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2018-06-04 17:05:04 UTC


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2018-06-04 17:05:35 UTC

I should just drop out of college

2018-06-04 17:05:53 UTC




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2018-06-04 17:10:47 UTC

@everyone I'll be posting all future farming photos here.

2018-06-04 17:14:14 UTC


2018-06-04 17:50:36 UTC

Right now I'm prepping some hunting ground. We'll plant our leftover corn seed out here and leave it for the wildlife. Pheasant season starts in October and goes to the beginning of January.



2018-06-04 17:53:55 UTC


2018-06-04 17:53:59 UTC

amazing. Great pictures. wow !

2018-06-04 17:54:54 UTC


2018-06-04 18:37:47 UTC

All done mowing.



2018-06-04 19:53:43 UTC

I'm looking forward to a channel specifically for wheat field updates

2018-06-04 20:18:25 UTC

Geeze how many acres of land do you own

2018-06-04 20:28:29 UTC

New favorite channel

2018-06-04 20:28:55 UTC

Wow @Der Seeteufel - SD Your a very lucky man,looks beautiful! Thankyou for everything you do,farmers are so valuable for all of us!

2018-06-04 20:31:34 UTC

oh wow brother

2018-06-04 20:37:44 UTC

@Pat-MA I work for my second cousin. We farm 24000 acres.

2018-06-04 23:28:34 UTC

If you need a size comparison the average farm in the United States is 434 acres but that's probably partly affected by micro farms that only do a few acres.

2018-06-04 23:33:45 UTC

I was actually really surprised when I saw how low the national average was. We have fields that are 1200 acres.

2018-06-04 23:40:41 UTC

Yeah that's crazy, growing up we had 25 acres of tobacco we worked, but that was my dads idea of a "hobby" farm haha

2018-06-04 23:57:30 UTC

If I had one complaint it would be the absolute state of the bitches around here!


2018-06-05 00:19:50 UTC

She's a dirty one...

2018-06-05 17:14:31 UTC

Getting ready to go pick rocks.






2018-06-05 17:32:57 UTC

Oh and I just realized I never posted a picture of my favorite truck in here.


2018-06-05 21:52:00 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD Is that a rock crusher or catcher?

2018-06-05 21:52:33 UTC


2018-06-05 21:53:13 UTC

I wonder if they make those for cat 1s

2018-06-05 21:54:46 UTC

I don't know. We supposedly have a smaller one but I've never seen it.

2018-06-05 22:00:02 UTC

These two run on hydraulics but it's possible that they make some that use a PTO if your tractor doesn't have hydraulic hookups.

2018-06-05 22:02:21 UTC

I got hydraulics but at my size its probably safer to run it on pto with all the rocks we have her

2018-06-05 22:02:26 UTC


2018-06-05 22:24:34 UTC

This one needs some work. This is how you move equipment when the shop is too small to turn the tractor.


2018-06-05 22:43:24 UTC


2018-06-05 22:51:14 UTC

New shiny bolt. Hopefully this one holds a little better than the last one.


2018-06-06 19:21:38 UTC

Check out this power line up.


2018-06-07 16:43:38 UTC


2018-06-07 16:44:14 UTC

I think I'm going to need a bigger tractor.

2018-06-07 16:44:31 UTC


2018-06-07 17:00:15 UTC




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2018-06-07 17:07:13 UTC

My dog really likes to help.

2018-06-07 17:26:33 UTC

Dumping out the smaller rocks



2018-06-07 19:38:48 UTC

It looks like someone dropped that boulder on your dogs head in that one pic

2018-06-07 19:41:55 UTC

What a good dog

2018-06-07 21:40:03 UTC

Glad to see you putting that dog to work😁 he's gotta earn those meals.

2018-06-08 01:43:27 UTC

@John O - I've got a wheat field update for you.



2018-06-08 01:43:58 UTC

The women should be arriving soon.

2018-06-08 01:53:14 UTC

@Deleted User I thought you might be interested in the control setup on that smaller tractor I was driving today.


2018-06-08 01:55:17 UTC

Its called a quad-range. The front levers are your throttle and gear selectors. The back leavers control your hydraulics.

2018-06-08 01:55:59 UTC


2018-06-08 01:57:17 UTC

There are only three foot petals. The clutch on the left and the breaks on the right.

2018-06-08 02:17:14 UTC

Nice thing about these older tractors is that you can leave your dog in them. Newer tractors with electronic controls are too easy for your dog to bump. Guys have died because they left their dogs in the cab while they go fix something.


