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People are listening to Rip and Tear with Death Grips

I am listening to "Sabaton"

do i see pajeets?

muh 10 gorillian

Wiseau 23, 2018

how the game be

breddy good game

What would you give far cry 5


People are downloading "Far Cry 5"

People are launching "Far Cry 5"

what kind of shark is it

Need a quick rundown on the ricky Vaughn situation

yeah i heard he was doxxed

but whomst've'd did it and why tho

you can burn pit bulls tho


Prison simulator


almost exactly a year ago

Stop being a bitch and go work out


why is there a gorilla in this chat

Cold semen

Cold Semen

Cold Semen

when you can feel the sweat drip down your balls after a nice workout πŸ‘ŒπŸ» yeah, I guess you could say im a bit a history nut 😏

<:groyper:385731464555134977> having trouble?


People are playing "Post Scriptum" and mowing down brits with an mg42

ever played Squad?

made by same people, same engine, same mechanics

buggy because it just released

cant wait till it reaches BF2: PR levels

that shit gon be lit

but with more sandbags

<:groyper:385731464555134977> not my kind of music, but still good tho


nah, eyepatches are chad

stfu and kiss me

!!!currently playing






die together

!!!play mars, the bringer of war


Greatest power move of all time



Hitman 2β„’ Soundtrack to include Despacito 2β„’

at one point, I had hope for this game <:feelsbad:385730682888126474>

!!!search was wollen wir

!!!search funkerlied

!!!search zem musu kajam

!!!search big doinks

!!!search halo 2 blow me away

!!!search halo 2 mjolnir mix

!!!play halo 2 mjolnir

!!!search halo reach winter contingecny

!!!search halo reach winter

!!!search magic mike psychosocial

!!!seach magic mike korn

!!!search magic mike freak on a leash

!!!search holst mars

!!!search sabaton runii imperia

!!!search was wollen wir trinken

for the powerful stellaris soundtrack

ok, this is epic

!!!search funkerlied

powerfuk song

<:virgin:387474771430080515> talking to people
<:chad:387474006871113729> talking to yourself

!!!search genesis

!!!search prussia

!!!search sabaton cliffs

!!!search caroleans prayer


how can it be Xbox One X if it has 2 X's


good thing i have resting mad face

just had a nice run brothers HH

<#430556993355251712> <:smug:378698410406051860>

this image exudes power

reade siege

i showed you my dong answer me

is that the pitcher on the nationals?

got a hard pp right now fellas


neck gang gang


this nigga wearing timbs

square head bitch

bye thanos ily

glad to see tyr's rape dungeon doesnt look as rapey anymore

me and my squad

!!!search ss latvian

!!!play ss latvian

horizontal nosed jew

Fridge nationalism

798 total messages. Viewing 250 per page.
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