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2018-02-17 03:39:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Charlemagne MD Hello hello hello

2018-02-17 03:39:22 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Great to be here

2018-02-17 03:41:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Who cares about doxxing anyway? I mean I already have all your names, addresses, and SSNs in my Agency files

2018-02-17 03:41:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Chakras n sheit

2018-02-17 03:44:17 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-17 03:45:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

*Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.*

2018-02-17 03:46:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Revelation 3:9 for the baganlarpers and heretics out there

2018-02-17 03:48:30 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 03:48:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 03:49:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

AWD for the win?

2018-02-17 03:50:28 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 03:53:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

who tho

2018-02-17 03:53:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

u prety lady show bob pls

2018-02-17 03:54:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Error: This meme is too dank. Does not register.

2018-02-17 03:55:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’m more of an Amy Schumer guy myself huehurhur

2018-02-17 04:16:58 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Doctor Mayhem l-phenylacetylcarbinol > d-pseudoephedrine > d-methamphetamine

2018-02-17 04:47:46 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

^^ I helped

2018-02-17 05:16:37 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-02-17 05:17:19 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 05:17:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

They’re scary. I might have to abandon the right now.

2018-02-17 05:17:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Guess I’m Antifa?

2018-02-17 05:18:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Oh jeez

2018-02-17 05:45:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 05:45:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Falklands are British

2018-02-17 17:53:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Henlo pals

2018-02-17 17:53:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Just watch out for the AWD types and anyone who seems to want a ‘battle’ or is looking for conflict

2018-02-17 18:37:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Fascism is a spook. Fascists view the State as the end-all-be-all, the one and only sovereign entity. Sovereignty comes from the Nation, it doesn’t organically arise from the State. Authoritarianism is needed to abruptly end the destruction of the Nation and to rebuild it, but eventually returning to early-form American federal republicanism is a worthy goal.

2018-02-17 18:38:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

*Read Madison, not Mason*

2018-02-17 18:39:15 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 18:45:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I know it’s a fascist organization and I’m fine with using fascism as a tool to revive the nation state, but I don’t think it should be the end goal. Republicanism can function fine in a homogenous patriarchal nation state, as it did in the US for the first 175 years

2018-02-17 18:55:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 18:55:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 18:55:52 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 19:27:09 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Thomas Ryan that’s the Soldiers and Sailors monument at the center of Boston Common

2018-02-17 19:36:28 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

What a snake

2018-02-17 19:37:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

That’s such an optic move. He’s trying to tell the public that IE are gentle happy souls and aren’t anything like those wicked evil authoritarian fascists at PF

2018-02-17 19:38:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

It should’ve been a message of unity

2018-02-17 19:39:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Rule #1 for not making yourself a fool on national media: don’t talk to the media

2018-02-17 19:41:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Are you saying that everyone who likes their hamburgers cooked medium should be GASSED TO DEATH?!

2018-02-17 19:42:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Anyone who prefers sirloin over ribeye will be cast into a lake of molten silver

2018-02-17 19:47:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Hydra as in mass leaderless resistance? Too many heads to fight?

2018-02-17 19:48:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Fish tho

2018-02-17 19:48:20 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I could go for a nice haddock dinner

2018-02-17 19:50:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Char-grilled nationalism

2018-02-17 19:51:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

So Rocky you’d be opposed to uniting organizations under one plainly nationalist Party for instance

2018-02-17 20:04:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I wouldn’t mind offering some sort of “optic consultant” service to the other ‘alt-right’ groups and just go around purging all the autists, skinheads, and degenerates from their ranks

2018-02-17 20:07:52 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

One thing that’s been bugging me about the possibility of a Nationalist Party taking over in America like the NSDAP did in Germany is that it was the proportional representation in the Reichstag that let the NSDAP grow. In America we’d be fighting First-Past-the-Post, which means we’d have to find a way to break Duverger’s Law that overwhelmingly favors the two dominant parties.

2018-02-17 20:10:01 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’m in favor of reviving the Dixiecrat to push the Democrats back to center, shifting the Overton window to the right.