2018-06-08 02:45:03 UTC

For comparison the controls on a modern quadtrac are a bit more complicated.





2018-06-08 02:45:30 UTC


2018-06-08 03:05:45 UTC

Friends don’t let friends run tracks.
Be white run pneumatic tires.

2018-06-08 03:12:07 UTC


2018-06-08 03:12:35 UTC

@JesseJames πŸ‘†

2018-06-08 03:13:28 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD such a glorious sight. My kids have to eat!!!

2018-06-08 03:23:19 UTC

@JesseJames do your kids like corn? I have lots of corn. πŸ˜‚


2018-06-08 04:36:35 UTC

@JesseJames What are the advantages and disadvantages of tracks?

2018-06-08 11:16:24 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD they do but we actually grow our own..... sweet corn.

@Jacob I am kidding. I do tire sales and service for a living.

2018-06-08 11:30:16 UTC

Right, but there must be some advantages and disadvantages, or else both wouldn't exist

2018-06-08 11:43:15 UTC

Certainly. Tracks don’t go flat. Also it is supposed to offer more traction. But that is debatable. There are more failure points with tracks because of mor moving parts. The tracks are heavier and more expensive.

2018-06-08 12:12:13 UTC

@Jacob tracks handle mud better and like Jesse said they don't go flat. That picture I responded to him with is a deer antler in the tire of one of our seed carts. That might be good for him but it really sucks for me. A flat tire can take hours to get fixed especially when you are in the middle of a field 30 miles from the nearest town. Also I don't know if it's a function of the tracks or just the fact that the tractor is much newer, but the quadtrac has by far the smoothest ride of any tractor I've driven.

2018-06-08 12:14:59 UTC

This looks fun

2018-06-08 12:19:22 UTC

I enjoy it a lot, but I work between 12 and 17 hours a day and weekends are not guaranteed days off. This job is also pretty dangerous so it's definitely not for everyone.

2018-06-08 12:20:00 UTC

How physically intensive is it?

2018-06-08 12:24:56 UTC

I've worked double shifts at Dairy Queen. Not fun.

2018-06-08 12:25:37 UTC

It can vary. Days when we level bins are extremely physically intensive. Imagine moving several tons of corn or sunflowers inside a 80Β° bin with only a scoop shovel. There are also days where I sit in an air conditioned cab and the only workout I get is climbing up and down from the tractor.

2018-06-08 12:28:06 UTC

Maybe being forced to do something like that would help me

2018-06-08 12:28:56 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD Yeah I have eight gears; one high/low stick and one four gear stick

2018-06-08 12:47:47 UTC

@Jacob there's also one more thing that you should consider before moving out to a place like this. The isolation. I see the same 10 people every day and hardly anyone else. I grew up here so I'm used to it, but it can literally drive people crazy. Also very few potential GFs. I actually can't remember the last time I even saw an eligible woman. I'm 26 and the only single girl I know around here is 16.

2018-06-08 12:48:57 UTC

It’s odd you claim the tracks ride better because that is normally a complaint people have of the tracks is they do not ride as good. @Jacob farm work builds character and is good for you.

2018-06-08 12:50:12 UTC

How I spend a lot of my time.


2018-06-08 12:54:28 UTC

The only other tractor that size I have driven is this 9380 and honestly the difference might just be in the seat. This tractor is about 20 yrs older.


2018-06-08 13:29:03 UTC

Seats make a huge difference.
Since you posted that photo I just wanted to let you know it is a huge pain to work on those. Seems like the outside tire is never the one that goes flat and you always have to take the outside wheels off to work on the inside.

2018-06-08 13:32:59 UTC

I have zero potential GFs right now, so the number can't go down lol

2018-06-08 13:33:45 UTC

I'm an only child and grew up in a small family, so I don't think I would mind being around the same 10 people every day

2018-06-08 13:46:03 UTC

@Jacob lmaoing at the comparison between farmwork and DQ

2018-06-08 13:50:10 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD bro, that's so cool that your cousin hires white people at decent wages instead of undercutting the American workforce with cheap Mexicans

2018-06-08 13:52:57 UTC

We don't have many Mexicans up here and they can't operate equipment like ours and everyone knows it. Some of the farms around here hire South Africans. I met a couple at the bar a few weeks ago.

