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there are so many channels

Give me a f**king break

I knew that image was going to get back to the happyfunplaytime creative writing class. God what a bunch of insufferable, useless babies

trying to draw a pepe avatar but i can't draw at all, even at that level grr

Sounds like a horoscope to me. So what if a psychologist penned it?

wish it was today

lol break up your family for foreigners

When you can't see that you're actually in group C, holding up group B as an excuse to do nothing but continue to feel superior.

i didn't get a notification for WUTW

haha orwell on honey badger radio


i'm fine with the minimalist aesthetic

weirdest thing. i don't see ANY of question's tweets on my tl. I mean none at all, ever.

that was great. can you post that guy's social media link please @Orwell & Goode

its the fault of GG and blumpf obviously

trying to decide what to demand from daddy huwite. daddy is mean to them all and won't give them stuff. and they deserve stuff!

literally shaking with rage

@Ellen Ripley I'd be willing to bet none of those sites are really alt-right. At this point it's a catch-all term for "not leftist propaganda and lies," and it's hard to say but most of those kids are going to rebel when the adults try to re-educate them.

need a fix

Wall proposal: when the wall is built, put some openings in it and stick some welfare money just inside, except they actually lead into gas chambers, sort of like a huge roach motel. Problem solved.

Awww. But libs already think border are the equivalent of death camps!

Nah I'm with you, that's a good idea

What a bunch of whiners and nutcases

what's that, some kind of old boy band?

huh. i didn't know the stream went through

We're dicks! We're reckless, arrogant, stupid dicks. And the Film Actors Guild are pussies. And Kim Jong-il is an asshole. Pussies don't like dicks, because pussies get fucked by dicks. But dicks also fuck assholes - assholes who just want to shit on everything. Pussies may think they can deal with assholes their way, but the only thing that can fuck an asshole is a dick, with some balls. The problem with dicks is that sometimes they fuck too much, or fuck when it isn't appropriate - and it takes a pussy to show 'em that. But sometimes pussies get so full of shit that they become assholes themselves, because pussies are only an inch-and-a-half away from assholes. I don't know much in this crazy, crazy world, but I do know that if you don't let us fuck this asshole, we are going to have our dicks and our pussies all covered in shit.

the soy is strong

i just saw that too

she said immigration is the FIFTH issue of importance to hispanics according to her data

really makes you think

dems are desperate to artificially make it #1

damn i fell asleep listening & i just woke up wit the earbud in and its over xD

Fucking never trumpers really are pieces of work. They're not "principled conservatives," they're not conservatives at all. If you say you want to elect Democrats to spite Trump, you're a fucking Democrat. It's unbelievable.

tfw you so desperately need to be "progressive," to feel morally superior and cool, but pesky reality won't conform to your worldview

God I hope Trump doesn't pick a woman

🌐 πŸ‡­ πŸ‡΄ πŸ‡² πŸ‡΄

stream happened?


`css this`

you know it's the weirdest thing. i prefer to be pro-choice. i don't actually want roe v. wade overturned, and in fact i don't think it will be. but at this point i find that i'm using it as a litmus test for an actual, reliable, committed conservative. if they're wishy-washy on roe, or support it, then i'm skeptical as to whether they can be relied upon not to become another kennedy, or worse.

i agree. absolutely.

i don't get why they didn't just beat him up, plant some drugs on him, or harass him in some other way. these cops are fags.

🌐 πŸ‡­ πŸ‡΄ πŸ‡² πŸ‡΄ πŸ‡Ό πŸ‡¦ πŸ‡³ πŸ‡Ή πŸ‡Έ πŸ‡Ύ πŸ‡΄ πŸ‡Ί

a bunch of people are going to be on stream at once or one at a time

it's a small world

why did he marry a sausage

papa johns > all

la la la la laaa la

i missed it

i went to sleep for *just a second* after work

i ordered papa john's tonight, for freedom and great justice

God bless you, Papa

crazy you can't even be like "hey guys we can't even say this word nigger. not nigga, not nig, not nibba, but nigger. yes, nigger is verboten. very hurtful to the blacks." for that they will destroy you. like saying the lord's name in vain except no one will EVER FORGIVE YOU EVEN IF YOU APOLOGIZE and it's obvious from context you were trying to help

i like my news to be off the line

said the boomer

that sentence doesn't make sense

oh wait

yes it does

damn am i becoming dyslexic

where is that from?

so pretty short then

just like israel though. preeminent religious fanatics of our time. they murder people almost as offhandedly as we do.

super creep

where is that macron quote from originally


he killed himself because he was a blue pilled cuck, an older man with money, a history of depression, and such a desperate need for female validation from that little bitch of his that he took up the feminist cause. and she screwed him over in front of the entire world with a younger guy with better prospects because that's what women do and that is what feminism is about.

more importantly, did atomwaffen really make all of those? they're all over the place

you irascible rascally rascist

holy shit

that's amazing.