2018-02-17 20:11:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-17 20:29:58 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

So, storm the RNC and yell “READ SEIGE FAGGOTS” through a megaphone? Ok

2018-02-17 20:33:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Local and state government is pretty easy to get into if you’re in a small state

2018-02-17 20:41:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

A red district in a blue state is a start

2018-02-17 20:49:46 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Rocky Place is right. Especially in state elections people just vote by party, they don’t even know who the candidates are

2018-02-17 20:52:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Oliver Complete collectivism is the easiest way to stall all innovation, progress, and even disincentivize the work necessary to upkeep what we have. That’s why I like National Capitalism. It holds the Darwinian incentive structure that built civilization but restricts that competitive environment strictly to one nation. Competition within our nation, protection against other nations.

2018-02-17 21:30:46 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The more they hammer buzzwords like “racist, anti-Semitic white supremacist” the more people wake up to the MSM lies

2018-02-17 21:32:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

When I see a message of unifying the nation and reviving our spirit, and someone tells me that message is evil and racist and white supremacist, I learn to disassociate those words from their meaning. The (((media))) is destroying the power of their own boogeyman words.

2018-02-18 01:18:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  
2018-02-18 03:09:21 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Hail Olive Garden!
Hail Our Food!
Hail Victory!

2018-02-18 03:48:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

(((iCloud))) is a spook

2018-02-18 18:37:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I don’t get people who think you need a militia to protect gun rights. That’s *what we have guns for.* Just shoot the poor sap who tries to take it from you.

2018-02-18 22:37:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

What am I, a faggot? Psssfffhh.

2018-02-18 22:39:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Shekels you say? Oy vey, sign me up goy!

2018-02-18 22:40:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-18 22:40:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I love these Gab bots

2018-02-18 22:40:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

“Do u want get sex now?”

2018-02-18 22:44:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If you look *past* the text, you can see the hidden image of @hlaiwas ‘s nude

2018-02-18 22:45:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

And let my just say, *oh my* 😍

2018-02-18 22:46:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-18 22:56:40 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If I had Instagram I would

2018-02-18 23:01:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I wonder how many are legal

2018-02-18 23:01:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Maybe there *should* be an ICE detention center in the back room?

2018-02-18 23:06:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Honestly I would love to just plaster the ICE tip line number with no context on stickers and put them up all over cities

2018-02-18 23:58:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’m sure the boomer militias would love to attend

2018-02-19 00:00:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

What in God’s name could be the motivation for something so stupid, self-destructive, and pointless

2018-02-19 00:05:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-19 00:05:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Not sure why the one file was a zip folder but that’s it

2018-02-19 00:06:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-19 00:06:15 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Poster size I’m assuming

2018-02-19 00:12:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

What the hell @SonderSchutz TX how do you get 279 kills in an hour and a half of play time? What more are you on?

2018-02-19 00:14:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’ll add you when I get back to my room. But my school restricts the NAT type to 3 (strict), so I can’t join lobbies with friends

2018-02-19 02:04:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Rome? Oh you mean that multicultural superstate that benefited greatly from diversity and had no problems at all integrating Gothic migrants

2018-02-19 02:06:00 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Rome failed when it decided the State was higher than the Nation

2018-02-19 06:10:21 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

My oh my that’s quite the job you’ve done there

2018-02-19 06:10:38 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Great photos too

2018-02-19 21:38:32 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

2018-02-19 23:50:09 UTC [Red Storm #bump-these-threads]  

@here Get in here goys

2018-02-20 00:51:40 UTC [Red Storm #news]

2018-02-20 00:52:10 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

In other news, AfD overtook SPD as the second largest political party in Germany by popular support today.

2018-02-20 00:53:03 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

Once the CDU/CSU-SPD coalition falls apart, I see AfD dominating the power vacuum

2018-02-20 00:54:19 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

I remember when they didn’t even break the 5% threshold just a couple years ago

2018-02-20 00:56:39 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

What are the chances CSU breaks away from CDU and forms a coalition with AfD in the next election

2018-02-20 01:00:19 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

I hear the SPD is voting internally on whether or not to partner with CDU-CSU

2018-02-20 01:01:53 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

If the coalition fails they’ll have to hold another election, and the SPD is absolutely fucked

2018-02-20 01:02:38 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

Then the only other options are the Jamaica coalition (dead on arrival) or a reluctant coalition with AfD

2018-02-20 01:03:04 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

Merkel appointed a successor today, the so-called “mini Merkel”

