an 11 year old on Tinder?

@Literally Shaking
An Alt Hyp video?


@Literally Shaking

@Literally Shaking
Who IS I Hyp? Is he an MRA? MGTOW? PUA? Manosphere?

Time for war.

I didn't know braaping could lead to conception.

@Punished Scaredd
Is that Linus from Tech Tips?

The guy standing on two blacks looks like Linus from Tech Tips.

The face.

I,Hypocrite called me out in his videos.

I need to do a call out video on I,Hypocrite.

@Punished Bob
What video.

Our enemies are putrefied corpses waiting for a stiff breeze to knock them over.

@RetardO ExtremeO
Am I under siege from another member of the YouTube Sanhedrin?

Ann Coulter/Tucker Carlson

I too orbit famous teenage boys, mostly to pester them about circumcision.

Albino Chimpout



HPV has a vaccine, the cancer occurs only in women, and they are STILL using HPV to sell circumcision!!!!

Probably blood test. It doesn't outwardly manifest in men.


Then get the HPV Gardasil vaccine.

I am going on another podcast tonight. This time with talk about the explicit political weaponizaiton of circumcision against Z0G.

No call-ins, just political strategy.

Here is the podcast.


@Triple Hernan
Preliminary, but I need to reestablish contact.

@Triple Hernan
11pm eastern

@Deleted User
That guy literally has a personality disorder.

I can only read analogue clocks.

@dirt kevin
I am going to gas him in a response video.



Koch brothers

I HAVE a question for Nick not related to circumcision.

@Deleted User
11 pm,est

@Deleted User
I will regenerate your foreskin.



@Nicholas J Fuentes
I have a question not related to circumcision!!!




I see ban circumcision

@Nicholas J Fuentes I have question


Gibs guest




I had really good substantive questions..

No, we like call-ins, but like QUALITY.

One on Spencer's organizing tactics, one on incels, one on political infiltration of the GOP, and one on the military empire.


Gas the wahmen, thot war now!

It's on the channel

Or will be

Gas chamber for mod.


Jordan Peterson is a hypocritical slob with a personality disorder.

Jordan Peterson is a hypocritical slob with a personality disorder.

Peterson is indeed on anti-depressants and wellbutrin.

@Deleted User
Rust Belt

We wuz sober an sheeit.

What is that?


I like blonde eyes and blue hair.

Make wine

Make wine out of g r a p e s.


Gibs explanation.

One moment



It's fine, It's not why I left.

Gas John McBrainTumor

@dirt kevin
I was on the Red Elephant tonight.

Only a little while. Honestly Little makes Paul Nehlen look calm and cool by comparison.

Patrick Little

Here is a video of him.

RalphRetort, Backyard Bloodsports, The Red Elephants

Who is that guy?

He's dead?

What do you mean? Skin cancer? Burned alive?


@Deleted User
Early 2016.

Well, I was radicalized in 2010 or 2011 from an entry in an anatomy textbook.

I stayed in the closet on the issue until early 2016.

Phimosis can be easily treated with steroid creams, tissue expansion, or at worst preputioplasty.

@Deleted User
Not pre-school, ages 8-14, but generally ages 8-25.

Penis inspection time!

Enoch Powell was wrong. His immigration projections were EXCEEDED.



Twistedpuppet in the RalphRetort?

OHH, her.

I have found women to be quite vile in their frenetic promotion of it.

@Deleted User
His parents could still have been idiots and forcibly retracted him all through infancy and childhood, causing all kinds of problems.

Then social pressure or medical idiocy may have also played a role.

No, the kid.

Nick was typing here earlier and I think I drove him off.

@Deleted User
It's mostly perceived social pressure, not real social pressure.

What tranny

I'm working on it.

@Deleted User
You haven't been listening to the streams, have you?

What are you studying?

You already have an undergrad degree in a stem major?


I should have gone to law school.

What are you studying?

Go to law school. The dissident right needs lawyers.

Did you just graduate?


Shave your pubis.




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