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2018-06-02 19:08:17 UTC

Oh, poor baby

2018-06-02 19:12:11 UTC

The only pictures I have of my chihuahua also have my grandmother or mother in their house coats so I'm not going to be uploading those

2018-06-02 19:12:44 UTC


2018-06-02 19:13:10 UTC

Dog the Chihuahua really is more my grandmother's lap dog who I just happened to walk cuz she's like old 86

2018-06-02 19:13:19 UTC

Tarco loves to huddle up to people.

2018-06-02 19:13:29 UTC


Are you a leaf @Deleted User?

2018-06-02 19:13:30 UTC

Caine the Chihuahua

2018-06-02 19:14:04 UTC

Yes, northern Ontario represent

2018-06-02 19:25:23 UTC

That's a really cute dog

2018-06-02 19:25:41 UTC

Bassets are adorable.

2018-06-02 19:28:44 UTC
2018-06-02 19:44:50 UTC


2018-06-03 00:22:14 UTC

Ray Gun has one job, and that is to knock Laci up and make her go full trad. Her mormon genes mean she should be very easy to impregnate, and she should birth easily.

2018-06-03 03:10:56 UTC

@Grumplebee I'm pretty sure Chris Ray Gun is about as degenerate as Laci and would likely end up raising some kid on meds that eventually shoots up a school

2018-06-03 03:12:57 UTC

More likely to succumb to AIDS at age 13 imo

2018-06-03 03:32:00 UTC

I guess I'm just more optimistic when it comes to those kinds of things. I figure a kid will make them both more conservative. Either that or the kid will rebell and become right wing itself.

2018-06-03 12:06:38 UTC

Oh god, it's cringe fighting cringe

2018-06-03 18:15:45 UTC

I wouldn't count on it

2018-06-03 22:20:27 UTC

Show tonight? @Orwell & Goode

2018-06-03 22:36:06 UTC


2018-06-03 22:36:12 UTC

in 5-10 mins

2018-06-03 22:44:08 UTC


2018-06-04 01:36:12 UTC


2018-06-04 20:28:29 UTC
2018-06-06 03:53:13 UTC

People need to watch this video, it is a trailer for Vol 2 of the "Jewish Question". I recommend watching vol. 1 on his channel or from my mirror. Subscribe to his channel here. https://youtu.be/kiXO7sjUNas

2018-06-06 16:21:50 UTC

as with all things love life and anarchy, archive asap

2018-06-06 16:22:04 UTC

many lost interviews etc

2018-06-07 00:56:27 UTC

Waking Up The West in 10 mins

2018-06-07 01:10:20 UTC


2018-06-07 01:10:50 UTC


2018-06-07 01:10:53 UTC


2018-06-07 19:38:05 UTC

My floof has passed away, and I am sad. More inforamation to come.

2018-06-07 19:38:15 UTC


2018-06-07 19:39:15 UTC


2018-06-08 00:41:15 UTC

memestream in 30 mins

2018-06-08 01:10:25 UTC


2018-06-08 01:10:47 UTC


2018-06-08 01:12:09 UTC

W H A T @.drib

2018-06-08 01:15:56 UTC


2018-06-08 01:15:58 UTC


AIDS for your eyes

2018-06-08 05:41:59 UTC


2018-06-08 05:42:11 UTC

those are some good like - dislike

2018-06-08 05:44:07 UTC

IIRC the one from last year they shutdown youttube just to add likes and remove dislikes


obviously the rules don't apply to these videos. JewTubs ignores all the complaints and instead propels it to top trending.

2018-06-08 16:01:43 UTC


2018-06-08 16:02:06 UTC

Lord, have mercy upon us

2018-06-08 19:01:50 UTC

Not something to freak over. The only way this would be close to successful is if there was some big row over it and leftists watch it (and make their kids declare it their favorite) out of some "trigger the righties" spite. Remember that big mouth show they did last year? Went nowhere.