2018-02-20 01:03:15 UTC [Red Storm #news]  

CDU is spiraling

2018-02-20 01:18:25 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-20 01:28:52 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The Pharaohs were Nordic 👱🏻‍♂️

2018-02-20 01:29:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-20 01:30:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I can’t even make that face. I don’t know how they do it

2018-02-20 01:32:15 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Recruit them

2018-02-20 01:36:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

These guys are supposedly coordinating information for midterm ops

2018-02-20 01:38:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

AWD is cancerous

2018-02-20 01:39:44 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

I shared it with a few friends

2018-02-20 01:40:13 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

I vote in NH and live in MA during the school year

2018-02-20 01:41:09 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

Second district

2018-02-20 01:41:47 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

NH’s biggest problem is Mass voters driving in on Election Day and voting illegally

2018-02-20 01:42:47 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

IIRC it has something to do with Mass voters having second homes in NH and using them as proofs of residency, even though they legally reside in MA

2018-02-20 01:44:23 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

I worked the voter registration booth a few years ago. All it really takes is for them to sign an affidavit

2018-02-20 01:45:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

NK is absolutely not nationalist, they slaughter and oppress their nation at every chance

2018-02-20 01:46:22 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-20 01:50:29 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

A close family friend of mine is the town’s supervisor of the checklist and she caught a handful of fraud cases and got two successfully prosecuted. In my small red town.

2018-02-20 02:30:10 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

@Den I think you’re on to something there...

2018-02-20 02:47:43 UTC [Red Storm #misc-discussions]  

“How Al Franken’s sexual misconduct took down Al Franken”

2018-02-20 17:33:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-20 17:37:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I’m a fan of the negative press to be honest. When a (((journalist))) shows a picture of our posters, which are plainly patriotic and don’t hint at “huwhyte subremacy” or anything like it, and they call those posters “ebil raceest huwhyte subpremaciss,” but the viewers see “Patriots! Reclaim America!” etc. then it only paints the media as dishonest and gets people to pay attention to our messages

2018-02-20 19:05:38 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

“We are stronger when united, and refuse to be divided.”
This dumbass just laid out the *core principle* of ethnic nationalism.

2018-02-20 19:06:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Hell, make that a damn slogan

2018-02-20 19:08:08 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

What’s more unifying than a shared national identity? What’s more divisive than multiculturalism and multinationality?

2018-02-20 19:21:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

To limit the scope of the atrocities committed against our People only to acts of direct physical altercation is itself a grave injustice. The true plight of our People is in its coordinated division, destruction, and replacement on an enormous and unprecedented scale. To restrict our interpretation of violence only to direct confrontation is to ignore the greatest genocide ever undertaken and to be complicit in its ongoing ferocity.

2018-02-20 19:25:46 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

What the German nation faced during the Weimar era was the corruption of its values and suppression of its culture. What we’re facing today is the physical destruction of an entire race. It’s in the shadows that true evil hides. It’s precisely the lack of direct visible effect that allows for this genocide to remain hidden from the ignorant eye.

2018-02-20 19:29:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I don’t know why I went so philosophical right there but take from it what you will.

2018-02-22 02:18:08 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Is black and white acceptable for posters? Or should I run to staples or something and get color copies

2018-02-22 02:18:31 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  
2018-02-22 02:23:04 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Ok. I'm gonna print some of the mono-color posters in B&W for now, and I'll try to get the flashier ones done at a staples or a library sometime soon

2018-02-23 02:09:21 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2018-02-23 02:09:42 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2018-02-23 02:10:08 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2018-02-23 02:10:08 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2018-02-23 02:10:23 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2018-02-23 02:10:44 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Bridgewater State University, Bridgewater MA. @Thomas Ryan

2018-02-23 02:11:25 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Pictures aren’t great and I didn’t get too many up but I made sure to only do public areas and I did it **ALL BY MYSELF** 😁

2018-02-25 01:58:11 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

@Chris GA throwing them out?

2018-02-25 04:26:45 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

"Lamar" keeeeeeeeeeek

2018-02-25 04:27:34 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

👏🏿 👏🏿 👏🏿

2018-02-25 19:51:30 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I had a strange dream last night that PF, VA, and IE all went to war on each other. Literally war. Bloody street battles and shootouts, and all the common folk were picking sides and fighting. I remember going house-to-house in a beachfront neighborhood taking out IE soldiers. Very strange.

