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So why'd we switch to this new one?


How expensive is HEMA training?

What does the instructor charge you for his services?

Ah. That's nice. How do you guys pay for venues and other things? Are there membership dues?

See, I don't know if I have the foot coordination for rapier, but longsword seems more my speed.

Christ, that Einhorn: 3. StΓΌck move looks brutal

I thought the mushroom kingdom was indigenous. Am I missing a deep part of Mario lore,or is Wu just that stupid?

Nobody should lose freedoms

No citizens at least

We need to get rid of the slave labor we're relying on

I don't know about permanently closing the borders, but this illegal immigrant shit needs to stop.

I believe that although it may be more compassionate, letting children of illegals be citizens just incentivizes people to use their kids as anchors, which hardly strikes me as being more compassionate

If you stop birthright citizenship for children of illegals, the anchor baby shit will stop immediately

I think everyone should have to pass a civics test, just like we expect foreigners to. Maybe then people would actually know how our fucking government works.

I'm tired of assholes with a sub high school level civics education bitching about the electoral college

Western wingman wanted the 14th gone I think?

@Constantine which one of my points is that in reference to?

I never said anything about roy moore

Serpico was talking to a leaf

I think we should move this to politics

So we moving the discussion here, I guess? @ebowden @Constantine @TheWesternWan

Who am I forgetting?

I don't think the mention works if you put a space after it

@ebowden it's basically the nearest thing to it we have though

They come here because their country is a shithole and their government says it's better for them here, which it often is, if only marginally.

Either way, labor prices go down the shitter

It also was becoming less viable in the US

South would have had to get rid of it eventually

Everyone seems to be talking past each other. A fine politics channel if I ever saw one.

It's just that my feet are shaped like god damn canal boats, and it seems like the more close-legged stance for the rapier would cause me to trip over my own feet

The wider stance suits my proportions better

College is overrated

Unless you're going into science, you really don't need it

Well that's an easy target if ever there was one

2 has an answer. It stays

It's the important bit at the end that the leftists like to cut out when sperging about "muh militias"

"Shall not be infringed"

If it came to it, I'd probably vote against it.

I mean... I don't know what you were expecting

Open carry swords in Texas, lads, that's all I'm saying

It might just pay to study up.

It's a good movie

Have any of you guys fired the new scorpion EVO?


Become an exterminator, then you could justify it to the government

Apparently the new scorpion has no mechanical similarities to the old vz.61, which is a shame because the old skorpion had very interesting internals

You could always move to kiwiland, I suppose

What do you mean by "how does money work?"

It's more convenient than bartering and has the endorsement of the state

Misfits was only good when they had Glenn Danzig as their frontman IMO

>GOG: hey, we're giving away that Oxenfree game for free
Nigga, you couldn't pay me to play that gay shit.

>set speed to 1.25
>never go back

It's a good fucking candidate, I tell you. I watched about ten minutes of a let's play, and that told me that game was not going to be enjoyable.

Fuck me, Ace Combat has had some good music

How does the music bot work?

Immersion is unquestionably the best method aside from natural redpilling.

A significant portion of the population was not holding up McCain or Romney as the leader of a resistance, so not really an apples to apples comparison.

Anyone in here been playing Tannenberg?

To be fair, the internet and all of its distractions were not around in kerouac's time

Breh. That face tho

Fucking Mormons, I swear

So long as they are actually his allies

On the flip side, the republican party has needed change for a long time.

I know I didn't vote for trump just to tow the republican party line

If it was actually patriotic and not just looking to make American-flavored socialism

Names are ultimately irrelevant.

No healthcare is free.

Someone has to pay for it somewhere down the line

It happens

So when are you guys going to use that guillotine thing again?

Guy got btfo betting on the wrong horse


Trump just got our new tax plan put through the senate

Yeah. Charlottesville was pretty dumb.

Even before that happened, it was dumb though

Yeah. That was retarded

Not a good look

Thepolice fucked it up too. Made no effort to separate the unite the right people and antifa

I kind of want a steyr-hahn m1912

I just find the idea of a pistol loaded via stripper clips to be entertaining

That too. The austrians made nice pistols

It seems that pistol saw service till '45, so good on it

That or a broomhandle Mauser. Even better if you can get the stock/holster

Dream rifle would probably be an FNFAL


Vz. 61. Best comedy sidearm. A deceptively well-behaved machine pistol.

But a lot of them got red-pilled on that stuff as time went on

Gamergate woke a lot of people up

"Free". Someone always has to pay the piper

It's why it pisses me off when people talk about govt. Services being "free". Maybe they are if you're not paying taxes, you fucking parasite.

Bretty smart idea if you could convince countries to cuck themselves to you that hard.

Yeah. Feelsbadman

Kissinger, I swear

The more you read about the goings on in Vietnam, the more angry you get

We cuck ourselves too easily. The only thing we have over most countries is that we could glass their entire land area in a matter of hours

Which is pretty cool, I guess.

"White supremacists" is it her contention that the communists on Twitter are predominantly non-white?
Who gave this woman her doctorate?

I'll be going pheasant hunting with my uncle in Minnesota


They're getting so close to saying "fuck niggers", I can taste it.

Man. 3D printing is just gonna make gun regulation obsolete, isn't it?

I have a feeling it'll get there

Besides, it's not like finding gun barrels is the problem

In college right now. Hoping to go into the Navy's nuclear power program.

