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Hey @everyone,

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Are you trying to bulk or cut

Might recommend 5x5 with cardio on rest days

Super super simple, you only lift 3 days per week and you're building up to your 5 rep max. So you lift MWF, I used to like to run 2 miles T and Th, rest on weekends

Also combines the 2 biggest exercises to boost T, which are squats and compound lifts

If you do you will need a bench, a squat rack, bars etc. Dont think you could do that at home

Go before work when its empty

Go get cut kid

Don't forget the cardio though

@seafer on his phone 5x5 is quick and easy, everything in the program can be done in a squat rack with the exception of bench, good for novices as a way of gaining strength if you don't like your 1RM, in my experience if you're after size it's just not enough volume. Also doesn't incorporate any isolated core or arm work. However the amount of heavy squatting involved should get you disciplined about your diet if you want consistent gains

If it's a real gym it'll have a squat rack. If not you can use kettlebells and goblet squat instead

@Gaddafi-chan cathartic I hope

RIP Roe v Wade

@Groove_Crusader for what it's worth you are correct to say this. The first civilizations in North Africa were Berbers who'd originated in NW Arabia and Asia Minor. N Africa wasn't Arabized until well into the 7th century, and W Africans - esp Mauritenians - didn't appear until way later.

You'll notice N. African folks like Hannibal Barca (from what is now Tunisia), Augustine of Hippo (now Algeria) and Ptolemy (now Egypt) are never depicted as what we would consider "African". So when you think of ancient Carthage, Egypt, etc they could best be described in ancient terms as Phoenician, though by modern standards they'd be considered Mediterranean whites.

@Al_Bi I appreciate your point and commend you on your study of scripture but I have to disagree with you re the Virgin Mary and sainthood. Venerating the Virgin Mary is a practice very specific to Jesuit congregations and is really only commonplace amongst Hispanic and Southeast Asian diocese, almost never amongst European or white American Catholics. The official Catechism is pretty clear that Mary was "annointed in the Holy Spirit" and is not herself intrinsically divine. As for sainthood, canonization is an affirmation of faith and worship of saints is explicitly prohibited.

In terms of your citing Catholic reference to Mary as "Mother of God" I think you misinterpret that if taken literally or at its face. While Mary is physically the mother of Jesus, in the Catholic faith Jesus is seen as sharing God's primordial nature, and while Jesus was physically made manifest by Mary he is as eternal as God - hence the term "begotten not made, consubstantial with the father".

@Al_Bi I think you have to contextualize the prohibition of idol worship, which was during a time at which most of the western world was either Pagan or otherwise polytheistic. "Idols" refer primarily to the Pagan idols which were at the time seen less as Gods in the Christian sense but as sort of a superstitious symbol. You see the same thing in Islam, where Mohammed's first act after capturing Mecca is to destroy the idols of the regional tribes in the Kaaba. Canonizing or depicting holy people - especially martyrs, dates back to the origin of Christianity and is not, in my opinion, tantamount to idol worship

@Al_Bi I will definitely concede that the Bible in no way mentions canonization, that practice didn't take hold until the 900s. As for intercession, that's really a matter of faith and if you feel it detracts from God than there's not much I can do to change your mind. As for the Pope, his infallibility was originally intended as a means to discredit false prophets which were EXTREMELY prevalent in the hundred years after Christ's death (Arians, Montanists, Artotyrites, etc) and ensure future generations would not follow their heresies. That said, I think that's definitely come around to bite us on the ass in modernity.

Am I correct to assume that you're Lutheran?

Allsup permabulk diet

@ECorp for most parishes the RCIA deadline is Oct 1, you better get on it

@Sam Southern - TN @ECorp Rites of Christian Initiation of Adults, required for unbaptized adults (called catechumens) and baptized adults (called candidates) who wish to convert to Roman Catholicism

Basically a series of rituals and ceremonies that culminate in the Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil

@ECorp yeah like @Fisherman Joe said RCIA may start around October ends at easter. For example at my parish it's one hour a week every week starting mid october, at least if you are baptized


Hey all,

My name is Matt, and I'm a co-founder of AFM alongside James. We are renewing our focus on written content and subsequently are looking for right-wing voices interested in producing long-form written content for publication. Articles should be concise, articulate, and respectful to the extent that they don't violate our webhost's TOS. Articles will receive editorial review, but our main priority is relaying your unique perspectives, so it will be kept to a minimum.