Russia imports 15,000 intelligent, productive patriots, essentially. And no violent, stupid savages are going to rise up and kill the Boers off there. Can't say the same about any other Western nation at this point.

it's scary too

i mean, we could have had these people

watched the vid of the dude in chicago too

looked righteous

it doesn't matter how principled you are, the left will use your principles against you. they want us all dead for being reactionaries and resisting the glorious new utopia

okay, but the boycott groups don't reflect the values of most people, i think. they're ideological, left-wing lobby groups trying to shut down speech, and companies cave to them, and youtube and facebook and others practically roll out the red carpet because they are in step ideologically. it's not really because they're anticipating or reacting to market forces

they control the public space, and the execs and staff don't want anything that runs counter to their narrative in the public space

i'm not sure...

i just hope the market punishes them for this behavior somehow

not bitchute

you think the government can or should do something?

its all about feminism

how can we promote it, how can we spread it, how can we indoctrinate people into it

truth doesn't matter

consequences don't matter

do we even know who issued the bomb threat?

it's just like these people to fabricate this stuff themselves, and false flag

it's odd how they can point to unproven, anecdotal assertions about men, or gamers, or whoever and say "we need invasive and unjust public policy to protecc wamen or minorities or trannies," and get it - but if i say "hey, we have to enforce strict immigration at the southern border or there won't be a country here worth immigrating to because immigrants are a net loss, they kill and rob citizens, drive wages down, destabilize this country, etc," or "we have to crack down on muslim immigration because look at europe, remember 9/11, they killed 300 people during Ramadan this year their holiest month, and i want to spare the lives of innocent people on American soil who they will surely kill; i consider the preventable loss of one innocent person to be more important than all the immigrants who will ever exist," I'm a racist, a xenophobe, a white supremacist, and I need to shut up because that's unamerican.

well, this anecdote has convinced me

burn the constitution

clown universe

sandpaper my eyeballs

feminist shaming tactic

that's all

call your manhood into question, oldest trick in the book

Just a thought: I guess I know for sure now. The left doesn't actually care about racism. They don't even think it's morally or ethically wrong. They don't think genocide is morally or ethically wrong. All the things they claim to stand for, which they yell about on a daily basis, are false. They didn't even have to actually do anything for the Boers. Just say "hey, this is wrong, this is immoral, it goes against our most cherished core values, to steal land from a minority race, because of their race, as a prelude to killing them off. As a matter of principle we cannot stand by and say nothing."

lol, huwite sharia

i'm like a couple songs along now, to the huwite sharia/my sharona

ritalin and energy drinks

heart attack

can't stand caffeine personally. coffee or energy drinks. makes me feel like i'm gonna yak, all shaky, it's too much

this is going to backfire

bet this guy didn't actually cut in line

something else is going on

just saying, i don't think he actually cut in line. he was there to pick up an order, or something. cutting could be considered a smackable offense, but i think it's just chimps chimping

stream pozzed in the butt?

he disarmed me with the elmer fudd disclaimer

almost died how

i thought you meant patients tried to kill him

fucking clown universe

so the reason why people are mad at drumpf is, according to AB Stoddard of Real Clear Politics, that they don't know what drumpf and putin talked about in the meeting. and "the pentagon, Russia experts, people who have devoted their lives to this" all don't know what was said. really? so all the hawks, moochers, hangers-on, the royal court, the royal hounds are all mad because the king didn't throw them any scraps from the table? he didn't turn his back to them so they could stab him?

i'm not a trump sycophant, i honestly don't even like the man, i think he's a fool, but the media and the DC types are really endearing him to me at this point

they even wanted to interrogate the translator

AIDS is a human right

the delicious irony


we're living in clown universe 0938, and each night when we go to sleep, the world slides deeper into a more perverse clown universe adjacent to the previous one

it's science

i mean, imagine saying this https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/392485988024320001/470364579931619338/Dipm_cNW0AAlEVI.jpg_large.jpg which we know to be a statement of principle for the left in general regarding this issue, and their justification for using their cultural power as ruthlessly as they like. then complaining when this exact same standard is applied to one of their own. THIS VERY SAME PERSON, in fact. according to this standard Roseanne's words were "abhorrent" to the left, nevermind that they received the added benefit of destroying something they hated, but Gunn's words are not abhorrent. if reason were to prevail, and they hadn't literally asked for things to be this way, both people would still have their jobs.

there is no way to claim this is about principle, or morality, or ethics for them.