2018-06-08 13:53:52 UTC

@Jacob you can get the experience of farming in many different forms. You could get a part time job a full time job or simply they could call you if they need extra help from time to time.

2018-06-08 13:56:37 UTC

You don't put a Mexican in a $500,000 tractor pulling a $200,000 planter. It just isn't done.

2018-06-08 14:14:01 UTC

They'd be driving drunk anyway

2018-06-08 14:27:01 UTC

@JesseJames I actually live in a rural area. So that's no entirely out of the question.

2018-06-08 14:30:55 UTC

@Jacob Most farmers would be happy for you to contact them asking for work.

2018-06-08 19:15:35 UTC


2018-06-08 22:03:07 UTC

Chevrolet to the rescue.

2018-06-08 23:05:53 UTC

This is my bosses new Dodge. He got it last week.


2018-06-08 23:07:17 UTC

To be fair to dodge this was clearly a case of user error.


2018-06-08 23:09:27 UTC

Fields can be deceptive. If you look at the top soil around this mud it looks pretty dry. There was no way any pickup was going to make it through there though.

2018-06-08 23:15:14 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD my cousins are farmers and they hired (white) south africans last year. they said they were good people and hard workers

2018-06-08 23:15:25 UTC

at first glance I thought that was just pickup tug'o'war

2018-06-08 23:15:57 UTC

@Deleted User so did I, I was going to ask who won? πŸ˜‚

2018-06-08 23:16:43 UTC

@Zyzz yeah no one ever complains about their work ethic. My boss said he'd hire them too, but they're too expensive.

2018-06-08 23:18:56 UTC

I'm not sure what SAs ask for, but I get paid $13/hr + room and board.

2018-06-08 23:20:30 UTC

Not sure what that's like state adjusted

2018-06-08 23:22:50 UTC

Honestly it's pretty good for me. I don't pay for housing or food, and I'm a disabled vet so the military takes care of my medical. I could make a lot more money somewhere else but I can't emphasize enough how much I love my job.

2018-06-08 23:24:00 UTC

Plus SD cost of living is pretty low so I'm actually doing ok financially.

2018-06-08 23:24:54 UTC

huh, that sounds really good then

2018-06-08 23:25:20 UTC

y'all best not be putting harmful chemicals in our food now 😀

2018-06-08 23:26:26 UTC

one thing i really like about Europe is their food quality

2018-06-08 23:26:40 UTC

no gmo, chemicals, pesticides, hormores, or any of that other nonsense

2018-06-08 23:27:11 UTC

food is more expensive and portions of smaller but its better for you and i think that shows up in how much better looking the people are than your avg white american

2018-06-08 23:27:54 UTC

would tend to agree, we're very unhealthy

2018-06-08 23:36:59 UTC

Lol! I load the concentrated stuff into these sprayers without PPE so if I live you're probably safe. Honestly the harshest stuff we use is ammonia. Organic farmers need the same chemicals to produce their crops too. They just need to fertilize a lot more often because bird scat has less of what you need and a bunch of other stuff that you didn't want in the first place. I personally don't buy into a lot of the organic propaganda. I was a nuclear reactor operator in the navy and I like to think I have a pretty good understanding of chemistry. There might be some disadvantages to using modern herbicides but I am personally in the good outweighing the bad camp. Now if we could just stop using our scientific advances to feed worthless people everything would be perfect.


2018-06-08 23:38:52 UTC


2018-06-08 23:53:47 UTC

@Deleted User if I was going to boil down my opinion I would have to say that I basically bathe in synthetic crops and chemicals all day and if anything I've become infinitely more Chad since I started here. If you are concerned about your food don't be an urbanite and grow it yourself. There is no way in hell eating GMOs makes you more of a fag than someone who shops at Trader Joe's.

2018-06-08 23:55:10 UTC

Lol, no yeah what goes into those crops is probably the least of our chemical worries anyways

2018-06-08 23:56:16 UTC

Yeah. I don't even touch tap water. That s*** is making the frogs gay.

2018-06-08 23:56:58 UTC

I've got well water and a decent purifying system in the basement

2018-06-08 23:57:31 UTC

I drink bottled water more than I probably should though

2018-06-08 23:59:55 UTC

if anything the rest comes from soap/shampoo additives and stuff

2018-06-09 00:01:49 UTC

Everything is relative. If you are even sort of careful you'll probably live until your too old to care for yourself anyway. One of my biggest fears is becoming a burden on my family. But I guess that's just me being white.

