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canadianwall 2018-03-20 09:06:25


3/20/18 @ 1pm PST: Richard Spencer vs. Adam Kokesh (moderating on Baked's channel)
3/20/18 @ 5:30pm PST: Responding to Leftist Videos #2 (LIVE on my channel)
3/22/18 @ 5:30pm PST: Debating Anti-Identitarian Callers (LIVE on my channel)

santa br没l茅e 2 2018-04-03 19:01:34

would highly recommend making sure you share no servers with these users, ask mods to remove them if you see them, and avoid servers where they are permitted


santa br没l茅e 2 2018-04-03 19:01:54


Matt w/ AFM 2018-04-06 18:53:25

Hey @everyone,

Due to circumstances outside of our control, PayPal Brand Risk Management has discontinued our service. We are working to convert to a different eWallet, but in the meantime please do not make further contributions to the PayPal. I should also mention that this does not in any way affect the Patreon.


canadianwall 2018-04-10 23:35:38

All general channels are temporarily in lockdown during the live stream this evening. They will be re-opened after the stream is over. @everyone

santa br没l茅e 2 2018-07-31 17:52:24
Wardidly 2018-09-03 04:46:38


Sam Southern - TN 2018-09-09 00:15:25

@everyone http://www.lnrlive.com/

Tyler, the IE TN coordinator, is on the Political Cesspool, a /friendly/ political radio/talk show. Tune in rn.

santa br没l茅e 2 2018-09-19 20:04:30

FYI: the patreon was banned, and the paywall role has been removed

santa br没l茅e 2 2018-09-19 20:05:22

any paywall members are now quality鈩 posters

Matt w/ AFM 2018-10-02 21:19:14


Hey all,

My name is Matt, and I'm a co-founder of AFM alongside James. We are renewing our focus on written content and subsequently are looking for right-wing voices interested in producing long-form written content for publication. Articles should be concise, articulate, and respectful to the extent that they don't violate our webhost's TOS. Articles will receive editorial review, but our main priority is relaying your unique perspectives, so it will be kept to a minimum.

A good example is an article Sherman McCoy wrote back in November: amfirstmedia.com/2017/11/10/its-not-too-late

Any questions or submissions can be communicated to James or to my email at [email protected]


Sam Southern - TN 2018-11-11 20:28:40
Sam Southern - TN 2018-11-19 17:06:40

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