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Hey Paul

R8 my shit taste in music

This songā€™s title reminds me of you fuck Boi @dirt kevin

I get plenty of trans women(tm) on the tl, get jealous cuck

does anyone else unironically like slipknot

song of the day @everyone

HAIL NICK @everyone

@Deleted User 936b42a6 allsup dick rider detected

@Deleted User 936b42a6 i dont know the full story so i cant say

2018-01-17 03:25:42 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


2018-01-17 19:20:21 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@dirt kevin Will I get any more out of reading this? I feel like I understand enough of his core beliefs

sugar is dog food

2018-01-17 19:36:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

fug I need to read it. I'll read it after some of the other books I have on my list. I got sick last monday and havent read barely anything at all wasted a whole week

im going to get back on it TONIGHT.

2018-01-17 19:41:24 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

i was vomitting and felt like killing myself, then i just got generally thrown off working on other projects

2018-01-17 20:33:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-01-17 20:36:32 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-01-17 20:38:00 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Dont forget turner diaries

2018-01-17 20:38:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

woke. We should start an America First book club

2018-01-17 20:38:53 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

or merge with ChadRight's book club

2018-01-18 01:06:44 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

@Bret goy I was reading confessions as well and got like halfway through. I decided to stop and will pick it up later along with City of God

What classics are you going to read

@(((The George Borjas))) I wouldn't know, want to test it out for me

2018-01-18 01:08:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  


buy link

2018-01-18 04:22:39 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

read philosophy

2018-01-18 04:22:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

yes goy get reading

2018-01-18 04:24:37 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-01-18 04:24:40 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-01-18 04:24:41 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

these are good

2018-01-18 04:25:00 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

specifically for being a more principled man, idk. I think being a man starts with a solid foundation

2018-01-18 04:25:08 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

im reading these

2018-01-18 04:25:42 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

and ive got a longer reading list as well

2018-01-18 04:25:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


2018-01-18 04:26:17 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

not often

2018-01-18 04:27:23 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

poast art

2018-01-18 04:27:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

and yeah ive always loved recommended reading stuff
ive gotten into /lit/ recently

2018-01-18 04:28:51 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

i have a massive library on here too from megas

2018-01-18 04:28:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

ive got a whole shit ton of megas saved too

2018-01-18 04:29:14 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

yeah i want to go through the green pill reading list

2018-01-18 04:29:27 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

theres too much to ever read

2018-01-18 04:29:34 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

yeah i want to build a massive library

2018-01-18 04:29:47 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

yeah but its funyn because i found some of the greenpill stuff on my own

2018-01-18 04:29:52 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

like Manly Palmer Hall

2018-01-18 04:30:03 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

and the Kybalion

2018-01-18 04:32:30 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

send me savitri devi, i want to read some of her stuff

2018-01-18 04:33:03 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

i think the main one is The Lightning And The Sun, which might be all i read

2018-01-18 20:19:11 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Anyone else want to read Evola

2018-01-18 20:19:42 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

im autistic and am trying to read 5 books at once, but Evola is probably the one people here would want to go for the most

2018-01-18 20:21:39 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Way of Zen by Alan Watts
Western Wind by John Frederick Nims
German for Reading (just for learning german, irrelevant for others here)
Evola, starting with The Hermetic Tradition
Mythology by Edith Hamilton

2018-01-18 20:22:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Im going to read a book on esoterica or spirituality in the morning

the poetry and german books after on days when i have time

and then politics and miscellaneous at night

Yeah Way of Zen is pretty good so far

2018-01-18 20:23:01 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

im going to read Doctrine of Awakening by Evola after, which is his take on Zen

2018-01-18 20:23:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Im actually enjoying the history half which is what im on now i think, I like to see how the three religions/philosophies tie together

2018-01-18 20:24:00 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

even if hes spinning in a certain way, its still useful i think

2018-01-18 20:24:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

im only vaguely familar with hinduism, and with taoism i just started learning about it so its useful

Yeah I'm not a big history fag either. I feel like theres just not enough time to study the details of things