2018-06-08 19:18:59 UTC

Man if I knew cheating on my wife multiple times could land me a book deal, tons of support, and UN meeting, and my own comic book, I might have considered it.

2018-06-08 22:01:45 UTC

That pride vid is getting ratioed

2018-06-08 22:01:54 UTC

Waking up the west in 20 mins or so

2018-06-08 22:02:05 UTC

Good. Let's head over and ratio it some more

2018-06-08 22:03:12 UTC


2018-06-08 22:30:58 UTC

Tune in! Typical news day in the current year +3.


2018-06-08 22:33:52 UTC


2018-06-08 22:33:59 UTC


2018-06-09 08:39:33 UTC

@Grumplebee "Man if I knew cheating on my wife multiple times could land me a book deal, tons of support, and UN meeting, and my own comic book, I might have considered it."

2018-06-09 08:39:43 UTC

What on earth are you talking about?

2018-06-09 15:21:33 UTC

@ebowden Zoe Quinn

2018-06-09 15:35:53 UTC


2018-06-09 20:02:30 UTC


2018-06-09 20:02:31 UTC

Welp, this explains everything

2018-06-10 20:25:16 UTC

@everyone Waking Up The West 100th episode on Tuesday evening

2018-06-10 21:36:54 UTC


2018-06-10 22:09:42 UTC


2018-06-10 23:54:05 UTC

wish it was today

2018-06-11 04:23:10 UTC

All our hopes and dreams for a spectacular 100th episode have been cucked

2018-06-11 05:42:32 UTC

not yet

2018-06-11 05:42:45 UTC

there's still hope

2018-06-11 05:42:50 UTC


2018-06-11 05:43:18 UTC

If they postponed it to get OBS running, then I'm okay with that

2018-06-12 01:00:47 UTC

dank propaganda

2018-06-12 08:12:36 UTC

Watch Live: Trump holds news conference after summit with Kim Jong Un https://youtu.be/YxwOczLF9RA

2018-06-12 22:01:53 UTC

pure poz comes out https://twitter.com/zoiemorriseau blacked the feed

2018-06-13 01:18:45 UTC

waking up the west in 10 mins

2018-06-13 23:40:20 UTC


2018-06-13 23:40:43 UTC

What's there to yeet about?

2018-06-13 23:43:18 UTC


2018-06-13 23:48:48 UTC

oh shit

2018-06-13 23:49:09 UTC


2018-06-13 23:49:23 UTC

is ruin alive again?

2018-06-13 23:49:35 UTC


2018-06-13 23:49:43 UTC

his profile just appeared again

2018-06-14 01:21:07 UTC

Henlo frens, waking up the west impromptu in 10 mins

2018-06-14 01:21:30 UTC

TFW you have obs, but not stream labs

2018-06-14 01:31:40 UTC

Tune into Waking Up The West! Joined by @HarmlessYardDog talking all sorts of current year shenanigans.


2018-06-14 01:34:28 UTC


2018-06-14 01:34:37 UTC


2018-06-14 01:34:56 UTC

I don't get it.

2018-06-14 01:37:24 UTC

Anyone else having issues with logging in to youtube?

2018-06-14 02:26:03 UTC

delete youtube cookies

2018-06-14 02:28:56 UTC

almost every login problem is ..delete cookies:P

2018-06-14 03:48:11 UTC

oh goddammit, missed WUTW

2018-06-14 14:05:34 UTC

@Orwell & Goode You and Question needs to hop in voice chat every once in a while to talk with us lowly followers. lol

2018-06-14 14:06:09 UTC

They're far to important to mingle with us plebeians

2018-06-14 14:06:36 UTC

Also, Orwell has school and such so he doesn't have time often

2018-06-14 17:23:04 UTC
2018-06-15 01:05:49 UTC

Starting the memestream

2018-06-15 01:05:52 UTC

tune in

2018-06-15 01:06:31 UTC


2018-06-15 01:09:21 UTC

Tune into the Memestream--hopefully Based Monitored might make a guest appearance (can't promise anything).