2018-02-25 19:52:25 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Dob geg

2018-02-26 18:14:03 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Is that one in the woods or on the side of a road? @Justin_Anders

2018-02-26 18:22:34 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  


2018-02-26 21:34:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Front and Center doesn’t imply anything

2018-02-26 21:37:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Can we change it to “The Goof Troupe”

2018-02-26 21:40:16 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If they were to delete the server, what’s the chance they ban our individual accounts?

2018-02-26 21:43:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

ur not even huwhyte

2018-02-26 22:20:29 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If it's not too much more expensive, I recommend using heavier paper for your posters. Less wrinkly, looks and feels nicer, more professional optic. Just a thought.

2018-02-27 06:50:17 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

This channel is what everyone sees when they join this organization. Stay professional. Quit the shitposts. Find some damn principles and stick to them.

2018-02-28 03:08:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-28 03:09:05 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Make Falconry Great Again

2018-02-28 03:10:41 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If I ever get rich I’m buying an English style manor and a falcon

2018-02-28 03:15:51 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Of course. I’ll play you in polo and then later on we’ll shoot skeet in my yard

2018-02-28 03:28:24 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

English, Irish, Polish, German, Scottish, Welsh, French, and 1/4 is a mystery. I burn in the sun.

2018-02-28 03:29:15 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I want to do the ancestry DNA but I’ve heard it’s a Jewish trick of some sort

2018-02-28 03:30:28 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Like they sell your DNA or put it in a government database or something

2018-02-28 03:30:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Tfw 56% subSaharan African

2018-02-28 03:31:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-28 03:32:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

And you trust ((())) to follow the laws and be honest and transparent?

2018-02-28 03:34:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I would love being an Air Force pilot

2018-02-28 04:13:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@ArmaVirumqueCano These are the guys we give billions of dollars a year to

2018-02-28 04:14:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-28 04:14:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-28 04:18:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Alright alright calm your shekels

2018-02-28 04:37:31 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

TWP should quit all activism and on-the-ground activity and try to run as an actual political party

2018-02-28 04:38:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

You’re lying! It can’t be!

2018-02-28 04:38:40 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

|x| doubt

2018-02-28 04:39:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I see anime avatar and I refuse to read message

2018-02-28 04:39:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-28 04:39:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Try Wings on Pizza

2018-02-28 04:41:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

>using the website
>doesn’t have the app

2018-02-28 04:41:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Old man

2018-02-28 04:44:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-28 04:44:56 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-28 04:45:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Can we revive Baroque architecture please

2018-02-28 04:45:16 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-28 04:45:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If France got one thing right, it’s building design and decoration

2018-02-28 04:46:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-28 04:46:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-02-28 04:47:09 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Palace of Versailles is the most aesthetic building ever

2018-02-28 04:49:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Neoclassical is more American I guess @Thomas Ryan I say we syndicate elements from both Neoclassical and Baroque, then add some red brick to the mix, and boom - next generation American architecture

2018-02-28 04:49:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Oliver I’m not a fan of gothic styles. Looks like stalagmites to me

2018-02-28 04:49:58 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

So like 1920s ish style?

2018-02-28 04:50:19 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-28 04:51:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I see stars of David in that roof

2018-02-28 07:39:04 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-03-01 03:04:08 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-03-01 03:13:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Is that Adobe Illustrator?

2018-03-01 03:14:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I used to know Illustrator but I haven’t touched it in years. Photoshop is my go-to now, just can’t do vectors 😓

2018-03-01 19:50:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-04-26 17:38:24 UTC [Centipede Central #maga_shitpost]  

^ not a shitpost

2018-04-26 17:38:56 UTC [Centipede Central #maga_shitpost]

2018-04-26 17:38:58 UTC [Centipede Central #maga_shitpost]

2018-04-26 17:39:26 UTC [Centipede Central #maga_shitpost]

2018-05-01 02:40:11 UTC [Centipede Central #general]  

imbeech blumpff

2018-05-15 06:39:47 UTC [US Politics Debate #👋-welcome]  

?rank Fascist

2018-05-15 06:39:55 UTC [US Politics Debate #👋-welcome]  