2018-01-18 20:25:05 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I like stuff like politics and philosophy more, the sort of meta-trends and ideas

2018-01-18 22:53:08 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

nice i might read that eventually. right now im just starting with classics and philosophy stuff

2018-01-19 01:04:27 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

yeah thats what im going to attempt starting tomorrow. im at least going to try 3 at once

2018-01-19 03:10:33 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


2018-01-20 13:05:41 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I am becoming a Vegan

2018-01-21 17:00:03 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


2018-01-21 17:01:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  

this is content

2018-01-21 17:01:48 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

now thats what i call fashy

tfw no tyr gf

2018-03-25 04:29:37 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Socrates deserved to die

Guys howmst do I become Christian

In theory it could be resurrected, but it sounds kind of gay

Only half-trolling, I know its an incredibly vague question. I've been looking into it for awhile but have basically just been reading / information seeking, I need to go to church or something

id dab on them milky

2018-03-28 19:19:24 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

poast music for edgy teenagers

(((F R U I T)))

@Georges_Cross Not the guy you were talking to but I'm in a similar situation. I had first communion and baptism but left before I was confirmed, what should I do?

Nice, what are your thoughts on SSPX? @Georges_Cross

Idk I think the current pope is just a cuck, but he's done nothing irreparable yet. The Church needs to be restored.

Went to confession for the first time in 9 years today, and I'm doing the same with Mass tomorrow. Feels good guys, Happy Easter to you all

2018-04-01 01:09:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

owo whats this

2018-04-05 17:45:40 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

is anime gay?

2018-04-11 12:40:02 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

fucc just finished evangelion and eoe last night

2018-04-11 20:38:46 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

@Alyssa Cordelia Haven't stopped thinking about it or trying to puzzle it out all day

That was far superior to any other series I've ever watched

@šŸŽ­šŸŽµ watch evangelion

2018-04-11 20:57:32 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

tfw no pen pen gf

2018-04-11 20:57:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

And @šŸŽ­šŸŽµ wtf, are you too low IQ to follow it or something?

2018-04-11 20:58:17 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

@gangweeder its been stuck in my head all day

2018-04-11 21:04:56 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

I was confused as to whether ZOG/Seele were supposed to have had the goal for everyone or if their initial motivation was for themselves to become godlike

The Human Instrumentality stuff is very similar to Evola's conception of Kali

2018-04-11 21:05:06 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

Lilith is basically Kali

2018-04-11 21:05:20 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

the thing that creates all life and to which life returns to die

2018-04-11 21:07:01 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

yeah but it seems inconsistent that zog would want instrumentality

I've only read parts of evola

It is heretical, evola was one step off from being a satanist

Perennialism or The Traditionalists believed all religions got at some fundamental truth

2018-04-11 21:07:26 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  


2018-04-11 21:08:29 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

Evola felt like he could pick from different religions to explain concepts because they were all connected by the same baseline spiritual intuition

2018-04-11 21:08:57 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

Yeah idk, if Seele's goal was just instrumentality are they even really bad guys or zog at all

2018-04-11 21:10:11 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

i thought that they wanted to use it for selfish reasons or something, but by the end they dont really

2018-04-11 21:11:50 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

Yeah its pretty gay honestly (perennialism), but its very good for understanding esoteric symbolism and what not

Evola's critique is fundamentally based on it though, which is why it gets kind of autistic

2018-04-11 21:17:39 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

yeah I'm going back to the Greeks soon, I'm going to read the complete works of Plato and Aristotle

2018-04-11 21:32:55 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #conspiracy]  

Q always looked like a larp to me, I'm too retarded to understand all of the things he hints at though

2018-04-11 22:30:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]