2018-06-09 00:04:51 UTC

tfw a burden on family still 😳

2018-06-09 00:05:21 UTC

am a youngin though

2018-06-09 00:21:40 UTC

@Deleted User how old are you?

2018-06-09 00:45:00 UTC

Tide is 47

2018-06-09 00:50:55 UTC

48 this August πŸ˜„

2018-06-09 00:55:57 UTC

No but really, just turned 21 this may

2018-06-09 00:56:39 UTC

Goyd damn son! Get out of thine father's house. To be fair though I wasn't independent until I was 19 which is a year later than I would have liked.

2018-06-09 00:57:50 UTC

Yeahh I'll figure something out

2018-06-09 00:58:06 UTC

are you in school?

2018-06-09 00:59:03 UTC

I turned 21 this may, as well. About to move out.

2018-06-09 00:59:07 UTC

with some ie guys

2018-06-09 00:59:33 UTC

That's great @Rogue !

2018-06-09 01:00:28 UTC

That's what IE should be all about. Helping each other however we can!

2018-06-09 01:01:22 UTC

@Zyzz No I'm not, never was one for it.

2018-06-09 01:01:58 UTC

trade or military then

2018-06-09 01:03:37 UTC

get a CDL ^

2018-06-09 01:07:27 UTC

πŸ‘† CDLs are gold. I just started learning how to drive truck and it's great. It's pretty easy and companies will pay a premium for guys they don't have to worry about drug testing. Regardless you need to figure something out. I hate to be tough love but IE is no place for NEETs.

2018-06-09 01:08:35 UTC

No no, by all means bully me.

2018-06-09 01:09:27 UTC

@Deleted User youre young dude take a chance and head out west to one of those boom towns and get a job

2018-06-09 01:12:49 UTC

Ok then first step is to tell you to stop being such a cuckold an stop asking to be bullied you pathetic nerd! Seriously just move out of your parent's house. IE won't let you starve but struggling a bit is good for you.

2018-06-09 01:13:47 UTC

Hahah you're right

2018-06-09 13:39:30 UTC


2018-06-09 14:17:44 UTC

Hahaha a little struggle builds character

2018-06-09 17:56:58 UTC

@John O - wheat field update. We got one!


2018-06-09 18:03:28 UTC


2018-06-09 19:51:53 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD use the rock catcher!

2018-06-10 04:26:35 UTC

Get a net!

2018-06-11 17:25:01 UTC



2018-06-11 17:27:21 UTC

It's looking pretty good boys. My boss seems pretty happy. He says he might even be able to keep paying me.

2018-06-11 17:28:30 UTC


2018-06-11 17:30:49 UTC


2018-06-11 17:32:17 UTC

lots of rain out there?

2018-06-11 17:50:01 UTC

Yeah it has been pretty good so far. It's too wet to get the tractors out in the field today to start planting sunflowers so we're going around checking the other fields.

2018-06-11 17:51:37 UTC



2018-06-11 17:52:33 UTC


2018-06-11 18:15:14 UTC

@Deleted User what do you think her father will think about these? I was thinking of sending a dairy cow but apparently they breed Rodeo Bulls out here.

2018-06-11 18:15:51 UTC

I mean, if he's anything like me, he'd disown her if she *didn't* marry you.

2018-06-11 18:16:20 UTC

That bull in the top on is looker on the left

2018-06-11 18:16:48 UTC

Second one in from the left

2018-06-11 18:18:19 UTC

Yeah it was definitely mean mugging us.

2018-06-11 18:19:57 UTC

yeah they all look pretty stern

2018-06-11 18:38:09 UTC

We're also checking out some more bins. I definitely prefer the stairs over the ladder. Luckily these bins are pretty small.





2018-06-11 18:39:33 UTC

There were a couple of baby birds on the steps.



2018-06-11 19:23:06 UTC

Do you get time and a half, it is it just straight pay?

2018-06-11 19:44:24 UTC

Straight up pay. I also don't have paid time off, but I actually kind of prefer it that way because my boss is much more willing to let me go for a couple of days than they were at the factory I worked at before. They don't even track my time off. If I want to go camping or something I just let them know and I take off.

2018-06-11 19:48:57 UTC

I don't do this job because I make a lot of money. With my work experience from the Navy I could probably pretty easily pull 6 figures working at a nuclear power plant. I do this because I love the freedom, being close to my family, and eventually I'd like to farm for myself. Honestly I'm kind of treating this experience as a school I don't have to pay for.