Did they already pull the trigger on it?

Most recent tweet


Bachelor of science

She's good people


I have access to drill presses, lathes, mills.


At least I don't have access to one that I'd feel comfortable milling an unregistered upper or lower on

So-so. I'm a bit out of practise

@Constantine can't believe I missed it. (((Delta))) is too gay to have working internet.


I'll vouch for it


Started the day in Florida, ending it in Minnesota.

It is fucking ice cold out there, I'll tell you that for nothing

Why is Bunty being arrested?

He canuck

Nothing is as pure as Tannenberg

How so?

Are you 5'3"?

Crp seemed a bit odd to me right off the bat. Who has 3 cameras in their room if they're just going to sit there talking?

CRP also seems to be in the habit of making weird accusations and then not backing them up. Like back when the kraut stuff kicked up, he just kind of went on a tangent about how he thought kraut's accent. he wouldn't say why he thought it was fake either, just insisted on it. It was weird.

Fuck. Why does eastern-european food taste so good?

I could eat kielbasa all day, man.


Can't voice rn. With family

Why do we keep throwing money at countries?

Pakistan especially after the whole Osama bin Laden thing

Is that the person who plays that character in the movie?

I just want to see the UN btfo.

They can go ahead and suck a big dick over this one. Remember who keeps the lights running



And a day before, they hit one of their own tank collumns

Blue on blue happens way more than anyone likes to admit

Iran doesn't like the US because we tried to work with the british to jew them out of their oil and we then propped up a puppet regime that was unpopular

There are many reasons

Kill the saudi royal family

Problem solved

My parents used to wprk for Allison engines. It's a big deal

They did stuff for the civ market, but c-130 engine orders was that company's bread and butter

But before him, it was the Saudis

You just can't win

I mean, I'd hit it. I'd need 1/5th of a liter of vodka, but I'd hit it.

Nobody else was capable or wanted to step up to the plate against the USSR, though

But Eisenhower helped get us into Vietnam

Granted Kennedy and LBJ pulled the trigger

We should've let the French lose it

And then we didn't bomb the dikes in the north, which would've ended the war pretty quick

In vino veritas

Vodka sauce is best

What kind of beer?

There's this Dragon's Milk stout that comes from the Netherlands. I like it a lot


It's aged in bourbon barrels, so it has some whiskey taste to it.

"It can't be real socialism if it's racist, guys"

Maybe he should read up on what Marx had to say about the negro man before making that claim

"My name's Mike Stuchberry, pay me for the pleasure of me telling you that the ancient British Isles were somehow not overwhelmingly full of white people."

Were people actually fooled by this?

Like, just implying that your political opposition got into your accounts and stopped you from doing work that people are paying you for. Who bought this?

"I swear, teacher, the nazis ate my homework"

Surely our military presence alone would accomplish as much

Right in my eye, daddy


Is that meant to to be a pso 4 scope?


Apparently they stream, and you can see and hear her. She still probably doesn't touch his Homeward Bone, though

AAAAAAHAHAHAHA. Eat shit, Harvard

Ah, ok

We're already there

Time to stop making earth-chan content


Don't ask me, man

Fucking how? How do you not put two and two together? I'd understand if he accidentally let the bolt slide forward and give him garand thumb. It happens. But this? Bullet go down barrel. It's not hard.

More likely

Some douche who's fooled people into thinking he's an alpha

I don't know a lot about him, just enough to think he's a cunt


Shit, wrong pic

But you shouldn't mix business with pleasure

The less complications, the better

Biscuits in a dutch oven are the shit

Ever watch The Matrix?

To be redpilled is, in a sense, to come to the realization that the modern concept of political correctness is a fantasy, a lie.

Yeah, but there's a lot of propaganda in support of it

And for many, it's a comforting lie

Man, you homos get up to some wild shit when I'm away from my computer

Yeah. He just kind of ragequitted

I have only heard tell of it

But muh organic foods

Christ in heaven, the last jedi is a steaming pile of shit

So lemme get this straight: the entire reason the whole plan of the resistance fails is because the acting leader communicates literally no part of her master plan to the members of the resistance, letting them instead go on believing that the fleet is doomed and that there's no plan, hence the secret infiltration plan that fucks over the resistance's escape plan. You didn't need to give the crew specifics, just indicate that you indeed have a good plan and that you aren't just spinning your wheels with everyone's lives on the line.

They don't even give a throwaway answer as to why this had to be such a big hairy secret, they just move on. Fucking hell, the resistance deserves to lose.

Oh. I'd also like to point out that this movie is TWO AND A HALF HOURS LONG.

Yes, but he busts people's balls in a weird, obsessive way that kind of makes him look like a twat. Like the thing with Kraut's accent

Which flaw is his, do you think?

I'd argue that (despite appearances) it's recklessness. See his latest debacle with Sargoy

I probably said it before, but I don't trust a man who sets up more than one camera when one will suit his needs just fine

>more visually engaging
Maybe if you don't look like a wax Kevin Spacey who's been let out in the sun too long. My issue is that he has nothing interesting to film with those cameras. His room doesn't look interesting. He doesn't look interesting. What's the point?

Didn't appear to work on me. It just seems wasteful

I don't think it's that effective, honestly. Most people don't look good enough for that (myself included).

Not worth the hassle

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