2018-04-11 22:36:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #music]  

lord i donā€™t know what iā€™ll įµˆįµ’įµ’į“¼įµ’į“¼įµ’į“¼, all i do is sit and Ė¢į¶¦į“µį¶¦į¶¦į¶¦į“µį¶¦įµŹ°, oh lord, that last long day she said goodŹ™ŹEį“‡ Well lord i thought i would cįµ£yyyyy, sheā€™ll do me, sheā€™ll do you, sheā€™s got that kinda lovinā€™ lord i love to hear her when she calls me sweet į“°įµƒįµƒį“¬įµƒį“¬įµƒį“¬įµƒįµƒįµˆŹø such a beautiful į“…Ź€į“‡į“€į“į“į“į“į“ i hate to think itā€™s all įµ’į“¼ver, iā€™ve lost my heart it sį“‡į“‡į“‡į“‡į“s iā€™ve grown so used to u somehoį“¼ow, well iā€™m nobodyā€™s sugar daddy now and iā€™m Ė”įµ’įµ’į“¼įµ’į“¼įµ’į“¼āæįµ‰Ė¢įµ’įµįµ‰, i got the love sick blues

2018-04-11 22:44:11 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #suggestions]  

Nick get anime girls on your show

2018-04-11 23:25:18 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #art]

2018-04-11 23:27:18 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

While we're posting reading lists there's always this

2018-04-11 23:27:53 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

the attached image isn't the only one, there's a couple dozen on there

2018-04-11 23:36:36 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Yeah sure thing, I'm currently doing the start with the greeks meme more or less. Going to start on the iliad tomorrow

2018-04-11 23:39:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

apparently the robert fagles translation is really good so i went with those, also because i like the way they look, even though the books are overpriced

I try to read books online unless I want them for long term use

2018-04-11 23:40:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

^libgen is a good site for anyone looking for free pdfs

2018-04-11 23:42:08 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

oh yeah, the leather barnes and noble classics are nice, I have one thats the complete works of shakespeare and the same for edgar allan poe

2018-04-11 23:44:38 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Yeah I'm not some big reader or something, I have yet to go through a lot of them. I only just started reading again last year, made a resolution to read regularly so I've only recently been getting big brained

2018-04-11 23:48:20 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

oh I definitely prefer it, but online its free and quick. I split up how I read it @Sleightology

I'll add that one to my reading list, I know basically nothing about English history even though it seems fascinating

2018-04-11 23:51:37 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Pretty much yeah. We were reading To Kill a Mockingbird when we could have been reading the classics of the west

We did learn a good bit of real history at my school, but thats probably just because my teacher was a cool guy

2018-04-11 23:52:50 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I remember learning about Goethe for the first time and when I read Faust I was just dumbfounded because there was this work of art that some consider to be one of the greatest books of all time and I'd never even heard of it or had any contact with it

2018-04-11 23:54:38 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Im still in uni but yeah most of the stuff ive learned ive taught myself

Schools are designed to produce worker units (if that) not intellectuals (or even just intelligent people)

Yeah you should read Faust, parts of it can be a bit difficult but overall its a very good book, I'd recommend the (((Kaufmann))) translation

2018-04-11 23:55:12 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Kaufmann was the original Luke Ford, he was a goy who converted to judaism

2018-04-11 23:56:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

reason I know that is I always check if the translators are jewish

Its not, Kaufmann translates Act I scene I and all of Act 5 for you
just read a summary of the rest

2018-04-11 23:57:30 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Part of why its not worth reading is its hard to translate as its more poetic and its so riddled with references and allusions that basically only scholars or megabrains can understand it

Part I came out long before it and is the really famous part. Read the ending though, it provides closure to it and its really good

2018-04-11 23:59:58 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Nice. Yeah I've gotta read a lot of the natsoc stuff, there's a lot of overlap between the reading list you posted earlier and stuff on my list

2018-04-12 00:00:44 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Yeah there's no feds here. Now let's talk about firearms, you guys carrying? How many weapons do you own?

2018-04-12 00:03:22 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

ur mom gay

2018-04-12 00:04:37 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

huh apparently ive been on this video before, because im 4 minutes in

2018-04-12 00:06:20 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

oh haha, I thought it was on my end

2018-04-12 00:07:09 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  


is cpac going to become the new America First yearly meet up location

I'll probably go to the next one

if not the one after that

its clickbait because something about his face draws the eye. The expression he's making

2018-04-15 01:54:19 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

"Rage-Goddess, sing the rage of Peleus' son Achilles, murderous, doomed, that cost the Achaeans countless losses, hurling down to the House of Death so many sturdy souls..."

