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***(((White Helmets)))***

One false flag wasn't enough

Clearly Assad is winning despite the odds

Thats if the missiles even do anything

Last time Trump launched an attack that Airbase was operational the next day

Obama and Killary created ISIS

Obama and Killary also killed Ghafaffi for no reason

Oil is part of it

Clearly Israel wants to expand

***(((AiPAC)))*** Fucking hell they're in the name

@Lawrence of Eurabia all countries the Jews, deepstate and neocons want to invade

Jews make up about 2% of the American population, about 0.5-1% in Europe, yet they own like 90% of the media and banks And this is in no way a secret, yet most people don't know this because the media does not mention it seeing how they control said media. And when you tell them this they don't see the problem with this monopoly, and call you a "racist" and an "anti-semitic" Those two words are just ways to silence people from speaking the truth. They silence the truth because they are afraid they are a cowardly and alien race.

(((Ashkenazi IQ)))

But Jews do control the media

So is it really crazy to call them out?

Hitler was right


So what if like

200,000 jews died?

Apparently only 20,000 jews even died in Auswitchz and only like 12% of the population was Jewish

Never Forget Dresden

Jews lied about the Holohoax? Holy shit who would have thunk?

Hitler is immortal

His name and soul will never die

"Gas Chambers"

At most maybe 1.5 million jews died over the course of the war in and out of the camps

Jews disproportionately influenced The Treaty of Versailles πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€”

Jews controlled the banks in Germany πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€”

Hitler originally tried to deport most Jews out of Germany.........but no none wanted them πŸ€” πŸ€” πŸ€”

""6 million""

( ( ( ( ( I N F I N I T E G O R I L L I O N ) ) ) ) )

James is VERY woke about the JQ

Remember Goyim be sure to visit your local holocaust museum

Never forget the 6 trillion

We really do need more Holocaust museums guys, i haven't been reminded about it enough

@Deleted User You can openly deny any other genocide no problem

@Deleted User ye i could care less about dead kikes

I watched about an hour of it

I need to finish

I also have a copy of Mein Kampf saved away

Schindlers list is just 3 hours of Jews trying to get sympathy and money

Like how many fucking movies do we need about the Holocaust?

Even worse you have Inglourious Basterds serving as a kike power fantasy

Internment camps but yeah

Basically concentration camps

Fuckin Japs

I feel like the wolfenstein games are just kike power fantasies 😭 you never get to play as the good guys πŸ˜₯


Hard times create strong men
Strong men create good times
Good times create weak men
Weak men create hard times

Universal suffrage by default is a shit idea

Plutocracy pls

pls no every day is a black pill

Immigration wont make the world a better place

Mexico and the rest of meso america will never improve if all those with any real drive just up and leave


i'll be honest i dont know who the fuck Rosenstein is

Well i could tell he was a gigakike just by the name

well one less jew sounds good to me

its too bad Trump's daughter married Kushner :/

Trump actually draining the Jewish swamp that is DC

i mean those who serve in the military don't exactly get to choose what wars they fight in :/ which well how its supposed work sure

but when its so obvious that America is a jewish pet it kinda sucks to know youre fighting on the wrong side

i enlisted because i didnt want to go to college jokes on me

@David Darnell - MT We will die for Israel together at least <:feelsdeadman:400002799359754251>

Is Rosenkike actually getting fired?

Mattis is Trump's rock

Mattis will save the world

its been swell

<:pillblack:378697476238213130> <:feelsdeadman:400002799359754251>

As I see it

It doesn't matter if this was Trump's decision or not

He didn't stand his ground

He needs to do a lot to try and work his base back

because right now his only base is just fucking boomers, neocons and maga retards

god why are boomers so fucking dumb

Trump lost himself an election tonight

No way in hell he wins

hes going to need Wall and then some

Gas attacks that never happened

Or if they did happen

Were not committed by Assad

And let's hypothetically Assad did gas people

How do these strikes that potentially kill more people solve anything

Especially when what more than half of the SMART missiles were intercepted

Any solid info on what even got hit?

Trump is either completely compromised or they have a gun to his head

I guess we were all just really naive :/

They say that the US is "locked and loaded if Assad (((gasses))) more people"

Still Trump really pissed off everyone who was still supporting him

I was able to still support him after that because the airbase was operational next day

I just can't

Of course all the magapedes are like "death to Assad!"

"At the verge of victory be sure to gas your own people" -Sun Tzu

Maybe now they'll shut the fuck up about "muh Russian election interference"

of course they do

I feel bad for Alex Jones


Anyone who still supports Trump is either retarded or beyond naΓ―ve

He is either compromised or they have a gun to his head, either way he will have no base

And they call you a Russian defector

and they believe that
Not bombing Syria some how equates to "sucking Putin's cock"

lets say that Assad did gas his own people

Bombing them does nothing

actually no

i cant even speak hypothetically

god this is just all fucked

And even if this doesn't escalate into WW3

It will be another destabilized nation

more migrants

Has Russia said anything further about the consequence or is Putin sitting on his hands?