?rank Capitalist

2018-05-15 06:40:25 UTC [US Politics Debate #👋-welcome]  

?rank ethnic nationalist

2018-05-15 06:40:55 UTC [US Politics Debate #👋-welcome]  

?rank Autocracy

2018-05-15 06:41:16 UTC [US Politics Debate #👋-welcome]  

?rank Theist

2018-05-15 06:41:23 UTC [US Politics Debate #👋-welcome]  

?rank Mercantilist

2018-05-15 06:41:45 UTC [US Politics Debate #👋-welcome]  

?rank Newcomer

2018-07-30 21:45:09 UTC [Red Storm Official #election-memes]  

Just google those races and you’ll find where it was

2018-08-01 17:27:35 UTC [Red Storm Official #house-discussions]  

Why not just nominate ourselves for democratic primaries everywhere and spend no money at all and never show our faces or say anything about our politics, just to crowd out the primaries and give them a run for their money

2018-08-01 17:28:59 UTC [Red Storm Official #house-discussions]  

Worst case, something happens that causes the other dem to pull out, our names are on the ballot under **D** and idiots who like to vote down the ballot for their party could buoy one of us to Congress as a dem

2018-08-01 17:29:41 UTC [Red Storm Official #house-discussions]  

Best case, we crowd the primaries and force them to run down their campaign coffers ahead of the general whilst hopefully fragmenting the vote a bit

2018-08-03 16:46:54 UTC [Red Storm Official #senate-discussions]

2018-08-08 02:34:09 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Negron is a state rep already so he seems like the strongest choice

2018-08-08 02:34:17 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Though I don’t know any of his challengers

2018-08-08 02:35:09 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

I’ve seen signs for Burns and Blankenbeker alongside Negron signs on the side of the roads

2018-08-08 02:36:40 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

I hope Andy Sanborn wins NH-1

2018-08-08 02:38:46 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Sanborn is the chair of Ways & Means

2018-08-11 16:44:11 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

NH-2 can be competitive with a little effort

2018-08-11 16:45:27 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Voter registration drives and absentee voting information at veterans care centers, shooting ranges, police departments, and GOTV operations in heavily conservative areas

2018-08-11 16:47:49 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Target active Manchester and Concord area twitter accounts with a bombardment of anti-Kuster propaganda. “Rumors” of corruption, especially in her handling of the drug crisis, would be a cyanide capsule to her campaign, even if they’re not entirely true.

2018-09-08 22:46:11 UTC [Red Storm Official #massachusetts]  

@Nuke Just catching up here: I’ve met Stephen Lynch. He’s always been pro-life. His votes protecting planned parenthood stem from his belief that abortions will happen anyways and so it’s best to keep them in a clinical environment where they can be regulated.

2018-09-08 23:00:14 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

I’m thinking we buy targeted Facebook ads aimed at democrats in the bluer portions of NH-2, **especially the most rural.** Someone who lives far from their polling station won’t want to drive out on the treacherously unkept roads of western NH to vote for someone who’s a traitor to their values. Especially when it’s other democrats telling them she’s a turncoat.

2018-09-08 23:45:33 UTC [Red Storm Official #massachusetts]  


2018-09-08 23:45:38 UTC [Red Storm Official #massachusetts]  

Purge is not a bad idea

2018-09-09 01:19:19 UTC [Red Storm Official #massachusetts]  

March on NYC for shits and kicks

2018-09-09 01:19:37 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  


2018-09-09 01:19:53 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Thoughts? Ideas? Share similar dirt if you can find it

2018-09-09 01:29:47 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

If we’re paying less than a dollar per click for Facebook ads that can be very specifically targeted, it wouldn’t take more than a few hundred dollars to reach enough voters to potentially sway a close election.

2018-09-09 01:31:59 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

And we’d target only the bluest and most rural areas so people are thinking, “I don’t want to make the tough drive out to town to vote for some shitheel, especially when everyone I know is already voting for her.” Being a Democrat in a deeply blue town makes you think your vote isn’t as important as it is, since ‘everyone else’ around you is already going to vote Democrat.

2018-09-09 01:34:52 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

I’m not too worried about NH-1 because I think Andy Sanborn has a strong probability of crushing whoever comes out of the civil war on the democratic ballot.