2018-04-15 18:12:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

should i watch franxx

2018-04-15 18:18:17 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

alright, I'll probably start on it tomorrow but go slowly rather than binge

The only other animes ive ever watched are death note and evangelion

2018-04-15 18:18:26 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

im trying to go for the patrician animes

2018-04-15 19:08:16 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

i liked the first 10 or so episodes of death note but it gets very gay very quickly

and I might check that out

2018-04-15 19:26:29 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

Idk I'm not necessarily looking for anything. I don't watch tv anymore so it might be good to have something to watch on the treadmill

2018-04-15 20:27:34 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

>reading cartoons
hmmm, at this right I might be there in a year or two

the virgin leg presses and squats vs the chad benching once then leaving

2018-04-16 17:04:54 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

tfw no anigf

2018-04-17 10:10:13 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

"Particles decay, molecules disintegrate, cells die, organisms perish, species become extinct, planets are destroyed and stars burn-out, galaxies explodeā€¦ until the unfathomable thirst of the entire universe collapses into darkness and ruin. Death, glorious and harsh, sprawls vast beyond all suns, sheltered by the sharp flickerlip of flame and silence, cold mother of all gods, hers is the deep surrender. If we are to resent nothing-not even nothing-it is necessary that all resistance to death cease. We are made sick by our avidity to survive, and in our sickness is the thread that leads back and nowhere, because we belong to the end of the universe. The convulsion of dying stars is our syphilitic inheritance. The name ā€˜Batailleā€™ loosely congeals a message from the dead heart of the real, and anything human is quite incidental here. Matter signals to its lost voyagers, telling them that their quest is vain, and that their homeland already lies in ashes behind them. If there is a conclusion it is zero. Silence. Words continue as something else, as something in any case, or at most; the edge of something (of all things). Yet there is nothing but chaos, even if chaos (alone) is the repressed. Unilateral difference. That is why a revolution must be a zenith of competence nucleated upon burning insanity, since anarchy and utter surrender only connect in a religion of death. Thanocracy, anarchy are undifferentiable at zero, and a human being without desperation escapes my comprehension. Being created in the image of God, we mean nothing to ourselves, and want only the inhuman. They are right to say that in trafficking these words I correspond to a zone of Nietzscheā€™s maximum detestation; vermin, disease, madness, anarchy, and religion flow through me as through their own space."

2018-04-17 16:20:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #conspiracy]  

Hey guys enough with the wacky conspiracies, no talking about that okay?

One translation is "to will the good for someone else" rather than some of the modern definitions of love.

We should want things to work out the best for everyone and shoot for it where we can, but if by necessity we need bad things to happen, then thats okay. Basically there will always be necessary evils.

2018-04-17 22:18:55 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  


2018-04-18 01:39:01 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #anime]  

asuka best girl

"lmao catholicucks btfo, the pope kissed nigger feet **goes on to engage in sodomy and despair over their meaningless existence**"

2018-04-18 20:34:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]

I'm in the same boat where I've oscillated between paganism and christianity, and have no idea what I actually believe. I lean towards converting back to Catholicism though

An interesting alternative to mainstream catholic churches where some of the poz has seeped in is the SSPX Catholic Churches where they keep to the way things were done before the Second Vatican Council which changed a lot of things in the 60s

Yeah my main issue with the stuff like Esoteric Hitlerism and Nietzschean Autism is that it doesn't feel compatible. Neither really feel like holistic world views that can help you conquer despair.