2018-06-15 05:38:51 UTC
2018-06-15 05:40:09 UTC

"Director, what do we do about the Weiner Probe?"

2018-06-15 05:40:17 UTC

"Sit on it!"

2018-06-15 05:42:21 UTC

back in the day I heard a story of someone getting kicked out of the voting place for having a "vote for pedro" shirt

2018-06-15 05:56:51 UTC

The exchange between the triggered FBI agents was hilarious.

2018-06-15 17:09:50 UTC

lol break up your family for foreigners

2018-06-15 18:26:03 UTC

Wait, does Murdoch Murdoch some-fucking-how have merchandise?

2018-06-15 19:11:44 UTC

Holy shit, they really managed to get merchandising going. I am very surprised.

2018-06-15 22:09:30 UTC

Waking up the west in 10 mins

2018-06-15 22:10:25 UTC

@Orwell & Goode Why you no get stream labs to supplement obs?

2018-06-15 22:13:46 UTC

Because i've been mad busy in the last month

2018-06-15 22:13:55 UTC

i'll try to get it sorted over the next week

2018-06-15 22:46:09 UTC

Tune in!

2018-06-15 22:46:29 UTC

@here strem is live

2018-06-16 12:44:31 UTC

TFW no journalistic comprehension @Orwell & Goode

2018-06-16 12:44:36 UTC


2018-06-16 12:47:24 UTC

Admitting that you've published false information(MSM likes to lie in what ends up being a well circulated article, then issue a very poorly circulated retraction.) is not "extremely responsible" it is the barest of the bare minimum of journalistic integrity.

2018-06-16 12:47:33 UTC
2018-06-16 12:48:23 UTC

Sometimes below it if you are deliberately making retractions very few people see.

2018-06-16 12:53:00 UTC

@Oliver Starley, @Orwell & Goode I love how journalists call themselves "one of the most under-attack professions in America" in response to being called on their bullshit. Imagine if a bunch of bakers squatted over their industrial mixing bowls, dropped some big snaggas, mixed them in, then called themselves "one of the most-under attack professions" when people got angry at them.

2018-06-16 12:54:49 UTC


2018-06-16 12:55:30 UTC

"This baker is extremely responsible you see, he admitted that there was poo in my bread."

2018-06-16 12:57:03 UTC
2018-06-16 12:58:37 UTC

Then the Bakers complain about the injustice of people deciding not to buy their poo-filled bread anymore.

2018-06-16 12:59:55 UTC

That guy was responding to one of the more liberal Skeptic (TM) types and even I was surprised to see him calling out Orwell. Call me biased but it should be shocking and embarrassing every time you have to make a retraction. At least 97% of news has to be true and accurate, but when was the last time that was?

2018-06-16 14:45:52 UTC

Did Orwell even get a chance to say anything on the killstream last night? I was reeling drunk and I completely forgot he was supposed to be on

2018-06-16 22:52:56 UTC

Question is a vampire confirmed

2018-06-16 22:53:03 UTC


2018-06-17 00:12:58 UTC

Tune into What a Time to Be Alive! World Cup Special. 


2018-06-17 00:13:05 UTC


2018-06-17 00:13:08 UTC

strem live

2018-06-17 00:16:30 UTC

I can't see it, it's offline

2018-06-17 00:17:00 UTC

He's having computer problems.

2018-06-17 00:19:04 UTC

He should get the hell out of Argentina and move to 88% white Uruguay, but they're living up to their name having legalized the globohomo

2018-06-17 00:20:06 UTC

Lol I know. He has his mind set in living in U.S. He needs to finish his degree.

2018-06-17 00:20:46 UTC

If he's sensible, he'd move to a state with no income tax

2018-06-17 00:21:12 UTC

does he have any idea as to the part of the US he wants to live in?