>endless spiritual sex

according to this, dark-skinned people are like, the devil's gang

mormons did what scientology wanted to do, but they kept the good stuff

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iMPAKrwHmSg to be clear, it is very bad this guy is dead, murder is wrong, etc. but it's funny how everyone was super mad at the police, because this is the police's fault. this poor faggot left Europe to travel around, selling his butthole into the service of older men with money in exchange for a room. strange men who he met on GRINDR and other gay sites. i mean, they're literally having parties where young men go and get high and get raped by older men (yet they keep having these parties, going to them, and that's just no big deal. totally normal, not worth reporting). BBC is such a shit show

all these guys were too busy getting pozzed to care about their country getting taken over

I just cut one up yesterday, in the fridge in a bin. Mm

I wish Trump would sit up straight in his chair, or kind of slouch back like Putin

haven't been able to get into it, so far

i have a really old account but i haven't used it much

Wow, that is fucked

Maybe Israel will nuke Iran and draw us into a forever war, establishing colonies and shit in the middle east once and for all

That Iranian shithead speaks in all caps when he gives those propaganda speeches, I guess that's what Trump is doing in return. It's meant for them and for us.


as to why it took so long to print the name

FL stand your ground shooter was technically laying down on the ground, so I guess it's murder

wondering if the twitter AI thought that "This is the bad essay" meant the same thing as "This is the bad ese"


Toronto shooter was "mentally ill"

scare quotes

it's muslims musliming

this is according to infowars though

well, it's not too bad really

I mean, the leading questions, the speculation, the narrative building

what's he 30 now

that's a retarded interpretation

the dolls are a symptoms of problems that already existed

if it were true that sex dolls threaten race with extinction, you could ban dolls and the japs would magically spring back to life

cool, it's Zim from Starship Troopers

what race do you think that guy is

why am i watching old farts having their fraternity rituals

https://twitter.com/Stop007org this shit right here is crazy. if you've ever watched any of Metokur's videos about the gangstalking crazies, this woman and the people like her are similar. except they've taken a real issue, namely intelligence community overreach and dirty tricks, and highjacked it to push a truly insane narrative. like actual insanity - they claim they're being mind control chipped and targeted with directed energy weapons by the government, and that government mind control-chipped drones are all around us. on the internet they can make their case in a way where you can't see the context of the rest of their lives and how crazy they actually are. kinda makes you wonder. if you really believed in CIA/NSA misinformation programs, this would be a great way to discredit whistleblowers and IC critics as conspiracy theorists - plant this obviously insane woman and have her make all IC critics look crazy. but i'm not trying to go down the rabbit hole. there is ample evidence of IC overreach and abuse for any rational person to take issue with, but this woman and her followers are on some next level shit.

reddit wont load for me

prolapsed butthole and AIDs medication sold separately

this is what i get for reading huffpost

"them hoes"

jesus you say some dumb shit

no offense

if i found a woman who wanted to be my waifu... i mean. "sorry, no. you're super hot, and i love you, and i probably won't find anyone like you ever again, but you're not white enough. the race god must be appeased with blood."

anyone got some shut the fuck up liberal or shut the fuck up journalist memes

asking for a friend

tommy robinson was just on fox news. seemed shaken up, kind of rambling. UK government should get in their cars and stick a hose in the tailpipe, then just sit there a breathe in the vapors for awhile, to reduce their carbon footprint.

today is a tragic day for the feminist heroines at upworthy, and therefore the entire world

diversity is our strength

where will we get the authentic ethnic food

a few citizens dead, a few innocent babies raped is a small price to pay

land mines and autoguns on the border



another male feminist bites the dust

twitter is a piece of shit, he should make something new

alex jones is crazy

that's not a crime though

so like... better than my high school but not as good as my community college

forgot about the show

the future is my balls

fucking RIP KFC

never liked it myself and haven't eaten there since i was a kid for that reason, but i hear it's well-liked

i can't tell if that warning is automated or what. the original posts had no phishing links in them at all, they were just JQ ranting. so if they weren't automated, then someone at MS processed them manually and knew they weren't phishing links? i'm confused by Gab's response of putting that guy on blast tbh.

What a dumb bitch. Whenever that guy kills, rapes, or commits some other crime against her countrymen, she’ll throw her hands up in outrage or confusion and blame some esoteric, unprovable cause. These people will destroy their neighbors with their stupidity.

remove baguette and kebab

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