Well the way I'd respond to that is this
A) The church is corruptible insofar as it is human, but we have an obligation to course correct it when it strays too far off path. The early writers and church fathers wrote things like that the Church may face states of necessity where it needs to be saved by any means necessary. But the fundamental teachings of the church as supposed to be infallible/incorruptible.
B) Jews being the chosen people didn't mean they were better, rather it highlights that they were worse. Some argue God chose them because of how particularly shitty they were, to show that even people that constantly worship demons and do all kinds of awful things can be saved. The Jews who accepted Christ were saved, those who denied him are basically cursed

C) Idk, niggers can go to heaven too, I don't see a problem with that. Do you see a problem with retards going to heaven? Valhalla sounds cool but does it really sound like something youd want for eternity. The idea of heaven is all of your non-essential parts are stripped away and you exist in a perfect form alongside god for all eternity.
D) National Socialism is a good political ideology I don't see anything in it that contradicts christianity inherently. I think its when you put race as the highest thing, as an idol essentially that it becomes a problem. Its entirely possible to have God, Family and Nation all at the same time though.

I think a fundamental point of Christianity is that we're all deeply deeply flawed though. And even in your flaws God will forgive you. What is a great man to God? Yet Christ died for the greatest of men and the weakest of men alike @Brook

I read A Shorter Summa awhile back and its good but didn't really feel eye opening to me. Reading Kierkegaard has really changed the way I think

Believe me I've struggled with all of this too
"Is this just slave morality?"
"Is this religion too egalitarian?"
"Is it too denying of this life?"
"Why do I want to join a religion that's rooted in Jews?"

But gradually these seem less and less important to me and it seems like the real root thing keeping me from it is whether or not I'm willing to believe it, pure and simple.

2018-04-19 00:05:32 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  


2018-04-19 00:28:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]

2018-04-20 01:09:47 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  

This was Baked discussing taking down the youtube channels openly in his server

One take I heard is that they started out pozzed, then were good for awhile, and now they're pozzed again. They've had a complicated history, I don't know much about it.

Just don't confused based Jesuits of the past with the commie type ones nowadays

2018-04-20 02:59:09 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  

@brohiemchillsef you have no reason to believe me, but I took the screen shot myself. I was chatting with baked and telling him to calm down and stop going after people, its probably still in there, if you scroll back far enough in the general chat. If anyone is in his server just namesearch me and youll see the part where he wrote that shit, unless he deleted it

2018-04-20 03:01:22 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  

Oh yeah the doxxing probably didnt happen, and if it did it certainly wasnt baked himself

Nick was saying he didn't believe the flagging at first though but now we have the clip of baked saying he wanted to plus the shit he wrote in his chat

2018-04-20 03:04:20 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  

yeah thats true, theres no reason to take (((my word for it)))

2018-04-20 03:05:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  

yeah I agree, they need to stop jumping on stuff like that

2018-04-20 04:03:35 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Thats actually where they used to sell it

2018-04-20 04:03:50 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Its probably sold out

2018-04-20 04:05:49 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-04-20 04:05:51 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-04-20 04:05:52 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-04-20 04:05:53 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-04-20 04:05:53 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-04-20 04:06:09 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

ive got the whole thing

2018-04-20 04:06:13 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

in photos

2018-04-20 04:06:23 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  


2018-04-20 04:06:43 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-04-20 04:07:41 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

imagine how much theyll be worth in the ethnostate

2018-04-20 04:10:20 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

<:bossbaby:412534147924361216> I wonder if anyone's actually paid 200-300 for it

2018-04-21 00:16:59 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  

how do you have time for discord wtf

2018-04-21 00:17:06 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  

do you go on it at work or during classes?

2018-04-21 00:17:15 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #live-show-talk]  

or do you just not sleep

2018-04-21 01:06:21 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

2018-04-22 16:01:26 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]

2018-04-22 16:01:32 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]

yeah but to be fair thats probably largely black women

2018-04-23 15:07:51 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  

bottom text

found this site, seems like a pretty good references for new Catholics like myself, I plan on reading through it, figured I'd share it here

