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@Deleted User I wish i could share my spotify playlists but that would be a self dox lmao

actually annoying me dude

what are you listening to right now?

ive never listened to xiu xiu really but pill friends has a super good cover of one of their songs

listened to that glocca morra track, pretty damn good tbh

i told my friend to finally join to discord since we have very similar music tastes

he watches the show

idk why hes never joined

let me listen because i feel like ive heard some of their songs

this reminds me of a song

I like yellow love by them

off their everybody is goign to heaven album

not really

hold on let me think

never really listened to them

ik who yuou are talking about though

actually everytime you ask and i say that i always have a few of their songs saved

so useful for finding new music

and /mu/ chart threads

chart threads are usually my favorite since i can find someone with similar tastes easily

hold up i have a band

they only have 5 tracks in total i think

just listen to all of them

everyone i rec this to on mu loves it

my fav track is Ocean

discord spotify embedding is super nice

usually try not to do it though since not everyone has it

i cant tell you how many times ive listened to this bands tracks over and over

love the artist who does pale waves and the 1975s album art

samuel johnson i think is his name

what game?

LoL gay :^)

you addicted?

havent really played vidya seriously in a long time

this is good

less autists?

safe haven ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

string breaks lmao

2018-01-15 07:37:00 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 07:37:19 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

Crop this, was the source image for the old reaction image

2018-01-15 08:01:07 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

music chat now

2018-01-15 08:37:24 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

Mods you can remove the old FBI emote and replace it

2018-01-15 08:37:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

maybe whitepill or blackpill

2018-01-15 08:39:30 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

<:cry:402378380063932418> also this cry emote has 1 at the end, like there was multiple before

2018-01-15 08:40:08 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

small brain emote is great

2018-01-15 08:40:10 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 08:43:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 08:44:03 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

Trash emote LOL

2018-01-15 08:48:07 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 08:48:08 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 08:55:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

ive got some

2018-01-15 08:55:31 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

<:Nogger:402366026731487232> this one is impossible to read

2018-01-15 08:55:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

<:fed:402374556049735681> this one is just shit tbh fam

2018-01-15 08:56:12 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

and we already have <:FBI:402375322215120898>

2018-01-15 08:57:13 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

ones with white backgrounds just dont look good

2018-01-15 08:57:26 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

gotta have a transparent background

2018-01-15 08:57:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

<:lmaoJUST:402382946234925056> Love this but its gotta be clear

2018-01-15 08:57:50 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

scrool up in chat

2018-01-15 08:57:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 08:58:06 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

there is the nick serious face

2018-01-15 08:58:12 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

its gotta be cropped though

2018-01-15 08:58:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

uhh you can just use paint dude

2018-01-15 08:58:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 08:59:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

nah the serious face can just be the full block

2018-01-15 08:59:27 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

hold up

2018-01-15 09:00:13 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 09:00:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

maybe this?

2018-01-15 09:00:26 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

:NickSerious: maybe

2018-01-15 09:01:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 09:02:07 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

<:hitler:402365255344455680> <:Hitler:402384034321399808>

2018-01-15 09:02:11 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

remove first one

2018-01-15 09:02:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

second one is nice though

2018-01-15 09:02:32 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

replace with bluepill?

2018-01-15 09:02:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

good for using on leftpol fags though

2018-01-15 09:03:27 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

i have a few i think

2018-01-15 09:03:30 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

hold on let me check

2018-01-15 09:06:03 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 09:07:05 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

quality feelsbadman


2018-01-15 09:08:22 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

trying to find all my emotes

2018-01-15 09:08:44 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 09:09:51 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

send source image

2018-01-15 09:11:04 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

ill see what i can make/find

2018-01-15 09:22:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 09:23:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

<:BOMB:402360070782058506> <:BasedLee:402360680520482826> trash emotes

2018-01-15 09:24:22 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


2018-01-15 09:24:24 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  


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