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gym membership or buying my own weights?

im a fat fuck who wants to look like those greek statues

i have no real idea what im doing

i just wanted to start lifting after work

yeah i dont do that anyway

this seems really straightforward

the real question is though

should i just do it at home?

i just got a job and im about to start doing YouTubeβ„’

when i have enough cash for a vehicle i'll get a gym membership and start right away

in the meantime i think i'll just do really basic shit i can already do at home

push ups, body weight squats, crunches

i have some dumbells and a pull up bar too

to go to the gym before work would bein going at like 4:30

so i'd have to find a 24 hour place

but that shouldn't be too hard

tomorrow i get a full sized paycheck

so i'll buy some protein powder

morning jogs and jumping jacks after work should be enough

also most of my work is running around the factory floor anyway

>its not like you go to jail for mistake racism

>being against identity politics and being proud of your heritage comparable

identity politics is, as far as i can tell, using your identity to get things that you feel other identities don't deserve or shouldn't have

its difficult because on one hand

that sounds gay and stupid

but on the other hand "American" is an identity and i believe that only americans should have things like the benefit of american tax dollars

no when i said gay and stupid i meant shit like

gib reparations whitey

that's another vague aspect of identity politics

its tie in with that whole marxist oppressed and oppressor thing

you cant just *use* identity politics, you have to constantly barrage everyone around you with the idea that you're oppressed because OPPRESSED is the identity

not *black* or *asian* or *hispanic* or *female*

those are just coincidences at best and distractions at worst

the real thing "identity politics" is useful for is, once you've established that you're oppressed, getting every last undeserved dime out of hard working people you can so you can just lounge around and be a fag all day or whatever welfare recipients do

no im saying that identity politics is just oppressed vs oppression

im not saying they are oppressed

im saying they have everyone convinced they are

people in msm *believe* that minorities are oppressed

regardless of whether or not they actually are

which they aren't

>whites should use identity politics

im not saying they should or shouldn't, but i doubt it'll be a working strategy

whites participating in identity politics get called nazis or klansmen

and that's probably for the better

because identity politics is a really stupid game

and when you play stupid games you win stupid prizes

i think everyone agrees that america is for americans

i just think they disagree on who americans are

i would call descendants of owned slaves and natives americans too

but the abhorrent amount of immigrants, legal or illegal, from third world countries especially in africa make it difficult to discern slave owned from immigrated

"america is for everyone"

fuck that gay shit

syndrome from the incredibles logic

voting rights should be restricted *anyway*

i don't want stupid white people voting any more than i want stupid black people voting

you aught to have at least held a job and only vote in exchange for being on the "first to draft if we go to war" list

yeah but telling people kids should vote

it probably *would* go over well

not so sure about landowning

although the having a stake in the nations success philosophy is perfect

yeah but what about people who just live in gated suburbs

and bought houses, and worked hard, but just don't own land

if it were me there would be a list of slightly more simple requirements to vote *all* of which would have to be met, and a list of things that would automatically get you banned from voting

stable employment for at least 1 year
above the age of 18 (maybe that should be raised idk)
birth certificate and photographic identification
certificate of passing a voting test (something not too easy but not insanely detailed about the importance of voting and shit like that)
being first on the list for a draft if we go to war

Things that get you banned from voting:
you, your parents, or 2 or more of your grandparents being born outside of the united states
committing any felony or any *violent* misdemeanor
accepting government assistance ie welfare or foodstamps
being in any form of debt to any bank, credit union, or government agency or entity (personal debts not included)

that would be my voting policy

i mean make the politics just right and the minorities will just leave

rate my voting restrictions fellas

i was torn between a test and a certificate of general education

be that a high school diploma or ged

or something like that

i mean that should be

enforced for way more than just voting

Things that get you banned from voting:
you, your parents, or 2 or more of your grandparents being born outside of the united states

that's way too lose

my 2 parents and 3 grandparents + yourself born in the us rule is GOAT for voting and immigration imo

britbongs would actually be understanding of that kind of restriction

you know who isn't?

yes they indeed would

but yeah coming from guatemala and breeding a kid here than filling it with the need for gibs up until voting age

