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2018-02-17 07:36:02 UTC

Keep it clean.

2018-02-17 07:36:04 UTC

For real.

2018-02-17 07:36:18 UTC

Goddamn it

2018-02-17 07:36:28 UTC

2018-02-17 07:37:01 UTC

2018-02-17 07:37:16 UTC


2018-02-17 07:37:37 UTC


2018-02-17 07:37:39 UTC

Isn't it past Gen X's bedtime?

2018-02-17 07:38:07 UTC

At least I can read an analog clock.

2018-02-17 07:38:16 UTC

Feels bad man

2018-02-17 07:38:30 UTC


2018-02-17 07:38:44 UTC


2018-02-17 07:39:48 UTC

2018-02-17 07:39:51 UTC

Don't spam images, don't tag everyone.

2018-02-17 07:39:52 UTC

Thoughts on this hot take?

2018-02-17 07:41:00 UTC

5/10 autisms.

2018-02-17 07:57:37 UTC

You goys are all up past your bedtime.

2018-02-17 12:33:39 UTC

Good morning, goys!

2018-02-17 12:40:07 UTC

I woke up at 6:00am, I feel like a dindu

2018-02-17 12:41:51 UTC

If you woke up at 0600 you dindunuffin wrong man

2018-02-17 13:56:55 UTC

Good morning famalam

2018-02-17 14:01:39 UTC

I slept in like a lazy poc

2018-02-17 14:01:45 UTC

Got up at 8

2018-02-17 14:01:55 UTC


2018-02-17 14:02:19 UTC

Same lol; but Iโ€™m stuck wagecucking all day.

2018-02-17 14:02:20 UTC


2018-02-17 14:02:26 UTC

20 pushups now Arcloop

2018-02-17 14:03:01 UTC

Will need to wait until I'm in the office, lol. I'm not pulling this truck over to do pushups

2018-02-17 14:04:06 UTC

Why the fuck not, good optics imo

2018-02-17 14:04:25 UTC

"Sorry officer some guy in this nationalist group Im a member of told me to do pushups so... here I am"

2018-02-17 14:11:10 UTC

A real nilla wakes up before 7:00AM on the weekend

2018-02-17 14:22:55 UTC


2018-02-17 14:24:36 UTC

The real woke pill is not going to sleep on friday and powering through saturday

2018-02-17 14:32:14 UTC

The absolute madman

2018-02-17 14:34:54 UTC

Nah dude, waking up at eight am because you drank too many IPAs the night before and have to shit is the final woke pill

2018-02-17 14:35:27 UTC


2018-02-17 14:46:01 UTC

IPAโ€™s were my go-to โ€œsleepinโ€™ juiceโ€ but it would leave me with a light hangover all day. Ive been taking a liking to becks recently. Feelsgoodman

2018-02-17 14:49:28 UTC

Arrogant Bastard Ale.

2018-02-17 14:58:16 UTC

IPA is worse than soy boys

2018-02-17 14:58:25 UTC

Ever wonder why craft beer faggots have man tits

2018-02-17 15:01:09 UTC

Drink bourbon fagts, it's healthy for you

2018-02-17 15:03:37 UTC


2018-02-17 15:14:03 UTC

@Victor MD I've been waking up with a couple swigs of Four Roses single barrel for the past couple weeks.

2018-02-17 15:18:51 UTC

2018-02-17 16:01:05 UTC


2018-02-17 16:01:12 UTC

That needs to be turned into a SIEGEpoast

2018-02-17 16:06:43 UTC

2018-02-17 16:15:22 UTC


2018-02-17 16:20:58 UTC

Cruz confirmed a jew.

2018-02-17 16:26:21 UTC

Confirmed jew?

2018-02-17 16:26:33 UTC


2018-02-17 16:26:39 UTC


2018-02-17 16:27:52 UTC

He has that Ben Shapiro-esque rat face. He's definitely of semetic origin. Kinda feel this way because the media isnt pushing race at all.