2018-06-17 00:22:28 UTC

Brb, moving to Tennessee

2018-06-17 00:23:08 UTC

All I can say for sure is certainly not California.

2018-06-17 00:23:08 UTC

I love Tennessee

2018-06-17 00:23:34 UTC

Montana is pretty awesome

2018-06-17 00:23:52 UTC

He wants to visit Montana.

2018-06-17 00:24:09 UTC

I hear good things about Montana

2018-06-17 00:24:09 UTC

Montana's too far for me

2018-06-17 00:25:24 UTC

I live in the mountains of Arizona. The not so hot part. Weather is perfect, low taxes, no gun laws, only bad part is all the Californians moving here.

2018-06-17 00:26:22 UTC

What kind of Californians? The sombrero ones?

2018-06-17 00:26:28 UTC


2018-06-17 00:26:36 UTC

old white boomers

2018-06-17 00:26:45 UTC

so not that much better

2018-06-17 00:27:22 UTC

I lived in Tucson before and that place is nice, but it's a sactuary city

2018-06-17 00:27:32 UTC

At least boomers will kick the bucket compared to the sombreros and their litter of kids

2018-06-17 00:28:20 UTC

I live near a native reservation so it is white folks and indians mostly

2018-06-17 00:28:37 UTC

the natives are alright

2018-06-17 00:28:48 UTC

I'm trying to move to Scottsdale is that wise?

2018-06-17 00:28:54 UTC


2018-06-17 00:29:12 UTC

affluent part of Phoenix

2018-06-17 00:29:18 UTC

its nice

2018-06-17 00:29:28 UTC

they enforce the law in AZ

2018-06-17 00:29:38 UTC

so gangs get filled in

2018-06-17 00:30:14 UTC

I live phoenix just not the 100 degree weather

2018-06-17 00:30:23 UTC


2018-06-17 00:32:36 UTC

I'm looking at places in Memphis and some of the houses aren't bad. You can get a nice 4 bed 2 bath for under 100K

2018-06-17 00:33:19 UTC

dude I will risk the ghetto for some soul food

2018-06-17 00:33:44 UTC

Oh, is that the ghetto part? Is Nashville any better?

2018-06-17 00:33:53 UTC

Memphis has some bad crime

2018-06-17 00:34:01 UTC


2018-06-17 00:34:07 UTC

but they got some of the best hot chicken

2018-06-17 00:34:13 UTC

Let me look up Nashville then

2018-06-17 00:34:33 UTC

do you live in a libshit area of the country?

2018-06-17 00:34:47 UTC

Nassau County, LI

2018-06-17 00:34:52 UTC

I lived in Vermont before moving to Arizona

2018-06-17 00:35:08 UTC

it was safe, but too expensive

2018-06-17 00:37:55 UTC

I got a better job at a gun company. I was in the Army for 10 years, worked in VT as a welder for a firearms importer, I now work as a CNC operator for a major firearms company while I am not in college. That's why I moved here

2018-06-17 00:38:24 UTC

non of these jobs I had prior experience in

2018-06-17 00:38:59 UTC

I just took a risk and I enjoy my life here

2018-06-17 02:04:39 UTC

Why the fuck do people still give David Duke attention? He's an obvious controlled opposition

He is one of the speakers at this conference

2018-06-17 05:41:53 UTC

Laughing at all the non Texans rn

2018-06-17 05:42:20 UTC
2018-06-17 05:42:48 UTC

Cause you ain't Texan

2018-06-17 05:43:22 UTC

Super late response to conversation from like a day ago

2018-06-17 05:43:29 UTC

Didnt notice

2018-06-17 05:43:37 UTC

I'm A Califorina born Tejano

2018-06-17 05:44:03 UTC

Did you move?

2018-06-17 05:45:44 UTC

No, but my family was in Texas long enough to have possibly fought for the Confederate Army

2018-06-17 12:23:02 UTC


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