3 out of 4 grandparents and both of your parents, as well as your self must have been born here if you wanna vote

guatemalans are so bad mexicans dont even like them

thats why mexico built a wall between them and guatemala

and they shoot people who try to hop it

that's no fucking joke

a wall with armed guards and everything

no thats warcrimes or something

but shoot em yea

>america literally being invaded
"guys it isnt war"

i wouldn't lose sleep over border patrol killing everyone who got within 10 miles of that wall without clearance first

>tfw republicans would get cheap labor if they just banned unions

all you have to do is make a law that bans unions, and than add some restriction to the employers to make the union ban seem reasonable

like "your products will have to be price hiked with tariffs if more than 30% of your workforce is outside of the us"

so does the UN and NATO

or at the very least the US should pull out


russia has its own things to be scare about

like how half its population has aids

or how russians are dying faster than being born

or how china likes russia less and less and your biggest competition more and more

there isn't very much putin can realistically do

i think hes striking FSA though

which is just boneless ISIS

putin has pledged to retaliate like 09483763497 times

about every time america breathes putin wants to do something about it

but he cant and wont

unless its nukes anyway

which is literally any war putin might try to start

i cannot stress enough how militarily weak russia is

just old nukes and a lot of guys

nothing else really stands out

insanity is about the only thing that would drive assad to gas his own people once his country starts doing well

he didn't do that so whoops

oh no it all goes to the military

we have an overwhelming global presence

there's tons of waste

>a country actually *needing* to have its own military all over the world

i can't think of a single fucking reason

a single *good* reason

amazing how fast we could pay that off too

like the amount of INCOME the united states has is unbelievable

war would happen

it's literally the only thing

people will just start getting violent

its not going to be "war" like between countries

it's going to be an immediately slow and then suddenly very exponentially fast escalation into insane amounts of violence

yeah bankers killing themselves is cool but also

mexicans would just fucking flood texas

keep taxation the same

spend fucking nothing

completely cut welfare

completely cut funding random useless organizations like NSF

cut military down tons and bring troops/supplies all back home and in defensive positions

yeah yeah that's what im saying

yeah i didn't think you meant "realistically"

who exactly do we owe this money to again?

our biggest debt to another country is china but uh

thats only just over a billion

*only* and *billion*

fuck me that hurts

that's why america has to be

everyone has to work

nuke everyone and wipe out all the weak humans so that the strong create a new society?

well that's what you're supposed to do when anything fails

so it doesn't fail again

or at least doesn't fail *in that way* again

you know what else is going to fail?

the united states



who even is the kikes anymore

it's just "the people in charge"

who aught not to be

you can't even say you will if you run

because if you do you just wont win

ask every libertarian who ever said audit the fed and then tried to run for president

why the hell should americans pay any kind of tax again?

taxes on
>the money you earn
>the land you paid for

just tariff every import and then tax things that are bad for people so that they're more expensive and people stop doing them

(this is what the 2nd amendment is for btw)

you're supposed to slaughter your government when they do this shit to you

that's how the us was created

military is getting pretty uneasy

if a civil war breaks out

it'll be assisted by a coup

yeah i don't like the idea of having to kill someone

but when you spend your free time online demonizing the fed

it makes it feel like it'd be easier than killing your neighbor

unless your neighbor was a fed

fun fact: you don't need any kind of background checks or registration for guns you make yourself and parts can be shipped to your door without any kind of vetting

still gotta be 18 tho obviously

you just need a drill

its about the same

it used to be cheaper to build than buy

but it depends on the gun

to build an AR-15 costs about as much as it does to buy one

to build any kind of import though

just buy it honestly

you can build 10 inch barrel ar-15 pistols

they're just ar-15s but no stock and short barrels

but yea kinda weird to shoot

nazis spray paint the hackencruz on church walls

ie cleans up parks

also ie needs to change its name because it shares an abbreviation with internet explorer

which is fucking god awful optics

no the hackencruz is literally autistic

and that (wasn't actually very good to begin with)

friendly reminder that national socialism is still socialism

if it worked then where is nazi germany?

all socialism has something in common

>we gotta kill someone for the sake of someone else

jews for germans and the rich for the poor

real confident statement

yeah but how many people in germany deserved to die?

jews, communists, and germans who didn't like hitler

and various political allies

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