2018-02-17 16:28:14 UTC

There's chats where he admits to having a jewish mom.

2018-02-17 16:28:24 UTC

oy vey

2018-02-17 16:28:31 UTC


2018-02-17 16:28:44 UTC

Never take SSRIs while jewish fam.

2018-02-17 16:30:34 UTC

He also seemed sympathetic to some of our points of view so. . . There's that.

2018-02-17 16:31:11 UTC

hey hey! ho ho! Hebrew supremacy has got to go!

2018-02-17 16:32:25 UTC

He's got like a smallish skull. I'm sure there's some kind of genetic abnormality. I mean besides being jewish.

2018-02-17 16:44:04 UTC


2018-02-17 16:49:02 UTC

Absolutely haram

2018-02-17 16:52:10 UTC

It's almost like they've done this before...

2018-02-17 16:53:18 UTC

Looking at porn is cheating, 'cause you're all married to the cause.

2018-02-17 16:58:46 UTC

Hey, guys with networks formed. Set up fight clubs with your guys and get me some pics of it. Instagram digs action shots.

2018-02-17 17:01:16 UTC

2018-02-17 17:01:18 UTC


2018-02-17 17:01:41 UTC


2018-02-17 17:01:48 UTC

Like how is that fake?

2018-02-17 17:02:06 UTC

Dudes been takinng too much SuperMale Vitalityโ„ข and Brain Forceโ„ข

2018-02-17 17:10:11 UTC

Fucking vodka for lunch, solid decision imo.

2018-02-17 17:10:36 UTC

Closing in on 1k guys.

2018-02-17 17:14:22 UTC

Clearly the CIA produced that video.

2018-02-17 17:19:13 UTC

2018-02-17 17:19:39 UTC


2018-02-17 17:19:42 UTC

Don't stop reminding shitlibs that Cruz was

1. A Jew
2. Raised by spics

2018-02-17 17:20:15 UTC

They'll first question his Jewishness, then divert to his rearing after you prove he's Jewish.

2018-02-17 17:21:18 UTC

Yeah, but the conversation will ultimately devolve into how being white is bad and firearms are bad. It always ends in a recursive loop of bullshit.

2018-02-17 17:22:51 UTC

I've noticed that the news isn't making a big deal about his race, probably because they don't want people to find out he's a Jew.

2018-02-17 17:23:30 UTC

CNN is mostly "muh AR-15s."

2018-02-17 17:24:03 UTC

Fortunately that ship has sailed. They can tax ammunition into oblivion but there is enough floating around that it won't matter much.

2018-02-17 17:25:47 UTC

All the guns are here to stay, really for the foreseeable future. It's great that the judenpresse keeps focusing only on this every time, because it's such a hopeless political battle.

2018-02-17 17:25:59 UTC

That it is.

2018-02-17 17:26:38 UTC

Anti-gun autism has always been great for us. Bring moar of it.

2018-02-17 17:27:23 UTC

Welcome aboard @Kek @Oliver

2018-02-17 17:28:01 UTC

Better late than never lol

2018-02-17 17:28:21 UTC

@Kek Howdy.

2018-02-17 17:28:35 UTC

@Oliver Hello.

2018-02-17 17:28:57 UTC

@Kek @Oliver welcome guys

2018-02-17 17:30:33 UTC

Nickolas Cruz is a sobering reminder that raising mixed race children to be normal is a doomed proposition.

2018-02-17 17:30:46 UTC

fucking a

2018-02-17 17:38:01 UTC

We need sperg control in our movement. I think a Cruz type character being able to fit into our thing would be very hard, but we need to really watch for these guys, and distance ourselves from them. It's hard, because they're going to claim to be one of us regardless of what we do.

2018-02-17 17:40:34 UTC

Sorry for all the commas, btw. I really need to cut that out.

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