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hey there bud

no class system in this server


these are some fire emotes


hey there fellas

stoi bn meco


ching and also chong






hah frog

which korea is best korea?

answer: both once we're done nuking them

worse than brazillians

best country

worst country

bowed to worst country

also bowed to worst country


!remove 4

chatte française typique

non toi

si nous avons tous appris à danser comme les Russes, les cochons capitalistes ne peuvent pas vaincre nos mouvements

shitty beard

neckbeard tier

hell yeah hope you have a nice bday

thats godly

police are generally gay people


remember the alamo

hey fellas im a right leaning individual looking for some 1400s style debate in the form of essays, response essays, and challenges

which text channel do you boys recommend i post my call to debate articles

they're just pdfs that i write in my spare time

maybe i'll post my latest one when i'm finished with it

i think it's a real doozy

thats what most people call me

so i guess that's what i am

i've even been called a nazi by a few folks

though i dont like nazis


damn brodie that's pretty vague

you might have to pick a topic

this essay i'm writing now is about guns

i would say i'm a capitalist

but not a total free market capitalist

i believe there are reasonable regulations to the free market that could be made in order to service the people

such as restrictions on outsourcing, trade tariffs, and anti monopoly laws

>soc anything

please do not associate me with socialism

you said socdem and my brain went to bernie sanders talking about democratic socialism

i dont believe in welfare

of any nature

i would be okay with that

not really big on like

political definitions

not as in liking them but as in knowing what they mean

wait here's a question from someone who actually doesnt know

arent anarchy and communism contradictory?

explain pls

i feel like this is a commonly asked question

i always thought that communism was the combination of marxist ideology and socialist government

these terms really should have some strict definitions

to keep from confusion

realistically it wont happen though

it will go like this

>there are 14 definitions for socialism
>"What the hell? This is too confusing, we need one strict definition for socialism"
>there are 15 definitions for socialism

kind of a freedom oriented person

the confusion about marxism, communism, socialism, nazism, and most other european-originated political ideologies are almost always americas fault

also the "everyone i disagree with is x"

comes from america

about being libertarian

it's weird because i've never had a formal introduction to any ideology

never sat down with a socialist and talked about what socialism is or a libertarian and talked about what libertarianism is

and so on and so forth

>owning terms

hard disavow on that one

government imo can be as big and small as it wants

as long as it plays servant not ruler

never been a big fan of democracy either

im more of a small fan of democracy instead

oh man i need discord nitro

im so used to the amfirst emotes

the red text ones that just say things

mob rule is spooky

spook means spy

i meant spooky as in scary


but yea democracy in a pure form is kinda like capitalism in its pure form

its technically the most free

but in reality it leads people to destroy themselves most of the time

because morality differs from person to person

towards your idea of good and evil

ideas which absolutely do exist

okay that's kinda dumb

throwing away the idea of morality entirely goes against nature

because although details of morality can be argued about forever, nature dictates that humans are a collaborative species and because of this our big brain has developed some objective morals like "not murdering" and "helping accomplish goals" to assist in that

define morals

if it meant he could save the world

wouldn't you?

because the morality of murdering the infant is contextual

pretty much no one

you would kill a baby to save the world

or do what is saving the world in your eyes

morality is real

it's just not external

it all depends on how you were raised and your genetics

these things determine what you believe to be good and bad

and that stands on top of every last second of human evolution

you cannot deny that

objectivists permanently trying not to be btfo

not objectivists

what is it called

"If I cannot hold it, if I cannot see it, if I cannot feel it, and if it does not have any physical impact, then I do not consider it real."

this shit

there's a word for this line of thinking

i feel like

yeah i am

definitions for ideologies always trip me up

empathy and love are conscious explanations for morals

which are a subconscious evolutionary trait

i too am talking about chemical reactions

morality is a social construct that is founded on our instinctive desire to not die

which is what all social constructs are for really

yeah i am

you just keep interrupting me

Morality is a word to describe a basic list of rules on how to act around people. Really fucking basic. It's an extension of humans instinctive cooperative nature. Basically your subconscious brain wants to not die so it says "cooperate with other people to accomplish survival" and the way you do that is by acting nice to them. Morals are the very core of nice acts. Doing things for people like holding doors open or lifting heavy objects and avoiding doing things to people like attacking them or murdering members of their tribe. These are all examples of morals. What I think you're arguing against is standards. Standards are the societal rules that we follow which are based off of the morals like dont kill people. For example, if morality says murder is bad, society says murder is bad as well. But in addition to that it also looks down upon threats of murder and seemingly murderous acts.

okay there you go

define special pleading

i dont know what that means

then present the facts im ignoring

empathy says survive by cooperation, standards say hold the door and dont be rude, so what does morality say?

>against cooperating with people towards a better life

okay friend

wait right there

was it morally acceptable or acceptable by societal standards

oh wait here we go

i can make a distinction here

i don't even know the issue

im just trying to define morality

you said everyone has a definition for morality

but i don't have one

so i want to define it at the very least for myself

"do the things you ought to do"

that sounds like a good idea

shutup friend

arent you here from amfirst too

the free will debate is overrated if you ask me

obviously people have the ability to do whatever they want

like for example

set up complex government structures with monopolies on violence that coerce people into not doing whatever they want

creating complex arguments and debates to distract people from doing whatever they want or making them feel like they cant do whatever they want

to me it all sounds like this: you can do whatever you want, but your subconscious wants you to survive so it changes your conscious wants to match that

i want to kill a bird

but that wont really help me in my life so instead im going to do the other things

because i want to do that more, not the things that will help me in my life but helping my life

which is the want shared by all men

helping themselves and helping others

but you wont

get out of here romanian socialist

most times

but then you have people who hand twenties to homeless people

for no real reason

okay i change my mind that makes perfect sense

feeling nice is self interest

but that doesnt really contradict my foundational argument

constantly adjusting every argument i could think to make

based on what people tell me

sharing is good

but sharing too much can hurt people

if you didnt care about you youd already have killed yourself

your very life is proof there is some small part of you that cares about yourself

you're own self interest

the best part of every discord conversation

thats a pretty good argument but it looks like you made a typo so i guess i automatically win lol

my self interest is living forever

for as long as my genetic line continues, i consider myself alive, even when i am dead and no longer able to consider it

if i am dead but my son is alive then i am alive

as far as im concerned anyway

genetic lines are supposed to be culminations of the absolute best qualities of human beings

but people just fuck whoever they want

imagine the most fantastic person

6'4, 175-200 with low body fat percentage

smart as a whip

strong jawline

thick hair that stays until your 80s

thats the goal

you can make that

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