*"Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it"*

NATO=Kike war machine

We must give Syria some ***(((Freedom)))*** and ***(((Democracy)))***

Thats a battleship btw we dont use those anymore

@TheOhioNorseman Aircraft Carriers made BBs obsolete. Any Battleships still afloat are tourist attractions. Some Battleships were fitted with some modern armaments like that one which is the USS New Jersey BB-62. So as of now the US Navy only ever really uses Carriers, Submarines, Destroyers and Cruisers.


***T R I G G E R E D***

but to be fair no other nation fields them anymore

Far as I know Only other nations that had battleships were Japan,UK,Germany,Italy,France

@TheOhioNorseman Yamato was the largest battleship ever built still holds the record

yes it does

I am being serious


Many cities in America were white until the "Great Migration" of blacks

I plan on becoming a member myself

Maybe not being able to participate in their physical demonstrations but I'm willing to donate at the very least

We need Hitler

We need to overthrow the system

And purge the corruption from it]]

Burn down the FED

Burn down the CIA

The constitution literally tells us to overthrow the government if the people deem it tyrannical

Reagan granted Amnesty to a bunch of illegals btw

Its all about building communities

Community->Local Government->State Government->Federal Government

Identity Europa is likely the best movement imo

I don't immediately disagree lol

do everyday is a black pill what are you talking about?

Trust me, i think we understand Blackpills

Gen Z is supposed to be WOKE

Hopefully its Gen Zyklon

i'm 20 this month

Another reason why Democracy fails

Even the Greeks realized this

Democracy only works when only the most informed,educated and motivated people can vote

Universal suffrage only works to sabotage a nation

Because a country for everyone, is a country for no one

And we aren't even a democracy

The word Democracy does not appear once in the Declaration Of Independence, The Bill Of Rights, or The Constitution

PragerU is hardly worth calling red pill

Its not even about Left vs Right anymore as i see

Its about Nationalists/identitarians vs globalists and kikes

Cuckservatives like any politician only care about their own game

(((History Book)))

BuT wE'rE aLL AmErICaNs guys!!!

yeah about that....

Racist is a dumb word invented to silence people about reality

Look i'm not even here to say that we need to kill all nonwhites

thats what i want

I want nations for all peoples

Nations for whites
Nations for blacks
Nations for Asians

And well the kikes

i could care less

they havent changed their ways since the times of the bible

I want Wakanda for blacks

i fucking wish Wakanda existed probably more than blacks do

And that actually worked most of the time

I also really hate the argument that "oh whites dont't want to work X job/occupation so we need immigrants to come and do it"

like when people bring up Japan

they say "Aw man Japan's birth rate sucks"

I dont see that as a problem

and if it is a problem

i'm sure it can be solved WITHOUT flooding the country with the 3rd world

No its because some western countries aren't producing enough debt slaves

End the Fed
End the International Money Fund


And next on the chopping block Syria

My mom thinks the (((Arab Spring))) wasn't influenced by the west

She grew up on Reagan,Bush Senior and Clinton :/

I grew up under Dubya and the monkey

and well now (((Trump)))

N.A.T.O=North American Terrorist Organization

The kike war machine

Gets the noggin joggin

And again i try explaining to my mother that we killed Saddam and Ghadaffi for basically no reason other than the fact that they wanted to free themselves from the banking cartels

Only way they can protect themselves against ZOG

@WhiteKnightRises I want to see California plunge into the Ocean like it did in 2012

i could be mistaken on this, but i heard there is a US Aircraft Carrier whose sole mission is to provide California with desalinization equipment

Just drop a nuke down the San Andreas fault

i'll be honest i think i'd get super self conscious in a gym like that

like i want to be fit and shit but i also don't want to go to a gym and make myself look like a retard



<:monkaS:401226193296424960> <:monkaS:401226193296424960> <:monkaS:401226193296424960>

America is controlled by ZOG wont happen unless we've got some of /ourguys at the controls

I feel like a retard for having bought into MAGA

I guess you're right

Anyone with immunity gets their head blown off

#OscarWorthy performances by the (((White Helmets)))

Trump really needs to prove he's not compromised if he wants to be reelected

i just feel disappointed and dumb thinking that things would actually change

I haven't completely abandoned Trump but as of now

Hes got a loooong way to go to get my vote

which i think is fair given recent events

Here's a much needed white pill

<:pillwhite:380144549055692811> <:pillwhite:380144549055692811> <:pillwhite:380144549055692811> <:pillwhite:380144549055692811> <:pillwhite:380144549055692811> <:pillwhite:380144549055692811>

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