2018-09-09 02:35:46 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Mark MacKenzie is a socialist with the ALF-CIO behind him and I hear Chris Pappas is quite connected. I know the people behind Terrence O’Rourke and not even they have faith in his chance of winning.

2018-09-09 02:36:54 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Maura is easy to defeat. She’s a carpetbagger and a fake progressive running in a +red district. Andy Sanborn looks like a stronger candidate.

2018-09-12 05:30:48 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

What in the holy fuck were those chromosome-deficient heroin addicts in NH-1 possibly thinking?! Who the fuck chose a no-name no-experience nigger over the **one guy** who could’ve mopped the floor with that faggot Pappas?!! What the fuck is wrong with our state??

2018-09-12 05:32:20 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Who in their right mind would think that the second-whitest state in the union will turn out for a nigger??

2018-09-12 05:32:56 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

No amount of propaganda could save NH-1 now, they fucking blew it.

2018-09-12 23:56:01 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

There’s no one better suited to run America than a guy who enjoys phalli in his rectum

2018-09-12 23:56:50 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

I’m just glad Steve Negron won NH-2. I strongly believe he can oust Kuster

2018-09-12 23:57:56 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Democrats already know Kuster is a gutless sellout so all we have to do is **emphasize** her shortfalls to drive down Dem turnout

2018-09-12 23:59:42 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

90% of her campaign funds have come from large donors and PACs, and some of her top donors include the shady pro-Israel group “J Street” and the swamp that is the New Dems

2018-09-13 00:00:25 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

It’ll be easy to throw together some prop material painting her as a corporate/Israeli puppet

2018-09-17 21:39:25 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Or drive through franklin recording ghost knocks on the MiniVAN app

2018-09-17 21:40:46 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

It’s what most democrats are using to coordinate canvassing to a central database. Recording successful knocks should remove those houses from future lists for a while so that they don’t get knocked “twice.”

2018-09-17 21:46:00 UTC [Red Storm Official #operation-blue-scare]  

Democrats: “Gosh, looks like identity politics crushed us in the last election. Maybe we should try something else.”
Also democrats: “Or, we can double down and see if it works this time!”
*one blood-red wave later...*

2018-09-19 01:20:44 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Winning NH is all about turnout. Driving theirs down and ours up. It is an order of magnitude easier to suppress turnout than it is to boost it. Therefore, we ought focus all of our time and energy on convincing democrats not to go to the polls. I think the way to do it is by targeted social media campaigns aimed at colleges or by more traditional ads placed in rural western towns. It all has to be negative: Ann McLane Kuster is a money-grabbing corporate shill and a sellout to progressive ‘values’ for instance. I don’t know enough about Chris Pappas but the idea is the same. Paint the candidate as someone that the Tumblr crowd won’t want to exert the effort to go out and vote for.

2018-09-20 17:07:00 UTC [Red Storm Official #midterms-discussions]  

Once these documents come out, spread them as far and wide as possible. Find the news articles with the scariest headlines (Fox probably). It doesn’t matter if there’s actually anything damning in the documents, it only matters how we spin it. That means using “#___gate” hashtags and buzzwords like “corruption” “illegal” and “secret”

2018-09-25 05:01:37 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

“Powered by NGP VAN”

2018-10-02 01:25:50 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Might be our chance to fill the void on social media

2018-10-02 01:26:27 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

I hate to be the guy advocating shortcuts and low blows, but I hate losing to marxists even more.

2018-10-02 01:37:06 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

A real miracle would be if someone could come out with a James O’Keefe style video of Anne Kuster selling out her “progressive” values to a fake lobbyist, or of Chris Pappas going off on a neomarxist rant to a fake hipster after one-too-many glasses of Chardonnay

2018-10-02 01:37:51 UTC [Red Storm Official #new-hampshire]  

Or actually convince James O’Keefe to do it

2018-10-02 16:51:03 UTC [Red Storm Official #massachusetts]  

Peter Tedeschi will win Bill Keating’s congressional seat

2018-10-06 04:12:22 UTC [Red Storm Official #massachusetts]  

a jewish “guy”

2018-10-06 04:12:54 UTC [Red Storm Official #massachusetts]  

>humanizes them
>is libertarian

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