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@AmonLotharingen#3177 he was NazBol... he actually had songs about honor and pride in his country

He wouldn't be communist by today's standards

Hitler's Table Talk

The International Jew

Great question! No! Autarky results in world war... also much of our industry has left the states for cheaper labor markets. We would be fucked. @Sam Southern - TN This is why I fully support looking at economics (and thus politics) in an entirely international lens...

The global marketplace is the same affiliates and often actual people and families that run the federal reserve

Iran and Syria are our natural allies

This is why you can’t have chinks making decisions... ^^ PragerU and β€œconservative” JEWs are more subversive than the openly anti-white Bolsheviks. These people are the scummiest liars of all: Prager, Shapiro. Jonah Goldberg, Jennifer Rubin, Bret Stephens, Weinstein’s, Juden Peterstein, Andrew Klavan, Mark Levin, Lionel. On and on with these swindling parasites.

Nick Fuentes cares more for swindling the public with his never-ceasing emphasis on β€œappearance” over substance. Nick is nothing but clever; and in that regard he’s nothing more than a conniving word-mencing Jew, which is the last thing an authentic identity movement rooted in counter-parasitism needs.

Be Gone Parasite!

Also can someone DM me with a link to his server, TY.

20 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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