2018-04-23 23:26:35 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #memetics]  

oka ythis is epic

2018-04-24 17:56:45 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Ashtavakra Gita (Indian)
Tao Te Ching
Lieh Tzu
Xing Yi Nei Gong
Falun Gong
Gurdjieff's 48 Exercises
Psychic Self Defense
The Doctrine of Awakening
Visual Magick
Kali Kaula
Practical Taoism
Secret Teachings of All Ages
Introduction to Magic
Revolt Against the Modern World
Ride the Tiger
A New Model of the Universe
Prometheus Rising
Low Magick
Corpus Hermeticum
Emerald Tablets of Thoth
Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson
The Fourth Way
Nag Hammadi
Astral Dynamics
Burst of Breath
Euclid's Window
Chicken Qabalah
Awakening Ground
Sefer Yetzirah
One Year Manual
Book 4 Part 1 - Mysticism
Book 4 Part 2 - Magick
Book 4 Part 3 - Magick in Theory and Practice
Book 4 Part 4 - The Law
The Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic
Three Books of Occult Philosophy
The Psychick Bible
Liber Null
Condensed Chaos
Book of Lies
Book of Thoth
78 Degrees of Wisdom
The Way of the Crucible
Real Alchemy
Prime Chaos
Liber Kaos
Book of Abramelin (Dehn/Guth version *NOT* Mathers version)

2018-04-24 17:58:48 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]

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@j0hn there's everything you could possibly want on the occult/esoterica

2018-04-24 18:03:37 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

its definitely against the Catholic Church teaching to believe it or practice any of the rituals
If you want a tldr on it its basically heretical shit that generally involves humanity ascending to the status of a god

it depends, some of it is perennial, some of it isnt

2018-04-24 18:03:44 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

im mostly familiar with gnosticism

2018-04-24 18:05:38 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

which believes the material world was created by a Demiurge (craftsman) who was created by God. Its their equivalent of Satan.
They believe true Christianity is essentially achieving Gnosis and gaining communion with the real God (who Christ was an emanation of)

Then there's shit with demons and all of that which is common to a lot of it, and that stuff may or may not be real, I'm really not woke enough

2018-04-24 18:06:13 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I haven't read most of that stuff, only very basic intro level material

The way I see it, its something you should study for fun but take all of it with a grain of salt

2018-04-24 18:06:21 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Its no substitute for real religion

2018-04-24 18:06:28 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

its kind of like larpy fan fiction

2018-04-24 18:09:35 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I think the Bible sets a good example where it has a balance of dogma, stories and esoteric symbolism. You need a little bit of each, but the Gnostics I've met get autistically fixated on the big brained stuff esoteric stuff. A pinch of it is good, too much of it is heretical/gay

Well I believe Gnosticism predates Gnostic Christianity. I imagine there are several variants of it as well.
Gnostic Christians specifically believe that Christ was an emanation of the true God, the root of all things. Other Gnostics probably don't believe in that so they might believe that the true God doesn't intervene at all

2018-04-24 18:12:41 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I'd be interesting to see the origins of the occult, because while a lot of it comes form Gnosticism and Kaballah and that sort of folk lore there's probably some derived from pagan elements as well and Styx would probably know about that

2018-04-24 18:13:27 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

theres also general stuff like alchemy and hermeticism which aren't explicitly Jewish or Christian in origin

2018-04-24 18:14:25 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

But a lot of seems to just basically be Satanism. That's what Anton Lavey the Church of Satan guy said, that basically he was the only honest new age person because he admitted it was satanism

2018-04-24 18:15:07 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

I know Styx literally used to study this stuff as part of his career so he's probably got a pretty deep understanding of it

2018-04-24 18:32:25 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

Gnosticism is basically Christianity for hyper-individualistic edgelords who don't want to go to church

2018-04-24 22:50:25 UTC [Nick Fuentes Server #book-talk]  

styx has a knowledge of ancient stuff / occult stuff and anything esoteric, I don't think he's ever studied christianity or any religion extensively, he seems like he's more into the weird/spooky stuff

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but he never read the summa

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People are reading The Confessions

Union of Egoists^tm Unite!

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People are reading The Diary of Anne Frank

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People are reading Dialectic of Enlightenment

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is this the new general

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@Sleightology i have this one up right now

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tfw no nick doppelganger gf

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tfw no wife or reason to live

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alyssa is being chadded, there are no single trad waifus

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millennial matt lives in a society

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who has terrorism posting

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Emily Youcis is fucking smoking now

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