A good example is an article Sherman McCoy wrote back in November:

Any questions or submissions can be communicated to James or to my email at [email protected]


@解放兔 the Bible itself is not clear but IMO the best analysis is by St. Augustine in Book 1 of City of God, goes something like this:

a) Suicide is essentially ALWAYS a sin, as taking one's one life is not only an act of unjustified murder but also subverts God's will by appropriating God's judgment.

b) Even if the would-be performer of the suicide is deserving of death, their preference of death over penitence is an act of cowardice. In other words, they would rather die than be held accountable for their sins.

c) Suicide as an alternative to homicide (St. Augustine refers specifically to Christians in besieged cities who choose suicide over torture and execution) is not permissible; in doing so one sins themselves while preventing their would-be killer from committing a mortal sin.

d) St. Augustine contradicts himself with respect to when it is appropriate to commit suicide to avoid dishonor, the distinction seems to be that it's permissible to commit suicide to prevent a sin but not to remedy one

In terms of the epidemic of pederasty in the church, I tend to agree with Archbishop Vigano that it has less to do with chastity and more to do with what he describes as homosexual networks within the Church leadership. According to him and others, the Vatican constantly looks the other way in admitting known homosexuals into seminaries and positions of power within the Church, and Pope Francis is at the very least overtly sympathetic to homosexuality. Even if you are not at all redpilled with respect to the relationship between homosexuality and pederasty, one can expect that priests graduating from seminaries wherein students literally sleep and party with their male peers and teachers would have a difficult time maintaining their chastity afterwards, and that the need for secrecy would push them to victimize those least likely to speak out.

Bottom line, whereas Pope Benedict was very baste in his hardline attitude towards homosexuals, Pope Francis' going soft on homosexuality gives the greenlight to dormant homosexuals - or active predators - that the Vatican is willing to look the other way. If the Church wants to shed its reputation as a breeding ground for pedophiles it needs to actually follow scripture instead of pandering to Brazilian trannies.

@Jacob Romans 9: "For I could wish that I myselfΒ were cursedΒ and cut off from Christ for the sake of my people,Β those of my own race,Β Β the people of Israel.Β 

Theirs is the adoption to sonship;Β theirs the divine glory,the covenants,Β the receiving of the law,Β the temple worshipΒ and the promises.Β 

Β Theirs are the patriarchs,Β and from them is traced the human ancestry of the Messiah,Β who is God over all,Β forever praised."

Some whitenames, I assume, are good people

@Strangelove this is the time of year to reach out to the church to convert

Assuming you are baptized

<:pillred:378697525860761600> back day > chest day

Mary literally gives explicit consent to the angel Gabriel

"And the angel answered and said unto her, The Holy Ghost shall come upon thee, and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee: therefore also that holy thing which shall be born of thee shall be called the Son of God.
36Β And, behold, thy cousin Elisabeth, she hath also conceived a son in her old age: and this is the sixth month with her, who was called barren.
37Β For with God nothing shall be impossible.
38Β And Mary said, Behold the handmaid of the Lord; be it unto me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her."

@Big Al the Exquisite Meme Man im not falling for the bait either, texans have won 10 of their last 11 games and are 5-2 on the road, eagles upset against Rams means nothing, water finds its level. Texans wins outright

Get that credit score up kid

@Willy get a credit card STAT

You need to show a history of credit in order to have a halfway decent credit score by the time you need credit, ie to buy a car or finance a house

Put $500 on a secured credit card and just start building your score

@Willy lol not since '08

This is not meme advice, do not fall for the "I'm not going to borrow ever, always cash" trap. Literally you should be paying as much of your expenses using credit as you can and just pay it off promptly

>being too good for credit
>20s and credit score is shit
>can't get an apartment without cosigner
>can't buy a car without 50% down so finance out the ass
>behind on payments
>30s and credit is worse, can't put <10% down on house
>raped by bank on mortgage
>live with poors

@Not Malmortus "kurdish forces" i call bullshit

Just read the disclosures and opt out of everything, there are very few terms you are obligated to agree to

At least for 23 and me

@Al_Bi im irish not english bruv

@GayRetard thanks GayRetard, very cool!

What is hoi4

More of a civ 5 man myself heh heh

@Not Malmortus if you mean prageru then no

Was talking to a guy the other day who said a ayahuasca ceremony changed his life

He was a vet fwiw

We were about to unironically do a sensory deprivation tank

Not together

Separate tanks

You know what the fuck i meant

@☦ Slouch ☦ thank you for this blessed post

<:sweat:378697335972036609> "what is BAP"

Dont dab on him hes already dead

@Wolfrenz0 good meme but please dont

@bort nice jacket

@Lawrence of Eurabia maybe bluepill but was operation cyclone so bad?

Obviously hurts in retrospect but contextually breddy gud

Ehhhhh if he dies ill remove

@TraitorGG football is about tradition my dude

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