2018-06-11 19:53:20 UTC

Absolutely, I was just curious

2018-06-11 20:00:37 UTC

Yeah. I love my job and I think other IE guys would probably like this sort of work too, but I'm worried that some idealistic young identitaraian might get it into their head that this is easy and they can make good money doing it. That's definitely not the case. If they're looking for the experience than I'd say definitely do it but they should have a plan to build on that experience.

2018-06-11 20:08:46 UTC

Farming is only good money if you own the land, and then, most of your net worth is in land and heavy equipment. My cousin's father in law is worth a few million dollars, but almost none of that is liquid

2018-06-11 20:08:57 UTC

At least in NY

2018-06-11 20:45:26 UTC

Yeah we call it being asset rich and cash poor. It also takes a lot of self discipline. Lots of farmers gamble it all away. My dad said it takes 3 generations for a farm to get rich and the 4th usually loses it all.

2018-06-11 20:48:30 UTC

Fortunately, he's 7th gen or something

2018-06-11 20:49:00 UTC

And my cousin is pretty level headed

2018-06-11 21:18:50 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD "Honestly I'm kind of treating this experience as a school I don't have to pay for." Smart! Getting someone else to pay you to learn a new skill is a valuable skill in itself, something I'm trying to learn myself.

2018-06-11 23:23:33 UTC

Filling up the sunflower planters. Hopefully we can get started tomorrow.




2018-06-11 23:24:36 UTC

That looks like an insane amount

2018-06-11 23:24:44 UTC

How much are you planting?

2018-06-11 23:27:35 UTC

Hahaha that's nothing. We're planting 5000 acres. We have three of these planters and I'll be running seeds all day if the fields are dry.

2018-06-11 23:29:22 UTC

Once I get back up to the shop I'll post another picture. That will blow your mind.

2018-06-11 23:31:02 UTC

How many sunflowers will grow out of that?

2018-06-11 23:32:36 UTC

About 90% of these seeds will grow. Corn is about 96-97%

2018-06-11 23:33:56 UTC

If you want a count of how many plants that amounts to I have no idea.

2018-06-11 23:35:44 UTC

My boss might have a rough guess, but an acre is the size of a football field so needless to say it's hard to count how many flowers are on 5000 football fields.

2018-06-11 23:39:32 UTC

My boss says about 18500 plants per acre.

2018-06-11 23:40:22 UTC
2018-06-11 23:42:10 UTC

We plant about 1.2 million wheat seeds per acre.

2018-06-11 23:42:49 UTC

We do about 5000 acres of wheat too.

2018-06-11 23:44:03 UTC


2018-06-11 23:44:28 UTC


2018-06-12 00:03:59 UTC


2018-06-12 00:04:46 UTC

I figured that I'd repost the bins for scale.

2018-06-12 00:14:51 UTC

Also all of the smaller bins on the left are seed bins.


2018-06-12 00:19:18 UTC

Except for one. One is a pidgeon bin because it was left open one year when it was almost empty and no one wants to clean it out.

2018-06-12 01:37:44 UTC

Haven't made it back to the shop yet. Still prepping for tomorrow.





2018-06-12 01:46:02 UTC

(My boss is aware that his license plate is visible) If antifa wants to call him he'll just ask if you're Jewish.

2018-06-12 01:47:19 UTC

Waist high by the 4th of July!

2018-06-12 02:00:07 UTC

@Jacob These totes are all full of seed.


2018-06-12 02:01:30 UTC

And these are all of the ones we've used so far.


2018-06-12 02:16:45 UTC

Also apparently someone loaded the seed truck. Which was nice of them.


2018-06-12 02:25:57 UTC

I see my dog made it into the picture again. She loves being useful. I left her at the shop all day today. Maybe she learned how to drive a forklift.πŸ˜‚

2018-06-12 18:38:00 UTC

Chevy to the rescue again.


2018-06-14 01:17:58 UTC

It's a close fit.




2018-06-14 01:18:46 UTC


2018-06-14 01:21:45 UTC

Found another girl out in the wheat fields.


2018-06-14 21:26:00 UTC

I've changed my profile picture so I don't get confused with @BryceB-ND


2018-06-14 21:26:57 UTC

You can't really read it in the thumbnail but I picked this truck for a reason.

2018-06-14 21:41:57 UTC


2018-06-15 18:51:43 UTC

@Der Seeteufel - SD How many Mexicans does it take to unstuck a skid steer?


