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2017-12-17 20:26:45 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Hussar has baby hands

2017-12-17 20:26:47 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

It's ok fam

2017-12-17 20:30:30 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Lol just bance, good work on the banner.

2017-12-24 19:10:40 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-24 19:11:04 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-24 19:11:27 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-24 19:11:37 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-24 19:12:07 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-24 19:12:19 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Whoops sent that one twice

2017-12-24 19:12:42 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-24 19:13:11 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-24 19:13:19 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-24 19:14:04 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Only hit there spots because it's a lot busier out here than I expected, spray adhesive works wonders though.

2017-12-26 18:39:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-12-26 18:39:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Bugman cancer

2017-12-26 23:49:39 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Last episode of Rebel Yell they talked about forming insulated white communities, and the importance that. Great listen.

2017-12-27 04:03:04 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-27 04:03:18 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-27 04:03:22 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-27 04:03:36 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-27 04:03:44 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-27 04:03:48 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-27 04:04:03 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-27 04:04:23 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2017-12-27 04:57:48 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2017-12-27 04:57:58 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

>Insulting anyone's physical appearance

2017-12-27 05:14:07 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2017-12-27 20:58:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@AugustoPinochet(Paul)TX best work a man can do

2017-12-31 02:19:20 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

Those pictures are great

2018-01-01 22:54:14 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@joe TX I just bought one from academy, they're called buffs

2018-01-01 22:54:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Oh shit

2018-01-01 22:54:21 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

We have our own?

2018-01-02 16:30:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

How many levels of irony is McCain on

2018-01-02 19:01:05 UTC [Front And Center #general] Chicago commies claiming we're scared of them

2018-01-03 01:31:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Sometimes I forget how desensitized we are to Muslims driving trucks through crowds of people in our nations.

2018-01-03 01:33:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Van drives through crowd
"Is a"
Priest is beheaded
Concert shot up
Truck drives through Christmas scene
Airplane is hijacked

2018-01-04 18:19:08 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Are we Rhodesia posting

2018-01-04 23:46:52 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@lawfag5335231 Protect Columbus demonstration when

2018-01-04 23:47:23 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

>Protecting Christopher Columbus statue from vandalism
>Peak Optics

2018-01-05 02:40:31 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Ductapegang Houston

2018-01-05 22:32:26 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

(((You're not a real Christian if you don't adopt 9 Nigerians white man)))

2018-01-05 22:36:17 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The same God who said "I have come to set a man against his father, a woman against her mother" is the God that wants you to let Jews run your society and allow millions of Muslims around your women.

2018-01-05 22:40:09 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Modern non denominational Christianity isn't even Christianity. It's a crony capitalist shekel grabbing machine. Mega churches are not American, the rhetoric they spout is closer to Buddhism than Orthodoxy or high church Protestantism.

2018-01-05 22:47:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

It's funny that these churches regularly refer to themselves as communities, they are far from it. Building communities is so important for our cause, we must be able to support our brothers and their families, through anything.

2018-01-05 22:48:35 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Things other than churches also, clubs, country clubs, shooting clubs, sowing clubs, fraternities, etc.

2018-01-05 22:48:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Non pozed mason like organizations.

2018-01-06 01:11:47 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

What's our stance on passivism

2018-01-06 01:11:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Spelled that way intentionally

2018-01-06 01:14:32 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

They discussed it on an episode ofThe Godcast with Musonius, essentially it's the act of building invisible networks between our guys, and gaining personal power to build a community.

2018-01-06 01:14:50 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Obviously we take a different route, but both seem necessary to me.

2018-01-06 01:14:59 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Have to show power in the streets

2018-01-07 04:53:29 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2018-01-07 04:53:42 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2018-01-07 04:53:55 UTC [Front And Center #activism]

2018-01-07 15:53:06 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

@Adam OK It's in pinned messages

2018-01-07 15:53:14 UTC [Front And Center #activism]  

On this channel

2018-01-14 17:59:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Cowboy boots should mandatory 2.0 wear

2018-01-15 20:20:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

This is what families should look like

2018-01-15 20:21:25 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Best form of activism is raising ten race conscious Christian children

2018-01-15 20:21:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

On a farm

2018-01-15 20:22:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

They had actual meaning in their life, not something fed to them by capitalist Jewish

2018-01-15 20:22:49 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Of course

2018-01-15 20:23:19 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

If you raise your sons to believe in the American struggle, they will fight.

2018-01-16 01:09:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-01-16 18:40:57 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Fuck niggers

2018-01-16 19:11:28 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Women should be able to communicate our ideas to other women, but they absolutely should not pretend they're intellectuals. God created women to aid man and nurse children, anything else is feminist nonsense.

2018-01-17 00:32:03 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I'm late to the music party

But Johnny Rebel is peak music

2018-01-17 00:36:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

"The NAACP, would sure like to get ahold of nigger hating me"

2018-01-17 00:39:44 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I'd really like to attend a 1.0 hardcore show, maybe one day

2018-01-17 01:44:43 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Just found out my girlfriend was being a slut in Facebook groups boys gg

2018-01-17 01:44:47 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Always keep frame

2018-01-17 01:45:13 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

D-don't be sad over thots

2018-01-17 01:48:33 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

White sharia NOW

2018-01-17 01:49:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I don't go into twelve tomorrow I'm about to get fucked up

2018-01-17 01:50:36 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I think I'm going to give the orthodox life a shot now fucc it

2018-01-17 04:21:20 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Welcome to the Huey P Newton Gun Club

2018-01-17 04:22:45 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

This is the autistic fascists support network

2018-01-17 04:23:53 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-01-17 04:27:27 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Wait for Stephen Crowder to get past vetting, man is down with the cause.

2018-01-17 04:43:55 UTC [Front And Center #general]

2018-01-17 04:44:10 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-01-17 04:44:58 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

We are at war

2018-01-17 04:45:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

In a very literal sense, we are fighting for survival.

2018-01-17 04:48:31 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Thomas Ryan I agree, but we must always remind ourselves what is at stake, and what these people actually want of us.

2018-02-07 18:19:42 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

@Thomas Ryan The clown world we live in creates mental illness. Diversity, technological super stimulation, the destruction of community, the securitization of society, the break down of the family, all of this leads to the ultimate mental unraveling of everyone. Happiness and mental health is an illusion in the clown world.

2018-02-07 18:20:34 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

The Amish and similar communities are probably the only people in America who could pass for mentally healthy.

2018-02-08 11:51:06 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Why don't you NEETs sleep

2018-02-08 12:49:01 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

I just got to work

2018-02-08 12:49:11 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

But I need my N I N E H O U R S

2018-02-08 14:36:37 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

My bad

2018-02-08 18:11:40 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

R/childfree is the most cancer thing I've re seen

2018-02-08 18:11:54 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

Have 3+ white kids before 25 or ur a cuck

2018-02-08 18:14:51 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-08 18:15:12 UTC [Front And Center #general]  


2018-02-08 18:15:18 UTC [Front And Center #general]  

white sharia

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