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@Spyro69f well try to do something with your parish to make it great again

its pretty easy to get an audience with church folk

https://youtu.be/y3K5oLg-Fq4 here is some cozy Christmas listening!



this is /ourspace/

Post emotes and other requests here


blackpill is in here







emote limit filled. complain about shitty emotes to replace em with sometihng better

give me good replacements

I can even give you permissons to add the emojis

I dont have photoshop

@here if you have photoshop I will give u permisson to make emojis

photoshop has that nice autocrop tool

u kinda need it

u cant manually do it



no bluepills allowed

if u crop some emojis/make new dank ones I can mod u

HH brother

itll take a couple dank ones tho

Serious political discussion/stories

I remember reading a tweet where they subsidized childbearing in a town in japan and fertitlity doubled

so there's your answer

It was today or yesterday too

better local communities through stronger churches/governments

i dunno fella

if u wanted to make me happy ud fix <:lmaoJUST:402382946234925056>

Get people with discord nitro to join apparently they get me more emoji slots

HH brother

@IAmHiding can u make a lauren rose emote

it was




we aint america first


Plebs please make me a post office bombing emote

@here we don't have any bots! Any bots you guys want in here?

Whats that

ill look into it later

montaro bot seems to be for homesexuals

@king basic gestalt for your bot?

nibbas how do I add a discord bot

wanna add the bible bot for the christian channel

uh fella

I would but I dont know you

just tell me how to do it and u can be a shield brother

nick didnt set that up

Ill bother him about that

no BIBLE for now



trash emote


@everyone NICK DEBATES JACOB WOHL https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkzL9202KWc

nick has to go to the anti war angle

exacting influence over nations is war

ok nick didnt cuck

good optics


they should is not

good optics

nick should go aginst THEY SHOULD

easy point



very jewish

lots of jewish parking tickets

why did he have to do it

he coulda got off fine if he didnt do it

a lot of views for nick

beating out the plateau

all these donations about the gregpill

if we dont know if this classified stuff is valuable we shouldnt operate off the assumption jthat it is... we should push our government to at least reassure us its value

at least hes a honest jew


Roses are red, Violets are blue, try to read "The International Jew"

there was 700 watching




😑 <:gat:402359306785128448>


move back to general fellas

if u keep posting here you will be kicked

<#402353090042527756> you go

need the fashy authority

right wing thought is hierarchy


but they are /ourgodlessguys/

it wouldnt fit

but good idea

three letter words are already barely readable

@here post rare slobodans

no space


would if I could


@here we are rolling out a beta for new permissons for the shield brothers. They can kick and move people to different voice channels and delete messages. Tell me if they bully you for no reason

Chads is the real channel

only for shield brothjers and aristocrats

if it gets to the point where our doctors are getting replaced by foreign doctors that's a problem that is BIGGER than anyone taking a lowskilled labor job

the law should let people in based off of demand for people for whatever sector, they have predictons for which sectors are going to grow and which ones arent. They can also forsee a need for more people in x field, as we see now in a demand for computer science and eldery care

Get rid of the visa program


cmon fella

people are having to retrain their replacements

its horrible

immigration law should be based on a fliexible set of rules instead of something set it stone

which I mean it kinda is, I just dont like the idea of a bill not adapting to changing times

if the bill says to take in doctors 10 years before and now our doctors are getting displaced we should be able to retweak who we let in withoutr having to pass a bill through congress

which I think is already the case consitutionally it just isnt done

@here if anyone can make a bye bye emote that which with we can say bye bye to illegals and others pilfers with, we may add it if its good enough. If its good you will be made a shieldbrothedr

I want it to be artistic

not texxt

if it exists

be creative

no text

cant be text and must be bettter than πŸ‘‹

the crying pendejo might be a good idea

ill see if I can fit it in

not what i was tihnking but good in a differnet fashion


fellas I want to find things that will move my soul in here

good christian posts mean way more than anything else for shieldbrother status rn

Im about to make a load of shekels

what to do with it

2018-01-18 00:02:10 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

πŸ’― BANGER πŸ’―

simple question



I dont want to play a volitile crypto market

if someone could play for more now we are talking

but im not wasting time watching the market

why cant I get real help


real advice from my shield brothers

what to do with my shekels

start a buisiness wtf

@Thomas rather you use the here command just makes more sense

I thought normies couldnt use everyone

normie uprising


I was thinking of trying to read more than one book at once because I tihnk it would help keep my interest

imma dox myself in this server one day

Fellas redpill me on haircuts

@DavidTheAnointed this is a powerful post


I do nt know what happened to them so imma assume nick did it

dont countersignal his decision

@Alyssa Cordelia your time will come

are you countersignalling hierarchy

not very trad!

go back to the cat porn

vetting fags get off my board

the most fun you guys had in awhile was bullyciding the racemixer

and you want to take that away

T*d talks

im taking a class on evolution this semesster


when did this song come out lmao

I dont like the SLUITTY dancers in the video

I could do all these things

Sent it through ;)

I dont want Nick to neg ortho bros smh

hed be a bad russian shill if he did that

Hey hes posting the timestamps himself now

one thing at a time

Have more white people


Terry Marino Matthew 18:15-17New International Version (NIV)
Dealing With Sin in the Church
15 β€œIf your brother or sister[a] sins,[b] go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over. 16 But if they will not listen, take one or two others along, so that β€˜every matter may be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.’[c] 17 If they still refuse to listen, tell it to the church; and if they refuse to listen even to the church, treat them as you would a pagan or a tax collector.

Powerful response to the cast the stone stuff

Lets talk fellas

Who are gonna be the most sucessful african nations

Nick is really revolting against the modern world rn

Ill show you the crumb cakes fellas

we need to show women we can replace them so they step it upo

we need to bullycide women with our own ability


Once im on the school grind its hard for me to justify anything beyond water and tea, but then wheres the spice and life

need weekends of cider and grape juice

@Alyssa Cordelia rate my womanly prowess


Also there's my foot so I'm white btw

Feed all the hombres with that eh Chicano?

I am a lost soul without a COLLECTIVE


what can one do when he is really pissed off/stressed out? It kills my productivity

I feel like an animal that was spooked before the slaughter and thus my meat has gotten shitty

If you can distract yourself from it you arent really angry

or it isnt a very important thing to be angry about

Im starting to look like my favorite emoji 😑

A real siege readxing nigga

Id like to say the same but I have good reason to be mad rn

really not feeling the faith rn

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