2018-06-15 18:53:25 UTC

The true answer is, without White Europeans, machinery does not exist.

2018-06-15 18:53:54 UTC

πŸ‘† This

2018-06-15 18:54:08 UTC


2018-06-15 18:54:53 UTC

Fret not for the mouse, he enters the home without invitation because he cannot build his own.

2018-06-18 17:59:18 UTC

Done planting. Time to get ready for harvest.




2018-06-18 18:00:10 UTC


2018-06-18 18:10:41 UTC

Whats the temp out there?

2018-06-18 18:12:01 UTC

Today it's 66Β°

2018-06-18 18:19:25 UTC

What?!? Lucky!

2018-06-18 18:24:08 UTC

Yeah, lucky. It's like 95 here, high humidity. It feels like FL without a breeze haha

2018-06-18 18:24:59 UTC

Tobacco is growing really well this year, so for the farmers that's a plus😁

2018-06-18 19:17:48 UTC

Yeah it's been cloudy and raining off and on for the last few days. The lot by the bins is pretty muddy.


2018-06-18 22:12:06 UTC

What camera do you use for all these great pictures?

2018-06-18 23:14:45 UTC

@Tanner - SC I have a Samsung Galaxy S9+

2018-06-19 02:33:33 UTC






2018-06-19 23:19:48 UTC



2018-06-19 23:24:11 UTC

Do you think we have enough filters?


2018-06-20 02:04:50 UTC

How does the diesel or whatever fuel get to you to fill all those machines?

2018-06-20 02:57:10 UTC

@Tanner - SC We use diesel for practically everything, ag-diesel for all of our tractors and combines. The fuel comes in on trucks mostly. Some of it might move by train up from the Gulf coast. There are distribution centers just like for normal gasoline and diesel. We actually get most of our fuel from the local gas station. The tanks we have on the farm are filled by the same tankers that deliver to the gas stations. Once it's here we have our own fuel trucks that we use to bring it to tractors and combines out in the field.

2018-06-20 03:00:49 UTC

If you scroll back up to Jun 11 you can actually see me filling one of our sprayers.

2018-06-20 17:23:42 UTC

This wrench isn't big enough.


2018-06-21 01:53:48 UTC

This forklift is even more terrifying to drive than the other one.


2018-06-21 13:30:35 UTC

That ole puppy makes his way into 25% of your pics

2018-06-21 13:42:07 UTC

He has the heart of a show pony.

2018-06-21 15:56:18 UTC

She follows me everywhere so it's not a surprise.

2018-06-21 15:58:58 UTC

At least one girl likes me. I scared the last one all the way back to Australia.

2018-06-21 16:53:02 UTC

Damn, dude, didn't go well?

2018-06-21 18:09:58 UTC

@John O - it went ok. She still is writing me every day but she was definitely home sick and not ready to move to a new country where she doesn't have any family. I'm just going to keep writing her and maybe go to Australia during the winter to see her.

2018-06-21 18:13:35 UTC

Bro, that's awesome. Is she a small town girl?

2018-06-21 18:15:21 UTC

Home schooled farm girl.

2018-06-21 18:17:24 UTC

She's very conservative, literally never worn pants.

2018-06-21 18:21:16 UTC


2018-06-21 18:21:35 UTC

That's very cool, man, I hope it works out

2018-06-21 18:22:33 UTC

No wonder she couldn't handle a week away from home, tbh

2018-06-21 18:28:04 UTC

She's was here 3 months. She was just in Wisconsin and I didn't know that she was here. My pastor actually introduced us. I'm amazed no one else tried to date her. I was apparently the only guy to show any interest in her.

2018-06-21 18:38:00 UTC

The only real reason she had to go back is because her tourist visa was about to expire and if she wanted to stay we would have had to get married.

2018-06-21 18:44:55 UTC

It's very trad to marry a girl after meeting a week prior

2018-06-21 18:46:56 UTC

Yeah the whole thing is super trad. In case anyone is reading this and is wondering what we're talking about there's a girl who is a member of my church and her family is the only family in Australia that has fellowship with us. So her father sent her and her sister to find husbands in America.

2018-06-21 19:34:19 UTC

>and her sister

2018-06-21 19:34:24 UTC

Bruh what church

2018-06-21 19:51:50 UTC

Her sister is apparently already dating someone. Which is fine by me because I got the cuter younger one.

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